Summarizing the other “living sites”/ the four death sites speak for themselves.

We begin with the last first; which was soul talking. A decision that arose when the expected time frame turned out to be shorter than I anticipated it would take to arouse a civil court case. the consequence being: that while I intended to use the site for a theological discussion related to all things eternal. It was not built as that/ instead various topics have been spread throughout the other sites. Leaving this one to contain less than expected. The actual beginning which started by depicting an accounting of water supplies; was actually later deleted; do to site problems.

Complex destiny, illustrates the various personal issues and realities that occur in the stages of living that can be useful to others.

Critical economics: identify various economic realities which are threatening in a social, or civil war situation; rather than end of the world scenario.

Trial for life: exists primarily to divulge information about the state of our federal court system. But adds other elements as well.

Trial of life: exists primarily to divulge information about the state of Illinois court system; and the lack of justice or reality therein. Plus a few other distinctions as well.


The fundamentals of every site are simple elevations of information, the expression of evidence that needs to be searched, the value of investigation, and the substance of why we are in the reality of both nation and world situations; which have been caused by leadership. While proving the bulk and fabric of all that leadership DOES arise from a university diploma. Or more simply put: the people who fantasize they can, and do play god, with life and environment: discarding the future forever.

While reality has not delivered an opportunity for me to do more than I have done. The consequence of that reality is: HUMANITY MUST SAVE ITSELF/ proving while I can deliver the message that I have done. The reality of our failures, are based entirely in human decision: and only you as a world can change that. Recognizing and communicating: we the world, are literally facing our own extinction because of these university “let’s play god” decisions.

It is unfortunate but true: while you can continue to lie to yourselves about any fantasy you desire to be true. Reality does not respect any fantasy as true/ it exists only in your desire to play god, and you will surrender those fantasies of university and the rest: or life on earth will go extinct. It is not a hard concept! The threats we face HAVE IN FACT BEEN IDENTIFIED as a beginning search concluded; and needs only the slightest acceptance of reality to prove them true.

Biblical prophecy ends all mercy on July 9, 2019; as the countdown of days begins hell on the tenth. While you can discard that in its entirety; the reality of threats, that are real by sustained and correct evidence establish: “we can all die as a planet tomorrow/ genetic mutilation can destroy nature itself tomorrow/ and the list of how we can all “end in hell immediately” is in fact long; and nobody gets to claim our lives may or may not last until that July 9, date. The machines to ignites the same nuclear fire here on earth as on the sun: are running. Even the tiniest error, means that ignition can and will produce the same fire here as is on the sun/ and it won’t be contained. All claims of university knows: are proven invalid and wrong. All facts associated with university knows lack evidence or reality in its entirety. Making an investigation of this decision to gamble with all life and planet by a tiny few scientists:  the reality that cannot be avoided.

Yet you do: because you are cult worshipers; believing that the university is your god and savior. Believing everything they do will be a benefit to you.

But like all cult worship: that belief is entirely one sided propaganda/ as the reality of what has already been done is horrendous. The one thing you admire most is: “healthcare” (let us live longer). But even that is an extinction threat: as it is true, we add another billion people to be fed, within five years now/ and soon it will be another billion every four years. A reality deduced from the one hundred year average population rise of 3 percent per year; times the current claim of 7.6 billion people already here.

You literally can’t go on as you are. Playing god had consequences, and now you are limited by those consequences to a new reality that is more confined than ever before in the history of man on earth. Either accept it as true, and live accordingly: or truth of these decisions by their consequences; will destroy what is left of your environment and ability to survive.

So then my work has been simple in concept: WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE. Whereas the constant cry has been:  “we want what we want, and more/ and we don’t give a damn about anything else: so give us what we want”. While the vast majority have otherwise ran away hiding from the truth by saying “we don’t want that/ so we fantasize”, and pretend it does not exist.

I have news, unlike media:  you can’t run away from truth, it is eternal. You can only change that truth, while you are based in time: by making deliberate decisions, and then carrying them through to an ending that does hopefully let this earth and its life actually survive; the curse of “university knows”/ and the apathy of human indifference.

I am not allowed “to be your savior”/ so don’t ask. It will not be so! I am allowed to give you the message: if you don’t change your ways, and protect ALL LIFE, AND PLANET, MUST COME FIRST/ discarding all threats by removing those people, and their tools from further threat. You will go extinct, and according to biblical Daniel 12; which starts the countdown of days at the first experiment, which can describe the “great abomination”.  Occurred on April 1, 2012

That great abomination is trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth; same as the sun. WRONG IS: this planet burns, and changes the solar system itself.

It is literally impossible to erect a greater abomination than that/ and you know it. Which means it is, the literal starting date of this ancient countdown: by enacting and building a threat which we all know, has never existed before.

I cannot save you, and you have proven I cannot even warn you effectively: because you refuse to listen to me. WE DO, think, act, and react in very different ways/ you believe in whatever you want; I do not. You expect nothing to go wrong, but all your own evidence is against that claim. You are certain, “just go to church or whatever, and you deserve an eternity”. I do not/ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

Your claim in all accounting of a need, REGARDLESS of how much proof is applied, throughout forty years is, demanding: WE, WILL ALL, “WAIT AND SEE”! But your plan has many fatal flaws. “Wrong is, this planet turns into a sun”. and that is just the worst threat, MANY more exist. Those machines run, everyday: deliberately trying to ignite “atoms on fire”. A fuel source that cannot be taken away or disposed of until the planet itself is gone. Are you willing to gamble EVERYTHING FOREVER? If so, eternity will remember that, as the contribution you made with your life in time. I suggest:  just as you cannot know or say how it is you truly came to be alive/ neither can you say or know what it is to die. Thereby proving you can indeed be wrong!

As to eternity: remember this, CREATION IS THE EVIDENCE. JESUS IS THE GUARANTOR. REALITY PROVES WHAT IS TRUTH, remains truth forever. So, is the conception called thought, and its energy; which your physics demands “can only be changed, into something else/ rather than destroyed”.

     COMMUNICATE YOUR NEED TO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS/ EXAMINE THE REALITY OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS GOES WRONG/ AND DETERMINE FOR YOURSELVES; if you are indeed willing to risk the very planet you stand on. Every living thing called NATURE. Every reality of life required for survival. And the future itself for every single child and living thing ever to be upon this earth: as an eternal cost, for being WRONG.  Because that, is exactly what you and your universities have been doing; and their results, of playing god; will soon end this earth. Every life lost forever, is the price “for playing god”. NO mercy will be given/ unless you change this decision.  

There is one last thing: you CANNOT be identified as “working for life first” as is the purpose of this message. UNLESS, you sign your name, and stand up to be counted to that work; as your own deliberate decision. Nothing less will be accredited to you in eternity. Which is, the only thing that truly matters. More simply: accept the price, or walk away. The rest do not matter, YOU decide:  “child of GOD” or not? Just do the best YOU can; nobody does better than that. The reality of choosing to accept the price is simple: humanity demanded to be free, humanity by its own decision, is the price. If people are not worth this price, whatever it may be/ regardless, you may NOT “blame GOD” for your decision. It must be free, just as GOD made you to be free. There is no plan, there is no purpose, there is your truth/ there is our truth as human beings/ there is destiny or fate, as chosen by you. Because that, is what freedom demands. The security blanket is off; your own reality and its truth will decide. Because this world said to its human self: we can, through our universities, be gods! As is true of eternity: now prove it is so. Or very truly repent!

THIS IS, life or death, for an entire world of Creation by THE  LITERAL GOD  OF THIS UNIVERSE. There are NO, “middle of the road” decisions. You, are either going to fight for life and Creation/ or you choose to let this world be destroyed. UNLESS, your true decision is to DEMAND: the investigation of threats, and the examination of reality to prove THE COST OF BEING WRONG. YOU KNOW, that you can accept that as a reality which can be enforced, and is fair to all. Which will be accepted as “with honor for life”; even if not the greater decision which is: we CANNOT let them (the cult of university, and its diploma) be wrong! With our entire world. This is not a game anymore; the reality is true. These threats are LIFE, or death for our planet. They even threaten the solar system itself: HOW can you do nothing? Shame on you.

While you contemplate your “options”: don’t forget this.

  • The curse of fools, that is a university tells you “the human body as is all the entire diversity of life; is just an accident of chaos”. Even though you know it is a complete and true engineering marvel, building itself out of literally trillions of parts, with intricate manufacturing, the gathering of information needed to make the tooling be usable, and a wide variety of knowledge clearly in evidence: that none can even remotely understand. HOW IS THAT, a damn accident. Nothing about evolution is true; other than adaption, which merely proves the “excellence in design”/ as you would surely claim, given the opportunity.   More distinctly: if I were to tell you that math (the order given to numbers) was in fact all just an accident. That happened because “a bunch of numbers just fell into a pile and presto math exists”: who would believe me? The universities would ridicule; but that is exactly what evolution claims. Chaos is known to be by definition: the destruction of everything complex down to its most simple form. “DAMN SHITHOLE, PATHETIC, BASTARD FOOLS”, does NOT begin to express the absolute disgrace of your ignorant reality. Blind pathological pandemic disease serves only as the beginning to identify “physics, by every theory presented” particularly regarding the sun. Alas, then comes SATAN; as your intent to gamble with this entire world of life. Stories, built upon fantasy; are not enough.
  • It is “forever true”: that while the intent to ignite atoms on fire is the worst that men can do; incinerating the planet with their failure. It is NOT far behind, when they mutilate genetic nature. While the universities and others are plainly stating, “that disease and all the rest humanity complains about; is directly related to tiny mutations in genetic discipline”. They then command: because they are mutilating genetic nature, they will fix everything. While they are literally changing DNA, the building blocks of every body of life on this planet: by “throwing in the garbage, with CRISPR now” and then releasing that change into nature itself. Because they literally want to create some other form of life to call their own. What they don’t tell you is: their decision is, to create and release biological weapons of mass destruction, that will then in pandemic waves: attack every living thing on this planet with horrors and hell. They do know what they do, and they do literally intend: to release HELL ON EARTH. Because that is the decision your geneticists, politicians, medicine, industry, and others have made. A tiny few do desire to help life/ while all the rest simply want to play god, and crucify life; just because now they can. And the insane let them, because they believe in their cult; they expect a media which has never told them of anything important to protect them, they assume “we are superior, and more intelligent than men have ever been”. But none of that belief is true: they do not give health, the body heals with a tiny bit of help, or it dies. That will be taken away with mutilated genetics. Media has reported nothing, but believe in evolution; while entertainment has led you to fantasies, guns, fears, apathy, failures, and little else; if you were intelligent we would not be facing certain extinction, and hiding from it. IF you were superior, the list of extreme threats would not exist; and no one would be running away from what we cannot escape, without true and immediate change. It is that simple. If the cult actually protected you from “even anything”; the end of resources, the pollution of every water supply, end of ocean life, environmental catastrophe’s, and more; would not be real. Yet these realities, are by all the evidence: without doubt ending life on earth. Making it impossible for even a tiny few to survive the future; in just a few months more of your own failures and beliefs. While all of religion says: “we will wait and see”. the rest offer “I have a gun” or just run away to hide. How is that superior to the past, to what nature did build with genetics that DID NOT become changed after multiplying for thousands of years? Even with your now constant bombardment of chemicals, radiation, and more. Just look at the lawsuits for medicine used, and the catastrophe which followed: not your saviors. More likely a significant cause for why you are sick. What a perfect plan: let the body make you well/ then use all but the simplest medicine to get you sick again. Etcetera, and more. its just like the computer industry: build a product, and then take it away by changing the software, making virus’s to attack the software; and destroying its ability to work: so you can steal their money, and make them, have to continually come back and buy more.
    1. There is NO COMING BACK; from any of the major threats we face. NO second chance or “let’s do it over”! EACH of the most severe life threatening extinction realities: are caused by the decision of universities, “believing they can play god”.
    2. YOU CHOSE AS A WORLD, to let the universities play god; by the majority, even worshiping at their feet. Today, you will assess their true contributions, and evaluate the reality of their cost. So that real decisions by “vote of the world” can be found.
    3. Because if you do not stop the insanity; your whole world ends. NOT because I say so: BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE WILL PROVE THAT TO BE TRUE.
    4. There is NO DEBATE: regarding the truth that your universities are gambling with all life and planet; in ways that can easily turn catastrophic beyond imagination. That means you have no option: unless you are willing to let this earth and all its life DIE.
    5. INVESTIGATE FOR TRUTH/ EXAMINE FOR REALITY/ DECIDE THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AND MAKE YOUR DECISION FOR LIFE, or extinction. It is your duty! IF YOU CAN’T SIMPLY ASK: your damn cult leaders to produce the evidence that justifies their claim of knowledge/ rather than theory. Constructing solid and true resolutions of understanding that is sufficient: TO GAMBLE OUR WORLD, with their games.    Have they not told you “to question everything”?       THEN DONATE TO ME, AND I WILL DO THAT JOB FOR YOU. Communicating, AND demanding a courtroom: to prove the evidence. That we the people, MUST protect ourselves, with knowledge based in facts (no theory allowed)/ and  by our own understanding; examine exactly what is being done to our world, our planet, and our future; by those who are gambling with ALL life and planet. Constructing the question, for a vote: if this is enough, to let these people BE WRONG.         I have now given considerations to the above description of work, by me/ for you: and do understand the following realities are true. That the male spirit in me remains passionate against those endangering this entire world: “male: meaning confrontation with force”. A description that will NOT aid in this work. What is female spirit in me, understands better: that this war is between truth and lies/ realities versus fantasy/ definitions of value versus claims to be god/ respect for life versus complete arrogance and failure. I will grant “She (a reality of spirit) the greater role in this fight; because male sees an enemy rather than merely “a beast to be contained: massive creature with strength, but no intelligent brain”: as is proven by evolution (disgracing and mutilating everything alive) and insanity (sure we can control “atoms on fire”; we are gods). And more! The war for me, is then about remaining beyond the reach of what can harm.There are three things required, and will be strictly adhered too.
      • This is a battle against arrogance and disrespect for life and planet: the cost of being wrong when life itself is at stake. It has nothing to do with individual people: only, GAMBLING EVERYTHING WE DEPEND UPON. Whatever judgment will be made, will be made by the people themselves. It will not be me. All questions shall be assembled, and taken directly, from the four death related “justtalking.info web sites 4,5,6,7“. So that it is easy and fair, to prepare: these are, your “discovery papers for trial”. Let the world itself see.
      • There is no room for theory, foreign languages which include math beyond general usage: in determining whether or not, the reality of being wrong shall or shall not occur. ONLY the consequences of being wrong shall be deemed important, whether or not the masses do understand. This trial shall describe a long list of those consequences, as will be drawn up, to indicate for public view and complete understanding: exactly as best we can, WHAT IS, THE COST of letting university scientists, or others; be WRONG? Let the rule of constitutional law govern, this: redress of grievances/ so the people RULE THEIR DEMOCRACY, as they see fit! Let the world be invited to participate in its entirety: because universities and more; from around the world are involved.
      • In the essence of human life and living; there is a need to accept realistic risk, and assemble definitions that can expand our understanding. However when gambling with EVERYTHING/ only the world itself, can decide what shall or shall not be done! YOU CANNOT SIMPLY MURDER ME, I DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS! Given that truth, in a separate part of trial: stories, theories, realities, and fantasies SHALL be investigated to remove the lies/ and expand knowledge as truth itself will allow. Let the public ask the questions/ let the court demand an answer from those who risk our world, our lives, and our future because they say “we can play god”. You will set out your claims in simple to understand language, for all the public to see: I will respond in like kind, to define for the public a more completed view.

      In terms of donations, should that prove to be your choice. I remind you again: this is not a tax free purpose, at this time. Therefore a portion is at risk to be confiscated as such by government employees intent upon claiming power. I will not be paying that tax without a court appearance, in jury trial. Necessary, because all legal means required to achieve trial shall be used. You are forewarned.

      As to communications or trial, which is the purpose of donation: this purpose shall be submitted to the world; as best I or any other selected to help, can achieve with what is available, to me.


      TRIAL IS DEMANDED: to assert, a tiny few people CANNOT risk OR gamble, by their experiments: our lives, our world, our future, every child, & even our solar system WITHOUT OUR true by vote, CONSENT!

      THEREBY, your attention is needed and desired: to prove what is the cost of their being WRONG! WE HAVE RIGHTS, and among those rights, is the full legal authority to deny, to any and all: even as a world. The possibility these can continue their terrorism, to all life and planet: without our true vote of consent.

      TO UNDERSTAND WITHOUT ERROR, the cost of being WRONG; which is extinction. This trial seeks ALL pertinent evidence from around the world: TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND WHAT IS MERELY A GUESS, or outright lie; that can destroy us all!


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