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Justtalking 3

Living as a society

The essence of compromise, is a solution we can all live with/ that does NOT make the future impossible. Our primary defense is tolerance, forgiveness, and then obedience: in that order.

Law outlines the various needs and rights which the vast majority agree: we must enforce this. But beyond that are the fundamentals of who gets to interpret what those laws really mean. The destruction of society is by the righteous, who agree “let’s make rules”. Thereby we can control single individuals, we don’t like; with threats. That leads to endless corruption of justice, a lack of clarity about what fair play actually means, the intent to enslave, and a variety of other costs that in the end tear society down into fragmented bits and pieces: which when it becomes a majority affected ends in the destruction of society itself.

The cost of freedom:  I CAN, even if the others say YOU CANNOT. Is a very deliberate right with many consequences for both sides. It does lead to rules, thereby control over the individual that is more threatening than the rest desire. Freedom can be asserted as in life: that too much freedom leads to hate/ and hate destroys life itself. Yet if we do not have freedom, then we become despondent, depressed, and afraid for the future. In many cases, unable to love: because we are bound to a reality that limits and controls life itself. Therefore society makes rules, to control the individual: so the rest can believe they are free/ because they won’t make this choice. Alas then the rest who have been making that choice/ decide their freedoms are taken away, and they make rules to control the first group. Who then feel they have had their freedoms taken away; so they make more rules for the other group: and so on. Until all sides and fenced in by the power over life, that has been granted to “law enforcement”; because you want to control the other people/ and they then want to control you.

LAW enforcement: is about identifying the foundation requirements of living together in freedom, happiness, safety, security, justice, fair play, and equal treatment because the law protects us all. It DOES NOT identify individuals, or individual decisions unless we all agree by our vote as a nation: that this won’t be tolerated. Such as NO terrorist acts, should be a simple law. But that law is discarded in the universities every single day. Evidenced by the mutilation of life, and every other disease plagued disguise hate can conceive of. Oh well, you all wanted Armageddon: did you not?

TOLERANCE typically means, if this does not harm me or life or environment to any significant degree/ then you have a right to make that decision by your own purposes for freedom. The unfortunate reality of that description is, “like mice (little thieves) in the house”/ some things are extremely undesirable, even if they are comparatively small infringements. But compared to the reality in the paragraph above; it means essentially, nothing. So tolerance is then, the middle ground: between the purpose of law which controls the worst/ and the difference that is like a rule: intended to oppose any reality that mostly can, just make us mad, with only limited ability to harm. Mice can harm you, but you can live with them in small numbers, if you must. The same is true of what people do; so long as they don’t overrun your own life. If they do, like a disease that must be attended too: the problem is for a society, rather than let it turn the individual consequences; into a plague. Unfortunately the cult of university knows: lives in a fantasy world, with true designs upon playing god; and NEVER paying anything back for the destruction they cause. That is ultimately a terrorist in action, and by reaction: because like the mice they are, one tiny infraction at a time so as not to be noticeable: becomes the end of life on earth.

But alas, THEY STOLE all the money; and the people said: LET’S ALL BE ONE OF THEM! Were traitors to all of life; and the people said: just bribe us, and we will be quiet. Are terrorists, and the people said: we don’t care, GOD has to fix everything we break, “it’s his job”. Etcetera, and more.

The list of horror filled consequences due to a university driven cult, that is intolerably wrong; and that, leaves us with forgiveness or hate.

So what is forgiveness? The answer is: IF I demand that all of humanity must be perfect in all they do/ THEN I can’t have humanity anywhere near me, or anger will arise! This stands as the one extreme. At the other end of that reality is: IF I don’t demand that humanity accept responsibilities and duties as are consistent with life itself; IF I don’t demand, that rights and freedoms must be accepted for all; IF I don’t expect fair and legitimate actions which construct an honest, peaceful, decent harmony for all life on earth/ IS IN FACT REQUIRED TO SURVIVE. Then I fail myself, and all life that does care or share existence with truth. Forgiveness is then the path between what cannot be tolerated/ and what can be tolerated IF I MUST; because the end result of your life and your choices, to be valued or not:  has not yet been firmly decided by you. So, in the hope that you will find your value someday, when the option to change has been accepted: we forgive the reality. Because life as an element called love; is more important than “limited destruction, or its failures”. Until the evidence of hate accepted removes that possibility.

Which brings us to obedience: the reality of producing disciplines, designed by order, to balance the values of life and living; with the consequences of free will, and your own decisions: to understand life is more than existence, possessions, trophies, toys, trinkets, lust, or tools to manipulate the others.

Obedience is the functional element in all religion: the purpose is to identify a greater cause than self. Religion does this by producing disciplines, with the rules it enables the public to understand. Religion uses order, to rise above insignificant truths, to attain the existence of greater truths must rule life. Religion seeks to establish balance in your life: so as to adjust your decisions to a more appropriate caring sharing personality, that will benefit both you and all other life. Anything less is not a religion/ but a cult.

So the question of religion in society or individual life is: do you gain more with obedience/ or lose your freedoms, even though their result is bad? The answer is: every life must accept obedience to truth/ and every life must accept the risks and rewards of being free to choose your own fate or destiny; both are elemental necessities of life.

So the real question is: what is true, and how do we know what is true, and how do we accept living within the constraints of truth, and be happy?

Answering in order: truth is, the foundation realities proven by what can be consistently proven to occur in the evidence which cannot then be denied.

We know that is true, by understanding there are laws which control the foundation of all movement in this universe. By understanding those laws, we understand what will or will not occur, from any decision that we make. Other than individual human freedoms; which are allowed “bad to worse, to horrible or even good”: because they don’t all desire law. In fact, a wide dispersal of human reality is a desire to disobey the law; simply to disobey the law.

The constraints of truth are simple: do this/ understand this; and the values you have accepted with obedience will pave the way for your own future to consist of this, as you did choose. The problem with today is: our future is extinction, because the cult worshipers of university knows:  chose to destroy this earth and mutilate all its life and remove every possibility we as a living existence could survive. So, our future has been determined by university leadership and the cult which worships them as god. And they cannot be forgiven: because they seek only, to make this entire world extinct; by playing god. Removing all happiness forever from this place.

HAPPY is then the crucible of one last chance to save life on earth/ or not?

Crucible means: “to be gathered together in one place/ and formed into something else, because there was no other solution, or means to escape”.

Happy means: “I have accepted, and balanced my life with disciplines, the order necessary to achieve a future existence, with a purpose of value, and the desire called love to fill my hopes, to extend the essence of my own truth, and to identify the creation of my soul.” These things are bound, to an eternity; the place where Creation itself, comes alive.

One last chance to save life on earth: is assembled through the evidence of threat, and its reality of being wrong. Therefrom we know by the consequence of these decisions, that all life on earth truly is in danger of extinction; as there is no other possible conclusion but death: or true, and forever change.

The foundation of every human decision is simple: YOU DO, either choose for love/ OR, you do choose for hate/ OR, you must to survive. One of those two decisions, coupled with survival when necessary; decides your journey in life/ and your fate as a world, in this time. There is no middle ground; which is the assumption “I can have love/ and I can have hate”. You cannot, as these are opposites, and can never be joined. To do so: makes you a liar! The greatest enemy of all: is the liar inside. Every lie forms around WHAT YOU DO WANT, more than truth. Who then are you?



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