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Justtalking 2

The elevation of law, and the constant deceit of corruption; as has been consistent since the beginning of human existence.

The reality of men is:  that they are sent out into the world, to find what we (family) or I, need to survive. Having failed to do that, and facing consequences: the constant decision is, I OR WE, shall steal. That causes consequences for those you have stolen from: and they seek revenge/ unless you kill them, and take it all. So, governments were formed by gathering armies, assembling policing efforts, establishing fear, and arranging courtrooms to decide what we the people or me the ruler believes is fair/ or not fair, as the case may be.

Every theft has a cost/ just like every murder has more consequences than is apparent; even to you. Hate rises/ care dies: sharing ends; friendship is destroyed; everyone is assumed to be an enemy, therefore peace ends. All because one person wanted more, or one person had too little. Its like an avalanche; wherein every theft is like a pebble; or criminal act like a small boulder removed: until society suddenly becomes: “they all fall down in one colossal landslide of we hate this”.

True law, has nothing to do with want; want is the foundation of every lie “I you don’t want it, or want to hide it; you don’t lie”. Therefore ANY LAW, that serves the individual, or the system alone: is a corruption of truth. The foundation of law is truth; and they walk “hand in hand”. The reality of survival is: what is true, can survive/ whereas what is led by fantasy, foolishness, and lies; will always fail. Which brings us to governments; and the constant that is their wants.

The American fundamentals of men, are like this: we begin with slavery and then the American civil war, and its demand to end slavery.

  • Whenever the environment is crowded with men/ or they want an easy life: they attack any group that is considered weaker or less defensible. It is said, “black men” gathered other black people in the area, to be sold as slaves for money.
  • Wanting “tools” for an easier life: Americans bought those people as slaves to do their work. Becoming fully invested in that reality, meant: our farms, our way of life, our tools to harvest or plant was taken away. When “The north” then decided, this was wrong. Wrong or not: an instantaneous change meant bankruptcy for nearly every white person in the south. That too, would be considered wrong/ and they fought, not only losing property, but lives/ family/ body parts/ and more. All because in the end overcrowding means: someone is going to die or move. Because this starts, with the people in Africa who wanted to remove the competition. It ended with millions of lives affected in America: because those people in the south wanted an easier life, but failed to accept the reality of their decision. While in the north, those people believed in their righteousness (this is an easy decision): but would never agree to pay “a single penny”; for the lives they wanted released. So people died in America/ people in Africa indeed got less workers: so they then had to do it themselves; and no doubt enslaved even more. That intent to have an easy life fails; because if its easy to murder, its also easy to steal, rape, ravage, and demand “there is no law here”.
  • The end result is: even though it was not their fault, black people were vilified as the cause of these problems throughout the south: our lives are ruined. Somewhat in the north, where righteousness became a weapon or a curse: Because the war was fought over black people as an excuse. This is not fair, ends when the cost of correcting that injustice becomes: this is not fair to us! Causing extreme chaos in family, changing everything in society, on both sides of the line. Destroying what was once relatively easy for the whites, in thought and deed. EVEN though, it was accepted as the legal thing to do; when those contracts and debts were made. EASY, and damn near free; always has a hidden cost.
  • Did anyone deserve what they got? Well in the end we turn the pages back a bit: to find the entire Indian nations were nearly exterminated (we have better weapons) to make this “a white man’s land”.
  • Those are then the basic fundamentals of men as history proved over and over: excess competition causes grief, which then turns to violence as its EASY solution. That violence makes life seem easy, “if you are on the winning side”: which then becomes a problem where there are no easy solutions. Someone says: you must/ while someone else says: I won’t; and war breaks out. GEE, I wander what our own future holds?
  • War moves men to create law: WE ARE TIRED OF THIS! So, for a few moments something intended for justice rises up. It is immediately corrupted as those who want power and pride lie in wait; like predators intending to make or release their own traps. Doing so by creating courts: with frivolous rules to confront law and destroy justice. Bringing policing to bear, in order to keep the small problems from becoming big problems. But alas: police face the criminals, who will threaten; and they begin to fear. So a compromise is reached: “stay away from the rich”/ as they pay our salary. Making the poor targets for all the rest; to rape, ravage, enslave, disrespect, and destroy. As is seen in the disparity of punishment, the realities of life.
  • So governments exist to squash the criminal predators; whether large or small. But governments consist of people who want, demand pride, worship power, conceive of lust, and construct traps to gain the upper hand. Democracy changes the soup of this delusion; adding compromise to the list. Compromise means: YOU cannot have what you want or promised; because we won’t let you. so like the police when threatened on an individual level, “a compromise” is reached. Which always entails: “let the poor pay, with their lives”: so we can be rich. After all, the difference between wealth and poverty is who owns the resource/ and who, or how many have to do your work.
  • We can extend those consequences past the civil war, by looking through the realities of our past: to discover the extreme disgrace that was America threatening the world (we are the superior ones/ fear us). When the atomic bomb was being used for that purpose. IT WAS EASY! Until the soviets had the bomb, and other w weapons of mass destruction. Which made “the universities” powerful: as in save us. Failure then proved to be: “throw all the money you can at those universities; to keep us safe”. Which of course only made the threats grow. As in the race to the moon: which was deceit packaged as a civil purpose, when only a military one existed. Alas “trillions” were spent. And now Americans were poor. So all the people said: LET’S LIE, and pretend we are still rich!
  • To a degree they were, because the promises had gold backing the currency. But then president Reagan sold the gold, and paid nothing off in debt: with all of media supporting that decision. Making poverty real/ unless the lies grew even more outrageous (no reality left in money, it is all a fantasy). Which became in government and wall street: “let’s now sell off America, and all its business” for inflated dollars for us; because it’s easy. But that did not compare to the universities taking control over the currency, and destroying its every tie to reality. By making themselves rich, and paying themselves to build every toy, trophy, or prank;  they could think of. After all, if you control the media: and work endlessly to create the necessary tools to manipulate, tempt, or redirect the people; who can stop you? It certainly wasn’t the courts: who took their bribes or power, want, or pride; and ran. “Sewer rats” exist in every enterprise, religion, or system of man; because wherever the power or pride is, that is where they will be.  If not real power; Money is the bait, that draws them most.
  1. We now have a composite of “humanity made easy, ain’t nobody got to pay the price of reality: WE DO whatever we want: period”. There are no consequences, unless you are poor, or without a university diploma, and the massive personal debts they create. Let no one think of the future; “the children are dead anyway; and they don’t want to be poor”. Ain’t that right?
  2. Unfortunately It is. Because like every failure, slothful attitude, and fantasy of human existence this world has ever known: easy has a hidden cost.
  3. The competition grows now at roughly one billion more people to feed per every five years or less. The cost of not being able to feed them, or provide water to anyone: will be an apocalypse. The cost of mutilating nature will be nature in chaos: its called Armageddon. The cost of letting this globe overheat/ destroying the connection between atmosphere and planet/ ending life in the oceans/ ending the chains of living existence that keep us alive/ and even igniting a nuclear fire just like on the sun here on this earth soon: IS HELL. And every single person who can think even a tiny little bit, “knows that is true”.
  4. Making human: change or die a reality that is life or death for this entire earth, and all its living existence forever.
  5. Alas, “fantasies are easy” until they end.
    1. In America, the fantasies are endless/ the storytelling by universities, without a shred of proof, are constant/ the money is dead/ religion is run by the universities/ politics cannot function, because they have no money; which means “we must lie” or change and face reality. The courts are corrupt. Policing is a constant fear. The military is abused. The propaganda of media cannot let reality inside, or they die as an accomplice. Business and industry was sold to the highest foreign bidders found. Banking is nothing more than a disguise. And nobody loves an easy life more than agriculture or its companion industries. Not to worry: the garbage mountains have room to poison even more. And the oceans are going to die anyway: so WHO THE HELL CARES! Now, ain’t that right? After all, without oxygen to breathe, or temperatures, etcetera; life can survive: HELL begins soon anyway.  As of January 9, 2019 the biblical countdown of days until there is no mercy left: states this mercy ends in 6 months/ on July 9, 2019.As is constant throughout American society: all religion utterly refuses to believe in biblical prophecy, unless they control it. “we want ONLY what we want”! The common answer, more correctly excuse is:  NO, we won’t investigate, examine the evidence, communicate, or anything related to what it means to be wrong; instead, WE WILL WAIT AND SEE!  But alas, since this is a date when all mercy ends: to wait and see, is to seal your own fates in the grave. Too bad, “it really was, a beautiful world”. But as predicted:  “they were so lukewarm (utterly devoid of care. Or, as they would put it, YOU ain’t nothing)”/ thereby proving nothing could be done; so they were simply spit out, to die as their own gods (the universities) have prepared. The unfortunate truth is: I don’t claim to be more than the messenger or mailman. Because only the evidence truly matters! Your decision to destroy the evidence with contempt, is no fault but your own.

      As is constant with truth: at this point, and even before; I have done what I can do. What I cannot do, “is make you care”. What you cannot do, “is save this world, by pretending you are sheep”. The law is, the only true weapon you need: even women, can and do, use that. while I have been in a courtroom repeatedly and refused access on all counts. That is only because “NOBODY else cared”. With an audience that did care, you cannot be refused: because that opens the door proving the judge is guilty of criminal conspiracy/ traitorous act against democracy itself/ treason, and its betrayal (you sold us out) and so forth. Get off your ass, open your mouth for life; and do what you can legally do. Or, die! What you don’t want, is absolutely irrelevant/ as truth itself does not care. Just the plain fact that machines are built for the purpose of igniting a nuclear fire: IT BURNS ATOMS. Just like the sun. is enough to prove failure is death/ because they cannot be even a tiny bit wrong. Not even one single time!



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