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Just talking

One of the great catastrophes of human existence, is the cult. Without the ideology of a cult (leader knows everything/ and his henchmen, will enforce that with fear); life on this planet would in fact be different.

The greatest cult ever conceived has become “university knows”/ a reality that did in fact overtake “Nazism/ communism/ socialism/ religion/ and is seeking to destroy democracy as well. The consequence of that cult is: YOU are not allowed to think; nor are you allowed to question leadership (a constant throughout history). The difference is, while leadership can be “good or bad”/ a cult (you shall NOT think for yourself) is always bad. Added to that, or more distinctly is the power for this cult arises from two distinct realities: they counterfeited all governmental currencies and stole the foundations which support it for themselves. They control, tempt, and manipulate societies across this world with their propaganda: insuring fear, discarding opposition with words, denying reality exists, and proposing LIVE THE FANTASY, instead of reality. Thereby insisting common sense (nature and life taught us this is true): for a blatant disregard of all three/ by demanding, and enforcing with propaganda; that they are gods instead. “witchdoctors (let the damned bow down) for sure/ satan without a doubt” (we will prove we are gods, by changing nature, environment, energy, and even as a means of contempt: religion).

Nonetheless as all lies do die, and leave behind them the catastrophes of want, pride, and power. The reality of today is quite simple: media has surrounded us with fantasies/ while reality continues to prove our complete and total extinction, as a world; is extremely near. NOT by delusions and the imagery of fantasy stories and arrogance/ but the consequence of evidence that is real. A level of threats now peeking out, from behind closed doors. A reality of choice, the failed leadership of a cult continues to demand: “can never escape”. Because it would prove them to be “devil (the curse of humanity)”/ instead of gods.

The cult will always cry foul, the henchmen of the cult having failed to contain reality through control over the courtroom: will then turn to violence and hate. Rather like the constant that is; other less invasive and arrogant cults, having proven failure did do in the past. That of course won’t work, it just kills more people and life: do to the reality of facts that is “lies don’t survive”. Therefore the cost of your lies shall be paid. Only truth survives, and it cannot be taken away: only silenced for a time as lies cover the evidence, to prove what power, want, and pride can do.

EXTREME ARROGANCE seeks to put nature into complete chaos with genetic mutilation; lying all the while, about how great this will be. EXTREME ARROGANCE seeks to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here on earth; lying all the while about, “how great” this will be. Death of a planet could be considered great, but it is more correctly idolized as terrifying and horrendous; although that is NOT descriptive enough.

EXTREME ARROGANCE SEEKS: to destroy every possibility that life could survive. By taking away every resource, destroying the chains of life required, deconstructing the oceans of life, ripping the atmosphere loose from the planet itself. Taking away the drinking water, and food supplies; “melting” the existence of all living things in pieces with global warming. While the people themselves contribute “an endless population” which will ensure all life goes extinct: opening the door for every weapon of mass destruction the universities have supplied; And so on. Oh well, right; cause you can’t question your cult. They might not like that.

So, throughout my lifetime the various methods and means of creating a conversation to express the fact we must change this: has not worked to any degree whatsoever. You want what you want/ and you know, “you would rather drown in the trash and trophies you make your mountains of garbage out of: than give anything up for life or planet”. Simple as that. The few who can conceive of trouble would fight; if they just weren’t sheep. Alas, who cares, right.

So, I teach; provide some rather bland (don’t follow me) videos to cover all the bases; proving you were told, if willing to listen. THIS IS a “war”; but it is not a war of weapons, rather it is a reality of knowledge, “a war of truth” that must be attained, before understanding can be achieved. Bland because I do NOT intend to, control, manipulate, tempt, or make you fear; more than is absolutely required! Leadership is unnecessary beyond the minimum if our true reality is accepted. My purpose is to ask you to think!  As a video isn’t even work for you. You watch trash, games, and fantasies all the time; without a real complaint. They can’t be found by the majority; because the cult would not like that/ as poor as they are, it can cause some people to think. Can’t have that; as the courtrooms I have entered did prove, time and time again.

We face an ending to this planet together: you need to think for yourselves/ or we die. Alas you cannot think for yourselves, it ain’t allowed. So biblically we have, promised in Daniel 12; till July 9, 2019 to change your ways. Ending this world, according to that prophecy on April 6, 2021. If I remember correctly.

Humanity then says: “WE WILL WAIT AND SEE”/ believing nothing but our cult leaders, & waiting for our media priests; to tell us what we think. But alas again: once you know without doubt or question and all agree, “we are in serious trouble here”. The end has already come; because you cannot change the reality. 8 billion people have a cost. Cursing life, planet, and energy has a cost that cannot be reversed; once it passes the point of no return. So then you will “pray and praise GOD” TO COME SAVE YOU. you know “got to pay the piper” so to speak; a few pittance. But again, GOD has decreed in the countdown of days: EITHER CHANGE or face the realties, of who you did choose over HIM. You made the cult your god/ so you will inherit the reality of their lies, and go extinct because of the consequences, that is their work. Truth is truth, and it cannot be changed once the point of no return has pasted. So you will then blame GOD for not saving you; and insist on punishment to prove you are now sorry: demanding, change this back! It will not be done, and the  entire planet will go extinct; because that is what you chose. You have refused to investigate. You have refused reality and truth by the evidence. You have refused to communicate. You have refused to stand up for life and planet. You have refused to deny your cult the power of lies, over our life as creation exists and world evidence proving impending collapse of everything. EVEN to the point of mutilating nature, and BRINGING THE SAME FIRE AS IS ON THE SUN, here to this earth. Where you know, without even the tiniest doubt: that one tiny mistake, one slight error; and a ten million degree NUCLEAR FIRE: will be unleashed. Destroying not only this planet, but changing this solar system itself. 8 BILLION PEOPLE, and what a very tiny few can even find their own mind. Because you belong to the cult of university is god. SHAME ON YOU. the reality of it is beyond comprehension: until you learn, “I just want what I want/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”.  Ain’t enough to keep this earth alive!

The most ludicrous of all claims:  “that you can just run away and hide”/ OR, “I have a gun”.  From a nuclear fire that uses atoms for fuel. Or a biological nightmare unleashing pandemic after pandemic.  Find your brain, “its missing”!

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