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The true human failure: even though we all know that death will come/ nearly all, literally fight to run away from it as fast as they can; to hide from it, in the deepest darkest hole they can find. In a reality which denies every last living thing the opportunity to escape: that fact literally, makes no sense whatsoever.

So, the question is: WHY? The obvious answer is: “death looks horrible, and it is NOT what we want”. So, religion/ or its denial:  was built to limit the horror, and escape into whatever we want to occur beyond that moment. Evolution was imagined, to escape the possibilities of HELL. Religion was imagined, to give life back to us. The atheists deny the evidence of life, just to play god without the concept of punishment for doing so. And all the rest seek to gain, “exactly what they want”: in order to escape the last moment we know all freedom to exist as life on earth, shall end.

The critical question is: WHAT can be proven true? The answer is sorted into seven categories of acceptance; as nothing less than thought can conceive of a reality beyond death. Therefore thought limits and designs the possibilities we are allowed to conceive.


  1. all life is a miracle, created by realities we cannot achieve or deny is beyond ourselves; or any other living thing defined by this earth. You either accept that simply, or you don’t. There is no real middle ground: truth is truth/ lies are lies.
  2. Death is an ending of moments, therefore time has been killed, and the body denies every attempt to resurrect itself without that time (the measurement of motion, both within and without the body). Dead is then: the body ceases to live. There is no real middle ground: truth is truth/ none deny it, because there is no proof it is not so.
  3.   The door then opens to reveal, “what is the imagination of man”(since our history of concepts, is by male). Men believe in creating an image, thereby asserting this or that can be accepted: because “we want it/ or we don’t want it;  to be true”.  This is “the middle ground”, and it constructs a lie based upon anything you want that lie to believe. “Dust to dust” means whatever you want, according to atheist versions. Most demand, “no punishment” for me!
  4. That brings us to religion by the masses: which literally proves, the majority WANT their persecutors to pay “big time” for what they did to us. BUT we don’t expect to pay anything, for what we did to the others. Unless of course, “you bribe your way out”. This is the middle ground on the right side (mental side: we need answers to feel safe) of center. Dependent upon how far right of center you are, the options for change or resurrection do or don’t exist.
  5. Evolution which is representative of a religion “middle ground” to the left (physical side: we got all we want right here) of center. Establishes, chaos is our god: as a complete and screaming denial of “miracles in their entirety”: so as to prove WE CAN play god, without consequences. It is their version of what we the superior ones want. All the rest have been judged inferior (let there be slaves); because after all we can’t work for ourselves/ we are gods.
  6. We then enter into the consequences of what men can, and did imagine is true for death.  Their version is: From horrifying, terrifying catastrophe/ to simply dissolving into the dirt, it’s over completely, without a whimper: and everything in between. This is the extreme left of center at its core (all things die from here) beginning.
  7. Then comes JESUS, whose life is described by the miracles he actually by testimony of “his life written down as fact” did create. Giving credence to his claim, “that GOD OUR CREATOR, does love us; and will grant to those who are worthy, eternal life”. This is the extreme right of center at its core (all things grow from here) ending.

The question is now, on this time line of beliefs: where do you “bet your life” reality does exist? Or more simply, “where will you run and hide” on this scale of “nothing but, fancy (dressed up) dirt/ OR, the elemental “child of GOD” is me?

This decision is determined by “what you want”/ OR, in the alternative it is determined by what you desire most. The difference is: want explains life as a race to possess as much of whatever life can offer, as you can get. Whereas: desire offers to life and living the basic elements of love, happiness, hope, courage, dimensions in miracles by thought, freedom, security, and a list of values that can be built into an eternity of passion. The primary difference is then: that want gives you everything possible simply by grabbing it with your hand, so to speak. Whereas desire prompts you to use your whole life and time, in order to build something that will then retain the moments of your life, as a summary decision which then becomes your own, eternal identity. Or, want takes as much as possible, with only the slightest decision; or a building of lies to deceive and then take as much as possible: right now/ discarding the future, because it is dead. Desire as the opposite experience or expression, to want: “gives back” as much as possible, to the miracles of life; as your payment, as the reward you offer, by your own decision. In return for life itself. Even hoping for life beyond time: because the evidence of JESUS exists.

JESUS exists: is then the second phase of reality based examination, according to the possibilities given by the religious examples men have chosen, worthy to survive. While a variety of religion has its own examples: few of them are exceptional. That includes the Jewish text: which is a writing primarily about one single group; with glimpses of something more. The single most important fact about that group was: “they wrote it down/ and kept it as pure as possible, due to fears: so they say”.

The critical question between time and eternity is: the one which constructs the decision: do you, or do you not; accept with honesty;  “that JESUS, is in fact alive in eternity”? HE IS, the most eloquent example, the most critical claim of evidence based upon the available reality of “life testimony”, that there is in life after death: this world has ever seen. Therefore HE is, the one and only true question to be resolved in human experience or expression. Believe it or not is irrelevant: HE is the difference, between whether there is an eternity to be found/ or not. Everything else about each religion can be considered: do you want, to believe or not. Those are questions that give the possibility of GOD/ but not eternity. HIS life is about the possibilities of eternity; and you will decide, either yes, or no!

And nearly all of humanity, which includes the Christian church:  runs away from giving an honest answer to that question/ because they know, it comes with the command. Eternity will only exist, for those who earn it with love, truth, sharing, caring, courage, forgiveness, and respect. The demand is: to surrender hate as well! MOST consider this a price too high/ yet they want to believe, so they “bribe the church”; to intervene, and make them acceptable.

The question is: WHY is this a price too high? The answer is: because we are not certain, and the people here will attack us, if they believe we are weak. As is so clearly evidenced in the story of JESUS. As is too commonly known, particularly by women.

We now come to the dividing line: between what can be true/ and what cannot be true; and search for the evidence to prove this is so. That list is very long, and I don’t wish to expand it: considerable has already been written on my websites.

But I will highlight a few.

  1. Anyone who has ever built anything, KNOWS that life and planet are literal miracles that cannot be explained in any other way> WE WERE CREATED. Simple as that, as proven by complexity, granted by thought, and conceived with freedoms and abilities, foundation in beautiful; that were not “necessary”, but are desirable for us all. Indicating LOVE was here.
  2. Evolution claims chaos built life; while the very definition of the word denies that, in its entirety. Life was not created by destroying everything complex; down to its most simple form. It is “a bald face lie”[not even covered up with idiocy, plain and simple filth]. The universities tell stories to fill in every gap of knowledge, or understanding, for only one conceivable purpose: LET US PLAY god! Thereby completely discarding wisdom as if it were “their shit (we replaced it, with this)”.
  3. As to old testament biblical stories, the two most relevant for today are: that Noah’s flood did in fact exist, and is proven by the evidence of fossil fuels we burn. All that living material, had to be collected together in piles, and then buried at the same time in the same places; some of it thousands of feet down. The only method proven possible, to do such a thing is a flood (go watch the water). The second is the countdown to extinction found in Daniel 12. It begins that countdown when the great abomination rises. That occurred on April 1st, 2012 with the first experiment capable or releasing the same fire here as is on the sun. NO greater abomination could exist: therefore it begins this countdown of days.
  4. We then begin to search for what is true of life, by conceiving of thought and the energy granting freedom to exist! Discipline demands: it is in the energy expressed, that we find our freedoms as a body. Order suggests: it is within thought itself, that everything else “comes to our conception as life”. These are the two basic elements of life/ whereas body represents a third: the mass that we move and live within as “home, here on earth”. IF LIFE is composed of three distinct things, as it most surely is. THEN does life (combined as energy and thought) formed into itself die, if the mass associated with body, is removed? Obviously we lose one part to time gone from here: but truth suggests, while energy by the laws of physics can be turned into something else. The identity of thought, is an individual barrier that must withstand the change or it will be dissipated into nothing at all is left. Thereby we know from the elements which form life as a body recognized in time: only one out of three is actually or potentially discarded by death. That grants “a journey” to discover what can happen then.
  5. Beyond time, is a conception that illuminates the development of CREATION itself, by asking: what does truth establish, when we seek our answer from the beginnings of where life does arise from. These are “the spiritual remnants”; used by the laws which govern existence, as the truth which survives. Just as your universities say “remnants of the big bang still exist”/ they cannot deny therefrom: that remnants of the beginning of life, still exist as well. So you are safe to discuss it, as the predator is muzzled. Even though you should be brave enough; it is basically not so. The cost of your constant cult worship.
  6. Let us then discover spirit, as the translation of evidence given by JESUS called the CHRIST. Or, more distinctly what are the contributions, that give view to the evidence: we can search beyond time itself? HE provided many. The most obvious is: the many very serious miracles of his own, that he did provide as evidence “he was/ and yet was not: simply one of us”. To own the knowledge that was present in these endeavors: DOES require a presence of thought exists, which we the rest did not and do not understand. Or by proving thought (he didn’t just pick that off the ground) does exist: he moved us beyond the limits of time, and into a future that conceived of more than just physical definitions. It also takes control over energy to move thought into actions or reactions that are controlled examples of what wisdom can do. These facts isolate him as a single example of living expressions or experience beyond the others; as a human being in time.
  7. The question is WHY, was JESUS able to do, what no other was, is, or will be able to do in human history? While people will argue this, the conclusion is real: that HIS story shall survive that test, as it has done. The question is: WHY is it not repeated and valued in other religions? The answer is: we want our own, “savior”/ THEY CAN’T claim superiority. While it is true that JESUS arose in the Jewish religion/ it is they that cast him out. And every other society of people, then became responsible for keeping his name and work alive. “let’s just call it equal”. End of complaint!
  8. As to the superiority of JESUS himself/ he did NOT claim that in any situation or form. He simply was what he was. Among the many differences highlighted by his life are: he did not fight with the leaders or fools, but sought only to teach them. He did not worship money or possessions, even though he could have taken much: identifying want did not exist. Love is a constant decision, resolving the path forward was in fact dependent upon acceptance of life, and being ALIVE in the essence of GOD on earth, was better than want. Which brings us to spirit, and its translation of values: as a direct conception born into the life and living of JESUS who was then called the Christ.

These are fundamentals, GRANTING: the path forward for your own life, begins in the spiritual conception of what the gift of life and living with love, hope, and everything valuable to our expression and experience called “I AM ALIVE”;  means to you.

       Every journey is as an individual/ you alone decide what your own eternity can be. NO religion can make that decision for you. NO religion can make you acceptable. NO religion means NO FLOCK:  instead as eternal life is an individual reality; so then is your destiny, the individual result of your own decisions. “No amen” exists, other than in time!

As is proven true by the catholic church today: the need for celibacy is greatly exaggerated by religion/ and often bad. Contrary to that assertion: is the fact that JESUS made his own ministry, traveling and sleeping in a tent with 7 women; and the men outside guarding the tent, proved to be “jealous”. I wonder what they could have done “in the tent”? What could it have been? NO reality of existence claims, “any man should have more than one wife/ or any woman more than one man”. But it remains true: if they claim it for themselves; we literally don’t have a right to judge. Even though with rare exception: “one to one” is far better for all of humanity.

It is lastly noted: that JESUS created a following by traversing small towns and villages/ staying away from “the big city of Jerusalem”. As a person I once knew pointed out, “he didn’t last a week, in the big city”. But since that was an apparent plan: it need not be considered. Except for the fact: when proud and powerful people feel threatened, they instantly turn to violence and hate. Attacking, when the people least expect it! You are then forewarned.

Other than toys, trinkets, tools, and environmental tragedies: there isn’t a lot different between his day and ours. The same level of aggression exists in men. The same levels of power and pride exist in religions. The constant “human sheep” still remain as in present day, as before.

TO DEMONSTRATE: that war cannot solve this problem of human behavior and the decisions which cause it. JESUS did allow his body to be killed, without objection; as is fighting to survive.

REALITY TODAY however demonstrates we do not have that option, not to fight for our world/ or we all go extinct. It however remains true: war cannot solve this problem. The essence of what JESUS did teach regarding: “living in time” was, that love, justice, respect, hope, courage, discipline, and forgiveness were the keys to making a better life in society, and for our world. As did the evidence of Christianity provide initially; until it became a religion like the rest. BY LAW (everybody is involved, not just one; as “is a rule”), THROUGH DEMOCRACY (we decide for ourselves); WE CAN GOVERN OURSELVES, AND CREATE A DIFFERENT WORLD.

The creation of that world, requires a different set of concepts that will reengineer what is expected from humanity itself. Unfortunately for men, that is impossible; as this is the best they did do: and we do stand on the edge of extinction as a world. That leaves women (because they are different) to be in charge, and have the last and final say; before extinction takes control if they fail. NOT AS MEN DO IT. But as is consistent with the realities of women driven by the law women will define. That we will ALL, create in or by our own individual votes. For the control in definitions that become, justice for all. A reality that is consistent with FAIR PLAY for everyone. Anything less is failure, and our world will die.

I am going to add a piece of advice to this. When I was in my twenties; a sudden bad series of “nightmare” like imagery appeared through the night/ causing me grief, for about a week. When I decided to simply stay awake, and isolate the problem. That did change my life. Because we only need a small amount of sleep depending upon physical work; to be content as a body. That became: the rest of the night was given to a constant clear search for what is, and what is not true! making the claim: “not everything bad/ is bad in its entirety”.

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