To be selfish/ greedy/ lustful/ deceitful/ vengeful/ and destructive: conceive of hate.

The question becomes WHY?

The answer is: when value dies, because loneliness wants your decision/ the realities of life, identify what is true in you. That reality, unless altered by you; becomes the definition of your eternity.

Thereby we question WHY does value die? WHAT is loneliness, that it can and does invade your heart?

Value is: the essence of everything that makes life and living “valuable”. Or, important enough to me, that I do desire life and living at the price I have come to know is true. The failure of value is then the discovery that “you choose not, to desire life or living at the price that is required”. Yet life is living, and something must be done. That then determines the reality; to what depth of purpose/ or ascent by desire: would be enough, to establish the decision to survive? Loneliness arises here.

Loneliness is being lost when: your critical relationship with miracles, as a foundation established by; an acceptance of understanding, that “life is a gift, formed by love”. Has been challenged.

Loneliness is then, the critical compromise between “what I accept as true/ and have been given (by society or situation) to believe is a reality of evidence I cannot prove true”.
The challenge is to identify everything true, and purge everything false, and set aside everything that cannot be determined in either way. When you are done, “life and living is no longer a compromise”/ but a decision that removes loneliness, because you have replaced it with your own identity. Thereby “I am who I am”.

We then understand: that loneliness is a variation between “what I can be/ what I want to be/ and what I won’t be”. Each of these forms a base line barrier, for what will be your identity, as shaped by your decision. The value of each statement (decision) to you, determines strength of commitment to that purpose.

We have then defined purpose as a relationship with your identity, and that then grants an internal reality of substance that is “myself/ my spirit/ and my time” (I have a partner). So the question presents: how is purpose used, to define and refine and examine the reality of my existence as is both, life and living? It is the life and living that represents the partnership; as one is not the other. Instead life is the difference between foundations in self and spirit/ whereas living is entirely about time itself, until that ends.

Purpose is, a fundamental element within the passage between what has life and what does not. It is that element, which controls “depth of passage” beyond the limits time will impose. Thereby we understand loneliness to be attributed to the demand: IF you will seek eternity/ THEN you must escape the boundary of this element, and enter the passage beyond time. Few are able; so to escape loneliness they choose to want. Which is to enable the claim: “I am what I want/ even though that is not true”. It is that want, that then enables “lies”; a purpose NOT to admit I failed and must try again. But to insist, I succeeded and you cannot make me say I did not.

We must look at desire, love, and heart; before returning to the consequences of lies.

Desire is, to elevate a miracle of living, into the ascension of life beyond the distinctions of a demand. To desire is to ascend by shear acceptance, into the maze of love that grants an acceptance born of truth. To desire love enables that maze to be lifted, and a relationship is then allowed to be born. Heart defines that relationship with our CREATOR; by establishing the behaviors recognized as “VALUED”, in both you and me.

The consequence of selfishness is: to discard love for the sake of want, by deciding NOTHING is more important than I. Love disputes that in its entirety, as a lie/ offering instead that we exist entirely “as a gift of life”, and loneliness itself demands, if not for another life to share and care about, this price is too high. Nonetheless, the vast majority decline this message, and choose want; because it gives them the immediate reward, which is to believe I am, what I am not.

GREEDY is a whore (only the money matters). The question is WHY, do people choose to whore? The answer becomes: if I must lie/ then I will pretend to be god; as nothing less makes me more important than everything else.

LUSTFUL, is the demand “I will not be forced, to be alone”/ I will take what I need to survive, without love, to give cause and relief, inside as my living becomes challenged with trash I chose.

DECEITFUL, is the intellectuals’ domain. Demanding a foundation upon which to claim, I am the superior one. Proven by these traps, to enslave and capture you.

VENEGEFUL is the entrapped prey or predator, who says: I can make you cry, because I can make you fear. Taking away, what makes you feel important.

DESTUCTIVE: is to the essence of hate, as reality is to the investigation of truth. Without destruction, hate resolves to remain hidden. In destruction, it is hate that stands forward and says, “here I am”/ even when done in the darkness, its purpose is the same.

Therefrom hate becomes the anchor, that gives cause to all the other forms which represent that one distinct decision. Or more simply, the purpose of hate is to blockade and deny entrance into both life (peace and harmony intended) and eternity (blessed are those called love). Without hate, the evidence of failure, lies, tragedy, and a catastrophe for you or them: is without substance called proof.

Time or “the living”, is a gift that can be used for your own desires and purposes, until death takes that away. LIFE, is the cradle of thought, and its participation conceives of “a fingerprint” on the door of eternity; beckoning as a child who desires to enter within. The question of true self, identifies “why”.

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