The rules, realities, punishment, failures, and fantasies of “yes we can”. Little is more destructive, as is proven by the evidence of this world; as it is today. Where nature was overridden, and soon to be in complete chaos; as everything which keeps us alive is destroyed.

The truth is: if I had my wish, we would search together for eloquence and value: the relationships identifying critical and true passages back into creation itself. Where nakedness means: as GOD designed and intended this to be. But that has never been so/ because the vast majority were all fighting to gather “pennies” instead. And even more than they, are now screaming; “I DIDN’T fight for no damn pennies/ I gathered dollars and gold”. That of course is a lie: as the evidence does prove, “you chose to kill a world, and assassinate every life on the planet”, to get your trinkets, trophies, and toys.

Even so, reality dictates life is what we made it as humanity working together or fighting each other; and it does no good whatsoever, to wish for what does not exist beyond the very tiny few. It is those few, for whom I work. Eloquence is: the passions enabling a search beyond self, that is identified by truth. It is necessary to bring the whole, because the simple reality is: even a much smaller few can stand alone.

We then examine rules, and conceive of realities which pursue the creation of better, through understanding, as visited by knowledge.

A rule is, the foundation upon which every ruler gets his or her power to control. It is neither more or less. A rule focuses on the individual/ whereas law focuses on society itself, and identifies what we need: rather than what the righteous want.

A reality is, the repeated, or repeatable consequences of where and what power will do, given the need or desire to act or react; in any real situation. The common human reality for this discussion is: wherever there is power/ there will always be corruption; as every individual says, “I want MORE (something)” for me. Taking away the rule conceives of freedom/ taking away the law identifies chaos.

The righteous will always choose punishment for the others; because after all, “they are gods” compared to you. And that makes you a contamination to their world: so they decree, “we are justified”. Their failure to search for justice, rather than fantasize about the world they want because they are so smart or superior: is the fundamental difference between peace and harmony, OR hate and war.

The critical human creation is: “yes we can”/ regardless of the consequences to life or planet or even self. This is the decision called want, and want is the foundation for every lie conceived by men or women to take control where truth, or reality does not allow it. Because you have failed the necessary disciplines, order, and balance to sustain the realities of life itself, or even planet, as is so evident today. The universities lead with “yes we can”: and our planet, along with every possible means to survive, have been taken away, to establish their garbage mountains/ endless pollution/ curse of overpopulation/ and so much more; the possibilities of extinction are without doubt. Truth demands it is so!

Even so, I will allow a less than one percent chance of survival; beyond a very tiny few years. Given that chance, because we can identify this living world as its cost of failure: the price to continue working cannot be avoided.

So, let’s talk about rules; and why the righteous want to control, manipulate, tempt, entrap, corrupt, and destroy life? The foundation failure is: “we want more for ourselves/ which is in fact, I WANT MORE, for me”. Therefore righteous means selfish beyond the rest, rather than “I am a god; cause I am so damn superior to those”. The fantasy of superiority is in fact, one of the most significant realities of the common human animal (I won a trophy, I am god) OR, its opposite infatuation, which is (I lost the trophy, so now I will make them fear me, as if I was god). Both seek extreme selfishness; and that manifests itself as greed. Greed is, “I want yours too”/ mine is not enough. Which is where the money arises to play games with life and planet. To take “yours too”; requires a game we can play/ because anything less breaks the laws society enforces, and that will prove “I ain’t god”. BUT IF I win the game society allows/ then I can play god with the money, by removing the barriers of friend or foe: and claiming “it’s just business, I have a right”. Even if it’s wrong.

The reality is then: “I want, I want, I want” is simply the human demand for a game. The game is simply the demand: I WANT more for me. Whereas want is merely the definition of selfishness, and the greed it causes to occur.

Alas, no game of men is complete, “without punishment”/ you can’t be righteous and superior, unless you can judge someone else as inferior to me. Thereby the punishment becomes more severe, as the game morphs into war; and the consequences of your choice then, to bring hate into society and the world.

Every failure in the game of men (do you not rule this world), is consistent with power: yes we can/ rather than simple hate which is yes I can. So armies arise, and criminal organizations conspire to take over the world: because it ain’t no fun, being just plain human like the rest. Superiority hates equality; they are opposites. Just like love and hate, “can’t have both: it’s a lie”.

The problem with superiority is: UNLESS you hide it most of the time/ the rest of humanity will abandon you, and move away, leaving you isolated and alone. That is a punishment to you. That has consequences on an individual level: so the demand to hide (don’t let them see) and then plot (I have tools), plan (I am too smart to get caught), tempt (bait them), entrap (let the cage be a rule), ridicule (discard them in the trash with words), disrespect (they are nothing compared to me), and the rest (as is hate unveiled) descend into its abyss. Every want is an abyss: because the failure of a want is, a lie cannot survive life/ life will die. Whereas the fantasy of a want is, that “this” will be enough/ even though it never is for long.

The question is: even with evidence that cannot be avoided, PEOPLE DEMAND THEIR GAME! Because they all want MORE! Even when this world, and the planet itself prove you have taken too much already: NONE OF US, will now survive. Because the lies are too much.

The question is: IF THE ONLY POSSIBILITY to survive as an entire living world is to remove that game/ WHY, do people refuse?

The answer is: an avalanche of greed, and its selfishness! Or, more simply: even if the majority desire life more than want; a minority WILL see that as an opportunity to “mount, ravage, and rape the rest”/ sending them into disarray. So they discard peace and harmony, to survive. That survival betrays life, because it is now a fight; and a fight never seeks, or allows peace or harmony.

The constant is then: that in human reality, no matter what the majority of the animals want; there will be predators that enforce a specific style of behaviors. To remove predator and prey from human existence: is to recognize LIFE, is not a game. Those who hate, shall not be allowed to live with those who love.

And the world says: WE CAN’T do that, because we don’t know how, AND MORE important than that is; if we put all the worst of humanity together in one place/ they WILL rise up against us all and attack.

That of course is both true and false: you can identify hate/ and with laws you can remove it “one way or another”. But you cannot do it, unless the vast majority literally choose to eliminate the games of selfishness and greed. That is the part humanity refuses to do.

The second part is: they will attack us. Which is again both true and false. More correctly they will try to attack the rest, but hate cannot organize or assemble itself beyond the minimum possible. Hate will instead attack hate (you do the work, I won’t)/ unless they see an easy way back to preying upon the rest. That having failed, they will try to organize for one major assault: but what they can or cannot do, is determined by the weapons available to them. Hate works by tragically impacting others to be their slave. Without slaves, they become “a worthless bunch” of fools/ and that never survives long. Therefore it is critical to be certain: only the worst belong with the worst.

The game people play for selfishness DOES cause a vast number of consequences; including hate itself. Whereas the righteous create trouble for the individual/ and the individual then being surrounded fights to survive. Which then becomes another cause to be attacked by the righteous, and that can then become violent: as is “I am trying to survive/ and you are my predator”. Because you judged them, instead of identifying reality and its cause. One such reality is the current “cursing” of someone accused of drunken driving/ a situation most have found themselves participating in at one time or another. Today, that curse enlarges a small misdemeanor into a violence far beyond its reality. The consequence of justice corrupted entirely requires a new grip on: just what is does mean to BE FAIR!  How few, can conceive of anything called justice: to your shame, pride controls; as the enemy it is. The curse of the righteous is upon you: the university purpose is to manipulate, control, tempt, and incite the mob to express their own demand: WE rule.

Justice is the decision: to participate in the realities of what we know to be true. That is not a decision based entirely on law/ it is never a reality determined by rules. Instead, the foundation of justice is “friend”/ and the value of friend is: you cannot earn my trust, unless you are willing to consider me an equal. Same as you, and in this situation which I have found myself to be: the decisions you would have made, are not so different as mine. Justice is then a discipline used in love through equality, rather than judgment. HATE is the opposite, and it begins with violence, or the intent to create corruption and chaos; just because you can. Where the extenuating circumstances do not add up to a reality governed by things beyond my control:  it deserves a definition of justice. Where the reality is plain and simple violence: hate has already made the judgment, and it deserves to be carried out. The difference in hate is:  where insanity (I DON’T want this/ I DON’T WANT THIS) becomes the circle of fate, that does drive the individual beyond his or her ability to survive it. Some mercy can be allowed.

Insanity as well as all other forms of violence or abuse: is regulated by the price you are willing to pay. For instance, “my price” has always been “NOT for an entire universe” would I do that. Yours, should be somewhat similar, and anchored in so tightly it cannot be swayed.


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