Let us search.

To search means: to conceive of something that is not yet found, at least in your own understanding. So, the question is: WHAT is humanity worth searching for, a price that will be paid for; in this human world of time, or beyond?

As has been proven time and again: the discovery of threats, even threats so extreme this world dies in fire, destroying the balance of this solar system itself; is not enough to move you one tiny step in care of this world. So that is not it. In contrast to that is gossip, where even the tiniest hint of an aberration; moves across the area like a bomb. Obviously then you want, whatever makes you feel superior, to someone else/ and will not care for life itself, or even the planet as a whole. Just don’t care! That fact identifies an animal, rather than a human being. The difference is caring means love exists beyond the development of a herd: as an individual experiencing “the miracle” of life itself. And all the world says: “I am one of the most selfish people alive/ how can you say I am not an individual”? I am a god, I am the one they wrong, or I am going to prove I am a god you should fear! I AM an individual, shattering the glass between what I want/ and what I AM going to get.

Alas, every herd member is an individual, but they do not individually accept: “life is a true miracle, and not simply an existence granted by time”. The difference is, a foundation that allows true love to exist, instead of time.

So, let’s talk gossip: you want what you want, and what you want most out of life beyond survival; is to feel superior. You do feel superior to me: when the issues of “a spiritual woman inside” are granted a place in this writing. But instead of a bomb: which would be to spread that curiosity across the area; as a means of communication. You hide it inside so as not to bring attention to me: simply defining an intent to be superior in you. We (I provide, you fail) have not managed to communicate threats as a means of motivating you out of your “lazy chair”/ so gossip is now enlarged.

You can feel superior to me, I don’t care. But you do not, because the values you hold dear are all locked within the cult of “university is our god” and we cannot let that die. Because if you did; that would bring to an end the trust, that they are god. In determining the vast amount of knowledge they have proclaimed as “we know”/ the possibilities of learning they did not know; arise to wound the animal inside; and cause it to die. Leaving only the possibility of hate/ or the reality required of every human being which is to rise as an identity created by miracles. One or the other will come true. Because you can’t tear apart a cult, without consequences: after all “this is your god”. Alas fantasies never survive, as they are built upon the image “you, could be god too”. But cannot.

So, let’s detail the possibilities:  could he in fact, simply have a spiritual woman inside; from another dimension that is beyond the limits of time? How could that not be a fantasy, and who could possibly prove it true? Where only thought can exist, the practice of truth requires a diligence to detail: that must remove want, pride, power, hate, lust, control, manipulation, and disrespect. Therefore we know, that the animals cannot conceive of such things; and the value or possibilities, of a human identity becomes tested.

WHAT then can be given to the tests of man, or woman? Is this not gossip, as it is certainly not what the universities, and their leaders allow in their own teaching? They have done their best to suppress it entirely, and specifically by omission.

  • Is there evidence of change? Ten thousand pages of text written on websites started one month after the crash of world trade towers on 9/11 will prove a difference.
  • Is there evidence of a value to the work, that is not conceived by the rest of humanity in their writings or words? I suggest to you there is. Prove me wrong.
  • Is there an importance, that would grant the understanding: “maybe it is a last chance warning from GOD”; due to the extreme consequences, we CAN identify, and now, we face. Life or death for a world, IS sufficient to make that claim. Prove the threats do not exist.
  • What would the leaders do to suppress the fact they have led this world into chaos intentionally; because they wanted more for themselves/ so they chose to sacrifice every child, for their own toys and trinkets and time. The courtroom cases (most of which are on the living websites, no longer supported due to your failures) of James F. Osterbur will prove they knew, and chose to bury all reality of threat! How is that not so?
  • WHAT would be the extreme test of failure, consistent with what every human being or animal can testify too: that this is BAD? I suggest to you, the collapse of an entire world economy will be sufficient. Which either results in war, or an investigation for truth. Finding of course, the entire fantasy of numbers, that represent NO reality at all! Unfortunately, animals worship revenge and hate, more than life: until they face their own deaths. So, the probability of survival even then is small. “simply true, a reality of “too mob” or not too mob”.
  • Can the universities defeat the realities I have portrayed as important and true? Or must they allow, that the consequence of their leadership is a world not only in turmoil, but a cost to that world that could easily be complete extinction. Even by the cost of igniting this planet on fire just like the sun.
  • Is there a consistency in the writers’ statement of “a spiritual woman inside”? Can you find physical evidence of such a claim? Can you understand: the purpose here is not to confuse or dictate change/ but express the reality, WITHOUT a TRUE DIFFERENCE in leadership; this living world shall end. The only real difference that can be made is “let women try to lead”! BUT NOT as men do. Rather by the testimony of a vote: one person/ one vote, on the issues and laws that govern our nation and world, even state and local. An individual vote/ NOT a vote for someone to vote for me!

While this is not the usual fodder for gossip, it is consistent with your demand for something that is not “normal”, and thereby safe. Because the universities and the tyranny of their reign: have no real defenses against this. They cannot claim ANYTHING, without submitting themselves to an examination. Consequently safe, unless enlarged to “trial”!

It should be noted, that gossip is in fact, a tragic consequence of human life; time and time again. Because people judge each other based upon what they want to believe or not believe. A case in point is: that my mom would occasionally tell other women, “that she was wise in selecting my dad; by looking into the future first”. That statement was intended to make her “look smart”/ which was a problem for her, as an eighth grade education granted little in proof. IT WAS realistically fine, UNTIL my dad heard her tell that tale. Which by his countenance immediately falling (she didn’t marry me, for me)/ he believed entirely. I expected him to recognize reality: but he did not, and drifted farther away over time. IT WAS GOSSIP, that mom used. The intent to sway an opinion, ”for good or bad”; by stating something that could be used to support a want/ rather than a value. It had as gossip does, an unexpected cost. A statement regarding gossip, that is rarely true.

In this instance of gossip established: as was the case of my mom above, while it is entirely true/ that does not negate the fact, her love decided; not “other things”. As is true of this instance: the value of our reality as life on earth, threatened with extinction. Does prove, legal although slightly unorthodox, is fair.

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