Obedience/ Tolerance/ Forgiveness; the three critical steps, in shaping a future that is consistent with love.

Obedience means: I do surrender the foundation purpose of life, which is the freedom to be whatever it is I choose. Thereby enabling someone else, to successfully make a decision “for us”/ instead of just me. Every partnership requires this distinction: that I too, must give and bend and accept, not everything can be free.

Tolerance means: to understand, the foundation of my own environment exists within the framework of other lives matter, just like mine. The consequence of freedom enabled is: that they too, shall have the opportunity to make mistakes, and live in ways that are not “my own”. The essence of that, relies upon the distinction: even if I must pay, It is not so much that my life will be changed beyond repair. I have rights too/ but so do they.

Forgiveness means: even though my life has been changed, or the life of someone or something important to me has been changed/ the very essence of freedom is the decision to make a mistake, is not grounds for judgment beyond the justified law. Or more simply: even though my rights were violated, and my own life will pay because of what you chose to do. The value of our relationship shall not be measured, thereby the reality of our friendship shall not be tested. Even though, there is a distinct cause.

Within these three elements of living the disciplines of order arise to balance the fact, that time itself has no meaning other than to establish what is true in you. Therefore the truth says this: when reality pushes and pulls you in directions that you did not wish or desire to go. It is in these times, that the strength of what really determines your decision rises to describe the identity you have made.

One of the hardest things to do, is relinquish freedoms! The autonomy which is self decides. Therefore we search the definitions of certain terms to understand why.

Self is:  I want what I want for me, and everything I want signals, what I want the future to be.

Greed is: I want what I want, even if it’s yours. Because the future of being the winner, does not recognize your need too.

Lust is: I want what I want, and I want to use your body as if it were mine; without any other price to pay.

Failure is: I wanted what I wanted, regardless of the consequences, or any truth that got in my way.

Fool is: I want what I want, truth does not matter.

Abuse is: I took what I wanted, and didn’t give NOTHING back.

Violence is: nothing can stop me, “I am god”.

“god” is: nobody can defeat me, I am the superior one.

Pride is: I want you to believe, no one is superior to me. I am the best/ I am more than the majority, without doubt.

Power is: I want you to fear me, because I want to make this decision regardless of what it will cause or cost, to you.

Fear is: NOTHING is more important than me, or what I want.


Courage is: balancing reality with a purpose that has honest value as its most important reward.

Balance means: every life decision carries with it the weight, of what that decision can or will do. To be careless, or deny reality, thereby means to discard life itself, as an incidental; unless its yours.

Reality means:  I cannot deny this truth.

Discipline means: I will not deny this truth/ I will support this right, even if it is not fundamentally mine.

Order means: the value of steps, is an ascension beyond the place where I am/ into the future of where I chose to be. Thereby every decision is a step, and every consequence is a measure of ascent or descent: from the place where I start/ to the place where my destiny, as is the identity created; will become true.

Life means:  I have changed to express myself; because freedom came/ and thought began.

Love means: I have changed to experience living in an entirely different dimension, as is “the place we meet in our hearts”.

Time means: this treasury of moments, cannot be less than a purpose, which identifies you.

Desire means: I have chosen the path toward my soul.

In these creations, we see the envelope of what binds us to ourselves. Envelope being a form of transport, sufficient to carry the message we have created, into the future. Truth creates an environment/ while lies tear that environment down. Trust defines a relationship beyond self, that lives at the door called love. Without respect (you are valued by me), no relationship exists.

Self then becomes the expression “of our own dimension”. A separated place, where living is the essence of everything we chose to build. A reality governed by what the rest chose to contribute.

Love opens the door beyond self/ even beyond time: as one life binds to another to shape the distinctions of what we can be together. The living assigns truth to that composite of “us”, and grants our future: because of what we chose in order to become one life instead of two (or more). Obedience is a two way street, but it is governed by what life itself requires to survive. That can only be defined by truth, and its laws of life.

Tolerance is a definition of boundaries and borders which must be well defined, by justice;  in order to obtain peace and harmony among us all.

Forgiveness ends the circle of insanity, by discarding the possibilities of revenge or hatred. Through the simple acceptance, love is greater than the elements called time. With love there is life beyond self. Without love, there is only the single element of self, and it has no true ability to survive eternity, or less.

The spiritual world is governed entirely by truth, as an environmental discipline shaped by law. Love inside the spiritual world exists only within truth, and that truth is then directed by laws which govern what can and cannot go beyond the environmental wall of spirit: that then shapes your quest for eternity. Eternity is the passage, between what can and cannot survive truth. There is no pride, there is no power, there is no want, hatred, revenge, cowardice, or fear: because they will not survive the trip into energy itself. Without energy there is no life; simple as that. Death is the removal of that energy which gives us the foundation of time, which we recognize as life. To escape death, we must become “the energy that lives”. The spiritual world sorts, who can and cannot accept the price.

Obedience recognizes, if you fail to participate correctly, you will die before completely the journey. Tolerance understands, it will not be simple or easy. Forgiveness develops the love needed, as we participate beyond the levels that are kind: as reality must endure. Consequent to all these things, is the understanding: mercy allows those who cannot complete this journey, to live at a distance from true grace (where love is less, but real): where life will end at some small cost, when you are ready to say “I have had enough”.

The eternal door to “heaven”: opens only to the pure, as this is the home of  GOD.

Whether you come or fail: is entirely your decision. Whether you survive the reality of this time, depends upon the purity of your heart. The desire of your soul, “which is your own true purpose, to live and share life itself your CREATOR”.

LIFE IS, at its core, a relationship with thought, the ability to achieve an essence of existence, beyond the limits of energy, mass, space, or time. Thought governs truth, just as truth governs time. Without truth survival does not occur: therefore truth is an environmental dimension, that grants the possibilities beyond self. Thought translates love, as the gift which makes life GREAT. Thereby love surmounts truth as the essence of eternity itself; because without the purity of caring, there is no desire for life or living. Thought lives as the purpose to define existence, in all its complexity, by adding what truth can build. Thought elevates life, by adding what justice, fair play, and freedom will mean: when we live as one. Destiny is not for the weak, or the meek: because it requires your whole life to commit in trust. Trust binds us together as one entity, with many distinct parts; building together the life we choose, as reality will allow. Where there is JOY, hope lives too. Thought participates in joy, just as the human body participates in honest sex: they need each other to be complete, as love identified whole. Thought gives us “the universe”, to play in: because it is the transparent window, to everything that can be.

May you find your soul, and begin your journey into destiny!

I will end this, with the reality check that is religion (I want, what we want). The unfortunate part about religion is: every group has its own grip on “we are more superior” than you. Causing endless grief in this world. The critical purpose here is then to discard that superiority; and define FAITH IN OUR CREATOR, as a decision that recognizes love, respect, hope, forgiveness, courage, happiness, justice, discipline, order, and a balance that goes beyond simply selfish: as our united purpose in accepting the proof, that is “every living miracle of life and planet” that is, or was; our world.

JESUS IS mentioned here in this work: NOT as a reality of Christian religion/ but as the evidence of all things that does describe FAITH. HE IS ALONE, the single guarantor of a description that grants meaning to the claim called “an eternal life with GOD”.  Based upon things far greater, than the Christian church established. People want what they want; so the reality of what they want, then becomes the foundation of what they believe. Want is the basis of every lie: and that is the truth. LIFE however, is the basis of every possibility that is eternal life. The question of existence itself, disciplines the evidence of miracles: to prove we did not do this/ and chaos cannot! Therefore we search through the expansion of thought, when we consider soul. IF we are known, as JESUS claimed: then there is a path that each individual can claim, as their own relationship with that CREATOR. Value asserts, when we do accept: that a miracle of life, is so far beyond human conception, that we must acknowledge “I am created/ rather than simply born”. The possibilities of knowledge, grant: because I have so much more, than I need simply to be alive/ THERE IS LOVE, in evidence HERE. Thereby understanding accepts: it is indeed the path toward love, that establishes soul. It is the reality of evidence established by JESUS; that would prove, HE IS, both teacher and even savior. Bringing as his salvation, the opportunity to learn: “eternal life is possible, even for you”. That is not, “a color distinction, or size barrier, or any other separation from the fact: that we are all created EQUAL. Not simply equal, but equal as life is life.


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