the curse

the curse


Humanity gets a machine! With that machine, it gets more time to wander “what can we do”? The answer to that is: become the most selfish, and vile generation every conceived. Hurrah, “ain’t we smart”!

And the screamers say: “we ain’t no damn worse than any other generation, we just got more stuff to buy”! That is true, but no other generation destroyed the future, to pile their stuff in the garbage mountains/ toxic sludge/ and horrifying failures; of their own pandemic disease called arrogance.

The worst scream, as media does: “one person dies/ let the whole nation cry”. One person failed, let the whole nation be depressed. One human being wants, so let’s all risk the entire planet; cause we’re special. Well not you, but the tiny few university delusions which orchestra the end of life on earth.

EVERY EXTREME FAILURE OR FANTASY; is broadcast as a “real life success”. It is not! Extreme failure means: without consideration of the cost to all life on earth. Extreme fantasy means:  “just for the tiny few”/ the rest are taught to be “fans” and cheer; by media. So, let’s consider the realities:  we face many true threats of extinction, in the next few months or tiny few years. Because the value of life on earth, was entirely discarded by all those who lead: and every leader has a university diploma. Like a nest of wasps, they do attack us: as if we were bait.

Let’s look at their fantasy and failures: which means LIFE was not considered/ only a trophy was desired. The curse of man, “times two”. So the few at university design their toys, and hide from reality behind closed doors: by becoming the human version of a termite. Destroying structures, just because it can. While the termite as a purpose, the same cannot be said of the human version.

The critical question then is: WHAT DID the universities accomplish, that benefited life in its entirety, or survivability of the planet? The answer is: about 3% of everything they have taken credit for had some degree of value/ while 97% of everything else degraded life, or destroyed everything life needs to survive, including even the planet itself. Every change has a consequence: which means, the failure to accept that reality must govern what can or cannot be done, is without exception: a truth which you may not discard. The universities: arising from the sewer of human arrogance, vomited and puked on that reality, and said we will play god anyway, “cause we can”.

So today, with a very long list of tragedies and horrifying catastrophes coming: the sewer of life they created will soon spew forward onto this creation of a living planet; to destroy it entirely & forever. Because that is what the universities chose, and that is what media propaganda & control over the herd has cost. You are shepherded by wolves. Because as described above: the entire purpose of media, is too discard the human individual (NO YOU CAN’T think for yourself)/ and turn entire nations into a herd of prey. Just as the entire purpose of rules is to create rulers, and tiers of the righteous (we know the rule) to enforce those rules; so they can attack the individual at any time they wish.

But you say, “life is great”/ we got what we want: TO HELL WITH YOU! Alas, in America for instance the federal reserve statement proves a 9 trillion dollar increase in assets occurs each and every year, for decades. That doesn’t even include the debt (can’t pay it) creation. 9 trillion dollars is equal to $90,000.00 per each of one hundred million individuals. Or, this asset creation is saying: in addition to what you were earning: everyone of one hundred million people got an extra ninety thousand dollars to spend this year, as a raise. SOMEBODY GOT TO SPEND IT/ because this is currency added to the economy, or an outright lie by “government employees”; which is then covered up by media propagation of “Liars rule, the university is god”.

And still the people say: its better than the alternative: which is to pay our own debts! As that would be bankruptcy! And so it is, for my own generation: because every penny they saved up and claim, is a complete theft, from their children and grandchildren. Because of resource loss: it is their annihilation, and consequent extinction by cannibalism or fire.

So we look at the reality: the universities started to fight for life in the fifties & sixties, having realized extinction is coming due to human population rise. Which has only one ending: extinction; without acceptance by the general public. Which the public would not do, and the media, government, business, education, and everything else which would not accept the price of “our medicine is”; this world will die. So those in the universities who did care, just quit. Demanding, LET’S GET EVERYTHING WE CAN, FOR OURSELVES, instead. So, whose fault is it? The people who made overpopulation an uncontrollable reality/ the government employees who refused reality in their greed/ the people, who want what they want, and don’t give a damn about the future/ or every child that benefited, because we did not pay our debts, and cast the world aside to play games by trying to be gods for ourselves (a reality that falls only on “university”).

We are cursed by a toxic flood of chemicals; many of which cause the medical emergencies that then allow the extortion of organized crime called “healthcare”. That toxic flood, and many other realities of human decisions: are ending the drinking water supply (believe it or not: don’t matter when truth makes it certain). Crop mutilation is destroying chains of life that are necessary for every other form of life/ and is entirely unsustainable in every form.

So, let’s look at the great escape: we left the planet, we can orbit in space: hurrah for us. The reality of course is, in America the only purpose for space was to deliver weapons of mass destruction/ a need because atomic weapons were falling on this earth (even if they didn’t explode), exploding on this earth due to people who could not resist playing god;  by human error and the failure of machines or just plain violence. So they said “let’s go to the moon”; as a means or denying what they were in fact doing in preparation to end life on this planet. What did American’s get for their money? A dozen people set foot on the moon, with endless resources lost, and at a cost of what would be trillions today. What did we get from spending trillions more dollars; by building rockets? What did this create, to benefit life? Apart from a tiny few pictures, literally nothing. Other than a tiny few got to play with their toys/ while the rest were indentured with their debts.

WHAT DID the universities benefit us with? Well they managed to take the education system and turn it into a disease, which has now infected the world. Apart from teaching pure fantasy, in terms of reality: if the computer doesn’t do the work for you; a majority of the next generation is without a clue. Apart from destroying the education of children in the workplace: where you are paid to learn your job. Each is now required to endure extreme debts, with absolutely no guarantee of anything but you can’t escape that debt: because “god (nothing matters but us) holds your prison keys. How did they create this horror, to build their HELL/ ARMAGEDDON/ AND APOCALPSE? They built weapons of mass destruction to make the people fear/ to make them believe only as an enormous herd can they survive/ only with more weapons of mass destruction can we hold the murderers at bay. So they become the cult of devil worshipers/ and the universities promise:  “life is the result of CHAOS”/ SO, everything destructive we do, is about worshiping “god, the university destroyer of chaos”.

Not to worry you say, as media directs you to believe: we got food and everything we need, with great toys to play with. “We are gods”!  And nothing will prove that more than completely mutilating nature with chaos in genetics: as is the worship of chaos, by those who support the universities, and scream “die to our world”. But even more than that, are the people deliberately trying to ignite a nuclear fire on earth: just like the sun. Once ignited our planet does become a sun. Unlike the lies being used to hide the delusions of devil worshipers: the reality is very plain. Just like a chemical fire that burns the molecular bond of those chemical entities. A nuclear fire burns the bond holding atoms together: which makes atoms the fuel source/ and because an atom MUST contain both an outward energy and its opposing inward control over that energy: to attain a balanced and stable state. We then know that the release of these energies DOES explain solar gravity. OR THE FIRE, releases the gravity; ending claims of stupidity and outright ignorance, that is the endless reality of “university knows”.

Can’t believe it/ the university is god: well not to worry, ignition will remove all doubt. The curse of fire, that consumes mass itself: will consume you. Who would not like that?

Oh wait, the herd never thinks for itself, and the predators of propaganda which herd them into the slaughter house, cannot disbelieve their gods: so, even the wolves are eaten. Because fools believe only what they are told.

GO INVESTIGATE FOR YOURSELVES, AND PROVE ME WRONG: I DARE YOU!  as to the others who have been approached in all forms of leadership: NOT ONE, as been able to disprove anything/ so they ridicule me, and refuse to let you know: life, will soon be over. Because when the scale of our existence, tips to death/ NOTHING, will bring it back to life. Last chance, breathe in something better than lies/ or die.


There is only one possibility to survive/ everything else is dead. CHANGE HUMANITY ITSELF, or face the consequences you chose; killing every child, and destroying this entire creation of life called earth.

Use world law to remove all weapons of mass destruction: take away their tools, and leave the cursed with one certain reality, “if you even breathe a word of this terrorism again: we will cut you into pieces”; and feed you to the snake.

Use limited capitalism to remove the rulers from your world: granting by law we create, we will rule ourselves with law. Controlling the currency with “so many numbers per person available/ by census”. Controlling the government employees, by removing their power to decide: we will hire ourselves instead.

Use reality in the education for life, the survival of this planet: thereby destroying every possibility the universities can control anything, without proving the true consequences first. Then we vote, yes or no.

Demand no more business in healthcare/ no more extortion: WE THE PEOPLE will control it, and provide for ourselves. Which eliminates insurance: the failure of life. Because with insurance, reality died/ and you let entire cities burn down; believing “now we get all new”. On a planet that cannot afford to give you anything, to build back. Shove the damned and the dead aside: and learn how to protect yourselves.

Fight for your world/ fight for your food, because it is not anything that you believe; but stands ready to fail.

Fight for your drinking water: or it will become your apocalypse, the curse of HELL on earth.

Fight for your planet, and your future; or it goes extinct forever.

FIGHT FOR LIFE WITH THE LAW, because you can’t afford or survive, the wars your leaders have planned. Take a good look at the little wars today; and understand helping the military means to level civilization itself: into dust.  Because extreme weapons cause extreme damage to all.

Fight for your child: because extreme selfishness and a total lack of respect/ has enabled their destruction forever. While those who will be cast into HADES (eternal terrors) for destroying life on earth; have believed “how smart we are”, for just one more minute of time. The human mice, believe they have won/ but in reality, their true end will be brutal. The sheep believe they are safe: we paid religion/ but will be discarded, because they didn’t care enough to save this world. Not even a “word”, or a gesture, or the possibility beyond worshiping their true god, called “university knows”; we are believers!

Even the wolves are dead: they just don’t know it yet, because they are so busy herding the sheep. The threats we face, leave nothing behind but death.

Oh wait, then there is religion; and according to all of them: “I just ain’t good enough to deliver a message called change or die forever”. Even though, “I am just the mailman”. How damn good do I really need to be? Answer the question.  “I know/ I know”; you want what you want/ and you know you don’t want no damn change. WE ALL WANT MORE, NOT REALITY; and certainly NOT truth. Period, just like it’s been for the last forty years! Now ain’t that so?  GROW UP OR DIE. Simple as that.

So, let’s take one more peek at religion, using Christianity as an example. JESUS came as a baby, and only a tiny few recognized him. HIS teaching and ministry proved to be HIGHLY VALUABLE, but the masses only came to be healed. HE was crucified in the night, just as soon as it became clear “humanity was listening”. So that those who wanted him alive could not fight. They then ran away to hide/ and the majority to deny, they ever believed; because sheep have no weapons. Then came the jewish believers, righteous enough, to murder those who would be called Christian. Who among you would have been different? Who among you would have not “lived easy, claiming GET AWAY;  instead of searching for eternal life”? So, now let’s review:  the primary message JESUS carried to this world was:  GOD, your creator has not forgotten you, but in fact LOVES you. Eternity is waiting, do your best! And HE proved it true, with a level of knowledge, understanding, ability, thought, love, hope, respect, wisdom, courage, and sacrifice NEVER accomplished on earth, before or since.

Eventually, by recognizing the tragedy of men as was destroying human existence with power:  power was finally pushed back, when the leaders said “this is too much”. When those in power were removed by war because the people quit fighting for their leaders. A slave is a slave, what difference does it make who has the whip? Men cause a never ending war, because men want to play games/ and the game of a ruler: the game of power is, “we want war”. What better way to play god, than kill/ fear me/ or make them cry!

TRUE HUMAN CHANGE, is then the removal of power, through the law. Which gives even the sheep: power to cause change, by vote. NOT A VOTE to vote for someone to vote for me. BUT A TRUE VOTE ON THE ISSUES AND LAWS THAT GOVERN OUR WORLD AND OUR SOCIETY; as each individual citizen decides: with their “yes or no”. True human survival on earth,  now demand: stop worshiping the universities, and take their tools to make you fear away.  MAKE every decision, BOTH LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST: or you will go extinct.

       IF YOU believe that “GOD, will do everything/ so YOU don’t have to do nothing”. THEN YOUR BELIEF IS: THAT GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE,   “is your slave”.  And I wouldn’t be you, for anything. Simple as that.

One of the foundation questions of our world, religion, and more is: WHY, did  GOD  allow JESUS to be slain/ rather than straighten this world out? Christianity says, “to become our savior/ even if they don’t know what that means”. Reality states: to be saved, is to be saved for an eternity, because nothing else truly matters. So HIS death recognizes: to prove how genuine HIS love really was, “HIS story was written and preserved”. And it truly should be taught to every child at an early age. NOT by religion, but by the elemental grace that is: we are not left behind, eternity exists.

As to leadership: this earth lives in a state of preparation for that trip into eternity, and specifically for those who attain the invitation, “come into your GOD’S world”.

As is the essence of our lives: the preparations for that journey MUST include your individual education. Thereby the freedoms which grant your own decision/ from the realities of both good and bad, as is evident here on earth. Eternity is NOT “a free ride” as religion suggests. It is the freedom to live within the grace of what you chose, and maintained, for yourself. In other words:  GOD seeks those who respect, love, and cherish HIM; each being willing to live that reality. Those who are less, will find themselves distant, to that truth. Those who are hate, will find themselves in a world where if you can’t be god as you claimed/ then you will be terrorized by the realities you now face. Both are elements of truth. Both cannot be decided by a herd of animals: they require your individual signature called an identity formed by your own choice. A decision that is made based upon the knowledge you accepted, and then sought to understand. Or not!

You can’t change a world: but by mass communication of the facts regarding that change, along with an elemental vote to in fact change the world itself; as we the people demand. The only other way, is by world war; and that will destroy the future itself. NO ability to communicate existed back in JESUS day. Nor did even the minimal education required to understand a vote exist. Do you see the problem? Without taking control over humanity itself? Which is then NOT free. Which would you rather be: “free, or not free”?

And all the people say: “we won’t listen, until our reality proves we must”. Then, it will be too late, because you chose death for this world. Choosing life, requires your participation now, before it is too late! And all the people say: “we don’t care”; until we must, we WANT what we WANT/ and who gives a damn about anything but me. The constant of this generation. Alas when life proves you can’t go on, and all “HELL breaks loose”. There will be a moment when you march saying to me: “YOU should have made us listen/ THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT”. Another constant, in forty years of fighting for life, instead of your decision which is “JUST GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”.

I do, pray for you anyway. NO, that won’t save you/ because your life or death, or even this world extinction;  is NOT up to me. “It’s up to you”:  Whether you like it or not. your fault/ your curse/ your eternity; congratulations, “you wanted to be gods”. “hurrah”!

Just so its clear: “nothing in the world is more devoid of basic knowledge, or wisdom, than a university”. After all, they call a human body “something built by chaos”/ without a brain or a tool or a reality that is beyond the most blatant fantasy of all;  its called evolution. If you need to be “that big of a LIAR”/ then you can’t be trusted with ANYTHING, at all! how is that not true, let them prove it is not so: BRING THE EVIDENCE.  With more than just their delusions. Adaption is merely the sign of “perfect design”; as in “I knew this would be needed later/ so I prepared it”. THOUGHT comes before the chicken or the egg: because without order, disciplines, law, truth, balance, respect, value, or its conception, there is no life. Or do you contend “your car” is merely an accident, built by worms? Even they can think a tiny bit/ why not you!

Why not media, who propagates, “the university is our god”! As is true of all cult worshipers, they are not allowed to think for themselves/ its against the rules.

Oh wait, I know: the universities don’t have a brain, that’s how they created chaos is a god. After all it is, “the god of destruction”. A human being without a clue, deposits his or her shit anywhere; after all, “they are just special monkeys (not human)” by their own admission. Go ahead DO SOMETHING, without a brain/ build something without a tool or knowledge or anything of value. PROVE that as a reality, in fact EXISTS. Because it clearly does NOT. AND I don’t need a damn diploma, to know it/ unlike your failures.

After all, “you’re all gods” ain’t you/ cause you are so damn smart. SURELY you can do more than a single cell organism: which in fact does not exist, without order/ disciplines/ balance/ specific chemicals sorted out/ distinct parts and pieces formed correctly/ solutions which allow it to exist; and a thousand more little details:  that CHAOS CAN’T DO. Because chaos, can only take something complex/ and turn it into something simple. Which is exactly what the university has done: “they made themselves SIMPLE”. Blind drunk/ grotesquely stupid/ deaf without hope/ and a “witch doctor” substituting for a brain.

Answer the question: WHERE is your reality?  TRUTH aligns with: it does not exist!

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