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The key to all happiness, is: “don’t want/ be alive instead”.

Whatever you want, directs your thoughts, actions, and reactions into the decisions that are not at this time, a true possibility for you. Whereas to be alive recognizes the value of what you have been given, the miracles which surround you, and the potential that is life itself; and all that it can honestly be for you.

People trade life for possessions, people trade life for pride, people want power to prove how superior they are, people manipulate/ control/ tempt/ threaten/ and more simply to get what they want. OR, they use the same to make people fear or cry, so as to prove they don’t want what you, or what you represent to them; are. There is no happiness in any of that.

Happiness is the essence of freedom, cherished through the possibilities and values recognized as heart. Heart by definition: is the power of rhythms, from which our lives exist in harmony with self. Therefrom we seek in heart, to establish the truth within our own individual life; that is both freedom, and its expression in thought; as the identity we chose to create. When we choose creation itself: that means, we have given of ourselves, the value that cannot be denied; as was ours to give. In that value is the recognition, I am ALIVE. I am the destiny my decisions, chose to create for me.

IF you chose love, then love lives by the contributions, of your own journey. You have given life a treasure to be shared, because you did care. A life unburdened, because love is a desire that lives within itself.

If you chose hate, then destruction is what you contributed to life; and violence is defined as you. No happiness exists here/ but the desire to play god does! Playing god means: to believe, that you can do anything you want; without consequences for you to face, for you to endure. As well as, “everything is mine/ mine/ mine”: which requires not only an army but slaves; and the fight to make them do what you want. Want means: “never enough”! Want then becomes: the foundation of every lie, and liar.

The rhythms of order, create life by law and its strict observance of truth. The rhythms of discipline, conceive of truth by understanding not only is there an action or reaction: but a balance point between the two; that gives rise to peace and harmony. The rhythms of balance, distribute justice, fair play, and life desired by all (but a very tiny few)/ because the expression of life is self; and self untainted by want, resides in heart as the treasury filled with love.

Destiny cherishes your decision, as an individual identity; because freedom knows it is the essence of your own truth as a life, that grants the purity known as love shared by you. Without that essence created in thought, the value of heart is limited by self. Self is the substance of time; whereas love is the development of eternity. They are “worlds apart”/ and yet related by the understanding: we are to choose by our own decisions: the identity true, beyond self. That is the essence of survival, because life and the essence of energy itself, must meet. To become “a child of GOD”; demands it must be so.

Happiness lifts the soul, to achieve the ascent of steps. Each step beyond the borders of time, recognizes life as the template for another world/ a dimension beyond our own. Pain holds us back, but love carries us forward; at the balance, which forms time.

Happiness lives between the risk, that is living too little/ or by living too extreme. When we live the freedom of life behind closed doors: we lock out the world itself, and we lock ourselves inside that prison you have created for yourself; crying “it’s too much”. When you live beyond the limits time has set, the reality of body knows is not safe: the value of your life has been discarded. Strictly for the purpose of proving “Yes I can”. Many fail, and suffer, even for a lifetime; or die! “Yes I can”, means: I want to be superior to you: discarding friendship. OR, yes I can means: “I don’t want to be left behind; I want, what I want, so I will believe”. Many more fail. The risk found beyond the levels of time, in the elevation that is called spirit: is entirely different. While the physical elements govern time and body. The spiritual dimension of truth, retains only what is true/ everything else, including what is not true in you: will be discarded, by all means necessary. The reality is at the very edge of eternity, and you can cross the line in either direction (time or eternity) or like me, even though highly unlikely:  you can become trapped within a truth (opening a door) that cannot be proven either way, in you. Leaving the reality of that decision, to be decided in time.  “It’s complicated”.

Happiness understands: creation means to illuminate life, as the foundation of our own truth. Life is not defined as time. Life is created as the miracle of our own precious moments. Life is the envelope of body, from which we rise or fall into the decisions we have made. Thereby granting the essence of “our world” is built upon our own thought. Hate burrows in, when we want. Love binds that hate to law, and evicts the intruder, when we clean ourselves from that dimension. To illuminate requires: the purpose I have chosen, the desire I have erected, the foundation of my heart and soul; shall be love! That treasury of value, sets us apart from a world gone mad (I want more). That fact of life, demands: that we must think for ourselves, and be responsible for our own decisions: not simply buried in “a herd conception, to believe whatever the herd will believe”.

To believe means: I will assume what I am told or what I want, is true! Alas truth is not that way: truth can only be, “what it is, as the reality of evidence aligns by fact”. Religion hates that: so they discard it, for whatever they want instead. Consequently happiness is very limited by religion. The truth of miracles, is an evidence so broad and so extreme: the FACT, WE ARE CREATED BY A SUPERIOR   GOD  / cannot be denied, but by a liar. So, major religions are not all wrong; it merely wants, what it wants. To have faith instead: means, you have chosen to find what you do accept as ultimately true, and without a need for further investigation: thereby trust. A constant where love exists.

To be truly happy, we must be free. To be truly loving, we must be free. To be truly respectful, to understand with honesty and a purpose beyond ourselves: we must approach individual thought. To think, is to elevate life beyond time; and accept that the journey of love, is not governed strictly by ourselves. Beyond self means: life grants more. That is not strictly tied to time, as is self! More is not a possession, unless failing love; time is your only expression or experience. That is tragic, to you!

Life teaches we CANNOT judge another/ only the law can do that, because it is necessary at times. What we can do: is “illuminate our love”, and cherish the miracles; granting heart leads the way. As best we can, without falling into the traps of those who hate.

Life demands: that we all must work, to fulfill our own needs; and sustain those who cannot. Life requires an array of lessons, for which we become prepared, to survive. Life makes us cry, to understand: what real value is.

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Jim Osterbur

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