what if



  1. Your scientists do, as they have been trying to do for fifty years, and have spent over a trillion dollars building machines to do it: actually ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. but can’t control a ten million degree flame; they say, is a million miles long/ on a place they say has so much more gravity there than here. “so a million mile flame/ becomes a fifteen million mile flame”. GEE, do you think playing with that kind of fire, MIGHT be: “we can’t go back now”?  Do you think maybe one tiny mistake exists in their plans or thinking? Do you think, their claim of 4,000,000 times greater energy release than a chemical fire: might be a bomb, that gets out of control, at ignition? It’s their claim not mine! STOP THEIR INSANITY
  2. How about of all the trillions of tiny bits of information that give every body of life order, discipline, balance, thought, and life possible. All the manufacturing processes that build each body of life on earth, inside DNA itself. All the elements of production made “out of dirt and water”/ with nothing more than the sun to fundamentally power it: NO LONGER WORKS AT ALL. but everything is chaos instead; and your body literally starts falling apart: with never a child to be born intact, again? let us not forget, putting DNA in one species from another species: OPENS the door, to every possible disease; and a tremendous amount of disease, life has never seen before. All because fools want to play god. The curse of humanity (an extreme arrogance that does not care), will crucify you too! LIARS, TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, THIEVES, MURDERERS, HATE, VIOLENCE, AND MORE all exist: and now with the tools to make you cry forever, “it only takes one”, to kill our world of life. TAKE AWAY THE TOOLS! Or you get ARMAGEDDON: NATURE in chaos!
    1. Can’t happen? Well my nine month old nephew Jason: got a brain tumor, and died of thirst. Because his body could not consume liquids/ even a little would throw him into convulsions. A brain tumor that changed his brains ability to function, “just a little”. And the selfish say: that is exactly why we want to play this game of biological mutilation. While life says: mutilating DNA which is the building of each body of life; even a little CAN RESULT IN A COMPLETELY DEAD WORLD instead. So is the individual more important/ OR IS AN ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE & EVERY FUTURE LIFE? You can’t have both: the evidence is overwhelming; we are literally “about to eat ourselves off the planet, because we are now too many people”. Death is required, for life to go on!
  3. No resources, no life. You threw it onto your garbage mountains, for a trophy (the claim of winner), that lasted a tiny few seconds.
  4. The atmosphere becomes detached from the planet (because you destroyed all the trees): the wind pushes at over 700 mph. Every leaf lifts and flutters in the breeze; no more (have you never picked up a bag of leaves in the fall).
  5. No oxygen, because you chose to consume it with fire. 8 billion people, the consequence of each one, matters! No possibility to regenerate oxygen, because you destroyed everything that releases it.
  6. No money, because your universities have already counterfeited it all; to build their toys, and live like kings and queens controlling governments and lives with their greed. What is that too you? Your numbers are based in FANTASY, and that literally mean you sacrificed your life, for nothing. More correctly you threw the future away/ saying let the children pay all this. Leaving no resource, and no possibility for them to survive.
  7. A world filled with weapons of mass destruction; and now with biological weapons of mass destruction everywhere, that can be released by numerous individuals. The potential for life to survive, is EXTREMELY small.  A brain so damn small; “life is just a game, to play god”.
  8. No drinking water is coming, every resource is under attack/ everything. That means war so intense, that it is impossible to describe other than the biblical reference “blood flowing as high as a horse’s bridle”.
  9. Every chain of food destroyed, which means something vital is now missing: and cannot be replaced. So everything dependent upon that missing ingredient now dies too. and YOU don’t, and cannot even conceive of what that might be.
  10. Ocean life is collapsing, and will soon disappear. Believe it or not; because of changes humanity made. The Arctic ocean will soon disappear; and every fish in the pacific will die; because the trawlers will now be able to “get them all (leaving nothing for regeneration)”/ as there is no place to hide. Every habitat/ every food source/ everything, is being destroyed in countless ways, by a very hungry humanity;  in every single ocean on earth. YOU NEVER put anything back, other than mutilated fish and disease; & you still have a billion people hungry.
  11. Global warming: HELL, who cares if the temperature on earth goes up twenty degree; and all the plants, and all the life and all the life in the oceans die; along with every future life. Causing enormous storms we can’t survive.  and so media worship gives us the sceamers:  HELL PROVE THIS will happen/ or I won’t change.  and then “its never enough until HELL is here”/ and then cannot be limited. Cause after all, the university is a god; and all they need to do “is just another witch-doctor chant” and we’re good. oh wait, that is just another fantasy: So what: YOU will just turn on the air conditioning? Which then multiplies and accelerates the temperature climb across this globe; as a primary cause. 8 billion people matter, because every single individual adds up!
  12. Never fear, “the robots are here”: etcetera, and more cursing to every job on earth. Don’t worry, just feed the factories. DAMN the resources are gone; “well there is always cannibalism and war”. Don’t worry, you never need to think again: artificial intelligence will take over, and YOU will be herded into the slaughter houses. After all, “their ain’t room” for those we don’t want.
  13. Ever wonder why the universities can do anything they want, and NEVER consider the consequences of their actions? Answer: because their evolutionary god is chaos/ and they believe chaos brought you life. So the more chaos they create, the more they worship their god/ the more they are good little devils. Chaos, is literally the destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form/ and destroying atoms removes even that. in religious circles, that is: worshiping, the description of SATAN. Are you not, the congregation worshiping them?
  14. YOU, let the universities crucify all life on earth (injecting mutilation in the building processes of DNA, just to see what you get is crucifixion: or maybe you would have like to grow with three heads, and a snake instead of your arm), YOU LET the universities threaten the entire planet, and even the solar system itself (with a fool’s vomit); AND YOU STILL SAY NOTHING! Does that not make you less than a pit of vipers, the curse of this world? Answer the question, because eternity will.
  15. And humanity says: YOU can’t blame me, “I could have been less/ I paid something back/ life ain’t for free, you know”!  don’t tell me nothing/ I want my excuse: NOT TO DO ONE DAMN THING, that is not purely selfish.
  16. So, let’s review: YOU CHOSE to let this earth, all its nature, and all its resources and chains of life be ‘Played with by the universities: because they claim to be god”. Because they claim there is no creator; but chaos. discarding order, discipline, balance, respect, truth, life, thought and everything life is: just to play a game, they get to be gods!  Establishing the reality, EVERYTHING CAN NOW, BE destroyed FOREVER! That was your choice. The consequence of your choice is: EVERY future life has been destroyed, as well as your own children/ because that is the cost of what YOU have been doing through your gods, at the university. Through your own choice: you became the assassin, who intentionally spread genocide, to all life: across this globe. Congratulations, you have earned the cult title: “satans’ helper”.
  17. Stand up and fight for this world, or face eternity as you are.

Oh wait, silly me: you can just run away and hide, from reality.  Now, ain’t that so? oh wait, I know: “you can just ridicule me/ blame me/ accuse me/ or assume nothing matters but you; and whatever you want that is for free.” Alas: I am only telling you, what you did! therefore NOT your excuse.


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