if I led


If I were to lead; I would begin by saying to law enforcement, “those who enforce justice, are always a welcome friend to the people/ while those who simply enforce the rules, are a tyrants henchmen”. A reality you do understand. The purpose being, society does not stand without the law, and the law does not survive without policing. Therefore your policing must be, a value that lives for justice, peace, and fair play.


As to the realities we face, as a world; life is very simple in that regard: “we are, all in this together/ because we are simply too many people for any other way”. It will be war! OR, we will become friends, as best we can. Therefore WE SHARE, because you must care or die!

To be a friend is also very simple: “let me be me/ and you be you”, within the law; listen and understand, as I must with you; don’t make decisions that belong to me, or change my life without my consent; grant me time, as I must for you; do not manipulate, control, tempt, or demand I must change; do not disrespect, deny fair play, or cause my disgrace (I am value). Let me live a life that is honest, acceptable, and deliberately fair with work that is realistic to our time, place, and experience.

As to religion: every life must decide what happens when “I die”. Given that truth, religion bears the brunt of what we expect that death to become, or not become, dependent upon our own decisions. It is the foundation of “I want this”; when death takes time. As to proving what is or is not true in that regard; we can attain no distinct evidence, because the dead cannot come back to provide it. So then, each must decide: and that becomes religion. Eternity is then the price of being right or wrong; and NO ONE, has the right to interfere in the choice that does become whatever eternity will be for you. Unless you break the law, that governs us all: with true justice.

The cost of being male is: a tiny few can reek havoc on the rest, with violence. A tiny few can steal, destroy, damage, murder, and create mayhem; and all the rest suffer because of it. Therefore the majority create armies to combat those few/ and policing to destroy those individuals who do cause so much pain. The unfortunate reality however is: that the few who cause these problems, sneak their way into places of authority, and like worms or disease, they begin to eat out justice, peace, and harmony with their decisions. The majority get tired of the fight, and a place of equilibrium (you can do this/ if I get that) identifies where their true desires reside. Unfortunately, women bear a heavier load; whenever men fail life.

The cost of being female is: as a non-combatant you get to live/ but as a captive, it may not be worth the price. The list is long, and the realities are harsh: because even though a few men can wreak havoc on the rest. A great many men have been catastrophic to women. The foundation of peace itself, is entirely dependent upon women: fail them, and you fail yourselves as well. Because the majority of men play games, and women balance those games for men; so that hate, and its competition, does not consume them all. While the reality of being female, is not entirely innocent of the consequences this world faces/ they have their own set of failures. The cost of being female looks very different when standing in the middle of both male and female; forced to accept “look at it through a woman’s eyes” instead. The clear reality is: men did bring us to the edge of extinction. The cost of that is: now it is a woman’s time to try! They do hold the keys, to population control: their body/ their right to decide alone. No man is welcome! Without population control, there is no future for any life on earth. IF men intervene in their decision: the consequences will be grim/ THIS shall not be determined by male. Whereas extinction has been.

If I were to lead: the end of power would be first in line for change. We need only the law, justified and fair to rule us/ leaders are not welcome to any real degree. When we choose our law for ourselves; and identify any real change to that law through open court: we rule ourselves with liberty and freedom. The foundation of harmony, and peace. “leaders” are those hired to investigate any wrong that appears, so they can communicate what we need to know; to defend our choices. Everything else can easily be done with voting: on who gets to do the actual work. Rather than who gets to be the leader.

If I were to lead: the courts would be cleared out of all that wreaks havoc on justice. Every person/ every rule/ every failure to accept democracy rules for justice, and fair play to all. That begins with removal of corruption. The biggest corruption is: that a judge cannot be easily removed from the court: they can. In America constitutional law says: “they sit as a judge, only during proven: good behavior”. Not what occurs today; as is more curse than value.

If I were to lead: the government would be recognized as “that which controls the foundation needs of our existence, our happiness, as ourselves”. Which would include all forms of access as the public domain. Or more distinctly one such venue would be to limit the size and influence of media in every constraint to local elements first/ independent stories bought from journalists, NOT “news controllers”; and so on. It would include internet searches begin only with localized searches, independently owned/ and would extend only beyond that point through direct public control as in we decide what and who controls our information stream or storage. By our own vote.  Rules make rulers, because they focus on individual freedoms: to take it away. Laws produce liberty; we all have a right, & we all have a duty to obey this decision of our society.

If I were to lead: all forms of medicine would be stripped of their power to extort money, or control doctors. Every hospital is about nursing, and the equipment provided to doctors. Every doctor is about the value of your service, and that can only be known: if the patients are in charge of identifying your contribution to their lives. Every form of medicine (patents included) and machinery used: shall be “government owned”; so as to share the wealth, and determine the price consistent with truth. Every life shall be saved if possible for “little things”/ and every life shall be lost for the big things; because we can’t afford any other reality. Every doctor shall be required to pass an appropriate examine: to do what he or she does as work. NO MORE 95% keep them in college with this trash/ and 5% learn what you need to know. That is dead, and the colleges torn apart; to be rebuilt for life, not greed.

If I were to lead; there would be only one form of pension for any person; called social security/ same for all. you get a percentage of the gross national product; directly to the small local groups of participants; who divide it among themselves equally. That includes all forms of Medi-care, Medicaid, and disability as well.

If I were to lead: the currency for a nation would be tied directly to the population census. So that a distinct amount of numbers, would be independently tied to each individual. Thereby we know, what is fair. No public unions, it is forbidden. No private unions: each “group” can by law fight for what is “average pay in the nation or large distinct area”. But they will be advised: if the employer cannot pay/ you run the risk of unemployment (I the owner deserve a realistic amount first)  instead of more pay. LIMITED CAPITALISM; would be installed as the permanent method of economic stability. Limited capitalism is the public vote: on the maximum and minimum yearly income that anyone is allowed to have. This is it: we the people deserve our chance, to make money; just as much as you. Limited capitalism can be used to determine exactly how much property any person, corporation, religion, etc can hold. BY VOTE. But it starts with income first.

If I were to lead: the education system would be established in this order. SUSTAINABLE LIFE PRACTICES COME FIRST, AND THAT INCLUDES THE PLANET. Law and justice through governing come next. People and friendships, particularly focused on interrelationships between male and female for the purpose of happiness, comes next.

THEN, we begin to determine what we can do as a nation for our world. As to the incidentals provided by the university: most of it will be taught in grades 3-12. Very little needs to extend beyond that point; which means the entire teaching profession GETS A MAJOR overhaul. And the universities lose their opportunity to charge money for their services: we will decide. And we will determine what if anything can be taught outside what is functionally and truly necessary for a job.

If I were to lead:  agriculture, fishing, lumber and the rest would be required to identify exactly how much damage they are doing to life and planet. Exactly what is the benefit and cost of “too damn big”; and change would come in all area’s. Because failure is not acceptable.

If I were to lead: industry would be required to reuse or recycle first. They would be required to make decisions that are in the best interest of life and planet first. They would be responsible for damage. Plants such as create dangerous chemicals would be closed unless absolutely necessary/ and these would be moved to remote areas only; to limit the cost of catastrophe. LIFE FIRST/ not job or money first. Because these are all finite resources, and your job ain’t no more important than someone in the future needing a job. Finding that job: because you didn’t throw that resource into the garbage, just to play the game. All men games are dead: made a difference. “little boy and girl games”: didn’t make a difference except to pride; are not.

These begin the journey back to life. Fail and you die of extinction, because that is what you deliberately chose.

As is the evidence of this

THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF A FUTURE WITHOUT:  the immediate stopping of all extreme energy and genetic experimentation throughout this world. You shall investigate the cost of being WRONG, and then determine as a world: what comes next.

THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF A FUTURE WITHOUT:  the immediate control over human population growth, which must be less than zero. Or this world dies, because you took it all; and the life we need to survive died because you gave them no possibility of life.

THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF A FUTURE WITHOUT: without true resource protection, and ENDING all the rest that men and their methods have been using to exterminate life and planet. Because they want the power of money, the pride of making you the loser, and the purpose which is “fear me, or I make you cry”. That requires change/ and the only change available is women lead now.

Just to start.

You should also recognize: that the spiritual world of woman and I, is not a game/ and I don’t control it. The relationship we share IS NOT, a threat to you in any shape or form. As with all other things: No education is given, instead I am required to learn by life. No exception is allowed: to understand women is to walk in their shoes, to know life/ is to understand. It is what it is, because the rule of men on earth has been decreed over. At the edge of extinction is “too much” to continue. Therefore, I am apparently a sign, this shall be so. I am living the demand to learn, “what life looks like from the other side of that gender line”!  The functional reality of that is: “I have traded places, with woman; with tits that are extremely invasive and life altering”. Those tits and the chemicals they produce; have succeeded, in making me react in many ways as a woman would. Male has lost control; and I do see life from a woman’s point of view. Why me, defies reasoning; I don’t yet understand. Why necessary, I don’t yet understand/ not a choice. “It’s complicated”, while the living may include women/ it does NOT include any other man. Strictly SIMPLE friend, honest work, and no more. Ridicule is you wish/ but it won’t change the reality of threats, that will make life forever extinct: which humanity, and in particular the universities through men did choose.

Women shall not lead as men do. They will learn to lead together by law, as their whole gender approves of; by vote; and is enacted when by public vote, society accepts. When the public believes this is fair, and the best we can be; they will accept you as leader. To establish the truth of threats, will prove: why change must come.

As for me: I work for life on this planet, and for this planet, and its future for life. Nothing less will determine my decision. That participation is not up to me/ but up to you. If however you fail to respect that demand thoroughly and honestly; I will not help you do less. Simple as that: FIX THIS WELL, and for life or we die as one planet, lost forever. It is that serious! You can begin proving that with the reality of what it truly means to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: WRONG means we all burn! Even the solar system will be changed; there is no greater abomination than this. no greater fraud than to suggest: “a ten million degree fire, burning atoms for fuel; will just extinguish itself.”

The rule of men is over: they failed to protect LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST.

Just so it’s completely clear: I ask no one to believe in me/ that is irrelevant, I can’t save you. I ask no one to believe in my version of the evidence or its threat: YOU must decide on that for yourself, or you will not pay the price that is needed. I ask no one to believe “this demand for change is, a message from GOD”:  let the evidence, by the consequences of being WRONG, decide. I can be “the son of a man/ because I am”; more than that cannot be determined by me: let the evidence of an education decide. As the claim was to be: “he will tell you of things long hidden”. NOT “Jesus”/ but taught by Jesus, within a spiritual reality not given to others, is possible. I make no claim: it has no bearing on my life. Rather my life has been confiscated by the spiritual dimension called female. “It’s complicated, and changed more than I would care to say”. To some degree it is my own fault, we were getting along well: until I said, “they are a lost cause” and stopped. Beginning again only when the possibility of a last trial appeared. She was very angry with me over that, and it has not dissipated much yet. Every woman is involved in every life or death of a entire world: “my mistake”.  The control issues are about: she has decided NOT to take any more chances on my refusing to work. My relationship to the message demanding you must change is quite simply:  ALL THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY points to extinction. Biblical prophecy points to change or extinction as well. I accept truth, therefore the truth of that evidence has changed my world/ and it will change yours: one way or the other. The middle ground is forever removed: you destroyed that sanctuary of “we have more than enough”.

Religion is not going to save you. Truth has no mercy, it is what it is.  University brought you here to the edge of extinction: they are ultimately the enemy of life; because they literally chose to protect it not. Therefore we know: that humanity, and in particular men are the responsible party, creating all these threats. It is humanity that must save itself, by turning back to truth, respect, and all that does have value to life and planet; as if functionally you were all, one single person: making the decision to protect life and planet; by doing what that requires. That is, what it takes to survive.

I HAVE now provided you with a choice: which is the ending of my job as male. You CAN choose to save life and planet/ OR, you can continue as you are: whereby all the evidence of truth declares, all of life on earth has very limited time indeed. What is my job as an intermediary between male and female; is beyond my conception: no clue/ not optional, that choice is done.

You can investigate as a world: proving what the cost of being wrong shall be. Extinction has no going back clause: it is forever, past the point of no return. It takes the loss of only one tiny thing, that is absolutely necessary: to kill an entire species. YOU have endless losses mounting, and will change or kill this whole world. Ignition of a nuclear fire, may indeed be the most merciful way out; but that too, has no second chances. This is no game, and you know it.   CHOOSE!


I do “wish you well”; but I can’t save you. Not a single one! Not my job, JESUS has already done that: if you accept eternity, with honest respect.

I am, just a man caught in the spiritual world of female: I asked a question, but failed to recognize just how different women are. Perhaps lost forever, in a woman’s world! No real clue. While you can’t believe that, it is an irrelevant fact to you/ but not to me. My Life has changed, in truth. No concept of the future.

YOUR LIFE, is whatever your truth is going to be. Sign your name to it:   take possession of your decision, because it is your decision; and you will pay the price. Eternity will remember, if you honestly choose for life.

James Frank Osterbur

Just so it’s clear, there is one last little thing. I am not searching for sex, or relationships with women, or any portion or type of that. Simple and plain. If you believe otherwise, that is your illusion not mine. This is not manipulation or control; it is not a disguise; it is not a game; it is not controlled by me. I am not “your puppet, or slave”/ rather changing places simply means: I have the right to expect everything a woman has an inherent right to expect, in her relationships. Even if I am not “exactly the same”. My future is as blank, as a clean slate; I cannot even imagine, how it may go from here. It is not my choice, that truly is a complete surprise! “it is, exactly like being married, where the husband takes you, to wherever he will go”; like it or not.

 Even if I had always believed, “I need NOT know anything about being a woman/ because I am a man; and they are not the same. I need only know how to be a man! Praise GOD for that! Apparently I was wrong. I don’t know why?

 I am instead as male, seeking to do the best I can with what I am given to be; for this world of life/ for GOD who gave me life. Not more or less; this “ending: different”, was a complete surprise.

As to the spiritual world of women and me: that is my life, and it need not concern you. As to the reality of that: I have no access to search or research women in that dimension, I am “locked in a separate place within”. I have access only to the spiritual woman in charge. Not horrible, but not free: simply between “me and her”. I know not how it ends.

The spiritual world is truth, and only truth: it offers great things in truth. But it warns of forever death, if truth fails in you/ liars do not exist here. Believe it or not, changes nothing that is true. Pride is an enemy, and will be killed one way or the other. Power is not allowed. Want is removed. Such is the reality of your first step beyond the limits imposed by your own time. I suggest you heed the warning!

Seriously, what do I have to gain: by bringing a spiritual woman (etcetera), into this conversation; about life or death of a world? Neither a choice/ nor a delusion: literally nothing for me to gain. But there is a potential for many realities I would not choose. Even so; I did do the best I could do/ and it was not enough, for over forty years. Today, whatever will become of this work, or my life; is NOT governed by me. The evidence of that is clear; if you put down your assumptions, and just look for truth.  I believe I am done.

What you have to lose, is even more clear by the evidence: I suggest you wake up and choose to survive.


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