reality elements


Reality elements: the disgrace of all forms called leadership. Which of course means: the university diploma (every leaders’ got one), chose this.

  • Every fire/ every vehicle (a semi truck; consumes the same volume of air that 120 people need per twenty four hours; in just one hour of highway driving)/ every furnace/ and more uses oxygen. Everything that creates oxygen has been ravaged.
    1. Consequence: we will run out of oxygen to breathe soon.
    2. Solution: stop, and rebuild for life.
  • Overpopulation of humanity, extends to the reality of one human being each or so, IS standing on every acre of tillable soil. And that acre needs to feed more than just humanity.
    1. 6 billion people times 3% (the historical one hundred year average) = 228 million more mouths to feed over deaths per year. One billion more in four years. an increase of 3, less than one year old infants, per one hundred people per year.
    2. Solution: population control/ or death to our world.
  • The oceans have been raped/ ravaged/ ransacked/ destroyed/ polluted/ biologically infected/ and everything else men can do, without putting one tiny thing back.
    1. Feed the oceans and protect them well, or they die; and two billion people starve. Do it now, with the only thing left: dead human bodies.
    2. Solution; stop destroying our world.
  • Weapons of mass destruction stand ready to destroy us all/ not a game, a reality that can be initiated with just a tiny few.
    1. The world ends, or we bring world law to remove them forever.
    2. Overpopulation is war/ overpopulation is genocide/ overpopulation is starvation which will become cannibalism.
  • Global warming is completely without doubt, and proven by ice melt. Due entirely to human release of heat.
    1. Particularly air conditioning: because you double the heat released by fire.
    2. Like a glass of water in the summer; without ice, you cannot make it cold. The planet will be the same. Refrigeration melts more ice than it creates.
  • The trees and forests which are greatly responsible for keeping the atmosphere tied to this planet during its rotation: at over one thousand miles per hour. Without those leaves, the atmosphere turns with the planet.
    1. Not one more tree cut down, that is not dead.
  • Money, the downfall of men; has been counterfeited across the world; and is now utterly worthless. A reality that soon becomes a war without end; as people realize they fought, and sacrificed their lives for thieves to steal it.
    1. Choose limited capitalism; and return to reality; before you war.
  • If you continue the fantasy anyway; your store shelves will soon be empty, and you will war for that. Your children are dead. Can’t believe it: go check your mountains of resources lost.
  • The drinking water has been polluted, and stands ready to be “life ending”/ as every city and every source of drinking water is destroyed by human endeavors, failures, and destruction. It will be an apocalypse: because the intensity of I must get a drink now,& we don’t have enough: becomes your reality.
    1. Make decisions that keep you alive.
    2. That deliberately includes all of agriculture, chemicals, military and more.
  • The university curse of fools, stands ready to bring you Armageddon: as is nature in chaos (genetic mutilation).
    1. STOP IT ALL, forever!
  1. The university cult of satan: stands ready to ignite your planet into a sun/ with machines already built, and coming.
  2. The extinction of life on earth is already massive and growing, and will collapse as every chain of living life becomes destroyed “by the single missing piece”.
    1. Protect this whole nature with your life, or die.
  3. Every university driven decision made, and media propaganda campaign to hide reality has proven to be: a horrific failure of playing god with life and planet.
    1. While the majority will proclaim: WE ARE DOING GREAT. The reality is very plain, and cannot be denied by any assertion of evidence. The future is clear, and it is not only grim/ but extinction, by horrors itself.
    2. Such is the true value of a university education.
    3. Entirely selfish/ blatantly arrogant/ completely destructive/ demanding chaos/ playing god/ telling stories “from fantasy land”/ leading to HELL/ preparing Armageddon, leading to the Apocalypse (extreme warfare), and executing every possibility to survive, so that none will stand. All bow before the cult of satan, and its religious warriors of evolution and even more: “is that not consistent with devil worship”? OR, STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD WITH LAW, JUSTICE, AND REALITY. Take your pick, or do nothing and be consumed: the curse of being responsible for an entire living planet dying; shall rest on you. Because you just didn’t care enough!The constant human answer to all of these things, for the last forty+ years has been:  DON’T TELL ME NOTHING, AS THEY RUN AWAY TO HIDE. Or scream, “DON’T do nothing”/ I want what I want; as they ran away to hide.Because they do believe if “I wasn’t told”/ then I have an excuse! But alas, the evidence is overwhelming and available to nearly all: easily! The consequence of that is: NO, you don’t have an excuse/ YOU are making a choice. Just like the courts, leaders, media, and more. Your decision is then to deliberately, annihilate the future of life. The same is true for my own family; you are not alone.  Which of course means “hell (we did this to ourselves) will be crowded.”You want more, not less. Men want their games, including war/ not life, until death is eminent. The universities want to play god, and have caused themselves to believe, “CHAOS builds”: or want is our god. The children have no choice, you are they’re only hope. Media worships university, and lives to protect power, as do the courts; destroying democracy as they go. Military means war: I can make you cry. Leaders fight only for themselves, because the lies have taken over government. Change means:  NOBODY, gets the life they grew use to. Because the world itself is dying, and we cannot save it; by continuing what has been done.The intellectuals gave up in the very early sixties: and led the charge to get EVERYTHING THEY COULD GET FOR THEMSELVES. Because to fix these problems requires an entire world cooperating for the correct solutions; and this is humanity. The creatures who won’t fight for life/ because they are too busy fighting for self. So, you can’t blame them too much; after all, “an animal” is an animal. Simple as that!The possibilities we can survive as a planet are very limited and rare; but it is still possible. Soon that too will be gone forever, and the decisions that you made will be your extinction. That is your choice: do your best for life/ or enter HELL.As for me: I gave my lifetime on earth for this cause, “we CANNOT continue to kill this planet and its life: STOP”. Men will choose WAR, when faced with any complication; as history plainly proves! I WAS, ridiculed, discarded, disrespected, and maligned for my reward: so, I ain’t  especially interested in helping anymore. Just how it is. In contrast to that: with a dying world facing me, and no solution that could help life. I knocked on the spiritual door of women (women here utterly refused): just to ask, “what would you do”?The answer was: let women try, they literally cannot do worse, than destroy an entire planet of life; as is the true and literal choice of men. While university leads that charge, it is the majority of men who put them in charge. “it’s a man’s world”, is it not! The cost to me however, was being “sucked into, a female world”/ with no way out. The change is massive, but not horrible/ yet like the difference in everything about male and female; it is not that either. It is simply NOT the life I use to have. The change is literal, but never desired or chosen: I Just desired to ask them what would women do instead. Hoping for a solution, as war simply ends all hope. She did provide that solution, “let women try”; they can’t do worse. I did NOT expect that to start with me/ kind of thought I was exempted: wrong! The biblical, Revelation 12 agrees: let women rule. I literally cannot refuse. “it’s a spiritual thing.” It is a life worth living, even if I never conceived of it, even if this was never my intent for a single second of life. Life or death for a world changes things. For whatever its worth, “our world” comes first.
    4.        As for you: this is a finite planet, and we can never go back in time. The destruction over the last fifty years is massive. The destruction prior, was world wars. What we have left, is all there is between extinction and survival. Only truth sustains survival. The world dies only once: remember that, before you believe it doesn’t matter to you, or you’re child. That, is the contribution of “this generation”, and its universities, etc. PROVE YOU WON’T GO EXTINCT, because it only takes one, of the realities listed above to prove you wrong!
    5.  The contribution of “the satanic cult” that hides within university, infiltrating all forms of leadership: to dissect and remove all elements of truth/ so that you intentionally die. Is clearly evident in such things as  evolution (chaos: which literally means the destruction of everything complex) as your god. The mutilation of all that is nature; to create chaos in worship of evolution. The intent to ignite this planet into a sun: by using fantasy stories, without a shred of truth. By assuming their claim of creating temperatures of “50 million degree” is enough to believe this is safe. Is a lie: because temperature is intensity/ while heat is force. When the force exceeds the limit, ignition will occur: and this world itself, will be on fire. Etcetera, and more. Proving the truth: this world is already in a death trap, by university decree. Stop or die. 
    6.          where do you stand?
    7.  I should mention, as to family: they just want to be like everyone else/ they just want what they want/ they want an excuse, “I didn’t know, DON’T tell me nothing”/ I won’t risk nothing/ I won’t stand apart/ they just don’t believe any value will come from participating; as this realistically demands “worldwide change”/ they just want to spend their money, their time, and their lives on what they want. Until the day they die, when they all expect mercy. Truth does not work that way, it is, whatever it is.  Just like changing the world, “a little”; is useless. We must change everything that threatens or fails life: basically all or nothing. And people hide from the facts; so they can say: “we want what we want”. Want is the foundation of every lie. The lie is, you won’t die as a world: because literally we are, and very soon! It’s not a game, and want won’t stop extinction. So, people run away: because they don’t want to face any of it. Even though it is our distinct reality!
    8. Religion is like my dad, who ended his life; by hiding everything he believed “under the covers”; so that he could be like the others. He wanted “friends and buddies”; more than he desired a relationship with his creator. He expected, “to ride along with me, into eternity”; as he had participated in my life, and I participate with GOD. But at the end, approaching death, he was told: “I ain’t his savior/ his own life would decide.” At which point he became very angry, and tried to damage my future as best he could. My dad survived, because pride then died (truth arrived, “now I see”). But at far less than he began. A reality just like religion in that you want to be “like all the rest”; and when confronted by reality, have blamed me, for what you chose to do. The question: “child of GOD, I can think/ OR, animal of the herd”; is a reality all of religion struggles with. The vast majority just like dad, “child of GOD is only for special occasions”/ NOT today. That is not judgment: we did love each other till the end; but not as it was in the beginning. Fighting for life on this planet, proved to be separating; as I demanded we must change, nothing is more important than the future, life itself/ and he spent his life trying to be the same, “let’s play, work, and have some fun today”. Just like all his pals.  I DON’T mean to belittle anyone; everyone needs a little relief from what worries them at times, “a little fun, a little happiness, a little I am free”/ friends and family are great: but when the world itself is at risk of extinction. Nobody gets an excuse. LIFE first, for our world! Not a game, it’s the truth. Fighting with leaders/ courts/ policing at the door, “again and again”/ media/ religion/ threats/ assumptions/ ridicule; it’s not fun. I affected his world, with my decisions: no one likes that.
    9. While I blame no one for their own decision: it is your life, it is your eternity. I retain hope for them and humanity itself; not because I see a sign that lets me believe. But because love does not judge, only the law is allowed to do that. Love hopes! Love exists, but time controls. These are the realities of living your life outside the herd. It is not “for free”.     The choice is then simply:  either choose YOUR CREATOR/  or continue to worship the people who are clearly going to destroy life on earth: as is easily proven by the evidence of our lives/ the experiments they choose/ and the realities of survival itself. MAKE YOUR DECISION HONESTLY; because in the very near future: like death itself, you cannot turn back time.  Oh wait, I know: you have to believe whatever you are told, “like a good child”. Well, here is a tiny thing to think about: throughout the entire home heating season, the incandescent bulb provides an excellent, completely quiet heat source, that you will require anyway. Making the light it provides, “completely for free”; other than the cost of the bulb. That of course changes entirely, if you air condition (don’t need heat); but lighting is also a minimal need in summer. And throwing heat away outside, is unwise. MORE SIMPLY, like gossip, even if some of it is true/ that does not mean, it’s all true, or valid to the situation. Think for yourself, and examine the evidence for truth itself. What if, some of the other things you are told; are equally NOT entirely correct or true? Such as “a ten million degree fire, that burns atoms for fuel: will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”?     Huh: answer the question/ because there is no going back.  . There is NO: “lets do this over, and try something else”; when you release the very same fire as is on the sun, here on this earth! A nuclear fire; which your scientists agree: is like making a candle flame, “instantaneously 4 million times more aggressive”; a bomb, that won’t quit; at the instant of ignition. Wake up NOW, or die FOREVER! Like mutilating nature, which is DNA; there is no going back.

Here is another tiny tidbit of reality, which a university cannot fathom: plastic bags condensed together, in netting or a large bag meant for the purpose of bedding. Is a useful mattress, insulating from the cold, extremely cheap, soft, biologically inert so it can be put on the ground without problems; and easily created. Billions need a bed. Transportation of these products, can be cheaply done with appropriate ocean barges being towed by one large vessel, and one small vessel: attached to a floating pipe. the barges are then attached to that pipe/ spread out along the pipe, with a descending order of barges bringing up the rear. “Rather like towing at a triangle, with the long end, attached to the pipe”. The. small vessel, balances the tow, & tugs each individual barge to its drop off point, returning later to pick it up. Plastic bags, filled with plastic bags will float; which means they can individually be towed up river: drained if necessary/ and properly made, can even carry a small load. By tightening them into bales correctly, they become building blocks, that can then be stacked for housing. Recycled plastics can also be melted onto power poles and railroad ties to double their lifespan. Use your brain, create a viable market and the problem goes away.

They can’t comprehend: crushing paper, cloth, and cardboard products into cellulose insulation; to be given back to the people for insulating their houses either.

Electronic circuit boards can easily be taken apart: with focused heat, and an air compressor blow gun to blow the solder away; “freeing the independent parts”. Done in an enclosure by robotic equipment, the lead can be condensed down/ the parts recycled or reused. The CRT can be cut in half, to wash out the radioactive materials: which can then be condensed and stored. the remainder reused for glass. Or, taking the appropriate cut on the signal side of the tube: gives two identical crt’s the option of being melted together in an hour glass shape. Once joined, they do become building blocks; as they can be offset stacked, cemented together; are strong and are completely weatherproof. a suitable use would be livestock enclosures (completely impervious to manure),  fence posts, or landscape barriers. Glass is strong, and it can be made into structural elements which replace concrete and steel, in large structures; particularly underground. it can be made into fiberglass as well; for insulation or communication or other. Foundations, bridgework, and tunnels will last forever, when made from glass.

tires cut in half to make “donut shapes”; can be lined up to create a horizontal or vertical duct for air to circulate through. a rubber tire is a very good heat retention material; which allows the collection of solar or other heat sources for use later. because they are nearly inert, the biological hazard is minimal: which makes heat storage a viable purpose. that heat can be collected from furnace flues, a realistic temperatures; because the acids do not harm the rubber. the heat collected ducted back into the house; through water piping or other. use your brain.

The reason you don’t have any of these things and more is: the power players DON’T WANT ANY OF IT. Because that would change their factories, take away their money, and open the door to individual competition. AND, it is EASIER this way. The reality however is: your easy days are over/ and the store shelves are nearly empty; because you through it all away. As always, the court exists to insure “democracy” does not come: only the powerful shall rule!


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