legal redress


LEGAL Redress is literally, taking away the power from a few, to give it to ourselves: UNDER constitutional law (freedom for all, equality as best we can: through respect, dignity, and determination to be fair). That legal right envelops the future and the present, with the reality of what we ourselves chose to do/ as is NO more excuses!The question for life and country is then: are you willing to accept the responsibility for your choice? Your reality is simply: I did the best I realistically could for you/ the rest is entirely up to you. Fight for your world with law, or it will collapse under the weight of 8 billion people and growing at over one billion more per decade. You will run out of food, war, water, and everything: but only if you survive such things as people trying to ignite the same energy source here, as is on the sun. That energy source “burns the atom bond for fuel”; believe it or not/ everything is then fuel for the fire. Their concept of fusion has already been proven false at the national ignition facility in San Francisco. Their concept of hydrogen as the fuel source/ length of burn/ hot core/ and more has been disproven: read “building time”. Because even if you don’t agree; the reality of igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun: has NO ROOM for error. WRONG means earth becomes a sun. Another extreme experiment, is nearly ready to try!  Ignition is literally the end of our world.

The distance between life and death is how far can you go, before time runs out? The answer to that today is simply: whenever the horrific experiments of “university” crashes into our lives with the reality of what neither we, nor nature, nor even the planet itself, can revive back to the way it was! We become dead as a world. Not a game, trillions spent to ignite the same energy source here as on the sun: makes this a sun too. Not a game: genetics are trying to deliberately destroy nature itself, in an attempt to learn how to be god: can’t go back!Every resource under attack, means there is no future for a single child, no life at all/ nothing in fact but cannibalism and true insanity coming: HELL on earth! This is, literally what leadership has chose: only a university diploma, “leads”. Stand up for your world, or lose it: simple as that!      learn, what is true “down the page, yellow background”.

  1. Every theory the “university elite” have presented in terms of the sun; and its heat generation: is an unproven/ unsubstantiated/ guess. Without any support from reality, other than “it’s a ten million degree F. heat source with up to 12 million mile long solar flares of heat energy.  in contrast to that:  every reality, regarding the sun, as is proven by the evidence that I have supported, can be considered true! This case is then set to: “Challenge them both”!

Their claim is:  we don’t have to worry about a nuclear fire because it will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here on earth. While their assertion of gravity is an element 15 times heavier than lead:  which is pure science delusion/ and has been proven NOT to exist. Just like the Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco: has already proven fusion is a lie. Yet all remain silent:  because they want their job.

THE FOUNDATION LEGAL CLAIM IS:   WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW, when our lives, our nature, our planet, our nation, and our world is threatened with EXTINCTION!      It ain’t no game, the consequences are real, and WITHOUT mercy.

         THIS FOUNDATION LEGAL RIGHT OF REDRESS, for the people themselves:  is to determine, if the people themselves as a nation, or even state. Wish to decide: that we don’t need to know which theoretical claim is true. ALL WE NEED TO KNOW IS:  NOBODY GETS TO GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH; and that includes with genetics, and more.  OUR NATION/ OUR LIVES/ OUR FUTURE= EQUALS OUR DECISION! 

         The rest matters, but is irrelevant by comparison.

Proceed to trial, or accept the consequences of your own actions against a world of life:


          The biblical prophecy of Daniel 12 “the countdown of days”; puts “HELL BEGINS on July 9, 2019/ end of this world 667.5 days later” may  7, 2021. A reality of interpretation simple enough, because those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth, with machines and trillions of dollars spent; such as at www.iter.orgare gambling with this entire world, and all its life/ and all its future life; and even the solar system itself! You can’t imagine a greater abomination than that; so the countdown begins with the first experiment that could have ignited “fusion (same fire as on the sun)”/ which is in reality the burning of atoms for fuel! That date was 4/1/2012 at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories (they hid the video) in San Francisco. Add it up for yourself: the law can no longer save us after 1290 days/ mercy will no longer save us after 1335 days beyond that (July 9, 2019). half of 1335 is  667.5 days further till extinction of the planet May 7, 2021. Not my prophecy, IT IS biblical prophecy. truth will decide, not what you want. Unless you change yourselves; ALL the evidence points to a high probability this will come true! 

Literally every life on earth HAS A TRUE LEGAL RIGHT TO KNOW, because their world, their lives, their children, their food, and everything else they need to survive is being played with, by the university “gods”; who truly believe they can do anything, without concern for the consequences.  After all, “don’t we have to pay”/ as they never do. Until the world itself is dead. THE COURTS say NO; the MEDIA says NO; the politicians say NO; the policing says NO; the international media says NO; the universities say NO; the religious all say “GOD would never let that happen”; and the masses simply run away to hide. From a fire that is a million miles high, “as is on the sun”.   But in contrast I say:  this entire world DESERVES TO KNOW, that their world is nothing more than a game, with university pretend gods, gambling life or death for us all/ on theories I have already long ago proven ARE UNTRUE. Even so, the endless chant is: “we can’t all be wrong, after all it’s the universities we believe”. And yet: reality states, by the absolute evidence of truth, that your university gods are bringing and planning to bring the same energy released by the sun here to this earth. Which means deliberately and without doubt/ not only can they be wrong/ the same energy released on the sun here on earth, CAN IN FACT cause the same consequences as is turning our planet into a sun. “Even a tiny bit wrong” about one little thing, and our world is incinerated: nature is destroyed;  that is the clear and certain price of what they do! Should the world not know this fact?  It is not, IN DISPUTE, that this is in fact what your “university scientists and their machines or genetics are in fact doing”. The only question is: life or death for our world/because there is literally no going back in time. Truth will decide, not human belief. Your question is: could they be wrong?  Not a brave new world, life or death for us all! Simple and true.

The national ignition facility at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco has already proven with their lasers: that temperatures and pressures above what they predict at the core of the sun:  DID NOT IN FACT, produce any helium, nor did it release any energy due to the process. Make them tell you plain! The fact, that they have already proven themselves wrong/ WHICH MEANS, every other claim of knowledge is errant as well!  BUT  continue anyway: indicates an extreme desire to either kill us all/ or a refusal, to stop the fantasies and lose their job. One or the other is true, with the consequence either way: our world dies. How is that not worth investigating for truth? Every life, is your life as well. 

MY BOOK, WHICH IS BALANCED AND DEFINES REALITY instead of the outright delusions, fantasies, and outright lies associated with fusion or the experiments already done and being done. THEREBY, the question as to whether those who threaten our entire world, and even this solar system with a fire that cannot be put out: HAS BEEN SET, in this court. THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS;   every living thing dies in HORROR.

As established in BOLD letters above the purpose of exhibit C which was sent as a book called “building time” in the first mailing is not being sent this time. Because you already have it. That said: I remind the humanity of all, that extreme experimentation is a gamble with every life on this planet FOREVER.  Particularly when confronted by the same fire here, as is on the sun itself. Which several facilities including, a reality soon to be tested IS LITERALLY TRYING TO IGNITE sun fire; here on earth.


In elemental terms of definition: we have been lead to the precipice of extinction by our leaders, and those who elected them to be as they are. That is not a distinction of “republican or democrat or other”/ but it can be identified by the singular reality they all share:  “a university diploma”. Consequently any dissention or disrespect for “university” has been determined and aligned with: the critical truth of our current situation, and what has led us here to disgrace. To stand on the edge of extinction, when we need NOT be here: is true disgrace. The universities consider themselves to be “infallible leaders, with media propaganda to insure, nobody forgets: they decide”. Reality however proves: the most critical decision of all is, “LIFE COMES FIRST”! Their cumulative grade apparent, consistent with our reality is:  a D minus. We must search for solutions among ourselves!

Reality states: “a funny cat video” is claimed to be viewed over 2 million times, within 48 hours of release on the internet. That simple description means: IF THIS TRIAL OR THIS MESSAGE; IS IMPORTANT TO YOU/ then you have your own duty to make certain it is not lost; and send it as you see fit. DO DOWNLOAD this site, so that it cannot be taken away. My websites and videos, are yours to use,however you please. ONLY LEGAL ACTIONS are required, anything less “looks like Syria”.

Every year, the human population increases by about two lines of humanity, each person 3 feet apart; circling the globe; as if standing on the equator. More simply one hundred million more mouths to feed per year, touching each other (3 feet apart)/ is equal to a distance of 56,818 miles: the equator is roughly 25,000 miles in circumference. “Gee” I wonder how much habitat for other life, that removes: which does include the life we eat! For reference sake:  one hundred million, out of 8 billion people, is equivalent to adding one human being more, per every 80 human beings worldwide. More simply, that is slightly more than one percent; while the historical average of human population growth; is around 4 %: “do you suppose it might be low?” “Gee”, I wonder if there are consequences?

100 million more people per year; at one pound of food a day times 365 days a year= 36.5 billion pounds more food needed than last year. 8 billion people stand in a line that circles the globe 56,818 times 80=4,545,440 miles long divided by 25,000 miles at the equator=181.8 turns around the earth @ 3 feet apart. Standing in a 3 ft by 3 ft square, 8 billion people equals 72 billion square feet/ divided by 43,560 ft per acre=1,6542,892 acres of humanity “crushed together”. And growing by at least, a billion more per decade.

The difference between letting those who took over power, and now counterfeit all the money by hiding inflation, is: they get to be “masters (we get to spend the fake money, we create)”/ while all the rest get to be slaves: “fight for the money, or die (when the money itself, is actually worthless, because the numbers do not contain reality or truth)”. Even so, the majority say: “I GET more, this way/ than if reality was to return”/ so the bribes continue. The catastrophe is: the fake money buys resources (which end in the garbage dump) the future needs to survive/ leaving every child, soon to be in HELL.

It is fundamentally true, that given the reality of biblical prediction: that is absolutely certain to have been identified at this point in time. As is NOTHING could be a greater abomination than to attempt and bring “the same fire as is on the sun here to this earth”. It will destroy ALL life, planet, and even alter the solar system itself. There is NO greater abomination than that! therefore we know, that the time line initiated by that fact (first real attempt; as was April 1st 2012); is the beginning of that countdown. Which ends with “time for life on earth has been destroyed”. The consequence of a clear and certain beginning: a certainty gained in biblical prediction. Means either the bible, through this prediction will be established as true, or false: as there is no other possibility. The reality of change as needed to alter the course of these events so that a different outcome could exist:  must be massive and true, making certain LIFE, ALL LIFE, comes first from this moment on. Anything less cannot turn the truth of that prophecy, or take its consequences away. Religion says:  “we will wait and see”/     reality says, once a nuclear fire is ignited; life on earth is over quickly and forever. So if you wait, the consequence of being even a little bit wrong is forever. There is no going back, as the nuclear fire cannot be extinguished; it burns the bond in ATOMS/ much like a chemical fire burns the molecular bond holding different atoms together. As to the endless sewage, betrayal, terrorism, and treason of a “university cult in charge of life”: the horror of what is coming because of genetic mutilation in DNA; can easily be seen at the nursing home (lost just a little, but can’t function anymore)/ or in the tv ads for “Shriners” (bodies missing parts). Nothing is more certain than the reality of university driven damage to life on earth. As horrifying as that is/ as cursed to all life as they are going to be: it still does not compare to altering the solar system itself; as is a nuclear fire igniting a sun instead of this planet. “Cult worshiper”; FIND your brain:   try digging through your own sewage of pure arrogance and pride! After all, it must be inside somewhere; now isn’t that so?





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