I looked recently at the site once more: to find it changed. They now offer a “live view of construction” as a lie: to guide you away from the fact that only the tokomak reactor really counts. It is done or nearly done. What you see being built is infrastructure; and does NOT preclude them from experimenting with the reactor.

   To burn plasma as they say they will MEANS: that they have indeed discarded all they declare is true about their version of fusion. As is consistent with reality. What they don’t acknowledge is: burning plasma is igniting atoms on fire. On this earth, where everything is then fuel:  “just like the sun”.  quote:  . Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times more than nuclear fission.

With ten times the plasma volume of the largest machine operating today, the ITER Tokamak will be a unique experimental tool, capable of longer plasmas and better confinement. The machine has been designed specifically to:

3) Achieve a deuterium-tritium plasma in which the reaction is sustained through internal heating

Fusion research today is at the threshold of exploring a burning plasma. In a burning plasma, the energy of the helium nuclei produced when hydrogen isotopes fuse becomes large enough—because of the large number of reactions—to exceed the plasma heating that is injected from external sources. As the first such burning plasma device in the world, ITER will offer scientists a unique opportunity to chart new territory in controlled nuclear fusion.

OUR OPTION IS: TO DEMAND investigation and review of WHAT HAPPENS, when the ignition of atoms occurs. TO BURN, MEANS FIRE! to ignite a fire where everything is fuel: is beyond INSANE/ IT IS, THE END OF OUR WORLD!

     By its own, very simple concept, by democratic authority, and fundamental legal rights guaranteed through the constitution;  redress of grievances is literally:  our chance to remove weapons of mass destruction/ stop climate change/ end mass extinction/ save the future/ destroy extreme experimentation/ and fundamentally govern ourselves;  BY OUR OWN DECISIONS.  This trial, begins that journey into true democracy; by jury choice. “nothing else will come in time”, this begins your decision for life and planet. Make the most of it! 

The critical question is simple: ARE YOU, willing to accept the price for being WRONG; whether by university, or any other reality of choice? There is no going back; we as a world, can only go one direction or the other. Plainly, that is “to save life on earth, or cause hell to erupt”! Believe it or not; go investigate and prove the evidence is wrong. How is that not, “the choice of sanity, and education”! THAT, sums up this trial!

There are three fundamentals to this trial, July 18, 2018 Champaign county court; 1:30  and one incidental.

  1. To determine IF this jury finds the cause of threat, to be constructed by simple truths: credible, and needs review by either this state of this nation? The primary decision: IS TO CALL SOCIETY TOGETHER, so that we all may be aware of these potential costs!
  2. To decide IF the cost of being wrong, with regard to the realities our employees have chosen or allowed; are in fact too extreme or dangerous to be without our supervision? By demanding of this court: that a communication shall exist: to determine the facts as necessary for this state or this nation to understand; to know, what is the consequence of being wrong. Thereby requesting: A trial for the people, to investigate the consequences; the literal reality of what could go wrong. In extreme experimentation or other methods which bear a cost against society; as truth will describe them in a coming trial.
  3. To identify, BY ESTABLISHING: the relationship of democracy to the law, that is redress of grievances. Our first amendment constitutional guarantee. Functionally fighting, for the legal right, the critical ownership, and the foundation of democratic authority as is conceived in the words: “WE THE PEOPLE”.
  4. The incidental “opening the door”, as brings us to trial: demanding that my life cannot be gambled with/ my nature cannot be mutilated as a toy/ our future cannot be discarded or destroyed; just because fantasies in university knowledge exist. For the purpose of those demands, a refusal to obey a simple “motor vehicle tax rule”: opens the door to court, which brings us to trial; and its eventual fine.


The question presented in trial is summarized:  to understand the concepts of science, economics, or other is not functionally necessary in this FIRST STEP toward redress trial. The only question to be decided in that regard is:  are you willing to say for this state or nation, that the cost of being wrong/ which in many cases of threat to be decided here is extinction. Is a reality you accept for our world, as inconsequential and without a need to investigate what, the truth of that really means. Fully understanding: there is NO GOING BACK; what is decided, should reality prove this is wrong:  is forever.

If the jury answers no, It is not worth investigating that cost; extinction, or any other horror as is conceptual; is acceptable. Then the fight is over.

If the jury answers yes, stating for the purpose of court: that we must NOT let these few, be found wrong/ we must protect ourselves, by understanding what truth will allow us to expect, is the reality of being wrong! Then our legal obligation to life and world is: to investigate through public trial as best we can. To examine and conclude by the evidence presented to ourselves in a legal trial/ under our own democratic authority: what will then be decided by public vote;  we will, or we will NOT allow our lives, our world, our future, our nature, every child, and all the rest as is created by trial;  to be gambled with!

Extreme critical threats are:

  1. Igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun. Depending on the scientists who say, “that energy source cannot sustain itself here”; because there is not enough gravity on earth (this is their only plan).Wrong means earth becomes a sun! The sun burns the bond which holds an atom together. The reality is, your scientists have only theories, built upon fantasy and delusion: yet they risk our entire world, and even the solar system itself. Because the sun is real, and that means the same energy source here; establishes the same result HERE; when they are proven wrong.
    1. The science community (taken from now admitting their design is to ignite the plasma they create: which does mean “burning the bond holding atoms together”. And there are more! the most dangerous of which is! How could so many be so wrong? Answer: they want it to work, so they believe;  simple as that. How could I know something is wrong? I never want, but simply seek what is true. Simple as that, exhibit C examines this reality to ask only one question: are you willing to let them be wrong? Because the evidence, supported by truth: proves they are! Consequently, this is your last chance to say: for the sake of our world, should we not know “the true risk”?
    2. Simply making plasma hotter, DOES NOT enhance the ability to combine anything. Rather like fire does, here on earth, it creates chaos, and chaos “rubs the atoms together”: which causes them to lose energy “in bits and pieces”. Your scientists have discarded the intent to combine atoms (which they cannot do, because an atom spins). And have intentionally tried to ignite atomic fire; as is plainly stated in their “we are going to BURN PLASMA”. While it is possible to ignite those atoms/ it is NOT possible to remove the fire: because EVERYTHING IS FUEL. WHEN YOU BURN THE BOND IN ATOMS (by destroying the atom itself in stages) FOR FUEL. Just like the sun, here on earth!
    3. Your scientists will NEVER admit to gambling with this entire planet: THEIR JOB/ THEIR PRIDE/ THEIR PURPOSE FOR LIVING, and their POWER all reside in continuing what they are doing: UNTIL PROVEN WRONG. Or, they have to “slink away in failure and disgrace”/ for endangering us all, even the solar system itself!
  2. Mutilating nature,IS MUTILATING DNA! These scientists say: “don’t worry, regardless what we do”/ evolution will fix it, in a billion years or so? Pandemics are caused by small changes: these people throw “garbage into the very instructions that literally build each body of life” on this planet: HOPING FOR CHANGE! IS THAT worth the price? OR do you believe, as they do: “nature in chaos” is no big thing?
    1. It is impossible to build a living body of life, just one piece at a time: you need them all at once!
    2. Chaos, builds nothing; as is proven true by our own realities.
    3. If, billions of years pasted by: ASK YOURSELF, just how much bigger would the sun have been? Because it burns fuel, and a billion years of burning fuel means; there had to be a lot more fuel available. Which puts the sun on our doorstep, and makes the earth like the planet mercury.
  3. Weapons of mass destructioncannot be returned once they are released/ which means our whole world is dependent upon a single man or tiny group of men. Demanding world law shall control instead, removes them: is that not worth the price?
    1. The law, is our savior for this planet/ NOT a weapon that destroys us all. Simple as that. Only leaders who want power instead of life, disagree.
  4. Resource destructionthroughout the globe, isolates our future into one single truth: without resources, there is no work, no life, no world, and no future for a single child> this world is finite! Every child is being assassinated, by your garbage.
    1. Withoutresources, there is no future; earth becomes uninhabitable. A literal extreme desert.
  5. Destroying the chains of lifewhich produce the very nature of our world, the realities of our oceans: means this world goes extinct. Even the chains you don’t like, as are insects: a primary base food group for a wide variety of life beyond human. A true, silent spring is nearly here; and it will be forever.
    1. WITHOUT the chain of life, each life of which that creates the biological chemicals from which a more complex life can then exist: ends our own existence as well. There are very specific chemicals to our own creation; and we do not make them ourselves.
  6. Altering the planetitself means: OUR HOME IS BEING DESTROYED! We have no place else to exist as human beings; and beyond the point of no return, only hell is left. Like ice in the summer to cool your glass of water/ ice on this planet does the same. NO ICE means, no possibility to survive.
    1. Our planet is fragile. Build on the balance of disciplines, the order arising from thought, the values which assign species integrity, and the critical relationships which form an integrated potential for life: we are clearly, MIRACLES. And that includes our planet itself. The disease of pride, the fantasies of fools; are killing all that life is: either change that or die.
  7. Civil warexists whenever the masses find themselves removed from the possibilities of a life they can accept. Overpopulation is one of those realities; and we are IN FACT growing at over one billion more people to feed, every decade! More than one billion people go to bed hungry every night across this world already; cannot even you predict the future?
    1. One billion people require not less than one pound of food per day: that means, this earth must produce an additional 365 billion pounds of edible life (currently over 2.9 trillion pounds; and you ain’t happy with just one pound of food per day), and all the habitat that life, which we eat: needs to survive itself. Along with all the food we waste, and all the food, habitat, everything, with water; that they need to eat and live. OR the individual pieces of humanity die. Those cast aside to die, “never take that well”. We don’t live by eating rocks: How is that not so?
  8. Bankruptcyhas a price. Reality states IF WE DON’T control that bankruptcy for ourselves as a nation/ civil war is certain! Just like running out of water, is certain to create war. Just like the ogahalla aquifer, which brought the dust bowl to an end: now running dry/ brings back that same dust bowl. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera!
    1. Our troubles are massive, the one unifying reality of leadership, “only the universities have a brain”. The clear defiance of truth as is propaganda, “don’t worry, the university knows everything”. And the fundamental failure, that brings us here, to extreme experimentation, overwhelming debt, weapons of mass destruction, changes in nature and environment that make it possible to kill ourselves with overpopulation, is: “a university diploma”.Without change, there is NO future for life on earth. Without an immediate moratorium, “one second too late” and our world is lost forever: regardless of what you want! Pride is an enemy of life, it will not admit defeat; which is why there becomes violence and revenge; as those who are defeated refuse “to be alone”.
    2. The universities claim to be god. They claim superiority, and the power to decide everything because they are “so smart”. Yet here we are, where their fantasies have brought us all: facing our own truth; At the edge of extinction!Whether you believe that reality or not:  truth doesn’t care. What is true decides our future! Our truth is, everything we need to survive as a world of life, is clearly under attack; and our world, won’t survive without humanity itself changing what it does. Truth decides; simple as that!

  LEGAL Redress is literally, taking away the power from a few, to give it to ourselves: UNDER constitutional law (freedom for all, equality as best we can: through respect, dignity, and determination to be fair). That legal right envelops the future and the present, with the reality of what we ourselves chose to do/ as is NO more excuses!The question for life and country is then: are you willing to accept the responsibility for your choice? Your reality is simply: I did the best I realistically could for you/ the rest is entirely up to you. Fight for your world with law, or it will collapse under the weight of 8 billion people and growing at over one billion more per decade. You will run out of food, war, water, and everything: but only if you survive such things as people trying to ignite the same energy source here, as is on the sun. That energy source “burns the atom bond for fuel”; believe it or not/ everything is then fuel for the fire. Their concept of fusion has already been proven false at the national ignition facility in San Francisco. Their concept of hydrogen as the fuel source/ length of burn/ hot core/ and more has been disproven: read “building time”. Because even if you don’t agree; the reality of igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun: has NO ROOM for error. WRONG means earth becomes a sun. Another extreme experiment, is nearly ready to try!  Ignition is literally the end of our world.

The critical truth regarding this trial scheduled for July 18, 2018 is simply this:  that our constitutional law, through first amendment redress of grievances. Gives we the people the LEGAL RIGHT to intervene as a nation or state, in the realities of what our government employees have chosen, or others have implemented for themselves. In this trial, the foundation argument is: that NO ONE holds the authority or legal right to gamble with our world/ gamble with our nature/ gamble with the future/ or in simple terms RISK ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Just because they think they can play god! Or discard the realities of what it means to BE WRONG, when extreme experimentation or critical truths go unanswered! By our vote, through redress trial: we the people are owners here. Thereby the investigation of what is true, the consequences of what can go wrong, and the LEGAL decision: IF WE SHALL OR SHALL NOT allow these things to continue, is ours!

  The reality of this trial, listed below:  is a decision, are you/ or are you not, going to protect your world? The opportunity of this trial is simple: NO MORE EXCUSES. Your decision matters! The evidence of today is: last chance to make a difference, before the value that makes life worth living, is all gone.  This is, a redress of grievances trial: which means as the owners of this nation/ WE, as one people, with one vote each: WILL NOW DECIDE! 

     Media has no democratic authority/ defines no legal right/ creates no opportunity for legally authorized change: these things occur in a courtroom. A jury of twelve CANNOT decide the direction of a nation or state/ but they can decide if our democratic process includes a call to court; to the state or nation: so that we can all decide, as WE THE PEOPLE. Because this is a democracy, redress includes a short statement about what we all NEED to learn and decide, by all forms of communication available:  so that by our own vote as a state or nation we go to court. To hear the testimony of witnesses called/ realities of consequences true to the facts of this case shall be heard/ to cost of being wrong examined: and by our own vote, the decision will be made to allow or deny the current direction of our society. This is called redress of grievances, and it is the law of our constitutional America, and the state of ILLinois. EVEN THOUGH, our courts have never before allowed a redress trial: IT IS THE LAW! Because the constitution is our government, and every judicial employee swears to obey that constitution; in order to get their job. A sworn oath MEANS, a penalty can be imposed: for your failure! EVEN if you are a supreme court justice!

  1. The question before you in this trial is: do you want your democracy back, your world to be safer? Or, is the university your god/ threats don’t matter [as in the “universities” can do no wrong]? OR Rise up and defend your world, simple as that!   The critical truth: If the law of our constitution does not rule this nation, or state/ then a traitor does               the third filing of the trial below  4th filing    5th filing    6th filing   7th filing   8th filing  9th filing     10th filing 
  2. The critical power of democracy is our own individual vote: but NOT for people to vote for me as is current. Our vote on the life changing realities of our day, as one vote per person delivers to us:  true democracy. Redress trial is power to the people, because we the people are taking the realities of this day under our own control, by our vote. We the people are enforcing constitutional law: because we can demand, that the oath of office you have taken, shall be obeyed. We can change our society, as we see fit: by majority rule UNDER constitutional restrictions; and thereby become whatever it is that we can be as one people united for the life we choose to live; as best we can. 

There are three primary principles involved in this jury decision:

  1. The judiciary MUST obey, and enforce constitutional law/ as Is US first amendment redress of grievances& 5th bill of rights, by state of IL constitutional guarantees. This guaranteed LEGAL right, is our literal power to the people!
  2. When extreme gambling with life and planet are being done; as is consistent with this day/ the cause and consequence of extinction CAN be applied. Then, WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW, the consequences of “they’re, being WRONG”. And make our own decision,if this shall or shall not be allowed.
  3. The elemental right of democracy is: that we the people are owners here, in this state and this nation! Which does in fact provide the right, to interrogate our leaders: examine and investigate the evidence: to make our own decision as to whether or not our leaders “obeyed their oath of office”; as is required to get top level jobs. NO PERSON holds a title of “government”/ the constitution itself, is our government.Those hired are our employees; and it can never be otherwise, or the nation itself has collapsed. In a true democracy by vote, within the constraint of constitutional guidelines: WE THE PEOPLE SHALL have the last or final say!
  4. The fourth element is: that no citizen has the right to expect or believe that they, standing alone, can influence or direct this nation or state.Instead as is the purpose of redress, we are required to communicate what is believed to be wrong/ and then ask through a jury and then a citizen vote. IF, the majority will accept the price of examining our reality, in a courtroom by the evidence established in its own truth. Accepting, and then by changing, through our own vote, as a true democracy: what will or must be changed. So as to predict and create the future as we desire it to be; as best we can. When the law is correct, to the needs of life and planet through justice.  When enforcement is true, and established through fair play, and equal treatment under that law: the nation or state literally “runs itself”/ as the law we create for ourselves, will allow us all to do.
  5. The fifth element is simple: media does not grant to any citizen a legal right/ nor a democratic authority. Only the law, and its influence on society can do that.The law is enforced only through a courtroom, NEVER by a weapon. Therefore the law itself, becomes our weapon for peace, through justice. Communicating our legal right, for a true redress of grievances; as is the establishment of democracy itself: IS as the constitution was made to be. 
  6. It is the “four jobs” of the jury to determine: (a) if the evidence of threat presented is sufficient to warrant further investigation? Does the possibility of extreme or excessive failure exist, and is that a concern for all the people? (b) if the possibility of consequences, assigned by these threats are so significant “we the people CANNOT, let these experimentation, and their theories be wrong”? (c) the jury must decide who is being threatened/ what needs kinds of communication must occur? (d) Whether the threats to be investigated; must present a moratorium by the court: as to provide relief for the purposes of trial. A reality that is warranted by the severity of potential failure?
  7. It is the “three jobs” of the judiciary: (a) to identify and create the means necessary to properly and legally notify that portion of society, in association with the jury: which can be affected. (b) to call for a vote among the whole of society, by presenting them with the decision of the jury. Public access to that information, must occur: so the others can prepare to decide for themselves! If the jury finds this necessary/ the public accepts. (c) Then to establish by all means necessary, a courtroom sufficient for the people and their purpose as a democracy under constitutional law. To properly examine (as is necessary in trial) each threat assigned! Calling for witnesses in that trial for society to come, literally and with the legal impetus to investigate/ the potential of extinction, along with the potential catastrophe that is attempting to “play god” with life and planet.  Therefrom to determine as WE THE PEOPLE, as a democracy assembled. IF we will demand:  CHANGE must occur.
  8. IN THIS TRIAL: because it is preliminaryto the development of evidence, defined “as best we can”. ONLY the consequences of being wrong: THAT CAN be established; are important!  There shall be no attempt, to understand or explain what may go right in these experiments/ ONLY WHAT CAN GO WRONG! In the social trial that follows if desired, those involved can state their case for making these risks, in their experiments. To be wrong when gambling with all life on earth: IS A LEGITIMATE concern for every life on the planet.  A factual cause for court! The true fact that people are currently gambling with realities that CANNOT be reversed; is already established.  The legal (this affects us all) ramifications of trial are, WHAT do we need to understand: because our lives, our nature, our future, every child, and our planet is at stake? The risk of extinction is clear, which dictates: ONLY the consequences of extreme experimentation, particularly those things where no second chances are true. Establishes cause, and creates a valid legal claim: to this trial.
  9. The jury shall decide if: A vote among all the people shall occur? The jury shall decide: Based upon each independent facet of threat or democratic authority presented in this trial, is to be investigated. They will decide which parts in this “our society bringing trial, as redress”:  will determine our truth, as one people in democracy”! Jury will set the parameters of judicial response, in society through redress. Giving substance, to the gradient of truth, that will be required, for each investigation of threat. To be proven by the evidence. The vote shall be:  Yes or no, “as simple as possible” to do. Majority rules!

This ad may be helpful to you: it will not be placed by me. That is your job, if you care! Participation is necessary, because it is an opportunity that can be taken away: illegally or not. Behind closed doors, there is tyranny (we won’t let the law of democracy rule). It is noted and true: that this trial shall not be corrupted by the judiciary/ so long as there are witnesses to what they do. The law/ the constitution/ our democracy are all on my side, & I am prepared to fight for life and world/ but it does no good, behind closed doors. The reason I was “locked out of the courtroom”: even though I never lost a legal argument is;  the judiciary was tired of presenting evidence, that proved themselves corrupt.

{The critical truth is: that our world, and our nation, and our lives are threatened; in a wide variety of ways, by a university leadership without respect for life or planet. To determine exactly how much threat we face, by using true democracy as our legal guide/ and to define, our legal choice under first amendment law: a trial is set for July 18, 2018. }.

Redress of grievances is more easily understood, through the US SUPREME COURT CASES  08-1339 & 11-100. Although docketed, which means only a judge can dismiss with cause. Each case was thrown out by the secretary of the court: which is a treasonous act. Which means: each trial DOES BY FACT, still exist as relevant, and undecided; thereby awaiting its day in court!  We must take control over the threats which can cause our extinction for ourselves! THIS TRIAL must go forward as redress of the people: because the known threats are extreme!  But alternately; the expressions and realities of first amendment “REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”/ By fact, IS ALREADY a fully docketed trial, with all its possibilities for democracy. Standing ready inside the US supreme court, and this LEGAL RIGHT of we the people;  could then be decided very simply: BY this jury, through the legal rights of this constitutional law, in both state and federal jurisdiction:  does in fact have the right to DEMAND, a full and complete description of redress, through THE SUPREME COURT OF THIS USA.   Establish docketed trial exists as the case and the cause through which democracy is aided and abetted as the will of this people under constitutional restraints.  Each trial listed above; as they have already been accepted and set into place for exactly that purpose: stands ready for immediate presentation to the nation, as OUR LAW enforced.

This trial is the first step, in redress of grievances, which is power to the people themselves/ a reality of trial, that has never been done (to the best of my knowledge) in this USA since its conception. Even though it is the law! That fact identifies the truth: true democracy has eluded us to this date and time. The opportunity, to be a true democracy wherein our constitution is the government/ and our employees do obey their oath of office: is likely NEVER to come back again (it’s been law, over two hundred years, and this is the first time: we the people can demand ownership of state or nation. ONLY, Because the level of threat is truly SO SEVERE, and easily understood)! EVEN SO: that fact is irrelevant in and of itself, because the threats we face as a world are far more important than any democracy can be! You are not asked to agree with that statement! You are asked in this trial, if you are willing to take the next step: to investigate, examine, and determine for ourselves, “if this is the best we can be”?  By asking: “the state or nation through communication, for the purpose of redress (we get to decide now)”; if they will pay for/ vote upon/ and determine for themselves, IF WE WILL ALLOW, “OUR EXISTENCE, OUR EVERYTHING ON EARTH”; TO BE GAMBLED WITH? Because the cost of being wrong is OUR OWN extinction! Simple as that.

Pretrial is over: jury trial is July 18, at 1:30 pm courtroom L. Champaign county court, Urbana IL. The judge was asked if he would let this trial breathe/ or stuff it into a hole:  his answer was basically; “there will be enough room” to get the point across! Time will tell/ the jury will decide/ and the reality of OUR OWN DECISION as a democracy will be found: if that is true. Do, whatever you can do.

The difference, between success and failure, will be decided before we actually get to trial date. Those 12 jurors, to be selected: if prepared early (by reading the filings of this case), will then know exactly what they are voting upon/ which means no accidents occur; I made my decision correctly. After forty years of work and money spent: I tell you true, it is literally YOUR TURN, to make a decision/ communicate/ spend money/ fight for the law of your democracy to be enforced. And accept the outcome, is in fact the decision of the majority who EITHER don’t care: OR, do care; about our future/ our world/ every child/ and all life. At least enough to demand an investigation of the evidence that is apparent and true. With an audience involved: the judge cannot be removed or a change made; trial goes forth. Trial is trial, and the jury decision here will be final. Make your own decision now, and either participate as best you can: or accept the consequences of what you did or did not do. Simple as that!

The foundation of this trial is:  that we the people have a legal right, a democratic authority, and a personal duty to examine, identify, investigate, and determine for ourselves: if the extreme experimentation; already being done with energy, genetics, and resource destruction. Represents a decision, we accept:  involving the cost or consequences, of those decisions to ourselves, as reality proves “their assumptions”; to be wrong/ GAMBLING EVERYTHING! The single critical fact is: are we the people, willing to accept their price, or their promises as WORTH:  risking all life, nature, and the literal future for this entire planet called earth! Because there is NO going back & NO second chances to change, what has already been destroyed.

        The purpose of this trial is: to decide if redress of grievances, the legal right of a democratic authority as “we the people ourselves”.  SHALL in fact, intervene or not; in the decisions that gamble and change our state, nation, nature, or world. This is the first step, in communicating a need to consider the consequences of being WRONG. The reality of proof, that we are in fact a democracy by vote. 


DO, remember that this trial, is merely the decision to decide: if we the people SHALL, “call for witnesses/ examine the evidence/ investigate the consequences of being wrong” and so on: as are set apart in the filings! It is NOT, the summary vessel which will decide what happens in this nation. This is a redress trial: which means, to decide if the leaders of university, business, industry, nation, state, or others shall be called to the courtroom.  Whereby in that arena of DEMOCRACY RULES: we the people shall determine if extreme experimentation or other extinction related gambles, with life, nature, child, and world shall continue.  Media coverage is mandatory, an open court, “with all lights on/ NO closed doors”; to determine for ourselves: what if any, of these our own critical decisions shall be enforced.  The realities of threat we face, as a world: shall or shall not, then be decided upon, by us all. THIS TRIAL is a mandatory first step toward that end.  This trial, in the affirmative: is to call the court to ENFORCE OUR constitutional legal rights as a people:  as is consistent with the cause and concerns of true democracy. TO RULE OURSELVES, by the laws we do create. That initiates in this court, with a jury demand: to call the state or nation for a vote, to determine if we shall hold court over our employees. To decide for ourselves on a different course of action, than what has been done by leadership. This is not a vote for someone to vote for me reality! This is true democracy, whereby we the people: do vote on these, the most important issues of our world:  one vote/ per citizen under constitutional constraint, majority rules. If you don’t vote/ you have made the decision: you don’t care! No second chances, one vote, as a state or nation and done. NO alterations or excuses; as we decide.

 Ask yourself this simple question, and be truthful: if the assertion of fusion is wrong/ if the reality they depend upon, which is “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire, is wrong”/ if in fact the bond holding atoms together does ignite as fire, “just like on the sun”: then what will you do “everything is fuel”.  If they are, even a tiny bit wrong (building time): our world is lost, the sun heats us from 91 million miles away; the radiation would destroy us/ this is no game; and you don’t get a second chance.

Ask yourself this simple question and be  truthful: “in this web of life, the food chains which hold life together, the reality of body that is kind and pleasant and happy is lost: do to genetic tampering goes bad! Then what will you do, as nature itself becomes lost? Nature is literally the genetic code, and like a disease, “they can’t genetically stop that either”. But we can lose EVERYTHING WE VALUE as life. Because that is the game they play.

Ask yourself this simple question and be  truthful: without resources, what can you do/ but dig in your garbage and wait for hell! Our world is overrun with humanity, nature can no longer defeat us all: which means this world itself, has changed!

People ask: WHAT, can I do, about any of it; leave me alone! But the answer is: together, we are the world, literally. As a democracy we are the government. We are the military. We are the voice and reality of religion, and everything else! The consequence of that simple statement is:  together we can change the world, but that requires you to communicate the singular fact I care about MOST, which is, “WE CANNOT let these few, be WRONG.” Or our whole world dies!

It is elemental to our individual existence, that we must “face our own truth”. There is no recovery, unless you do! It is critical, that each society face its own destiny; because if you do not, life will throw that society into chaos; as the fate of every truth you chose to avoid. ONLY truth survives, life or death. Lies and liars sink into the abyss of wanting what they cannot have. Life is not a game: there are no winners or losers; only those who find love/ or those who choose hate.

. Life is not a toy: only truth survives/ fantasies do not. Which means you must choose between life with truth/ or death by fantasy and disgrace. The critical question is: will you continue to believe the universities are god (death, by chaos, “life formed without even a brain”;  as is their religion)/ OR ACCEPT YOUR CREATOR IS:  “ YOUR, ONLY GOD”! A reality proven by the living design, engineering, structural architecture, integrated utilities,  circuitry with informational sensual bodies that build and repair themselves, and every other miracle of life and living; so far beyond the elements of what humanity can do:  the word   “GOD”  came into existence. Because ONLY THOUGHT, and its true abilities as defined by laws; did this! NO OTHER POSSIBILITY EXISTS, the realities involved are beyond contention.

. Everything beautiful is balanced/ orderly/ disciplined/ and fundamentally capable of a happy life, because life has given the body its ability to do whatever it needs to survive and choose for peace, love, and value. None of that is a definition presented by fools. None of that is built “one piece at a time”. A living body needs all its parts (what good is a heart without blood, etc), at the same time; or it dies. It needs everything life requires for the body to survive; when it arrives on earth. What good is a mind, without happiness? This world is lovely; and we share it with a wide variety of life, that makes our living better. The universities seek to destroy all of that; because they want to play god/ and with so much arrogance they believe they are gods; as fools do: they literally gamble, threaten, terrorize, and risk the certain collapse of everything; trying to prove evolution, or believing “nature OR the planet will fix” anything they destroy. That is no longer true, and they must be stopped! An investigation of the facts, an examination of the evidence, a reality of decision extending from the truth defined:  as to what it truly means, when the universities are WRONG. 


{This lawsuit: seeks to prove the knowledge of what is true, by examining the critical reality of what it means to be WRONG. This lawsuit uses democracy as intended, by CONSTITUTIONAL redress: to let OUR law decide, what is fair/ NOT a gun. This lawsuit describes, JUSTICE must be enforced, or it dies.}

this is my reply;  3rd filing

These are the filings as they appear at the courthouse. The trial is simple in concept: are we or are we not a democracy? Do we, or do we not CARE about our future? Will we, or will we not: fight for our world? Trial begins with the mandate to appear/ the right to guaranteed legal redress of grievances, a first amendment law/ a fifth amendment IL right.  EXHIBIT C “building time”; directly contends with the assertion: “we cannot question the university”/ about EXTREME ENERGY EXPERIMENTS! (this isjust one).As the court cases will prove, other realities of life as well:  everything the declaration of independence sought to remove; has returned. Courtesy of those who live like kings, by counterfeiting our currency/ and hiding that reality with media propaganda. By removing freedom of the press; as only a VERY tiny few “own it all”; by controlling the editors.

STATE OF ILLINOIS mandate PDF filing       the required ad to: notify the public filed

Let the legal war begin.  second part filed        the elements of redress 10th filing

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From the Court 123

THIS IS CRISPR: “THE CURSE OF SATAN”.  view on 60 minutes 4/29/18 The reality involved is, with this genetic tool: the sanctity and limits of boundaries that separate the species of life will be crossed. Ending forever the reality of discipline, order, balance, thought, and everything else involved in our nature, our bodies, and the critical relationships that do form our lives. As always, the religious zealots of media, are found worshiping at the feet of “the university is our god”; they will wipe away every tear. More correctly you will cry until you literally cannot cry anymore: our world of life is dead! As always, not a single word in the defense of life; as is consistent with:  WHAT HAPPENS, when this goes WRONG? Answer, nothing living will remain the same. Answer according to university:  evolution will just make something else, “in a billion years or so”. Want to wait, in the sewer of fools? Crispr their term for this process has been in use for a time. The difference is, TODAY, they want to make this “mainstream: to do anything they want”; and infect the entire world with their own versions of playing god with life; as will become “the crucifixion of everything”; Armageddon released!  Stand up, or you will fall down in terror soon: the barriers that keep us alive are coming down.  A true cause for extending court trial: but you cannot even rise to the reality of universities trying to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun” here on earth: with million mile long flames. Propaganda never knows there is an opposite side/ news reports both sides, and then seeks to understand what can be proven true. “news” rarely exists today.


 In the courtroom of Champaign County IL

101 E main st. Urbana IL

Ticket issued #9168

James F. Osterbur

Dated 5/11/18

This court has not recognized, nor stated within the evidence that it did in fact receive the court filing sent by James F. Osterbur through US postal mail. Tracking number  9114  9014  9645 1558 4657 62  4/27/18   10:48:12  inv # 000001 appr code  receipt # 3

So I am resending that filing as an exact duplicate;  signature excepted.

I will remind the secretary of this court: that removal of constitutional guarantees is a very serious offense, with criminal consequences/ more so, than simply obeying a judge.


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Jim Osterbur

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