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DATED: 5/26/18           9th filing


While the list of threats, when detailed to any degree would fill a thick book/ there is no purpose in it; as you would only throw the book away, or hide it from view.

Which brings us to the fundamentals of basic life threats that are represented herein. WHAT is most important, and cannot be ignored or life on earth goes extinct. NOT because I say so; because the evidence is not tolerant to lies. It cannot be proven wrong.

  1. The most critical threat, by far, IS: those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth “an energy source, just like the sun”.  So, I return to it; because ignition means: our planet becomes a sun/ and literally everything on earth is incinerated. That is the cost of being even a tiny bit wrong, in the theories of university. I can be wrong in “exhibit C” as presented: it is irrelevant, and merely consists of knowledge. They cannot be even a tiny bit wrong; or our planet could easily become a sun. Simple as that!
  2. In addition to realities already discussed: let us assume that Einstein’s E=MC sq is an approximate construction of the kinetic energy housed inside the atom. Since I don’t know the values associated with an atomic bomb; let’s just say, every atom contains an energy amount equal to “one hundred pounds of force”; as an explosion proves could be true. To contain that force in something far less than a thousandth of a gram in weight: REQUIRES an enormous spin speed. Einstein’s theory was “the atom spins at the speed of light times the speed of light; although proven wrong at CERN to some degree. What is important is the theory of fusion; has absolutely nothing to do with spin/ and without spin no possibility of an atomic element can arise. That is simple and plain; and you should have no trouble understanding it. Or, you can’t make an atom out of other atoms crushed together, because it is chaos instead of order. So their entire theory crashes to the ground, and is destroyed. Which means their promises of control are mute.
  3. In contrast to fusion, and its assumption of gravity by a fantasy element they cannot explain or prove. The realities of an atomic fire producing the gravity which holds the solar system together is highly defined for the purpose of general understanding in the book. There is nothing out of order, in the disciplines apparent, and described. There is nothing but chaos and fantasy in the theory of fusion; and I remind you “with a million mile long flame on the sun”/ there is nothing, they know by physical realities other than the ash cloud coming out of the fire. The fuel source is not hydrogen; that is utterly absurd, even a grade school education can understand that is true/ just by longevity. It is a nuclear fire.
  4. Mutilating life/ deliberately trying to destroy genetic disciplines, order, balance and more from DNA structure and essence: is destroying nature to bring chaos onto this earth in every life. University education is doing that very thing, on purpose across the world; even suggesting “let’s all mutilate something, its easy”. Their purpose is simple:  “it’s like destroying a bridge;  to see where the weak spots are”. BUT GENETICS are not simple or direct; and destroying even one tiny little part, in anything; means the entire structure of life can fail. That is the consequence of being wrong/ and they have no clue, even monkeys “their father” would know better than to play with life itself. Because extermination follows.
  5. Destroying resources, so you can live plain and simple; and without a care in the world: means the future is dead. Every child, every living thing, forever. Simple as that, and you know that is true.
  6. Changing the planet, by heat release/ human invasion, means: we have no home, and will be destroyed accordingly.
  7. Letting weapons of mass destruction remain: is certain extinction soon. Because the massive reality of humanity, is going to crush our ability to survive. And men turn to war. There are NO POWERFUL armies anymore. Weapons of mass destruction makes that true. You don’t need missiles/ and you don’t need to know much to design horrific events/ and millions around this world are now able to create biological weapons of mass destruction. WORLD LAW IS OUR ONLY HOPE, along with the removal of all these extreme weapons.
  8. Destroying the economic stability of a world, state, or nation: is civil war suicide. Because people go insane, when their money, and securities are stolen/ nation literally given away by counterfeit money. Hidden inflation is counterfeiting; and it is treason. Only one possibility to avoid all-out catastrophe exists in this: bankruptcy by choice/ through redress of grievances, with EVERYBODY bearing the cost of this failure. We decide for ourselves now, not you: is literally the only way extreme war will not come. Even then, reality will not be kind.
  9. There is a long list more; but this is enough to prove: LEADERSHIP HAS BEEN WRONG, particularly through the last seventy years. Nothing for the future was chosen; which means those in charge cast the future aside/ to take all they could get for themselves.
  10. I end with this: the biblical prophecy called Daniel 12; is the countdown of days till the end of this world. Although written thousands of years ago. The entire prophecy rests upon “when the great abomination rises”. That rose on April 1, 2012. When the first experiment, by the first machine which could ignite the same energy source as on the sun: was used! The great abomination is: trying to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. Simple as that, because being wrong ends all life, all future life, the planet, and even alters the solar system itself. There can be NO GREATER ABOMINATION than that/ it is plain enough to declare: “this is what was predicted”. Which becomes time allotted as the first death, through which the law could have saved us (but you refused). We are now in the second death, which is mercy could save us if we repent and change our ways: ends July 9, 2019. And it then goes on to say half the time allotted to mercy, will be given to HELL on earth. As reality destroys our connection with life itself over the next 666 days; leaving one day for judgment, and a half day for whatever follows that.  at this time; even mercy is not enough without a TRUE miracle of human conception. We are the problem/ which means we as humanity on earth are the solution. NO assuming  GOD will do whatever you want.


So the functional assembly of knowledge is simply this:  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, is the path forward that removes the human desire to BLAME SOMEONE ELSE.  With your own authority to choose, resting in your own ability to understand, care, and vote. OUR FATE, as in we did nothing/ OR, OUR DESTINY, as in we made choices for life comes first:   is a reality NOBODY gets to avoid.   MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION, AND LIVE OR DIE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES YOU CHOSE.

      That is, the purpose of establishing redress of grievances: which is the LAW.

      AS TO ME; there is nothing desirable in filing this lawsuit and being the person that tells everyone else: YOU MUST CHANGE. Even if I have absolutely NO responsibility for that change: THESE ARE CHOICES YOU MADE. I spent my life saying: DON’T do this!  Even so, it is a necessary job. The potential to be killed for which, is high: because humanity will scream “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and I DON’T WANT WHAT I DON’T WANT”. Which will threaten insanity itself. But I am ready, as any get to be.

      As for you:  you get to say, this is the law, “we had to do it/ or be charged with treason”!  

            AS FOR REFUSAL:  I tell you true, “choosing to refuse life itself” an opportunity to survive/ literally does have extreme eternal consequences! Give them their chance, give the children their opportunity; simple and plain.

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