the jury papers

the jury papers


The ultimate reality of our democracy, as intended by its creators: is that we the people shall rule over ourselves! We do that by laws we create. We do that by employees we hire, to do our bidding/ NOT theirs. We do that by keeping the constitution itself, as our government. To assure nobody gets to believe they are the government: an oath of office is required for all upper level management positions. So they know: this is a job, NOT a regime.

Given that truth, the fundamental of democratic authority is a vote! But a vote for someone to vote for me is not true democracy; and a vote can easily become “that ain’t right, for me”! So the constitution presented us with redress of grievances:  because it is OUR AUTHORITY through this constitutional law, to demand and investigate whether our employees DID, OR DID NOT keep their oath of office to us. In so doing, it is our required exercise of power as a people, that we must understand: what is or is not acceptable for society, be it state, nation, or world.

The most critical words, humanity will ever learn is:  ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES!

That fact, requires us to acknowledge and accept: the best we can do or be, is to learn what is & what is not true! Letting truth be our guide, is the essence of peace, harmony, and justice. Thereby trial in this day, requires you to accept the responsibility as a juror: to decide for this state, nation, or world as best you can/ IF WE CAN, OR CANNOT allow what is summarized as extreme experimentation continue as it is, or at all? IF your decision is that we cannot, LET THESE PEOPLE:   be WRONG! Because the price is too high for failure. THEN you must call upon all the people, and this court; as you describe it to be:  to investigate each individual threat to construct the facts, examine the evidence with truth, and determine whether we the people as a state or nation will accept the cost of being wrong: as a state or nation. As an individual whose own life will be affected, particularly when no second chances are possible! For example ignition of the same energy source as is on the sun, here on earth presents NO POSSIBILITY of “extinguishing the fire” once it is ignited. If the “university claim: not enough gravity here to sustain the fire” proves false. Our world becomes a sun! simple as that. I can be wrong/ BUT THEY CANNOT, or we all die! This threatens every life on earth, and there are more!

Truth states:  extreme experimentation in genetics which is occurring, includes the very foundation of nature itself. The instructions which are “how to build a body of life”! As is consistent with any disease, what can be started; cannot easily be remedied/ pandemics occur. Evolution curses us here, where the geneticist says: “don’t worry, evolution will fix anything we break/ in a billion years or so”. Is that “good enough for you”? OR is nature itself SACRED, don’t touch this! This threatens every life on earth, and there are more!

Truth defines an endless amount of resources are thrown away by humanity; and soon there will be NOTHING left for the children/ because the garbage dump is full. EVERY RESOURCE is important to the future; simple and plain! Truth acknowledges; that we do consume more oxygen than the planet releases/ and we live within a very narrow range of oxygen as a percentage of the atmosphere, or we cannot function. Every fire/ every engine consumes oxygen“even those which just idle; in a world of 8 billion people”. Truth recognizes that global warming matters, and it is caused by human heat release: without global ice, the planet cannot moderate the heat. Like your glass of water in summer, no ice makes a very hot drink; as in the planet itself will die. Truth declares that human population growth will soon be overwhelming and the earth can no longer feed us all: the consequences for that are VERY GRIM. Every major threat IS VERY SERIOUS, and must be dealt with; or there will be no future for life on earth. This threatens every life on earth, and there are more! “THE OCEANS, and its life”; ARE LITERALLY now, our only chance at feeding the excess human population. It cannot be done; unless we feed the fish/ and we have nothing to do that with, “but dead human bodies turned into fish food”!

Elements of government include: that we can remove all weapons of mass destruction by voting upon; creating and enforcing on leaders: our WORLD LAW.  Instead of armies to control the leaders/ we will control leaders with law. This threatens every life on earth, and there are more! “leaders can change their mind/ laws cannot”.

Realities of governing include: that we can make ourselves EQUAL (not same), with limited capitalism. That means NO ONE, is allowed to make more income per year, or control more property; than by vote we choose for ourselves, as a nation. Equality requires that we take control over the currency, and tie it directly to the population count (so much per citizen). Changing constitutional law to protect that fact, with a recurrent vote. The IRS disbanded to become spread out, through society as a contract business hired by individual  communities. The list is long.

But only the major threats against our world matter, in this the final stage of whether we live or die as a planet. Pick and choose what is important, leave open the need to add onto what must be investigated/ but do demand what is most important comes first. Such as one single second too late, and ignition of the same energy source as is on the sun: destroys our world. Same is true of genetics! Same is true for a great deal of our reality. 

The instructions to this jury are:  you stand in for the people of this place, to decide for them, if our state or nation should be aroused to consider and vote upon. What you believe should be considered for change in this society, as one people united. What you believe is less than the reality we require to survive, or less than what our true democracy should be. That decision is yours: to call the rest to their own vote. To determine BY VOTE; for this state or this nation: IF we must as a people redefine ourselves, our world, our future, or our purpose; because the current situation cannot be trusted to respect, protect, defend or achieve justice for this state or nation. Cannot be trusted with our lives, our world, or the future of every child! YOUR CHOICE, as constitutional democracy allows, IS_______________?

Your reality is: if we do not stop the destruction of our world/ if we refuse to accept the truth of what risking EVERYTHING OF VALUE on this planet: we WILL lose our home. Simple as that! The reality of becoming 8 BILLION PEOPLE,, and growing massively; has literally changed everything about our world; nature can no longer control our destruction. No other opportunity is coming: do, use this to the best of your ability. As for those who complain: “we don’t have to do nothing/ GOD, will not let anything bad happen to our world”! I ask you plain: are you not in that declaration making “GOD” your garbage collector/ your servant or slave? You throw everything away, and GOD has to fix it? How is that not tragic arrogance, and just plain apathy? How is that not your decision, to enslave your GOD:  it will not be so!


As is consistent with what brings us to trial; you can decide the penalty for a minor infraction. A previous judge, in a minor traffic violation; said to me: “I can charge you one thousand dollars as an additional penalty if I so choose”.  Justice is a decision.

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