Time, is an open door, beckoning each one  to participate as if there is no other option. Passion creates a purpose, while desire understands the meaning of why. The soul lifts and separates all those who can become, “the essence of love itself”. The heart shouts, I am here, when honest love is at the door. Beautiful is the elegant acceptance of all that is true, because truth is the core decision of life. Into the essence of male and female, are the passages which fill our lives, as the direction we chose to take. Every path, belongs to the owner; an identity shaped by the destiny you chose.

Life is a discipline built upon courage. Survival is an order, discovered wherever truth leads life. The heart itself is balance, where soul and life converge to discover: truly we are “miracles” each and every life, even planet itself. Where respect for the moments we would take, as life on earth: is clear and true. How is that not so?  Knowledge is the difference, between a life you may choose/ or a world you must live in, because there is no choice. Knowledge is a step, beyond the presence of survival, that ascends with honor to create an opportunity for all. In contrast, those who use knowledge to step upon the others, causes descent and failure to exist. The value of “your moment” is immeasurable to you:  the reality of your search, your march, your tears or joy or life, is the essence of you. The quest to be more, is want; not life. Therefore understand the wisdom that is, “hope beyond self”/ so that the world may open, and free you from the prison that is self. To experience life, requires passion. To express the living heart, demands a desire. To participate in love shared grants both. There is no love without caring/ just as there is nothing to be shared without respect. May your journey be true; a blessing earned through a life called value.

Mine, is a journey that became a marriage of male and female as one. “she is what she spiritually is”/ I am, what I am: but we are together, better than each was alone. Believe it or not. The world itself, should take note and learn: to save this world, requires both. Respect will decide, what is the truth,that you have chosen for your world; even forever.

Definitions about the elemental journey, that is spiritual; should be recognized as the dimensional space between life and death. It is not, “for the faint of heart”! Even so, environmental restraints construct the disciplines; while truth identifies who can, and who cannot belong in this place. The elevation of thought translates participation as:  “where there is a known treasure”, there shall be a seeker. The treasury called love, is a foundation for what is called life. To enter into spiritual life, requires that you must be pure enough, in the values of your own thought, to survive. The entanglement of gender, aligns with the reality of survival itself. Our world stands at the edge of extinction. Therefore “an exception, was made”. Order and balance serve love, as the passions of emotion, serve humanity itself. The explanation is simple: love unites those who give themselves to order, as life surrenders itself to balance; harmony erupts. Thought is an energy conceived by, the expressions and experiences of freedom confined. Freedom is the elemental framework, that presents us all, with law. Value erupts, and life unfurls.

The essence of human life is time, and the freedom to make your own decisions. Within that dispersal of time, and how you use it:  are friend, family, responsibilities, love, respect, value, and hope. Within that foundation of freedom is duty, dignity, purpose, and desire. So the corrected path forward is, to attain a worthy amount of freedom in time, so you can use it to collect the values of your own expression and experience through the decisions that you made.  Destiny grants wisdom is an individual path. Fate demands, the elemental truth of a herd, requires a road.

The essence of happiness is value, your decision to accept life over things. The reality of depression is want; your decision to accept the realities of your life, or not. Want is the foundation of every lie; if you don’t want something/ or want to hide something; you won’t lie. Pride is the basis of most tragedy, a conflict between “winner (look at me) or at loser (I am more)”. A “mind racing out of control, or barely in control” is determined by what you DON’T want. Until you release the reality of that influence upon you/ it will not get better: accept what is true, surrender what you cannot change, or the price will be TOO damn high! Insanity is based in, “I am trapped”/ even if you are not actually. Addiction is: determined to escape reality, or life/not worth the price, but too afraid to die. Arrogance wants to be god. Power wants to be your leader, master, or owner (I am, the only one that matters). Freedom, is its own worst enemy/ or its own best friend. Lovers begin with respect. Friendship, requires time. Marriage means equal. Rape is the demand, “I can make you”/ and that is found on “both sides”. Violence is a purpose to take from you, whatever I demand. HELL is:  “humanity played god”/ and received its reward!

The essence of human behavior is this:  either we must all share/ or I won’t. Either we must all care/ or I won’t. Nobody can make me, because I closed the door; and can’t hear you anymore! Mine is mine, it’s all mine, therefore it can’t be yours; that is called selfishness. Love illuminates the heart, because it comes from soul; “our relationship” with Creator. Hate descends from value, to assume: I have a right. Death reminds each one, humanity is limited/ therefore choose. Perfection keeps me from chaos/ even though it does not: truth does. Reality makes me who I am: even though decisions do that. The quest for excitement, lives “with yes”/ but the reality of no, understands only pain. Value ascends beyond self, to accept a different view of life: wherein miracles are born. These simple sayings form personal boundaries. Elements of change not found in these are manipulations, or realities formed from others.

Desire means: to rise above self, and conceive of more life; not more self. To attain this goal, requires the ability to love. Love asks:  is life more important/ OR, is self? Love only gives itself to life. Therefore the critical purpose of love is to remove self, so that a true relationship with life itself can begin. The values we seek from love are intrinsic to the disciplines we feel. Discipline means: with a responsibility for the outcome. Whereas “to feel life”, means we have cherished the moment, and found ourselves lifted by the truth of what our lives can be. The elemental essence of love is then, to find truth in each other, and design a living that will honor and respect both. The courage of sexual love, cannot be less than, the purity of a commitment to share the value of our hearts, as one. But make no mistake; liars exist/ and they will steal your heart if they can. With care and courage, value through truth exists.      GOD  “hears every true lover”/ as a soul.

Soul, is the elevation of life beyond self, wherein each will experience a new expression, “I am alive”, or the experience “love is without measure, because mercy honors the soul with forgiveness”. Destiny speaks to all who understand truth must lead, reality must decide. While religion says, “whatever we want this to be”. In contrast: spiritual truth replies, only what is true shall survive; everything else will be discarded. The value of an eternity, is love; therefore the purpose of every life, is to consider and choose, if that is enough for you! Humanity demanded freedom: therefore what you did do with that freedom on earth is your own fault or reward. Humanity discarded respect; therefore what comes of playing god yourselves, is your own choice! I have done my work; the rest, of life or death for a world, is literally and entirely up to you; because there is no going back from your own horrendous decisions. They are yours, and you are entitled to experience what it means to be wrong! Even though this world shall then die forever. Change or be lost, a world of life exterminated; because that, is what humans chose. Not a game; the evidence proves this true. The heart knows, the brain can only measure.

The value of a life, is not determined by the past. That merely reflects the decisions you made. Value exists as the source of why you wish to exist, and be a participant in life. Everyday is a reality of this decision, and it never stops being your responsibility to make your own choices: to be your own “best life”. Both for yourself, your world, and your companions. The decision is simple; EVERYTHING about this life is determined by three critical truths, your decision: “to love/ to hate (they are opposites)/ and to survive in time (as best you can) so you can be one or the other”. Love is, “the value of my life is, that you share your participation with me; that you care about me just as much as I care about you. Granting our journey to be as one”. Hate is, “everything about this life is nothing more than a game, and I choose to win/ I choose to destroy/ or I choose to believe whatever I want to believe; granting, everyone and everything, should be my slave, or my toy”. Survival is: the distance we travel, is either my own responsibility, or my need to help you help me. Simple as that!

History proves it true: that religion can and does in fact, establish a foothold for those in crisis to regain their lives. By creating disciplines and order through the understanding, “I am not alone”. By examining, the complex reality of a life that is more than simply self.

The value of discipline is, to find duty through respect for the dignity of life itself. The value of order is to construct the stairs needed to ascend into a “better life”. The decision to desire a better life, is simply this:  to be alive, ____________________ (fill in this blank, yourself)! It is NOT, the same for all.

Best wishes

There are disciplines in life

  1. I do not owe you my love/ it is a gift, to be shared.
  2. You are not so precious, that I must buy your respect or time to survive; we are equals, and it cannot be, that I own you/ or you own me.
  3. Value is the dignity we create within ourselves, through respect for miracles called life and planet.
  4. Respect is the order of my world, it is an acceptance of what is true, shall decide the future of our existence. What is true has given us life, and time.
  5. Life is a value we care about, because it can bring us happiness through sharing the truth, “we are, as a living creation” precious each one. Until hate removes that truth.
  6. Peace is the gift of letting truth decide instead of want. By accepting truth must lead, and not interfering in that decision with your personal touch: destiny expands to include harmony for all. Fate is the opposite, a reality of consequences caused by wanting whatever you want or don’t want to decide.
  7. Happiness exists in the life we share with all other living creatures to guide us into the singular understanding: “this is no accident”! we have been given our time, our bodies, and our hope; by “powers greater” than our existence can accept. Thereby faith exists as the acceptance: these truths, cannot be wrong!




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