Throughout history, men have fought wars; simple as that. Their purpose is simple as well, our environment/ our nature in this place, can no longer feed us all. “Too many” were born/ or something significant happened. Governments were then formed, and the reality became similar with one exception: instead of just reacting to the reality defined by their own actions. Leaders and their people decided “WE WANT MORE”; simple as that/ so they attack the others, to take their stuff/ or make them slaves. Universities were then formed: to do better for ourselves, thereby not having to resort to war. Until of course, over population; and now the curse of humanity itself upon nature; has given way to weapons of mass destruction, and extreme experimentation so as to play/ pretend people can be gods.

Given those realities of human decision, throughout thousands of years in time; the probability of removing warfare, and sustaining life, is all but gone. Over-population, and its consequences alone are enough to demand war with weapons of mass destruction. Today its, “kill a billion people”/ and their numbers will return in less than a decade; unless extreme disease, and pandemic, accompanies all that death. There is no other choice, but population control; and the thing humanity hates the most: is you can’t make that decision anymore! They assume, you are trying to kill us off: etc/ etc. The universities declare, we can play god/ and if not, we will be god; by taking control over nature, energy, planet, and life “cause we are so smart”. But alas, every single threat is a participation distributed from their leadership; which means not only don’t they have an answer/ they are a SIGNIFICANT part of the problem. Not god/ only satan.

Life has granted you one last tiny portion of time; to make one last distinct and different decision; to save this planet of life from extinction. Whether you believe that is true or not; it is/ because the evidence is absolute, and clear. You cannot escape the inevitable reality of what has been done, unless severe realistic changes are made in what humanity does do. And all the world of humanity says: “I WON’T DO IT/ I WANT WHAT I WANT”;  period. But alas, you want to live too; and you literally cannot have them both. Life or want: make your decision now, or it will be too late, and the point of no return will have past. Which means nothing on earth can stop, the cost and consequences of human behavior, from extermination: our planet is lost.

We must then identify what we can and cannot do, in order to survive: simple as that!

  1. Women create human lives, and they alone control their own pregnancy; which means population control is literally up to them/ men have no say. Other than the fact that a vasectomy is not the answer. Neither is abortion. Within the first 40 days or thereabouts, it is not an abortion to stop a growing pregnancy: after that, it is! So make your decision early, and do what you can do to insure it is not a decision you need to make. This is a woman’s responsibility; men are refused: only women bring forth human life.
  2. We will not survive ALL weapons of mass destruction much longer; the crush of humanity is too strong. That means either you will remove them with world law, and world enforcement on leaders of those laws by human decision across this world; through a vote. Or you will die because you failed life. Decisions must be made by men!
  3. We will not survive ANY extreme experimentation: as is consistent with the current situation/ humanity has no brain for it, they can only want, and what they want is to play god. Which means we all die instead; because humanity is never going to be “GOD”. Simple as that, make your decision as a world, FOR LIFE COMES FIRST! Period and plain, NO exceptions/ they will be stopped;  all of it.
  4. The future cannot survive the extreme attack on all resources and their subsequent or intentional destruction, means: life on earth becomes a desert, “without possibilities for a future for any life”; and only the tiniest few will survive.
  5. We cannot survive the intensity of pollution that is constant upon this earth and in our oceans. Which means every attempt possible must be made to clean this up, and stop the further abuse of our world; even if you want what you want/ you don’t want life to end. So make your decision, LIFE OR DEATH/ because that, is the only decision you have left.
  6. We cannot survive the methods being used for sustaining a food supply for anything/ they must be changed to what will survive; and that includes limiting fertilizers so the future has an opportunity just like you. We cannot survive ocean trawlers and their methods: the list is long, literally about everything the universities have led you to do.
  7. We cannot survive the large factories: because their purpose is to use as much resources as possible/ and limit human participation as much as possible as well. We must choose what can or cannot be sustained in a realistic manner with our own existence, and its HONEST needs.
  8. We cannot survive the politics of today, which thrive only by counterfeiting money, “hidden inflation”. We must turn to true democracy, and by our own vote create the laws {not more than one hundred, so WE can remember and protect them} that will then govern our nation, world, and communities. NOT RULES, but laws. The difference is “rules isolate each one for punishment”/ whereas laws identify what we must or must not ALL do or don’t do.
  9. We must oversee the courts, as it is here hidden agenda’s rise and take over government. EVERY courtroom case will be televised or made available for viewing as the public desires it to be; with extremely few exceptions. Every judge is subject to their oath of office, and if they fail: punishment will arise. Every judge can be removed by simple public vote. Every courtroom case shall be graded: each participant:  so that a reality of truth may arise from what is or is not being done correctly in the courtroom. Thereby protecting society itself.
  10. We must use “limited capitalism” to make society equal with each other. NOT the same, but with equal realistic opportunities for the individual; as is, “NOBODY, collects more in income, property or other per year: than we the people do set as our limit”. NOBODY has more power to control our lives, resource, or property; than we, by our vote decide for ourselves. So that everybody has a chance to provide and do for themselves; because your competition is removed, beyond this point.
  11. Healthcare is a participation, in what we can do as a society for each individual life. It is not a game/ nor is it an opportunity to extort, monopolize, or steal. The cost will be determined by a percentage of income per person: with a base salary defined by taxation onto the whole of society. The cost of building and maintenance, is a public one: NO private business whatsoever in anything to do with medicine. The cost of an education, will be redefined: to include only what is necessary for the job to be done. The cost of pharmaceuticals: will be sold only to government, which will then distribute those drugs at a cost they see fit. The government shall hold all medicinal patents; the patent itself, shall pay someone who makes a significant contribution up to what limited capitalism allows. There shall be limits made upon healthcare: which means “nobody should die of little things/ BUT EVERYBODY DIES, of the big realities, that society cannot allow as a cost, to overtake them. That includes medicare, and more.
  12. Social security is based entirely upon national GDP, and no other; they get a percentage/ which will be divided up by groups to be determined state to state.
  13. Education is for reality/ NEVER FANTASIES AGAIN. This is what you need to know, as an individual in this society, and this world; so that you do well for yourselves. To protect your nation, create a happy responsible life, understand what you are doing with money, be at peace with your world, and identify what freedom, law, and justice can do for you.
  14. The quest for a better world, begins on your own doorstep: we cannot continue as we are/ which means this is a peaceful war, against those who brought us to the gate of hell and worse. NOT BY MURDER, as in violence. But by reality comes first; fantasy is dead. Values that appreciate and respect life, comes next: NO MORE damn arrogance and failure as in fools in charge. TRUTH decides not want. Discipline determines what reality can do for us. Order means we do have to choose. Balance establishes whether we can survive ourselves in the process of change.
  15. Our world has changed dramatically: humanity has overcome nature, it can no longer simply “outdo” you/ revive what you destroy. We must choose. We must work to undo all the damage “university leadership” has done: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN CHARGE? They all have a diploma, and we are here looking at our own extinction: what more is needed to be known?
  16. No more games of any kind, and that includes those who believe they can escape this world with their rocket. We will all: FIGHT FOR OUR WORLD/ or we will all lose this world, because you didn’t care enough; not even to try. Which means: when the massive thrust of humanity begins to say, “we are doing great/ don’t bother me”. Prove to them, by methods which includes the trial on justtalking7.info through investigation by truth comes first/ reality CANNOT simply be cast aside> that they are LIARS, THIEVES, WHORES, TRAITORS, OR TERRORISTS. The price of being wrong is:  you, are dead/ your own child too!


The difference between “we the people own this society/ and they are the government not us”. IS LEARNING, THAT WE THE PEOPLE OWN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, AND IT IS “THE GOVERNMENT” OF OUR NATION.  Thereby, we the people can and will enforce constitutional rights upon our employees: by establishing redress of grievances, THE LITERAL LEGAL RIGHT granted by the constitution: to investigate and examine our employees. To determine if they have in fact, “OBEYED their oath of office” to ourselves, and our nation/ even our world.

I will remind you again:  that everything but overpopulation, is as simple as “just one vote” and we must change/ we have changed our world. But overpopulation is an every individual, everyday reality; that will not go away unless the reality of “our decision as a world”; is in step, with the realities and nature of women themselves. That ultimately, makes women the determinant human factor of life or death: IF IN FACT humanity tries, to save itself. Doesn’t matter if you like it or not; it is true, because women make babies, not men. It is true because, today it is possible that a single man could “have a million babies”; with a million women. While it is also true, that a million men, with only one female, are unlikely to have even one child. Do you see the reality? WOMEN ARE, in charge of reproduction/ IT IS THEIR OWN BODY, and that means men DON’T have a say.  GOD HAS decreed it, even if you don’t believe it/ that is true. So help them succeed, but don’t take over their lives; or it will be HELL for you. They must find their own ways, and make their own decisions; and if they fail. Then, “they become the same as men”: the world dies, because you too, did not care enough. SAME fate for all/ OR, same destiny for all: plain and simple. Make your choice!

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