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In terms of discipline, the fundamental of thought that allows me to conceive of: the uniformed army (we all got a diploma/ and you don’t belong unless you do) of university can be wrong! I offer this as a challenge to your brain.  Kinetic energy is formed from spin speed/ mass energy is formed from expansion/ and what holds it all together is structure contained by the opposite form of energy that is neither kinetic or potential (called a neutron). The neutron contains dark energy, it exists as the fundamental dark mass that constructs atomic  structure; as a lattice work.  Potential energy is an elemental existence, fundamentally encircled on each frame member as a spinning axis. Harmonic balance (the rhythm of all things in motion as one)  keeps it in an equilibrium state. Kinetic energy is the release of motion into space/ while heat is the release of some motion. The destruction of the structure is an explosion. While a black hole is the result of outward motion crushing into the center of the atom lattice structure, as it pushes all space out/ and reduces the structure itself to a more concentrated form. That reduction pushes all space out of the elemental existence, and when a kinetic mass encounters that black hole; the kinetic spinning motion of the elemental existence that is the building block of atoms. Becomes held within the condensed structure: as the proton spins itself into any remaining cavity, crevice or hole/ by discarding the spin. Causing extreme density to occur. No spin is no heat/ but the dark energy which forms the new density, is elementally a cold. Which is the single greatest source of energy in this universe.

While it is functionally unnecessary; the reality of extreme threat due to the curse of university experimentation/ it is a consideration to end that experimentation by resolving the issues of energy. thereby taking the game away.

In that vein of conception comes a small extension of the book building time.  We then begin with the question: if there is no mass in our “pre-universe”, what then could have existed to construct mass from?  Or what is space, without the potential of mass/ through the ordering, balance, and discipline called atoms? With no heat whatsoever, because there is no mass or spin of an atom: we have only cold that can be recognized from the framework of our physical existence. Cold condenses, and causes to solidify every known element/ based upon temperature. We ten ask: if the pre-universe was greatly condensed from what it is today; “how much smaller could it have been”? More specifically: while this universe is considered by most to be infinite/ if it was truly smaller, then it had to be finite. The quest to define what could exist beyond that limit; determines a relationship with thought. We look to a condensed universe first, and find that cold condenses out whatever solid might lurk inside. Just like separating chemicals with cold is done here on earth. Cold also tends to bind things together/ just because it can. More distinctly, a universe before heat, without mass, that is just space: has no temperature at all/ because it cannot be measured; yet it does exist. So we begin here, with solid condensate’ out of environmental space; as a reality of existence as is evidenced by the mass of today. The initiating question is how do these condensates form a solid, if there is no atomic structure? Since there is no weight/ no gravity to attract: what would happen to extremely small particles in a vacuum? Given the amount of mass consistent with this universe, it is constructive to assert: when the cold limit had been reached (something changed), so that the existence of particles could be formed, into “the fabric of space”. They would have all formed at roughly the same time, in such quantity, and with such distribution: as to be “a three dimensional environment”. There are then limits and boundaries now in existence. Adding to the extremely likely event, that they did fall into each other (as is consistent with condensate’s settling out; movement attained), creating a wave form;  within an environmental region. In extreme cold solids are brittle. Which means, they can shatter; a relationship with the existence of energy.

We then turn to existence itself; which asks the question, WHAT can exist, even though it cannot be measured? The answer is thought. Thought is not an intellectual game, as is a brain. Thought is an existence shaped by the dimensions of where it can travel/ determined by the distinctions of what becomes the consequence of fate or the living embodiment of destiny, as is the result of realities which will not be discussed.

A limit is, relative to time in this instance: of more distinctly size matters. A boundary is shaped by the relationships inherent with size. Such as:  a mile to a human being, is not a huge distance/ but if you were a flea for instance, a mile becomes a much longer distance to travel, even though it is not, “size matters”.

For a particle to condensate out of a vacuum: something must exist within that vacuum. For there to be mass within our universe prior to its relationship with time, through law: we thereby know something did exist. Before a condensate can form: that inherent material had to be gathered together in order to form the resultant solid. Condensing an environment, into a smaller relative space: gives the possibility of “gathering together” what is inside that space, and condensing it into a particle. So the question is: does space represent one environment/ OR, is it composed of endless tiny “three dimensional” composite particles that simply exist separately from the rest? Answer, a particle is a tiny three dimensional composite separate from the rest: but having formed a condensate, to then become separate from what is left; we have two conceived of elements within the same environment. One is vacuum (no density), while the other is density. We then have a boundary formed upon that density; and we have an elusive connection within the environment which formed the particle which did condensate out: the box or separate space, within a vacuum of the whole; if you will. We now have four pieces: a vacuum or environmental relationship with the whole of space itself/ an elemental separation presented by the boundary from which a particle is formed/ the solid condensate/ and its relationship with the limits of what can be conceived as the energy to pull a composite of what is real within that space, into a particle we call a solid. To gather means, “to pull or push together”. So in order to form the condensate; what is many even smaller realities, become ordered into one disciplined segment of existence we are calling a particle or solid. The critical question is how?

Solid asserts “you cannot go through this {you must go around}”. We then consider the box or defined area, from which a particle forms. As the area contracts from the cold, being applied to, what can be measured as an existence: when the change from being simply suspended within a vacuum to forming a solid occurs; an energy is released. Without the constrictions of atomic order, that energy takes on a different form. It will present as a gel (something in a viably distinct, but movable, changed state) surrounding the particle. Since it has no direction; it cannot move, and remains attached to the particle or solid. Even so, an action/ or a reaction has formed. “when the decision is made” as to which it is (an action or reaction of energy)/ only then “with a presented directional flow”, has it become the expression we know as change. Change means: an altered state exists, because it remains stable.

So the question becomes:  an elevation of the things which make artificial intelligence possible. A reality that extends past this purpose of demanding: remove the disease of university experimentation/ particularly in extreme energy and genetics. As CATASTROPHE awaits us all, because of what they do.

The question is this already too far? Fundamentally, that is more true than I purposely accept. It is more true however, even if you won’t believe it:  that extinction looms large, and It is humanity that must change, into what is more stable for life to survive.

the disease of university is so prevalent; that I choose not to go on.

My purpose here is only to produce the necessary elements, to insist “university theory” is NOT to be assumed as correct, just because they say it is. Which means: THEIR GAMBLING, WITH OUR ENTIRE PLANET AND ALL ITS NATURE/ must be stopped!

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