Addiction is neither a disease (something that enters the body without consent)/ nor is it a primary decision (something I choose); instead all addiction is “an invisible teardrop”, that displays the truth: “I do not desire, the future or life; I believe I must or will live”.

Consequently the true elements of addiction are: belief and desire.

We begin with belief: the consequences of what I want my life or future to be, as designed by me. Depression lives along the same lines as addiction, changing the result from adding something called want, from the outside of body/ to adding something called want, from the inside of the mind. The summary result of both, are expressed, determined, and influenced:  by what you want.

Belief is ultimately “like a serpent”/ because it winds its way along your body, enters the mind, and confronts the reality of your life with your own wants. Which means the only way to be free of it, is to change yourself, and what you want. Belief is an addiction, because it relieves the anxiety of want, by giving you what you want. The association is:  “by accepting this fantasy, I GET what I want”. When you have what you want/ then should you not be happy? Of course you should, therefore denying that happiness makes you sad: so you need more of what you want, to gain happiness again. But if that does not in fact make you happy/ then want has failed you; and you must remove your want CHANGING your life, or it will not go away. Only for short periods of time; because the “serpent” will remain attached, until you let it go completely. Religious beliefs that form the zealot, are basically the same:  which means WANT, is a very powerful thing! Faith the opposite of religious belief: requires truth to lead, and reality to decide; nothing more or less.

Depression is a more intensive form of want; because it lives within the mind/  instead of wanting something to alter the body or conscious reality of existence. Depression searches for happiness, by confronting what you believe, instead of making believe that want is happiness. Want in depression makes you believe that it is unhappiness instead. Depression is: yelling inside, “I HAVE NOTHING” to replace this want with/ I am empty inside, and drowning in the misery of me. Again WANT, is a very powerful thing.

So let’s understand the basics of want, to reveal the reality of self. Self, confronts us all, with the clear certainty “I am alone in this world”. Consequently self chooses to alleviate this loneliness with want, pride, and power to establish: “they want, to be me”. After all, a life others believe is a trophy/ means it is valuable; does it not? When that value fades, and the others do not accept you as a trophy life/ anger erupts, wherever hate is allowed; abuse, use, violence, etcetera follow. Even so, we now know that want is at its core, an elevation of loneliness, by establishing: I do WANT to live. It is an elevation, because it puts life first.

Alas want is never enough, to establish a happy life; and without happiness, life becomes less desirable, and alternatives are found to change that life into something else. Such as drugs or depression: “I made a change”. Unfortunately it is momentary happiness, which then buys a lot of tragedy instead/ even so, it is CHANGE.

So the core element of want is as a gradient for loneliness. The more loneliness you feel, the greater the addiction or depressions you will have; even in a crowd: because no one is paying special, personal, attention to you. The primary values of life are again:  “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me”; and these have failed by your decision.

LONELINESS is a prison of the mind, gathered around and enclosing self, as if there is nothing else of value, in life at all/ “not for you”.  We are 8 billion people, which means: THERE IS someone else for you/ but finding those people is a daunting task. Which makes people “tired of looking/ and ready to surrender” everything but survival; until suicide appears instead.

There is in drugs: a release from the present/ to assume, I have escaped for now. There is in depression: the removal of competing realities, to form everything “is about me”. There is in loneliness, the ultimate dimension of self; and only I matter. There is in hate, the assertion I can do better: if all the rest, were not here; or served me as a slave.

So the critical question is:  can you remove self from your life, in order to let life itself come inside, to remove your loneliness with “miracles”? Every living thing is a miracle, these are true gifts of life, granted to our own existence as “friends/ companions/ or realities of value by developments in respect”. Removing self from your own existence; takes away the prison walls of “there is nothing important here but me”. Miracles refine existence to understand: EVERYTHING HERE IS IMPORTANT, including me. Therefore the search begins to understand:  “how, could all this be”? The human description called    GOD  , then develops; as primary religion;  itself (we know this is no accident) tries to explain our relationship with life. But fails in a constant battle with want, belief, pride, power, and lust. Biblical JESUS, in comparison;  is the composition which cherishes and nurses the development of love as the essence of why, how, and who.

We then come to participation in the realities of life itself. Can you accept, the foundations of life, are love?  Can you accept, the deliberate actions which are clearly established by thought (as nothing else can build “anything”)/ built this life? Can you understand the conception of design, comes before manufacture or building? Nature is the measure of beauty, the reality of hope; that makes life possible: a miracle every single one.

Nothing less, unless you accept the sewage that is university evolution. Their statements: chaos builds life/ don’t need no damn brain/ things without conception or tools of any kind, built everything/ all you need is time, and yet humanity struggles even with just a tiny bit of time in comparison. Etcetera/ and so much more. Adaption is merely proof of intelligent design as in “I knew this would be needed, so I prepared”.

So we return to addiction and depression as the realities of what you do or do not accept as truth. If you honorably accept the value called love, built the miracle of you, and all that is in your life: then you have no cause to search in drugs {which include sex}/ or in self, which includes locking everything else out. The value of miracles participating in your life on the outside, and as love participating on the inside: is the essence of life itself; as is called “soul”. In contrast to that are the people who insist: life is a game, and we all end up eating dirt: so get whatever you can get, and take whatever you can take. A reality that fails happiness entirely, and turns to hate, as the method to use, or abuse you, by stealing your happiness for me. Or by playing god, which is “I won’t die”.

The ultimate identity of faith is:  GOD  loves me. Not as a game, or a belief, but as a friend within my soul. This is not by “language or the realities of evidence assigned within time”. But by the conscious understanding, that every miracle of life I see; is a true demonstration of love, and where I live in an environment designed and created by love. That love is then for me, and I turn within respect, to be “for HIM”. In respect, we find our friendships; even this one. Turn to life as its own truth, and be free. Happiness will result, as best we can.

As to opioid addiction, here is a true story; that explains it best. I fell, had spasms in the chest/ lasted hours, so I went to the emergency room; and received a prescription for muscle relaxant. Went to the pharmacy, to learn the prescription was for a month’s worth of opioid pain killers. Said I need no more than two days’ worth maximum (actually needed less than one day). The pharmacist said to me: if you don’t take the whole thirty days/ then you need a doctor visit & new prescription to get more. I bought three days’ worth.   Most take thirty days’ worth. Lesson: the opioid crisis is doctor/ hospital driven. Oh shoot: an addict, who needs “countless dollars” of medical treatment now.

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