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101 E MAIN ST.  URBANA IL 61801

Trial: 2018 TR 5950




2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E.  ST. JOESPH, IL 61873


DATED: 5/19/18   mailed to the court 5/ 21/ 18


This court case is now, & remains titled 2018 TR 005950: to be held in Champaign county courthouse courtroom L (traffic court) at 4:00 June 7, 2018. IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF DUE PROCESS. Which is the willful intent to deny access to a courtroom, by removing legal substance 302 U.S. 319; whereby justice as democracy intended shall be served under the “fundamental fairness” doctrine 410 U.S. 113. THE RIGHT to a fair hearing under 237 U.S. 309. My loss to a fair and constitutional tax litigation: is elementally the greatest loss any citizen can have under constitutional democracy. As is the denial of constitutional law, by the forms of tyranny that have been displayed by this traitorous act. And the court must prove otherwise, prior to any action it further takes.

The ticket summons, produces a mandate I received: which requires a courtroom appearance, and now the court has now agreed letter 5/16/18. But refuses my legal right as stated in letter 5/7/18 “you may plead not guilty and request a trial by jury”. You have refused subject matter jurisdictional guidelines; 147 P. 2d 759, 761! Establishing FRAUD in the court 310 F. 2d 262, 267. Your letter 5/16/18 Has removed my demand for jury trial, and handed me over: to a courtroom without jurisdiction in this matter: you do not have license to do that 160 P. 2d 37,39. Which constructs a malicious attempt to destroy that due process/ and keep the constitutional demand hidden from view. 234 F. Supp. 201, 203. To remove the constitution from the courtroom: is treason. That criminal act alone, is sufficient to remove for trial, the one who caused it to occur. It is an act that has occurred in this courtroom and others by trial established from James Frank Osterbur throughout both state and federal courts; again and again and again. 383 F. Supp. 346, 350.

THIS TRIAL:  is NOT a legal matter involving vehicles/ but a legal taxing, that has been disrupted by the refusal to obey constitutional law. The reality of a tax demanding payment; as nothing else, about the renewal of a license sticker is involved in motion or traffic. This is a taxing demand, nothing more or less!

That forms the inescapable conclusion: that my insistence, “I HAVE A DUTY” to deny this tax, until constitutional law is obeyed. I have a duty to expand resistance of that taxation to refusal of income taxation since 2011. Based upon the demand: I SHALL HAVE THE LEGITIMATE GUARANTEED FIRST AMENDMENT LEGAL RIGHT of redress of grievances as the constitution intended it to be/ as well as the fifth amendment in the IL constitution which grants the same redress of grievances against the state. A guaranteed constitutional right: is no joke, a mandate upon this court 341 U.S. 123, 162-163. There is no assertion that I should not or would not pay the tax; I insist/ once the law of our constitutional democracy is fulfilled. It is the job of every citizen, to do the same; so says democracy itself. Malice is recognized in the court judiciary 99 A 2d. 849, 854: by their, and their staff, and these traitorous acts, to destroy one of the legal foundations of this nation and state. And do harm to our democracy.

Trial expands that to recognize: the primary thrust, of true ramifications, that are MAJOR LIFE AND PLANET WORLD EXTINCTION EVENTS COMING SOON.  Intended to be addressed by this redress of grievances. The realities of corruption as must also be attended too, as is seen in this document as a prelude to that fact. THE DISCOVERY, that the free press exists no more: it has been dissolved by the US supreme court, and given over to a tiny few rich people; who edit by hiring editors to insure what they want to be heard; is all there shall be heard. The list is long, just as the threats we now face from an endless battering against life, planet, and nation or world has been horrendous. It is no small thing: there is no mitigating factors for the court 362 F. 2d 770, 774. The intent is to kill and keep silent: constitutional law, as is redress of grievances/ the only true power, granted to WE THE PEOPLE. A reality required by the facts of this day. 234 A. 2d 442, 443


In review of that action: reality states, the court does intend to sweep this litigation under the rug. And they may intend to simply incarcerate ME, by claiming contempt, or other; by some fashion of lies. As I cannot force them into obeying the law, or the constitution that is the foundation of law: what can or cannot happen is then primarily, up to you the public.        REDRESS, which is be aware of what threatens us all, INCLUDING our nation or state!  Grievances, which is DID OUR EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT obey their oath to us? Or IF OPPOSED, then not; by public choice and information? That very thing Is being barred from the court: which is illegal. Being illegal, a criminal act has occurred. Media has failed, thereby a courtroom is legally required!

Because media only worships, and obeys the university: they established “universities cannot be wrong”. Their religious worship of university, and the insistence only a “University diploma” belongs here:  does control the courtroom. EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION HOWEVER DEMANDS OVERSITE; because they gamble with our whole world, every living thing, every future life, and every portion and part of what we all need to survive! These things are NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED! Therefore the law is broken, because being wrong can in fact make all life extinct! Therefore we must know the risk, and make our own decision: IF THIS WILL BE ALLOWED/ or we fight to remove that risk! The constant is: Behind closed doors, with none watching (the news being destroyed);   the criminals inside the court do whatever they want/ regardless of law! The question before you the public is: do you want your democracy back, your world to be safer? Or, is the university  simply your god: your statement being, their threats don’t matter?

The constitution matters in democracy. The consequence of they’re being wrong; determines our own extinction. Therefore to the public I say: Rise up and defend your world, simple as that! IT IS, MY LEGAL duty to inform, establishing the role of “free press”/ by the fact, not only are we threatened as a world; we are threatened as a democracy as well. When you find a terrorist attempting to destroy life: is it NOT your duty as well/ to insure those whose lives will be lost: SHOULD UNDERSTAND? I have proven to be competent in exhibit C; WHEREIN, I have established questions which the universities must answer, regarding their theories; and the right “to risk our lives, our future, and our world”. To question the reality, and the validity of those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire on this earth (the burning of atoms): BY THE CONSEQUENCE OF BEING WRONG.

I have established in clear language: that the religion of evolution is NOT allowed, in governmental employ or its teaching to every child. By the realities of their own ignorance and failure by fantasies expressed. THE REALITY, THAT DNA IS NATURE ITSELF.

I have proven evidence in trials produced by James Frank Osterbur: that conspiracy, (to hide the law of redress) corruption (to remove that law, by frivolous means) and collusion (to decide as organized crime, to hide the evidence of our legal constitutional right) has been established against the fundamental law that is constitutional REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES 47 F. Supp. 395, 400-01. And it is treason. To hide the facts, that are consistent with protection of a nation, state, or world: is satanic (means to participate in: destroying a world). To choose self interests, without the conception required to protect the world itself: is terrorism. The trial demands: THE RIGHT TO KNOW, with a legal option to do something with that knowledge; to protect life, health, society, child, and world. That comes with redress of grievances, as is WE THE PEOPLE own this democracy, and will decide for ourselves: the rescue doctrine 188 P. 2d 121, 123.

I am the defendant here in this trial: being forced to use a taxation, TO REOPEN THE COURTROOM. To force compliance with constitutional law; as is my guaranteed right in this state and in this nation! Compulsory powers,  Fed. R. Civil. Proc. 45; 44A. 2d 540.   To produce the legal process by which AMERICA, and the STATE OF ILLINOIS citizens recognizes the constitutional power that is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. TO BE the democracy called WE THE PEOPLE, as is promised; and guaranteed by both state and nation. Concealment of that right has come to an end 236 N.E. 2d 63, 70.

That being done my focus returns to this court:  DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY,  and the law may be lenient. That is done by the advertisement I send: being widely distributed FOR TRUE PUBLIC VIEW; throughout this state, and available throughout the nation itself.  DO that quickly, and I will withhold the barrage of letters to a wide variety of legal, organizational, and political entities as are intended to then participate against YOU.

The question to be presented in this particular JURY trial, is a very simple one: do you, as a citizen representing all the others: OR, do you not accept, that a redress of grievances trial is necessary for this state and/ or, this nation. Yes or no!  Simple as that.

That forms the basis of my duty, and my complaint to resist taxation: based upon employee refusal to obey the law that is redress of grievances. UNTIL THE LAW is observed properly and with constitutional obedience to the purpose that law was created.

ONCE that LEGAL RIGHT/ the demand for constitutional democracy, is accomplished: I will happily file late income tax forms, buy the sticker, and finish with that action. As to penalties, fines, or other as may come through this action: IT IS, up to the jury to decide. Because the purpose of a jury is to identify:  JUSTICE, THROUGH FAIR PLAY/ and that is always intrinsically identified by the penalty involved; anything less is tyranny (an absolute power). The jury trial is our protection, through its ability to prove “this is fair to us all/ just as it would be fair to me; if I stood on trial”.

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