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BY LEGAL TRIAL, #_______________

In the state of Illinois/ the nation called “United States of America”/ for the sake of our world.

The value and reality by legal democratic authority, the decision to be made is: SHALL, WE THE PEOPLE, allow our earth, our nature, our future, and our lives; TO BE GAMBLED WITH?

THE REALITY of that decision is critically understood as:

There are NO SECOND CHANCES/ there is NO POSSIBILITY, to return life, nature, the future, our ourselves; to a state of reality that exists, as it is today.

The universities, through our employees of government: have elected to play god with everything we need to survive/ with everything this world represents, as both life and balance in nature and world.

The mutilation of genetic DNA IS NATURE ITSELF; as these instructions build every body of life on this planet. Which means everything alive, is now subject to human tampering, failure, or just plain hate!

The extreme experimentation with energy, as is clearly defined through the website www.iter.org establishes the intent and true description: that our leaders have elected to ignite the same energy source here on earth as is on the sun. BEING WRONG, ESTABLISHES THIS EARTH TURNS INTO A SUN; and WE BURN.

The critical lack of leadership with values for life comes first/ not self.

Constructs a level of threat against even the possibilities of a future for this world, that is at the edge of exterminating all life on this planet. The examination of those threats, requires OUR DECISION. Whereas to be wrong means EXTINCTION. Trial additionally establishes a level of threat exists for both state and nation as well.

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (the purpose of this trial), IS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW; guarantee’s the legal right to examine our employees, in a court: to determine if they have or have not kept their sworn oath to ourselves. A right to examine that reality, established by the proximity to failure we are entitled to understand for ourselves. The right to determine by democratic authority: IF CHANGE must come/ by our own decisions.

The critical truth of our reality is:

That we the people hold the keys, to what happens next. The question is: ARE YOU/ OR ARE YOU NOT, going to allow the true possibilities of what RISKING EVERYTHING CALLED LIFE; honestly means?

The extreme truth reminds you again: THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Save this world, or it will die. Let the evidence of a courtroom investigation prove what is true!

JOIN AND DEMAND:  THIS TRIAL! Make certain it is true to the purpose for our NEED TO KNOW. Anything less, is cowardice and betrayal.

For the sake of your child, your life, your world, and everything of value to us all.

The search outside your courtroom, begins at:

               www.justtalking2.info (redress)

  www.justtalking5.info (threat) &  www.justtalking7.info (trial)

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Jim Osterbur


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