1. Every theory the “university elite” have presented in terms of the sun; and its heat generation: is an unproven/ unsubstantiated/ guess. Without any support from reality, other than “it’s a ten million degree F. heat source with up to 12 million mile long solar flares of heat energy.  in contrast to that:  every reality, regarding the sun, as is proven by the evidence that I have supported, can be considered true! This case is then set to: “Challenge them both”!

 In the courtroom of Champaign County IL

101 E main st. Urbana IL

Ticket issued #9168

James F. Osterbur

Dated 5/11/18

This court has not recognized, nor stated within the evidence that it did in fact receive the court filing sent by James F. Osterbur through US postal mail. Tracking number  9114  9014  9645 1558 4657 62  4/27/18   10:48:12  inv # 000001 appr code  receipt # 3

So I am re-sending that filing as an exact duplicate;  signature excepted.

I will remind the secretary of this court: that removal of constitutional guarantees is a very serious offense, with criminal consequences/ more so, than simply obeying a judge.

As established in BOLD letters above the purpose of exhibit C which was sent as a book called “building time” in the first mailing is not being sent this time. Because you already have it. That said: I remind the humanity of all, that extreme experimentation is a gamble with every life on this planet FOREVER.  Particularly when confronted by the same fire here, as is on the sun itself. Which several facilities including www.iter.org, a reality soon to be tested IS LITERALLY TRYING TO IGNITE here on earth.

MY BOOK, WHICH IS BALANCED AND DEFINES REALITY instead of the outright delusions, fantasies, and outright lies associated with fusion or the experiments already done and being done. THEREBY, the question as to whether those who threaten our entire world, and even this solar system with a fire that cannot be put out: HAS BEEN SET, in this court. THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS;   every living thing dies in HORROR.

Their claim is:  we don’t have to worry about a nuclear fire because it will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here on earth. While their assertion of gravity is an element 15 times heavier than lead:  which is pure science delusion/ and has been proven NOT to exist. Just like the Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco: has already proven fusion is a lie. Yet all remain silent:  because they want their job.

THE FOUNDATION LEGAL CLAIM IS:   WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW, when our lives, our nature, our planet, our nation, and our world is threatened with EXTINCTION!      It ain’t no game, the consequences are real, and WITHOUT mercy.

         THIS FOUNDATION LEGAL RIGHT OF REDRESS, for the people themselves:  is to determine, if the people themselves as a nation, or even state. Wish to decide: that we don’t need to know which theoretical claim is true. ALL WE NEED TO KNOW IS:  NOBODY GETS TO GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH; and that includes with genetics, and more.  OUR NATION/ OUR LIVES/ OUR FUTURE= EQUALS OUR DECISION! 

         The rest matters, but is irrelevant by comparison.

Proceed to trial, or accept the consequences of your own actions against a world of life:


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Jim Osterbur

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