4th filing

4th filing


101 E MAIN ST.  URBANA IL 61801

Trial: 2018 TR 5950




2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E.  ST. JOESPH, IL 61873

DATED: 5/22/18

If you are to be cursed/ then do so yourselves. As I know the reality is beyond the cause.

Fools assume, because they simply want what they want. Or they believe the price of making a decision for life itself, will cost them more than they want to pay, “we don’t want that: period.

Reality however proves what it proves, the evidence of consequences BEYOND even extinction; are insurmountable.

So I present you with one small fact sheet; because even this tiny trial can make a difference/ but you choose not to care. I REMIND YOU DELIBERATELY; when playing god with the same energy source as is on the sun/ if your scientists are even one tiny little bit wrong:  our world becomes a sun. Because there is no going back, once ignition begins.

  1. Of the many tragedies we face as a world, “the greatest abomination” of them all: is trying to ignite the same energy source as is on the sun here on this earth. The cost of being even a tiny bit wrong is: our earth becomes another sun. the reality of participation in destroying this entire creation of life and planet, is literally beyond extinction/ as it is a “declared war on  our CREATOR”.
  2. Even so, some of the monkey brain of science declares the following fantasies, WHICH ARE so ludicrous no one has a right to believe them. They are: if you want a better understanding/ read exhibit C.
  3. That fusion exists [combining two hydrogen atoms into helium, is where all the energy exists]. The national ignition facility in San Francisco has already proven that wrong. But ask yourself anyway: if every btu of energy exists because of making helium/ then where is the helium?
  4. If the sun gets its energy from destroying hydrogen as its fuel source [as is the claim of fusion]/ then HOW BIG did the sun have to be “4.5 billion years ago” as is the statement of university? It USES hydrogen, FOR FUEL/ so how much hydrogen did the sun consume over 4.5 billion years? Would it not need to have been within the orbit of Venus? Just how did this planet survive? Since we know hydrogen is a light gas: exactly WHERE is it stored in a sun where the core is said to be over 50 million degrees- the outer edges 10 million degrees F?
  5. How is the lightest gas considered to be the heaviest object in this solar system? Why is it not ejected into space, along with all the energy the sun does in fact eject: which means it is using fuel.
  6. Your scientists claim there is a fantasy element hidden in the core which makes the gravity; an element 15 times heavier than lead, which never gets below 50 million degrees hot; or thereabouts. “makes itself hot from extreme pressures”. But let’s examine that: how stable is an element that is fifty million degrees hot? An entire sun; nothing known as an element here on earth can sustain that without going into a plasma state; plasma is not stable on its own; and it does consume a great deal of outside energy to get there. So where does the energy come from? Heat is not its own source of energy, that is a reaction. so your scientists say: it must be making heavier atoms. BUT AN ATOM, is not simply two substances bound together/ an atom spins, and in that spin is where the real energy is found. Nothing about heat constructs an ability to spin and bind an atom together. Nothing about an element 15 times heavier than lead can be proven/ it does not exist.
  7. Your scientists claim the graviton is where the gravity comes from; yet they cannot explain any part of gravity other than a larger mass attracts a smaller mass. Whereas the foundation of atomic structure is: that for an extreme amount of kinetic energy to be held stable in a constant spinning motion/ there MUST be an opposite energy retaining that outward motion, so that it does not escape, and the atom physically destroy itself. A chemical fire here on earth burns molecular bonds. The sun burns the bond holding an atom together; separating the energy that goes outward/ from the opposite energy that holds the atom together. Heat then radiates out/ while what is called “dark energy” goes within; bringing with it what is called solar gravity. NOT a graviton, a released atomic bond. Which means the atom itself is the fuel on fire; on the sun.
  8. Everything about “monkey brain science”; as are the fantasies displayed as their knowledge about the sun. like all of university education “one man declares a theory/ the rest gloom on, because they need an answer, or nobody pays attention”; and a fantasy is born. It is like Einstein’s theory of energy: which reads energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. The formula for kinetic energy is  kinetic energy is equal to mass times speed. Which literally proves Einstein’s theory is simply the formula for kinetic energy, with speed as a constant. Kinetic energy is NOT the basis of energy at all/ it is a heat reaction to the consequences of what causes force to exist. While you may call heat an energy, it is not the cause of force at an elemental level. That would entail:  why does speed or mass exist?
  9. Everything about the sun demands: it is an atomic fire. We know the atom has enormous amounts of energy when released. We know it is not a supernova explosion/ and we know the look and realities of a fire. Your scientists say, with one million mile long flames.  4 times the distance between earth and moon. We know that we cannot take the fuel source away, when it is an atom that is on fire. We know, that the tokomak reactor being used to ignite atoms on fire; has nothing to do with the claim of fusion. It is a plasma incinerator/ that has barely enough energy to contain that reaction. fusion demands great pressures according to your scientists/ a tokomak DOES NOT generate any part of process of that pressure. Because it spins the plasma, it actually reduces the pressure. The new tokomaks are built to be electrical power plants: which means they are going to force immense amounts of fuel into the tokomak/ in a deliberate attempt to ignite atoms on fire. They’re claim is:  NO WE DON’T have to worry about the fire/ NOT ENOUGH gravity here on earth, so the fire will just put itself out, “it will just vanish into outer space”. But of course if they are wrong; earth becomes a sun.
  10. And that is just one of the many extreme threats we face; at the hands of our leadership. Realities nobody gets to survive; if they are even one tiny bit wrong. And they are wrong about everything important. So the public has a right to know these things. IT IS THEIR LAST CHANCE, to save themselves, this world, and their child. Literally, because like the sun here on earth; there is no going back.




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