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Trial: 2018 TR 5950




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DATED: 5/23/18           5th filing


Reality states, whether you read the filings or not: they are presented to you, as an elevation of trial

The question is simple:  do we, or do we not as state or nation DESERVE to know what threatens our lives, our world, our future, and every child?

The answer is yes: we do deserve to know/ and media absolutely refuses. Because NOBODY wants to face our reality, and the imminent danger we all face. Unfortunately that simply won’t change anything, that is about to make us extinct.

Thereby we look at the another selection of basic threat, that must be changed for this earth to survive. They are just facts, unbiased as best I can.

  1. IF you accept there are eight billion people on this planet today: even if you don’t NONE argue there soon will be. That reality means: during a year, if one more baby is born over deaths (which means next year there shall be 81 lives instead of 80) that represents a world human population growth of 100 million more people to feed next year, than this year. They grow; 365 days of eating just one pound of food per day per person equals an additional 365 million more pounds of food, not including losses; that is required/ plus the water, housing, etc.  One hundred million per year equals one billion MORE within ten years.
  2. Human population growth on average over the last one hundred years is equal to about 3-4 percent increase/ instead of just one and a half percent; as is given above. In other words without population control, there is no future for anyone outside of cannibalism and hell. Simply how it is.
  3. Food resources are all threatened with collapse: particularly hard hit are the oceans. Which includes the loss of ice is more than just global warming, ice in the sea, is where a large percentage of base food organisms begin their life. No ice, no base food group for the creatures we eat. Every incubator in the ocean is under attack. Trawlers literally consume all the fish in any given neighborhood, or trash the environment necessary for another generation/ and leave nothing for regeneration of the species. With plant genetics, every plant is being changed in ways that can easily result in a wide variety of consequences; which includes “it is   poison to us now”. With seed companies preparing all the seed: they eliminate diversity completely; making every plant inescapably “disease vulnerable”. With livestock, every major operation is dependent upon antibiotics; one pandemic and they are wiped out; because antibiotics are failing; ask any medical doctor. We cannot wait to grow them back/ and there are no other solutions left: the factory farm is all there is. Just for starters.
  4. The pollinators (insects for short) are in fact another base food group, for a VERY wide variety of life; without pollination one in every three bites of food you eat disappears; along with most diversity. The pollinators are nearly wiped out with poisons and mutilated plants intent upon killing them all; city and country, everywhere. With them gone, it literally will be a silent spring/ no food, no life.
  5. The end of habitat is extinction for a wide variety more. we have overrun nature, and it can no longer out produce our taking of everything.
  6. Resource destruction is horrendous; just to feed the factories; so we can throw it all in the garbage. According to wall street ten years ago: we use more resources in ten years than in all of human history combined. Really how long will it last? Answer not long/ the children are dead.
  7. Global warming is about global ice, and its effect on cooling this planet in the summer. No cooling and soon one hundred and fifty degrees. No cooling no growth of food or keeping anything alive.


Just a few notable realities each of which can easily “cast us into hell”. Which means a world engulfed by chaos, as there is nothing left for the majority, and weapons of mass destruction are certain to be used, “to cull the herd”.

So this lawsuit; which the courts have done their best to remove throughout the decades: is really just telling you “without change” there is no chance to survive. Simple as that. But hey, who can tell you anything, right!


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Jim Osterbur

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