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DATED: 5/24/18           6th filing


Because you have limited abilities to concentrate on any element of threat; as does surround us all.

Nonetheless, here we search within the realities of genetic mutilation: brought to you by evolution, “the universities chosen religion, by which they declare themselves to be god”. By which, they invaded the educational realities of a nation: to prove “we can do anything we want:  as when questioned about consequences, geneticists say;  don’t worry, no matter what we break, mutilate, or destroy, evolution will just bring something else back, in a billion years or so”.  Well, who could argue with that?

The stated objectives of genetic science are:  to be god over life/ to remove the disciplines, order, and balance which build the bodies of life; so that we can play god, and build new life as we see fit/ to prove “god is nothing, and we the university is everything”. While they crucify life itself, in a constant battle across this world to inject and cause genetic information to erupt in ways that nature never intended. Consistent with taking a biological possibility, and imprisoning that growing life with “satan himself” (destroyer of everything). Throwing anything that survives immediately into the common  genetic pool of life itself; to create a new disease, or infect the rest in whatever way is possible, so as to declare “we are gods”/ we did it.

So what is wrong with that: do we not have a right to learn. Destroying things is how we learn at university. Destroying things, by every method  possible; is how we become “a phd”. Now we know, what goes wrong, and can avoid doing that when we design this for ourselves. Hell, we will wipe away every tear, with our medicine/ that alone makes crucifying, or mutilating anything that cannot defend itself: WORTH DOING.

But  alas, like AIDS and every other disease, just because you want to do something, or believe you can do something: reality simply will not go away. You can destroy life, by mutilating genetics/ who cannot understand that? Genetics as in specifically DNA and its associated resources are nature here on earth, as this does build the bodies of life. Crucify it, and there are no further bodies of working life; which is chaos/ which is biblical Armageddon. Simple as that. given the opportunity of DNA, it is reported that numerous more biological warfare realities have emerged across the world. With education, you have opened the door to biological warfare possibilities for millions/ not just universities or governments. Once released, the world dies. Simple as that.

So we look at the truth of what you chose to play with in genetics itself: let’s stick to human. Our lives begin as “an egg”, which turns into 206 specially formed bones, which give themselves “ball and socket joints”/ ties each one together on its own. Grows with the body in direct proportion to each other (no small feat). Bones build blood cells for us/ bones lubricate themselves at the joints/ bones repair themselves, and make life as a human being possible. Bones are tied to muscles automatically. There are 6-800 muscles in a human body; each of which must begin on its own, and wrap in a very specific pattern and order around and within the body tying itself in such a way as to not interfere or cause problems with the rest. No small feat! Every organ must be placed and plumbed and hung. 60,000 miles of blood vessels to feed the body and 300,000,000 capillaries to feed the cells. No small feat. Then we have the nervous system: just to start.

Our central nervous system is a marvel of nature and an essential control system of our body. While many of its processes are still not decoded, scientists can reveal these impressive statistics:

0.0000001 Weight in grams of a large neuron (nerve cell)

0.00001 Diameter in meters of a neuron

35 Average weight in grams of the human spinal cord

45  Average length in centimetres of the human spinal cord

1,300 Average weight in grams of a human brain

1,000 to 10,000 The number of synapses for each neuron in the human brain

1,000,000,000 Synapses are the functional connecting structure between a nerve cell axon and target cells (e.g. other nerve cells, muscle cells or gland cells).

100,000,000,000 There are about one billion neurons in the spinal cord

There are about one hundred billion neurons in the human brain

1,000,000,000,000 There are about one trillion glial cells in the human brain

THAT IS just to start; and the universities call this their toy. Which they are allowed to play with in its entirety because they want too. Even though they know absolutely nothing in real terms about its realities or the importance of even one single thing; or they would NOT touch it, to any degree. As children they argue “yes we can”. As reality states:  even if you were to locate some aspects which can be controlled the damage done to others would or could be extinction: because NONE OF THIS, can be rebuilt by humanity. You don’t even have a clue, as to where “the software” which controls the body comes from or is in its physical relationship to life. Without software (to tell it what to do), even if you have a completed robot: it does absolutely nothing. The curse of humanity is: we want to try, “we WANT, to be god”. Because we don’t want to die. But if life did not die/ the children would. Or as is evident today: human population rise would destroy the planet itself, and then nobody lives.

Religion resolves the problem of death, by proclaiming: you can want whatever you want. But reality proves that simply is not so: truth will decide. That truth is:  “our CREATOR” will decide what happens when we die.

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