To survive, this world MUST find happiness/ rather than the effluent that is pride. I win is limited to self/ whereas I lose, creates revenge, loss, depression, suicide, and a variety of problems which include fundamental criminal causes. Pride is an enemy, much like power.

HAPPINESS is governed by the three primary elements of human life:  “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me”! But like pride, which says “only I can truly be the winner here”/ if you don’t return these primary elements to someone else who is willing to participate with you: then you in effect steal their efforts to be friend.

So the value of a life is governed by three functional elements of your own behavior: will you share/ will you care/ do you respect life and world. If you do not share, you grow pride as its replacement. If you do not care, you grow want as its replacement. If you do not respect life or world, you choose to destroy what has value in order to make yourself more important than you are. Simple as that.

The reality of sex adds into that composition of purpose, with three simple truths: they are questions.  Do you want a chemical release or do you desire the essence of our truth as one to be shared? Do you literally care about my life, and extend that to my happiness in sexual relations/ or do you just lust after body, and find no desire for me as a person inside? Do you respect the truth, that I alone own this body/ it is not yours, it is mine {same for you}: which I give only to those who respect me, who desire me as a life not a body, and who remember that honesty proves love is its own reward? Which does mean: sex is never to be forced {by any method} or taken lightly as a game.

We then ask, if happiness were a quest:  then where would we search?

The answer is: always be open to the possibilities of true participation with respect. Always remember, that an open door is NOT an invitation to believe anything you want. Discipline yourself, to understand: value is earned, not subjected to want or pride. Never forget: pride and want identify the person inside/ as does mean: “this is how they tell you what the future with me, as a person; will be. Economics, and basic realities of health, and society aside. Remember to communicate and participate as best you can; it is important, because we must share something to find cause for a bond. Every bond of every kind: is formed from trust. Respect determines the relationship. Your ability to communicate about what someone else is interested in (they you): forms the basis of how much time will be allotted to you, to create “marriage, or its companion forms; as is I desire spending time with you”. Abuse or to be used, enslaved, or other; establishes a mind in turmoil, which cannot be trusted as hate lives here too. Hate and love are extreme opposites: they never live together. In people who want both as part of their lives; they will live in turmoil, until one side or the other “wins their soul”. Love never wins in a relationship, truth does. Love remembers happiness grows through our “honest and fair”, acceptance of each other. Reality knows, “if you want perfection, find a different planet”. An orderly life is constructed one decision at a time, with careful consideration of the consequences. A disciplined life is determined by courage, the need to accept the price you have committed yourself too/ even if you don’t desire all the potential results. A balanced life never forgets, “I am not alone here”. While a “wild life” lives or dies in any of the potential moments, of failure.

Happiness exists by the extension of value, from you to me/ I to you. Therefrom the existence of value within ourselves, arises to prove “who I am, with you”. The distance we remove ourselves from these moments; determines the depth our relationships can achieve. More simply if you hide yourself: then, we can never truly know each other. In contrast to that are, the realities of betrayal/ liar/ thief/ cheat/ & terrorist. More simply if we trust those who will certainly fail us; then we fail ourselves. A liar can never be trusted; so remember to find truth in each other, or find another: because trouble will come. Remember that forgiveness is about change. If there is no distinct change, then there is no distinct forgiveness. Our security comes from accepting the truth:  our lives, our love, even our souls, are only protected when we put  GOD FIRST in our everything.

Fools argue:  there is no god, I prayed and nothing happened! As if  GOD, was your indentured servant or slave.

Religious argue: only my GOD exists/ yours does not. Because the most important thing to the religious is to be RIGHT. Which grants power and superiority and pride. In other words, my belief is all about ME; and I don’t need to care about the rest!

Those who have faith, “let truth be my path/ even if I must walk alone”. Understand the meaning of love is this:  that I have found a friend, and need not be lonely anymore.

Those who hate, offer:  “let me hold your hand and dry your tears”/ so that you give to me everything you have, and more.

Happiness is not a servant to be ordered around and do your bidding: it cannot be bought. Those who offer pride, and its compensation called a trophy; have no true friend/ only those who want “their share” by any means possible. A friend is the essence of happiness/ just as marriage is a decision not only to be friends, but intimate and shared with each other as if our lives belong to each other without restraint. To be friends requires a companion, which literally requires your time and commitment to participation in their lives, and they in yours. NOT you make all my decisions too. But a relationship governed primarily by truth, so that the future can be as we decide together: truth will provide for us both. Everything else is “fifty/ fifty”. Gambling by any form, removes truth to uncover pride.

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Jim Osterbur

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