One of the many constants in human life is: the rich man always says, “if this is going to cost me (ten cents), I didn’t expect to pay/ then I am mad”. Which leads to a wide variety of responses, some criminal, some not; for the purpose of making more money [regardless who else has to pay], not less. That is the basis of capitalism: you could have more, if you can take it from someone else. Therefore we know, that capitalism is fundamentally just greed. While limited capitalism establishes the fact, that you may be greedy for yourself/ IF, you do not destroy the opportunities, but share the possibilities, resources, and work fairly with the rest. Trade wars are slightly more complex, but the net result is: those who can take more, want more for themselves/ regardless of who bears the brunt force, of that greed. Limited capitalism established a limit to greed, making it impossible to benefit beyond the limits set by the public: which makes it undesirable to “cross the line” to steal their business, industry, resources, pleasant life, or whatever. Without excessive wealth to protect or obtain/ there is no power to raise or pay for armies. Which does end the majority of war/ if there is no trophy, there is no war. Unless the destruction of environment causes the reality of “we are going to die”/ if we don’t take what the others have.

Thereby we know, there are only two real foundations for war:  those wars started for greed/ and those wars pursued, because our environment cannot support our numbers, with security anymore. The greatest threat is: human population growth.

Which brings us to: The foundation of race trouble (you look different than me)/ is elementally then: if someone has to die, so the rest can live/ then this group, can be identified as DIFFERENT. Making “us or them” simple and plain; regardless of any other reality. Because someone has to die/ the competition is too great. Even so, race is an element of change between separate realities of human existence. In its most simple sense: like deer or dogs or any other species in this world; small changes in like groups do represent different abilities as are not specifically shared by the whole of either group. Which means intermingling can benefit or hurt the prime group/ or present a new species within that group altogether. In other words, we don’t share exactly the same things anymore/ a reality that separates the group, when confronted with a predator: because the group then cannot respond in exactly the same way. And that causes the prey group to trip and fall over itself, making the whole an easy target for death.

We then recognize, that humanity responds to greed/ or fights against it; and humanity responds to threats, even subtle ones, by trying to remain as constant and uniform as possible, when faced with a predator (we will save ourselves, first). To combat these two things, by recognizing limited capitalism has merit. Which means it allows freedom of your own actions or reactions to lead toward your own decisions and thereby your own participation in the group. But it also restrains the attack of greed, by becoming the barrier we won’t let you cross; as an army who says, “you have enough/ the rest is ours”. Dependent upon how we share, the resources available, and what we share; the elements of competition do fall aside. So long as the human population does not explode and make all possibilities of security fall aside. There is no world to live in, when humanity dissolves the possibilities for all of life. Which brings us to population control, and the realities of death.

Population control is:  a human decision, to save this world from ourselves! It is not a game, and it is not an option:  the opportunities of “less death”/ keeps more mouths to feed alive. Instead of roughly 4 billion people fifty years ago/ we now have roughly 8 billion mouths to feed; and are increasing at more than one billion per decade. You cannot “war them away”/ because like Syria, everything the rest need also disappears. Or considered another way:  “kill a billion people/ and they will just reappear as numbers on earth within a decade”. Or another way: armies must kill AT LEAST one hundred million people, each and every year from now on to sustain the population of today, at this level. Some will argue “release the biological plagues”/ but it is highly unlikely, they will be stopped; which means extinction. As men made them horrific/ and the “extra diseases” those dead bodies will create; will prove extermination. Which brings us back to population control: the deliberate decision, to stop ourselves from creating more humanity than this earth will allow. It is a decision, either way; because the one and only honestly, valuable thing created by the universities is, optional pregnancy.

A vasectomy is not optional as it does almost no good in terms of controlling pregnancy; and IT DOES remove the “operational chemicals” from men; which destroys the primary function of sex for women as well. Birth control without a vasectomy, has value if possible; without damaging genetics. Which leaves birth control at this time, in the hands of women entirely: their body/ their right; men are not involved. SIMPLE AS THAT.

I will not venture to suggest, “what women should do”/ it is their decision as a true group, wherein majority does rule. Because population control is NOT optional, it is our reality; simple and plain. If we are to survive.

That brings us to death; a reality we all face/ but also a reality this whole world does face right now, as there are already MANY threats. EACH OF WHICH, can make us all extinct! Nothing more blatant, than trying to ignite sun fire, here on earth. No matter what you call the energy, or describe it as: bringing that energy source, which heats this entire planet from 91 million miles away: HAS CONSEQUENCES!  Being wrong about “don’t worry, there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”/ is NOT enough cause, to gamble our entire world on the result. Take another look at the sun, ask yourself:  DO WE WANT TO ALLOW, IGNITION OF THAT ENERGY HERE ON EARTH?  Because we certainly cannot extinguish the flame or “stop the sun as it were.”  HOW IS THAT NOT CLEAR!  Which means there is no going back from that ignition; and several facilities are trying to ignite that energy source, and have been as well. Right here on earth. One second too late, and we all burn in “SUN FIRE”. Because that is reality, plain and simple truth.

Want does this/ arrogance does this/ pride does this/ resource destruction does this: BUT THE ANSWER IS, stop destroying our home. Rather than pretending there are no limits or boundaries people must accept, to keep this world alive. It is simply, not true!

The constant of human behavior is this: if I don’t create fear in you/ which makes you panic, NOT think. Then “the message” regardless what it is; can and will be thrown into the trash: “if this is going to cost me (ten cents), I didn’t expect to pay/ then I am mad”. Because you know, that you are in fact rich by the evidence of body and mind. Because if you can find ONE single thing, to prove “this messenger is not perfect”/ then you don’t need to listen to anything he or she says.

The constant of truth however is:  by the evidence, I need not be perfect/ YOU ARE going to die as a world; if those who pretend they can control “sun fire” are even a tiny bit WRONG! And that, is only the beginning.

The constant of human behavior is: that the old know, “there is no going back, to do many things over”. What you risk and lose, can easily be lost forever. The young never having faced the consequences of being wrong; fail to understand the true depth of that reality. Which means in real terms, that “university babies (no clue at all/ or they want us dead)” have formed the foundation of university ignorance; and yet they lead.

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Jim Osterbur

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