The lawless; are ANY group of people who believe they are so far superior in their intellect, that we have no basis whatsoever to question them, or their beliefs.

The are lawless, because the law has no intellect (no reason for being) other than truth/ and truth does not care. Obedience to the law means:  that truth must govern all our actions/ the limits and boundaries of what can or cannot attain the purpose and definitions of this law must be found, and accepted as fact. It is not optional, nor is it intellectual by design. Your reason does not count for anything. In contrast to that, are the lawless who believe “their reason” is the law/ and it counts for everything: because that, is what we want to believe. Rules extend from the lawless, so that they may prove their superiority, by tyranny.

Given that foundation of history, in the lives of men: the lawless, have always ruled over the many. Because the many are controlled, or confronted, by the followers of men: with their weapons.

We then examine: what is life, what is society, “without a weapon to threaten death”?

Life is, the fundamental choices we make, which become our identity, through our decisions. Time is an open door, through which the living begin to understand: the consequences of our choice.

Society is, the critical freedoms which we sustain for ourselves by laws we create/ or the critical failures we must endure, because a liar, thief, and traitors took control.

Without a weapon, society only endures for a short time: because the reality of human decision is to attack the environment, and everything in it. To prove: “I am superior/ I have a trophy/ look and listen to ME”. Which ends with the destruction of everything we need to survive. Which brings out the thieves, murderers, terrorists, and more.

With a weapon:  governments form to create limits and boundaries, thereby forming a blunt wall; to those who want to take whatever they want/ or destroy whatever they desire. Weapons however bring with them rules; and rules breakdown freedoms to enslave and destroy the laws. A few rules are mandatory, because we must all recognize an orderly society cannot function, unless we bind ourselves to certain functional requirements. Laws however decide if there will be peace. Policing and the courts, decide if there will be harmony. So the critical summary of a weapon is: that limiting realities of human behavior/ as are “lawless”; requires sufficient force. Too much force, and society dies inside, where life finds fear.

There is NO ideology in governing a society; because every ideology is created to take individual freedoms away. The consequence is unhappiness; because freedoms are lost. There is NO righteous method of controlling humanity, and making them “do what is right”/ because that makes one group superior to the others; and not equal. The consequence is: war, even if it is not seen. There is NO substantial “we, instead of I”; because internally we exist as a single form of self. Thereby all attempts to remove that “I, and replace it with we”; construct a battleground, whenever it does not benefit me. The consequence; I have become lonely; they separated me out.

So the question of how do we create a society that works with the least amount of intervention by those who want to control us. Is to understand:  our decisions, not only form the basis and foundation of what our future is going to be. Those same decisions by their outcome form the basis and foundations for the future, of what our society is going to be.

Therefore THE DECISIONS: that become our laws, which then govern both our lives and our society, MUST BE HELD AS SACRED to us all. Which literally means: your duty to life itself, requires that you are fully invested, with honesty and honor;  in the decision that we must all make for our world, our societies, our children, and our lives.

Those decisions form society, and create the freedoms we will experience or express.

The critical consequence of men in charge is:  even if one group chooses well, and builds a valued society/ another group having destroyed itself, by its own failures; WILL be coming to take what they need, by destroying you and your society. As history proves again and again and again throughout all of;  men shall lead.

The critical response is then:  to remove ALL extreme weapons from every society/ so that none can tear down what we need to survive. Which requires WORLD LAW, the decisions of we the people in governance over our leaders. A law: that rules over, and brings to justice;  those who rule over us. A law that must be erected as “we the people of this world shall choose, and enforce by our own military might” as must be equal too, or better than any other nation on earth. And that means: national military in every nation SHALL be limited in size and strength; no exceptions. Same for all, establishes:  the money spent, shall no longer be yours/ but ours as well.

The critical response to governing ourselves is:  that we must control the realities of money. Simple as that, because too much money creates war/ just as too little money creates armies! The correct response is “limited capitalism”. Which means:  we do have the right as a nation to declare by our own decision and vote, “HOW MUCH money, or property;  anyone can control. This is “save some for us”/ rather than control you. A reality we do deserve to enforce and control; as equals under the law. This is basically a reality of limiting income per year to an agreed upon amount/ WHICH DOES return for vote every 12 years or so. Because there shall always be thieves, who do whatever they can to worm inside and create a hole.

The critical response is:  our survival depends upon nature, planet, resource, and a desire to live. Therefore anyone who threatens these things, shall be determined as a terrorist, or less; with appropriate measures taken. That means we will take control over our planetary resources; because we absolutely must. And insure, that the future has something for itself; as best we can. No more wanting/ no more power/ no more pride: definitions that establish LIFE HAS VALUE, not the demands of men or women without merit.

The critical response is:  that some will always choose hate. It is a reality of our existence. Love/ hate/ and survival; are the only true choices of our humanity; as in everything comes back to this choice. Survival is limited to reality, as such not a true choice. Love is a choice. Hate is a choice. Both are complete opposites of the other. Hate exists by cannibalizing love. Consequently: removing hate from love, establishes a peaceful and harmonious unafraid society which lives together without fear.  Whereas hate as a society, can only “live and breathe” by demanding war on those who love. So the true question is:  HOW MANY hate/ and how many love?  Because separation is the value added to our existence, when hate is removed. The critical question is: WHERE CAN we trap them outside the boundary lines of our own existence; and insure they never come back? The risk is limited, because a group of any size, that owns only hate; CANNOT survive itself/ fails to build, because hate literally only destroys.

The critical question is: WHY do men choose war? The most fundamental answer is: leaders want to prove they can/ while followers, have run out of answers, and are attacked. Obey or die, and from the other side; fight or die. The most functional answer is:  because it is easy to be lawless in war/ it is recognized that everyone but an enemy has value in war/ because, there is an expectation for reward. Because reality suggests: KILL them, and you never need to fear them again. You can even take their stuff, for your trophy. A bill of rights is necessary.

The critical question is: WHY do women not choose war? Answer: because the law works for them better/ than an all-out physical confrontation with men.

It should be said, that war is the force of hate and desperation combined. Some enter it wanting to be more/ some become less/ some cannot bear the price; but the vast majority simply want to go home. Leaders do what the politicians say. Politicians do what the rich men say. Life and death are given to fate, as the consequences of a single momentary decision on either side of the line; produces its own result.

Men are, what men are: some are highly valued/ while others are of little value if any. The lesson of life is: walk away if you can/ fight only if you must. Understand the difference, and accept the courage that will become your life. It is not murder to kill someone who intends to kill you. It is murder, to seek revenge; where only the law should rise. The difference is:  I cannot be kind to you.

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