Lessons exist, in the elemental reality of “my own damaged ears”. The result of a “relationship with wants”.

Dad bought a cab for a tractor, that he did not want to invest any more money in. So he found one, from a lawsuit; that the implement dealer had been paid to take off and destroy. I was there/ he was told no; but with a little extra effort the salesman said yes. Not one word of this is a bad decision, which will damage one of our lives; could be heard.

BUT, this is in the year, my nephew Jason died at 9 months old from a brain tumor/ they lived a mile away. And it did affect all our lives. The lesson being: “we can’t, have what we want”. The human reaction to that is:  I want what I want.

So, we put the cab on, out to the field we go; and damage follows quickly. But we are planting corn, which has a limited window of opportunity; and must be finished realistically on time; or the farm can be lost. I wanted to help, not hurt the farm. Dad could not hear the complaint/ did not know how to respond; as he was certain “no hearing lost could happen from this”. He wanted a cheap cab badly. I tried several things, wanted a simple solution; none of which was sufficient. I considered taking off the windows; but some could not.  Breaking out all the windows, which would have relieved some of the pressure/ but refused, because it was not my machine. I wanted to respect that. I failed to accept the responsibility to protect my own body; because “this was just a few months following Jason’s death”/ and I did not want to “rock the boat”. Nobody is prepared to deal with the consequences of “more trouble”. Then at harvest season, with my ears having repaired themselves somewhat, I wanted to help with the harvest. Could not, and was then trapped by ears which could not drive far/ or let me work, to any degree other than write.

So I summarize this event with the singular reality:  never want, because it will fail your reality. Accept the truth of what can or cannot be done; because that is your reality. ALWAYS be conscious of the consequences, that could easily come from your decisions: because being WRONG, can change a lifetime. Limit yourself, to deliberate FAIR PLAY; for both me and you. Accept the boundaries, which are known to keep us alive and in good realistic health. Because paying for your mistakes, even if they are formed from merit:  can be way more, than this reality is worth. Want is the basis of every lie. Pride is an enemy, because it makes life a game; causing people to believe themselves “winner or loser” instead of equal.

The reality of life and death is simple: ANY FORM of real catastrophe, can invade a living body. There is absolutely nothing manmade that is better than the body nature has given to us; unless your genetics have been mutilated by a wide variety of possibilities. What part of you, would you trade for something man-made?  Brain cancer in this case, was likely caused by the unintentional means of spraying the house with pesticides for killing spiders. Areas’ included where the child crawled. Every chemical is a potential hazard, particularly for mothers and babies/ transdermal contamination means, you may never even know, until it is too late. Humanity makes an extremely wide variety of lethal chemicals to a living body; and distributes them EVERYWHERE. Have you never considered where all the health crisis comes from: ask who makes you sick? Ask who is getting wealthy? Everything we are or can be, is determined by what nature made. There is no miracle of medicine, unless the natural body makes it so. There is no demanding “a few minutes more”; when only eternity truly matters. The reality of death is: this world has only so much room, every healthy child needs a place; which does mean someone no longer healthy, needs to die. That is not mercy, it is reality.

We examine death in this way. We will die, it is not optional. To accept eternity is real, provides the opportunity to search life itself, for the value that makes us desire life. To assume eternity is not real, depicts a life that has no value other than the games people play, or the fight to live many must face. No one should die of little things, it is unfair/ if we can give them better. No one should face “a thousand deaths”/ as you try, to make them stay in a body that no longer works; that is unfair. Each owns their own body, to choose death is a right, when faced with even greater catastrophe. We live alone, and we die alone, except for love. But when we die, it is absolutely necessary to “look for eternity”/ rather than to look back for time, not even for love. Because time is ending: therefore what eternity will be, begins. Thought built every body of life, and created this planet; it is no accident “beyond comprehension”. It is certainly not chaos, that builds nothing. Therefore let reality speak for itself: as miracles surround us one and all. Let none treat death lightly. Remembering love (the body is far more, than just what it had to be) gave us this life to share. Treat it with respect, try to keep it “alive and well”; surrender it, when you must.  Simple as that.

   The most critical portion of this writing is: to understand, even if you believe that extreme experimentation is important; the cost of being wrong, is far greater than you can imagine. Just like me, there has been NO going back. The price of being wrong with extreme experimentation with all of nature, or a whole planet, or everything we need to survive; AND MORE. Is our own extinction.


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