The university curse is: “that this is the age of man”. More simply, they describe themselves as “the new gods of earth”. And they have set into motion: complete chaos in nature/ energy experiments to ignite atoms, of this earth on fire/ poisoned or destroyed, the water supplies/ tampered with the food, and made it vulnerable to extinction/ altered the planet/ destroyed habitat/ dissolved the chain of life, as is our dependency upon all life/ wrecked the oceans/ pummeled the currency/ created weapons of mass destruction to insure mutual annihilation/ established the base for pandemic after pandemic/ destroyed antibiotics on the path to making all illness worse/ cannibalized the medical industry by organized crime/ set endless people outside the possibilities of providing for themselves/ doubled the population, in fifty years; to destroy any chance of earth’s survival/ and fantasize about themselves endlessly about what they will do as gods; which deliberately includes “we are going to mix every species together” just to play/ crucifying one, with the other.  Indeed it is, “the age of man”.

       In contrast to all that and much more as has been done by men, and some women. The university curse is:  that everything natural, as is beautiful and precious and without fault/ SHALL BE DESTROYED. Just to prove they can, and make you beg them as gods to keep you alive. A reality not dependent upon fairy tales/ which means they absolutely can’t. Which means humanity, and even nature itself; will tear them all into tiny pieces, as they watch their entire world die, because of a dead  “university heart”.  As media increases their propaganda in the constant effort “to kill the human brain”; ONLY WE CAN THINK.

All that, and still humanity itself, “whether with a university degree or without” CANNOT find itself:  “a dead brain”.  Cannot lift itself out of arrogance, to save this earth and its life. Cannot fight for itself, or their own children; because they don’t want/ what they don’t want; and that is all there is too it. Yet even what they want as is numbers “make me rich”/ is all a counterfeited lie; proven by reality.  You fight for numbers as a whore; “NOTHING matters, but money”.

You follow the universities, and bow down to anything you are told; questioning nothing. Because they deliberately try to make understanding impossible with “new words, and new math, and new delusions, and constant “media disease (the university is god)”. Letting them curse life. Letting them destroy nature in its every form. Letting them play god; and even giving them money (your acceptance of what they do)/ as they do promise “to wipe away every tear”. Yet prepare by deceit and failure: to destroy your entire world, and exterminate any possibility you or your children can survive. Every penny you give to medicine goes to genetic mutilation/ and the majority deliberately intends “to crucify life”. Every stem cell, every biological “sanctity of life coming” is crucified by their intent to “see what happens” when we throw in this garbage/ and that trash/ and this piece of a snake, or bird or fish or whatever they have. Which means the LIFE that they deliberately invaded: must now experience that HATE ingested as if locked in a prison cell with the devil himself.

To your shame! Change these things or you will be eternally cursed, by   GOD  himself.

To your shame, the fact you do nothing for life; has increased the cost of your failures!

To your shame:  little in the history of this world, is a bigger outright lie, than is evolution/ or fusion/ or anything to do with “men are gods”/a university fantasy is all we need.    UNLIKE YOU, I question it all.

       BRING THEM TO ME, IN COURT;   and we will see, what is proven true/ or lie! 

  Or do it yourselves; because if you find your brain back, from the tornadic delusions of media propaganda, and university filth:   YOU CAN PROVE THEM LIARS.  About everything that is honestly important to life and world.  ABOUT EVERYTHING HORRIFYINGLY POSSIBLE:  WHEN “THEORY/ PROPAGANDA/ EXPERIMENTATION/ AND OUTRIGHT FANTASY: IS PROVEN WRONG!  This is in fact, YOUR job, not mine! You can even use the words, videos; whatever you can find/ as are prepared on these sites, that I have made for you; to help you understand how! I am in fact NOT needed. If you find your brain, and begin to think; rather than memorize, and mimic whatever you are told.  YOU, will decide if this world shall be saved/ it won’t be me. Humanity is the problem/ which means humanity itself, is the solution. SAVE THIS WORLD; OR GO EXTINCT. A fact that requires your decision right now; is true.  I am irrelevant to your ending:  you WILL decide, “even if you run away to hide”. Because our whole world is threatened with extermination: and we will ALL die, unless critical decisions are made and enforced by humanity itself. These are primary facts: you cannot escape them. Life or death is our reality for this planet: OUR DECISION to save/ OR YOUR DECISION to destroy.  Make up your mind!

Even your own “prophets” have predicted some of this reality. The basic premise established on the masses; from the book 1984 has been created. The basic reality of “the wizard of oz” is in view, throughout government: “the cowardly lion (can’t fight them)/ the tin man without a heart (don’t care, life is a game for winners)/ the straw man without a brain (tell me what to think)”.

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Jim Osterbur

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