new order

new order

It DOES, take a new world order for any possibility for survival of our world, to exist. That is evident and clear, because nothing is working for life at this moment in time; our entire planet is being ransacked, by humanity in a deliberate effort to avoid any and all realities established by the truth of what leadership has chosen. The consequences of following those leaders, the reality of bowing down, the decision to accept bribes and look away from the truth. The elementally FINITE WORLD, that is this earth, under the direct and vicious attack that is the human population explosion. The vomiting curse of delusion, that is a university education; as in “we are gods”.

NONE of that is sustainable. NONE of that is wise or realistic with our circumstances. NONE OF THAT WILL KEEP THIS EARTH ALIVE. And it is only the beginning concentrated into a poison of university stupidity, that is leadership on earth. They “think” NOT ONE second into the future, about the tragedy of what they have begun. The arrogance is horrendous/ the vile nature of humanity playing god is extinction.

Apart from the sheer reality of people “with a university diploma” demanding they CAN do whatever they want/ including gambling with every living creation on this earth; even the planet; and even this solar system itself (by creating a new sun out of this earth: they literally demand, “THAT (bringing the same energy as fuels the sun here):  IS WHAT THEY WILL DO, by igniting a nuclear fire”. Believe it or not, ignition is a one time event/ as it cannot be extinguished. In contrast to that is the money, an irrelevant factor when compared with burning the planet itself. Nonetheless, I ask you directly to consider the facts: that those who have been inflating our money/ and HIDING THAT FACT. Have created counterfeit dollars for themselves to spend; so that we would do whatever work, and provide whatever resources they desired. Financing their fantasies, and making them rich: just because particularly with electronic money its “push a button, and get another trillion dollars to spend”. Alas, for them to hide all this counterfeiting, like all criminals they had to “launder the money”/ which meant they spent it in other nations, more than they spent it here (wasn’t for infrastructure). Do you really want to let them continue, deluding you into thinking that “fantasy numbers” won’t just disappear into thin air. Won’t bring civil war; because it will! Our choice is to stop the insanity of letting the few, use us like slaves, while they play king or queen: with counterfeit numbers as their whip. Tempting people to use credit: so the whip has force (do it or, be homeless & die). There is no easy way to “right a large ship”/ but if you don’t, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again; except in your tears. With redress of grievances WE CONTROL BANKRUPTCY for ourselves. With limited capitalism, we do become a true democracy. With tying the currency supply to the population count: we then know, what is a fair payment for our work/ and take control of all aspects of the money and debts;  away from our employees. With fair and deliberate decisions we create justice by defining the laws for ourselves/ giving ourselves the right and the tools to defend our lives, our nation, and our world. With understanding the truth about our situation and our world: we can choose to create a sustainable world. OR, we can all die; because you chose to do nothing: about true threats, which will in fact cause world extinction. If you are not better than that/ then you do deserve to die. The religious will scream:  “GOD will do everything we want/ WE DON’T have to do NOTHING”; as history proves, they have always done. But this is different: the evidence, by its own truth will prove we the people are the threat to our own existence. We did this, through our leaders, and all those who accepted their bribes: to discard reality, and “get rich”/ with numbers you knew weren’t true. YOU as humanity on earth are the threat! Which means unless you change yourselves to support and defend life/ YOU will cause this extermination, soon to begin. Biblical countdown of Daniel 12 establishes that July 9, 2019 is the point of no return: HELL begins. Believe it or not, “the great abomination” cannot be other than: trying to ignite a nuclear fire on this earth (risking everything). That started on April 1, 2012: add it up or there is a video “Daniel 12 corrected”, on www.justtalking6.info ! Because your leaders DON’T want to pay the price “of limits and boundaries”. They just want, what they want; and risk our world: just like you. It is “your religion”: why do you not believe? Or is your religion ONLY about wanting what you want?

President Reagan; gave control over all currency to “the university diploma”/ and the instant they got that control: they gave themselves a “million dollar raise, with media help”: discarding all reality. Raiding the gold supply (fort knox is empty) check line 20 on exhibit A, quietly selling it, with complete media cover-up: to create “Reagans america”.Those million dollar raises gave them power to control society. The refusal to pay any debts caused inflation to collapse; which bankrupted MANY people allowing the university diploma to swoop in and take charge over things they themselves could not do; ending in the dispersal of all business to foreigners. The universities by taking over government created “student college debts”: to pay themselves with the power of influence; over people sending their children to “get the money”. In essence, the power of counterfeiting has changed this society; because reality has been thrown away by lies/ stealing/ cheating/ traitorous acts; and the intent to destroy the evidence by killing this world.  WHAT drives the American economy? Look in the federal reserve accounting statements and the majority comes from banking etc: in other words, give them credit/ not reality. The GDP is a lie; established by “cooking the books”. By examining who owns the big REIT’S; the accumulation of property; foreign investors will be found/ traitors will be uncovered. In fact: those with the power over government which is money: “believe they own you”! And you, “want that to continue” so the debts caused by creating weapons of mass destruction and all that followed: don’t have to be paid. Well its extinction by the facts/ or pay your debts by reality, and the choice to keep this earth alive, or not. fight for the truth/ NOT your insanity.

You don’t want what you don’t want; as in YOU HATE THIS!  Well, you will hate HELL more/ and that is what you trade this world and this nation for! LIES HAVE A COST.  YOU succeeded in delaying payment for your own failures, BY STEALING the future from your children; and you know it. In effect: assassinating their lives, to pay for your “fantasy wealth”. Give their future back to them: stop lying, and pay your own debts. They deserve a life. I tell you true: “eternity will not forget” the decision you make. Accepting reality is not a punishment: it is a future. Letting truth decide what can or cannot be done, is a lesson that will define your own eternity. Nothing but truth survives. And all humanity says: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT BEFORE WE DIE! So we do what we have to do, to be happy. Because everything else is not happy. The critical truth in that statement is governed by the reality: “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me; even believe in me”; and ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THAT (by truth), is tied to money or trophies. So to buy your happiness, most destroy their friendships: and you are UNHAPPY. Wake up, and learn to live with value. To which the complaint is: “they make us, do this”. but reality says:  write the laws yourselves, watch over the court forever, limit capitalism so everyone is included, enforce reality comes first, and demand; “without this earth” we have no home.

NOT important to you? Well reality states, “you are one serious livestock epidemic away from cannibalism or starvation” due to the factory farm/ and there is no time left to rebuild stocks; because humanity is too many people. You are, in America one serious earthquake away from SEVERE water loss, due to fracking and poisons and more. an earthquake humanity is trying to induce itself/ which will in the central part of this US most likely cause the Yellowstone volcano to erupt as well. A population rise of one hundred million more people to feed each year: is only one more, per year, for every eighty people. And they eat for a year, 365 days; at just one pound a day per person: it’s an additional 365 million pounds per year or they starve. Ocean life is in jeopardy of complete collapse. You burn more oxygen than the planet releases; etcetera, and more. HELL, you get to die before it matters to you! Well guess what, eternity is real; and your insurance policy called religion, don’t mean a thing. What is true, about you: decides.

. I will summarize your reality with this:  “when 8 billion people insist, THEY DON’T have to do NOTHING”; the consequence of their actions/ the reality of just their own existence: by occupying 1 meter squared each, is an area 8 billion meters of just humanity. Every day, and every year, and every decade. Discard university delusions, and fight for your life, your child, and your world. OR IT WILL be lost/ and it WILL be YOUR FAULT. AND ETERNITY WILL KNOW; that you chose to crucify all life, and even this planet! NO, going back; this world goes extinct, only once.

Even so, without hope there is only insanity, depression, or delusion; so we look at society today and see:  the public trying to escape into drugs and “I am the important one”/ the depression that becomes a feeding source for all acts of traitor or terrorism/ and the universities who actually believe they can be, or are “gods”.  Identifying the curse of lies and liars in charge.

So then we must ask: WHAT, WHERE, AND WHY should there be hope? The education of ourselves, is critical. The knowledge of what is true, and untainted by want, pride, or a purpose that is not “for life on earth”. The investigation of evidence is essential for understanding why we must change; without that, people will fail. The critical decision, which is to accept only truth can keep us alive/ by removing all fantasies associated with “we can play god”. The acceptance of a life with friends, is better than a garbage dump overflowing with trophies. The discipline necessary to achieve justice. The orderly reality of “equal and fair play” assigns reality to decide what our limits and boundaries are going to be. Balancing life with death; so everyone can realistically gain what time will allow. Teaching ourselves and our children how best, to achieve the elemental rise, that is: the best we can be! Identifying the distance between love and hate; so as to separate and divide. Are all things which require our assistance, and our literal decision; to achieve survival of life on earth. We are threatened; we are by no means assured of time or life; but we are the problem/ which does mean we are the solution as well. PRAY for life and time; that we may find our changes made.


The critical question is:  have we pasted the point of no return as of yet/ wherein NOTHING we can do for ourselves, will stop our extinction? That answer is now impossible to say; we must hope. The bible by biblical prediction in the countdown of days until extinction is sealed; unless we change: as is Daniel 12;  gives us until July 9, 2019; before hell begins. So I will have hope, until that date has past/ or you change humanity itself. Simple as that.

The critical question: where will life on earth take us, if we do change? The answer to that is BACK TO SUSTAINABLE DECISIONS, THAT ONLY ALLOW TRUTH TO DECIDE OUR FUTURE, by the directions reality will produce. That includes: BIRTH CONTROL, throughout all of human existence on earth. Nothing less will do/ or you’re dead. “THIS SHIP IS FULL”, WE CAN ACCEPT NO MORE; or we all drown! That includes: you can take the resources humanity needs/ BUT YOU MUST RESPECT those resources, and insure as best you can a future for every possible child; by keeping your claims on this earth limited and realistic for life/ NOT WANT. That includes: employment of the people is as simple as sharing the work. Today that does not happen, because every individual wants to be RICH, making sharing their conception of a curse. To be rich, and individual MUST make many others POOR/ that is the price, and it is no longer affordable. Limited capitalism is your weapon of control and peace. To be EQUAL; is sufficient in every culture throughout time. To be rewarded for doing more is a decision for society, that grows respect. That includes: the demand that every person should receive access and viable opportunity to do whatever it is they choose to do, as a free society must;  within the limits of protecting the future for all the rest. That includes: limiting all military with world law/ limiting all policing with a bill of rights shared between police and public/ justice protected by direct public policing of the courtroom in all its enterprises; which includes removal of any “licensed participant” by our own vote or the law. That includes: NATURE AND PLANET ARE SACRED, AND WILL NOT BE DELIBERATELY ENDANGERED OR PUT AT RISK. Etcetera.

The difference between the wealthy, and the poor; DIVIDES along one simple boundary, someone did the work, which allows for those who came after to have the time and luxury of doing more than just to survive. The university deceit is: that fantasies have replaced that effort with a diploma; bought and paid for with the insurgency of the universities (we are gods/ we must rule), to destroy democracy in this USA. Time has given them the opportunities to do what they wanted to do: which, by the evidence of threat, is to destroy life on earth. By asserting debts don’t matter (except to the slaves)/ and hiding the counterfeiting of currency in asset creation without reality; has no counter measures against them. After all, when they succeed in destroying life and earth: you can’t fight back.

In the real world without liars, thieves, traitors, terrorists, and fools who lead: the difference between wealth and poverty is what you do with your life. Those who let truth itself decide the direction of their lives, find a future they desire with rare exception. Those who let want control their lives and their direction, fall into a hole (the only question is how deep); even if they worked very hard. Because lies and liars will always seek to defeat you.

Truth is not “what you think or believe or have been told”/ rather it is the evidence of what reality can and does prove, followed by the conception of what does or does not have value in the creation that then becomes your destiny. Fate is a reliance on belief, which always includes want; want is the foundation of every lie/ which means, “half truths or less”, lead your life. To ascend into destiny (what the decisions to follow value does mean), relies upon thought. Thought is the interwoven element, which shares the direction and dignity of truth, to establish the disciplines necessary to become ordered within your life. The pursuit of desire (I found happiness), rises to the passion of love; only when you are prepared to pay the price. That price is:  to prepare the boundaries and accept the limits within yourself, which grant an invitation, to be more “than just you”.

The elemental why of our survival is: that life is worth the price, if we care about the gifts we have been given, and wish that life and living on this planet to be granted to a child. To be thankful for those gifts, is the essence of all religion. It is YOUR individual choice, “to thank GOD your CREATOR” or not. The cost, or the reward in an eternity of consequences; is yours alone as well. Want will die, or you will! Which means: throughout the time to come, if you do survive; requires, that truth alone will decide. You have the right to decide, for you/ but you also have the responsibility to accept the consequences of your actions or reactions, and LIMIT the reality of what you do, to you! Everything else is determined by what truth and its consequences will reveal regarding the elemental rise established by:  WHAT, will happen in the future; IF THIS GOES WRONG?  Choose only for,  life and planet must be protected first! 

It is, at this point in time: that I have shaped and initiated the possibilities of YOUR DECISION to confront the future as designed by “university goals and human wants”. If you fail to recognize only truth survives in time/ then you will fail to choose for life. If you refuse to fight for your world/ then you have surrendered it to extermination, as is so clearly happening by the evidence “today”. That is your decision to make, as I am NOT your savior, NOR leader, NOR anything else but a messenger: presenting you with that decision, by establishing a reality of teaching that is concurrent with the disciplines of truth. YOU MUST EITHER SAVE YOUR WORLD, AND THE FUTURE FOR LIFE; or lose it forever. Because the reality of our days in time, have proven to be:  an arrogance so severe, a failure so extreme, and a reality so deadly, that even trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like on the sun” here on this earth is occurring. BEING WRONG means there will be another sun in this solar system: called earth/ a reality cursed.

By an extreme energy which YOU KNOW, cannot be controlled.

It is, at this point in time: because humanity is the threat/ humanity is the solution takes hold on you. With or without trial/ with or without me/ regardless of ridicule or other as will come. The freedom which became threats of extermination/ is also the freedom to remove those threats by law you as the vast majority of human life on earth DO CONTROL. It is a choice. It is your freedom released, and that means: whether you live or die, “YOU CANNOT” blame your CREATOR. Because of the things you chose to do/ or not to do. As throughout time, the demand of human existence is:  “let us be free”. Except of course when the reality of your delusions become a catastrophe; and you step back from the brink of extinction, if you can. Repeating that disaster with every generation.

       This warning is different:  your decisions have created an environment in which you can no longer afford the constant catastrophe of your own delusions/ and MUST do better or die. That does mean:  freedom must be tempered with reality defined by truth; the quest for more, must be refined by the reality of consequences; and the decision to hate must be separated out from amongst you, so that behaviors consistent with friendship, respect, environment, and the values of life itself (even becoming love), will be found. Simple as that, or you will be lost forever.     I DID MY JOB!  Everything else necessary, IS YOUR JOB; to literally save life on earth. Who then is more important than you? WORK for your life, your world, and your child: or lose them all; how is that not true.

It is perhaps necessary: to establish the word messenger aligns with, “the receipt of things, such as words to deliver”. It is a job that does not allow for manipulation, temptation, or demand over the recipient, it is not about control over the content, delivery date chosen or time frame established. Instead as required, the lessons to be learned by humanity, must then be delivered and established by humanity, so that all may understand in their own conceptions of language. I allow, having lived at the extreme edge of what humans are allowed to do, within the experience of “being human”: that my survival, learning, etc; has been accomplished more “by  GOD”;  than by me. Because the evidence will prove; these are the last days of life on earth, without true and significant change in humanity itself. I suggest to you:  WAKE UP, or die! You are allowed to disagree/ BUT YOU are not allowed to survive, unless you repair and protect the very laws of life and planet that keep this earth from dying. How is that not YOUR JOB? The endless words presented by me over more than a decade: is my attempt to remove your excuses. . IF I DON’T remove ALL your excuses, the DECADES of fighting with you over, this reality of threats: turns into “YOU have a toothpick worth of excuses/ and THEN YOU CAN hide from or defeat a CHARGING elephant sized threat OF EXTINCTION”; with that tiny thing. To your shame! Simple as that. As to “spiritual female” in me; it is not as you believe, instead it is literally a consequence of being allowed, to enter and experience the physical presence of what is beyond time. I needed an answer for your survival; male did not have one, because you always turn to war in a time of crisis. Asking “woman”, what would you do:  seemed like a good thing to do! It had consequences to me/ but also benefited you by this work. My balance was threatening to dissolve: she restored it, and this work became the result of what is “male and female” working as one. But alas, “with her in charge”. Our world is worth that price. This is no game. 

Just so its clear: female tits (for lack of a better word), are a physical sign of her presence here in me/ it was never my design or desire; and they can’t be considered “sexually desirable” as they really DON’T belong on any man. Other than that, with my work done; {even if killed, imprisoned, or any other malady as can happen: nothing will deny your opportunity to “prove the evidence is wrong/ or CHANGE”. Your excuses are dead!}. I had hoped for more freedom at this point: to just be “strictly male” once more. No such luck. This is very similar to marriage role reversal: only female in charge, and a much closer union. As I wrote: there seems to be a need to make me understand exactly what women DON’T like about their relationships with men. What I am suppose to do about that, is unclear. I do suspect, sooner or later I am going to find out. “why me/ what did I do” is clearly irrelevant.

The values of my heart are then plain. WHAT are the values of your’s; because this world needs your support; just like it needed mine.

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