Reality states: my own greatest failure of the last forty plus years, has been realized as the refusal to accept, “sheep can’t fight” for themselves. I have always considered all of humanity as more than sheep, which means, I have believed with enough information you would simply rise to defend yourselves. I was wrong, and actually should have realized that avenue would not work; from the biblical text of JESUS throughout his own descriptions of “human sheep”. That of course will make the masses rise in complete disgust; as they all insist “we are not sheep”/ as the Christian religious insist, we are sheep, but fighters too. And of course hate will make its appearance as well; just to prove “we are predators” not sheep.

Even so, reality proves:  you did not stand up to fight for this world, when confronted with people are trying to ignite our very planet into a sun. Choosing instead to worship the universities as (they know what they are doing), just so you would not need to confront them. They do know. They are deliberately trying to ignite our planet into a nuclear (atoms on fire for fuel) sun. Still you won’t fight: “sheep”.

Reality proves:  universities throughout the world are mutilating nature, and with CRISPR a method that crosses the sanctity of species boundary lines and limits: they will curse life into Armageddon (nature in chaos) ending everything beautiful, friendly, kind, hopeful, and with value forever. Still, you won’t fight: “sheep”.

Reality proves: by every threat that exists to prove we are facing our own extinction right now/ by evidence which cannot be denied without endless lies. Still, you won’t fight for life:  “sheep”.

Reality proves: even when the evidence has proven the university elite “who control everything”/ have stolen all your money, and given it away to their own purpose of delusion and disrespect for you. Still, you won’t fight:  “sheep”. Etcetera.


I believed, that when you realized the law was our weapon, and it when sustained is our army: that then you would fight for the law, by which you could be saved from those who are exterminating life on this planet. Even proving the biblical Daniel 12 countdown of days, REQUIRES your help: the first death being some three years ago or so, which is the law could have saved you. But none responded, although one woman almost did; not quite. “sheep”.

We now stand at the second death of Daniel 12, which is the end of mercy for life on earth: as the delusions and cancer of university sewage, the cruel and inhuman crucifixion of life by “humanity now gets to be its own god”/ reaping their reward, because that is what you chose to do; end of life on earth.  The countdown ends by my addition July 9, 2019. The great abomination rose (the first experiment, by the first machine put into production for igniting a nuclear fire on earth; was April 1, 2012: add it up for yourselves). There is no greater abomination than that: as it threatens all life forever, the planet itself, and even this solar system by creating a second sun out of this earth.


So the question is:  can you become less sheep, and more human being; as is the recognition time will end/ and then eternity shall begin. Truth itself, is the only reality which survives in eternity. So a thinking expression of individual life asks:  WHAT IS, my truth?

       The sheep contend: I don’t want to know truth, I want what I want/ therefore I choose religion as my “get out of jail/ I paid my dues” price for “don’t let me die”.

Alas, want is the foundation of all lies; as a consequence you get to fail by your own choice. Hate will say: there is no eternity, I shall not be afraid, “there is only dirt”.

In contrast life says: by the miracles which surround us all, a clear description of love that did not need to be so dramatic as to give us such opportunities in body or life; that we had the freedoms to experience and express who we chose to be. Stands as the evidence of our Creator, and this whole Creation of life that is our earth. No accident, only the sewage of a fool would contend. JESUS, is the evidence we are loved, and not abandoned: “proclaiming eternity does exist” for us who respect life and choose love. Alas, the constant of sheep is: you stood by letting this entire Creation of GOD be thrown away into chaos/ and did nothing for life, planet, or GOD.  I personally choose: this cannot be me/ that is a personal success. Only you, can choose for you! Even though I considered you to be more than sheep, which led to failure for life; it does not mean I was wrong. Only that you chose to be less than you are. Simple as that, like it or not.

I remind you: that I never intended to be perfect/ not perfect/ not my job, as reality has required learning. I failed in any number of ways and realities: that is the fact. However even if you could have done better: the vast majority did nothing at all for life on earth. So you’re complaint is mute. Understand this is not a competition; it is a relationship with what you, or I, value most. Simple as that.

That learning has taken me into all the consequences or decisions that make your lives go wrong. Endless transitions of change, trying to find a way to reach you with teaching. Changing myself again and again, in the search for a way to keep this earth alive/ when your only concern was “I WANT TO BE RICH”. And worshiped university as the road to that success; even though as the evidence will now prove, they were largely, your enemies instead. SATAN is a religious term which means destroyer of a world. Nothing that has ever been visible on this earth, is more correctly defined as a destroyer of this world: than is university. They began that curse with ALL weapons of mass destruction. Expanded that reality with genetic mutilation of nature which is DNA. Enlarge the impact of what they did do with chemical poisoning, which has resulted in “more consequences, than I need to write”. Are a functioning cause and consequence of extreme overpopulation in humanity; we are eating ourselves off this planet. Cannibalism is coming soon. Have no respect for life or energy or anything, which includes democracy. And much more. So it is fair to consider and complain: the university fits, the description of destroyer for this planet. By all they did, and did not do:  gathering everything for themselves/ sacrificing everything for their fantasies/ and now at the very threshold of igniting chaos in energy, nature, life, and planet forever. Because their purpose is “to play god, without law or limits”. Which is violence unleashed.

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Jim Osterbur

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