Because I have returned to trial; some degree of continuance may occur.

LONELINESS, the delusion that life has no meaning unless “someone is playing with you/ listening to you/ or looking at you”.

Loneliness is, the simple truth of a time without notable personal friendships.

Loneliness is, the critical reality of what you want, that is not being fulfilled.

Loneliness is, the fundamental value of life, being thrown away, because you have no significant trophy to prove “I have value”.

Loneliness is, the lack of discipline, which culminates in the reduction of order; which then leads to an imbalance of perspective so as to believe: that life itself is simply not enough.

Within these four relationships of human time, the reality of existence assembles the quest:  “I want more”. Which leads to the judgment of what I do have that others are willing to measure as a trophy to me. Every judgment is a failure, with consequences; even if it is of yourself. Every judgment is a reality of revenge, because that revenge then seeks to measure even more; and produces the content that becomes abuse, violence, and more. The definition of loneliness is; “desolate, bleak, solitary, or cut off from the others; as in shunned”. Therefore the reality of loneliness is: what these others did to me/ as may be indicated by “what you did to them”; or not. Therefore judged, either by you, or by them.

Which brings about judgment, and its revenge, as in I want to do something to you for this. OR depression as is “I don’t want this”/ which circles in the brain, and will threaten to lead the unlucky into a vortex which drains life of its compassion. “this is a lack of discipline” if you fall in.

The critical definition is: that want leads the way into loneliness, and want is the initial foundation of every lie that exists. Consequently what you want, determines the level and style of what you are willing to do, with or/ too yourself; or someone else. Order reveals the consequences of what you choose, by determining the truth of what can or cannot become the reality of what you conceive of to be done. Without order people fall into the lies of want, and simply believe whatever I want is the right thing for me to do/ because I want it, and I KNOW what I want. This betrays truth, as truth and want are largely entirely opposite realities. While want can be developed under conceptions of truth/ if you DON’T let that truth decide what the future or your action/ reaction is going to be: then you have discarded whatever you learned from life, and chosen instead the lies of your own fantasy or delusions. A fact that never ends well, for anyone; with extremely rare exception/ unless you believe that “picking up the pieces” of a broken life is a good thing. Which means you don’t care, about the living/ just yourself.

Fundamental to every failure in human existence is the judgment: I want more/ I can do, what I know or should know, I must not/ and I believe, “because I want too”. The consequence of each of these is an imbalance to life itself. When life is enough, there is no want: just the desire to establish value by each and every decision. The functional essence of that statement is:  OUR BODIES, OUR ENVIRONMENT, OUR EVERYTHING IS A LITERAL MIRACLE OF EXISTENCE.  Which no life on earth could possibly create for themselves. Simple as that!  You are, the inheritor of a fortune, beyond the comprehensions of man or woman/ thereby “rich”, and without cause to complain, unless the reality of “mutilated DNA” failed to make you equal. Mutilated nature, is a consequence with VERY little exception: of the decisions humanity has made. Aside from the tragedy of men and women who fail nature itself: to want more is a decision to discard reality, and seek approval from the others by demanding a trophy (superior to you) for yourself. This makes life and living A GAME.

In connection with that game, are the opportunities to do, what you do or should know; you MUST NOT do. People fall into this intellectual trap, every single day; because they let their desire to win/ or to win by revenge/ or the reality of “I believe now that I am lost”; influence everything they do. Life is not a game/ humanity makes life a game, by insisting life itself is not enough; or more diligently they become bored with everything they do have; and want more “fun”. Fun exists as the delusion of making someone else pay you, for being you. Because everything else that is desired or valued within you; can only be attributed to love. Consequently “fun is the consequences of a game”/ or love is the reality of your decision to honor and respect life and living, which brings the elemental happiness of “I AM alive” into your existence. I am alive has value, because it is the attainment of respect. Respect has value: because then you know, that your own life is in fact “a complete gift of body and mind” to you.  As in everything starts, with the miracle of life itself; as is contained within this body of life as has value to me. What you do with those gifts, contributes your own identity and future of existence by choice.

Loneliness finds solace, in the environment of belief, as is:  I need NOT know what truth is, I CAN simply believe whatever I want to believe. Finding a group, which will accept the same things that I want to believe are valid to them; creates a herd. A herd protects me from the predators of life and my existence; thereby offering a simple solution to the value of life, “is a religion”. Religion means: to identify the disciplines, and create the paths forward from individual uncertainty; into what can be appreciated as my own version of the future for me. This then becomes the anchor, for whatever concerns me: and I choose a direction based upon the diligent writings of a book. That book is then established as “god”/ and my life is then ordered and disciplined, by whatever the herd does accept as true. The consequence of religion is that it does not seek balance, in the relationship shared with our reality. ONLY TRUTH decides what the future will be. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES into eternity. ONLY TRUTH constructs an identity from the existence of thought. Thought reflects the pursuit of what you assert is true. If your truth is not real/ then you follow a lie. Thought gives us life, in the form of a freedom to exist. Without thought we have no recognition of living or life. Therefore thought is elemental to our reality as an existence on this earth. Therefore thought is  the essence of what can or cannot be “an eternity”.

Thought defined is: the critical interaction between energy………………………… and more! You are just NOT worthy of a more distinct definition than that; your universities fail, and are utterly insane. Which does end this discussion here.

So I leave you with these conceptions:  that loneliness Is driven by want/ therefore “change what you want”. Accept what you can do in REALITY with honor, to change what you can change, that is fair and deliberate.

Loneliness is increased by others, and their lack of compassion or respect; because they want fun, more than “the value of you”. That is primarily: because they DON’T want your competition, in demanding the time and respect of someone else. Consequently they spend your life, in a ridicule to remove that competition; so as to control their own situation, or demand a solution from someone else, regarding their own loneliness, or failure to achieve discipline, order, and balance in their life.

Don’t lie/ don’t cheat/ don’t judge/ don’t steal: do what makes you happy, EITHER by the duties imposed upon you as your own responsibilities accepted (a future earned). Or by identifying truth in you and your world, to assess the direction and decisions that become “the value of you increased”. Don’t play games with life, appreciate the fact you are living in the essence of “what could never be bought”. It is a price too high, for every single life on earth; which does make us all EQUAL.  Be happy with equal, as it means you never truly should be required to compete.

The foundation of our existence as humanity on earth is quite simple:  we are given this opportunity to define and distinguish ourselves by truth, through respect. What you choose to do with this decision to identify yourself “other than or outside of  the herd”; leads to your eternity or not. The reality of life is NOT about body or mind or color either. It is not about gender, even though they are different realities of living and life by distinction! The critical truth regarding our time here on earth is very simple as well:  we literally have only 3 distinct choices in our existence throughout time. We can choose as the primary decision of our individual life, FOR LOVE!  We can choose as the primary decision of our individual life, FOR HATE! Or, we are choosing simply to survive given the basic elements of our immediate circumstances; because we must, or the body and its time are abandoned. Every decision that you make is in one form or another governed by these three choices. Which again points out life is not a game, it is our decision to make. Love and hate are opposites, they never choose to live together. Although hate cannot survive, even in this world;  without those who love. The curse of complete selfishness (nothing else matters but ME) as is hate; builds nothing that can be sustained as value; or by any truth other than tragedies coming.

To surrender the life you have, for a goal you want; is foolish/ is not life more important?

To look past, someone who loves you; to play the game of trophies; is unworthy/ is not love more important?

To encounter the consequences of judgment: which always becomes, a reality that affects you too. Is commonly tragic/ usually disgraceful/ and always disrespectful. “Where, is the value”?

To remove the competition, by forcing them out/ instead of accepting they have value too. Is elementally wrong, because even if you must teach them how; those who will learn, then become friends, and enhance your world. Is an image of what you want/ more valuable than a friend, that is honest and true? A friend (we share life, because we do care about each other) is better. Unless your only purpose is a trophy, with which to play the game of who has more; with those who literally care for nothing, “except to win”.

To find religion is to understand something about yourself: that I have a need for discipline/ and I am demanding order must be present in my life. Thereby religion has value; but it needs to remain less than “the book is god”. Because to balance truth with reality, DOES become a search, to identify OUR CREATOR.  That is not “a herd activity (our group, is in this fight to survive, together. That does not include the others)”/ ”/ even though, we are intended to share participation, by our own testimony, as to what we find is true. Not everything can be “absolutely certain”; because we are not allowed. Therefore what we accept as true, is our own decision to identify a destiny, that we ourselves chose to create.

Loneliness erupts from other decisions as well. Primary to this discovery is: “when you replace the value of what you have, with I want more; what you get is pride. Pride is the creation of an image, of what my mind wants me to be/ rather than the reality of what my life actually is by the decisions that I have made; or the constrictions of what my environment will allow. An image, is the covering up of my own reality; as in redefining myself with the things I hold so close, as to make them appear as if they were the definitions of me. The problem with an image is: it is not you/ but merely the clothing of a life, that you wish to possess. “Clothes (the reality of an image)” cover reality, with what you choose to identify yourself with instead. Appearing naked removes the image, which leaves you nowhere to hide. Consequently an image is defined in accordance with what you are in fact trying to hide/ rather than the trophies you have placed to deceive the rest. People want to be what they want to be; because others may be considered to have more, and they want to be equal or better than those.

People have many times competed with me for instance, because some believe I have a little more than most/ and they all want to be superior; or more correctly to be considered NOT considered inferior by the rest. The purpose then is not ultimately about me; but about what the rest of those in our “group” think about them:  “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me” etc. This is the purpose of pride, the primary desire of want. Failing to achieve that, brings on hate. Failing to deal with those emotions (I want what I want), by the development of discipline, balance, or order; can bring on violence. All forms of hate bring on isolation, which brings on loneliness. Which causes more hate to bloom.


Confronting loneliness itself, is the path outside of self, which brings us into the world itself as a participant of life. More simply loneliness is simply about self, as simple as, “I AM alone”. To rise above this anchor, you must accept: this world, and all its life is worth more than “just me”. Consequently the acceptance of an invitation to experience and express your life, as an equal participant with all life; as we each one throughout every living species have received the exact same gift:  LIFE ITSELF.  Thereby through the eloquent relationship that is thought, as the expression of our existence, and reality as is the experience of our dimension. The value of existence rises above “simply me” to become our lives, one and all, same on this earth. Every plant/ every insect/ every fish/ every animal or human/ everything is a friend; “not alone anymore”. In contrast to that is the alternative of hate, which considers everything an enemy instead. By making life itself the enemy, you are surrounded by life/ even though It is not “your friend”. Do you see the difference? Thereby we understand, that both love and hate are solutions to loneliness/ but they are opposite solutions, and construct entirely different forms of existence. Hate will choose only self in the end. While love will choose life is beyond self, a reality of our existence as “friends or more”. To remove self from your purpose, grants the desire to achieve life, by constructing love; “even if stranded on a deserted island”. To demand self is all that matters, constricts and imprisons life, into an every encroaching darkness: where nothing can be revealed, because you have become an enemy of the living.

Depression comes from “I didn’t get what I wanted/ or if I did, this is NOT what I intended to receive; or it cost too much”.

Addictions are elevated in the mind; as an escape from being alive. Therefore they achieve an immediate “high, just for me”/ because you have found an answer to the dilemma, “I want more for me”. That becomes loneliness established. The problem with your answer is: drugs are not enough, and reality will not let you survive without truth. LIFE IS MORE than this. The failure to respect your life then causes you to descend into chaos: if you fail to discipline your way of living, back out. Chemicals do have an impact on your body; but your soul can easily defeat them. Search for your life, and begin again.

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