As for me; the value of my existence in time, has been dedicated to finding a way to communicate that our world is threatened with extinction. That proved to be, a lifetime of work; when I was honestly certain “it couldn’t take more than ten years”/ way back when I began. Wrong, but reality cannot be dismissed unless you lie! So forty plus years later, endless changes, endless work, and little to show for it; puts me here.

Of the various changes required; was the examination of why, and why not people able to understand “the obvious”? Why are people afraid of the truth? What can be done? And HOW might that be accomplished? The results of which are found throughout a lifetime. Values have formed, treasuries of information have been established;  disciplines, balance, and order are fundamentals to every investigation for the truth. Consequently I live by the truth, because only truth can survive critical scrutiny.

Throughout the decades, the most prevalent reality of “discipline in required” surfaced with tinnitus (ear problems). When serious, it is impossible to survive without true discipline; I WOULD NEVER recommend it to anyone, as your whole life sits “on the edge”. Even so, it did present an absolute need that would not go away for any length of time. Order led me to the investigation of HOW did we get here? The answer as reported is: largely due to “university knows influence”. The confrontation of male cannot let this continue without a fight/ literally was transferred to a “fight with spiritual female inside”. Its complicated! Nonetheless, balance formed due to that reality of existence within me. This work over the last dozen or more years is due to that binding truth.

The consequence of not finding a solution for this world in male; results in female must try. As to me, the war between male and female domination of the decisions to be made, has been a true battle. Female tits (breasts) were added to me; and that has become a “male nightmare” of sorts. As nothing is more female at least in me, and they are at war with everything male inside. “its complicated”, but very effective in determining who is in charge here. “not me”.  The conclusion although they are not yet done is:  surely women deserve a “million bucks” just for having these things. It is not “bad” as realities go/ but It is a war with male; and I lose, every single time. The chemicals they produce are just awful, but the effects are somewhat interesting. I have never done ANYTHING, to promote or cause “female effects”; period. Simple as that.

In more deliberate consequences: I have been given a tour of what it is like on the “other side of the line” that separates male from female. Realities I would never have guessed at, consequences that must be changed between male and female that are simply not fair. It’s a long list; and I still understand only a little.

I am not your savior, never thought I was or could be; and reality made that perfectly clear as time went by. That does not mean, I could not or would not; do my part to save this earth and all its life from extinction. Same job is given to you; but      few accept it! I took it to heart, because the consequences end life on earth. I cannot say why you did not; other than that was easy, and this was not.

I am not religious:  no amount of rules can make me so. Rather I have faith in the evidence of miracles, and other elements of life that have been found. Jesus is one such “elemental miracle” of evidence, that proves to me, “we were not simply created, and then abandoned”.

I seek to provide the information that will assist life on earth from extermination: therefore, as is the evidence of this writing, I provide whatever I can in support of that effort. So that no excuse will remain. Strictly a decision for life or death of a living world; by your own heart/ your own sense of value, care, and love.

Your job is to take the information as best you can, add to it; and find a way to keep this world alive. Humanity is the problem, which means humanity as in you:  must be the solution. It is your choice, to fight for life on this world, or surrender it to extinction. Who then, “is more important” than you? Answer, EVERYBODY IS IMPORTANT! Because we all live or die the same; if humanity continues to fail. Or worship a cult of “university knows” even though the major threats are all created therein.

I wish you well, “but I have no magic wand”. If you believe  GOD  won’t let this planet die!  THEN you assume to know  GOD  , and can even make decisions for   HIM  .   I suggest to you, that is an extremely BAD idea or concept;   for you to make. NOBODY “knows”. The only thing we can do, is look for truth, love, respect, and all that has value for life;  understanding our decision may or may not be “true enough”. After all, we are just human.

I have finished my work. Biblical prophecy in Daniel 12, the countdown of days presents us with “hell begins” without change on July 9, 2019.  That leaves me a little over a year, to find something or someone to share our last few days with. It won’t be a time, for me to fight any real battles; as I strongly consider based upon the evidence, of our world; that the date could easily be true. I did my work/ NOT your savior.

For the sake of clarity:  I am a man; but I am not the man I used to be, “remodeled” a bit. To be plain: there is absolutely nothing of sexual interest in men to me/ could not be less. Women remain “desirable”. However now I have tits, a list of “less than perfect” realities, and will soon be 65 years old. No real regrets (the world, and all its life comes first), my decisions were worth the price to me, even if not to you.

More than you needed or wanted to know. However since there is no substantial interest in caring about life on earth, I include it anyway. Just to say “goodbye”. I gave you a lifetime of work; surely the last year or so is mine.

As for you, leadership and its followers have commanded and enforced:  “today, that is all that is important to me/ MAKE ME RICH TODAY”. Who gives a damn about the future, except a child. So you have no future, you and your universities, stole it from your child!

Some are certain to point to my prediction of a stock market crash in early 2018, that did not occur do to the quick response which was to promise 1.5 trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. Be grateful, as without the bribe we would likely be facing economic turmoil and the start of civil war even now. With just 15 months before the biblical countdown will be ending; life or death for our world beginning by that prophecy. A bribe is better than falling into chaos a day before, “reality insists”. The evidence of our reality, will insist: because that is what you chose. Clear biblical interpretation of the great abomination: which is to ignite sun fire here on earth. Given over 5,000 years ago; and as nothing less could be “the great abomination” (risking earth, life, and solar system itself) for little more than a game to prove “we can be gods too”. Should make you ashamed, to live today in what can only be called true disrespect. You chose, “I will not pay the price for life on earth/ the cost of a child”; sacrificing their world, and then their lives. “just too smart” I guess, now ain’t that right?

Do with this work, these sites I have provided:  whatever you will do with it: “its free”/ apart from the two copyrighted books. “maybe I will get a penny or two back, for the tens of thousands invested”; and decades of work. Doesn’t really matter. Fight for your world, or let it be lost: the decision is yours!

As to the spiritual woman inside, “believe it or not”: she has made it abundantly clear, although I received what I desired most, the message delivered (change humanity or go extinct). She has not yet accomplished, whatever it is she desires from me, for this world. Although certain to be “entirely for female”: I DON’T know what that is going to be; but it is perfectly clear, “I am going to pay”. Nonetheless, fair is fair; this work/ thereby my desire, would have failed miserably (war cannot solve this), without her. I do owe a debt, it is that simple! Although reality admits, my desire was the same for both male and female. Regardless, what will be will be; not a decision I can avoid. She controls, “its complicated”.

NOT as simple as you think; in the last two weeks or so, “war was declared on my chest, and tits have doubled; a week later it literally felt like a bomb going off inside of me; and there have been numerous attempts lately, to do “something else”, that have been met with what is like getting “electrocuted”. NOT violent, abusive, or destructive events (see below *): BUT, She does get whatever she desires.  No, is never allowed. Never less, or more than a reality aimed to enforce her purpose for this work, or women beyond it (whatever that may be, I don’t know); though lately that fundamental has dramatically increased. It is a push, or purpose, chosen entirely from “a woman’s point of view”. Even if I don’t understand it (such as why some things must be written, such as this), I know “female related for life” is true. Such is my life, at this time; believe it or not.

The possibilities DO concern me a little. I don’t know why me! Believe whatever you want.

If you want the lesson, It is: the spiritual world is not what you believe it to be. Rather truth decides, by your own choice to “open a door” into what you want, need, or desire. What is true for that environment, will then decide where you belong, and what you will do to become “more acclimated”. Purity is required. Since I wanted a solution male did not have, I opened the door to female; “just to ask a question”. THAT did not work out as planned. The lesson is, “don’t want”; desire truth as is consistent with your heart and soul. Even so, I desired an answer that could keep this world alive, after a decade of searching through male (not here). Eternity changed, “she needed me (for this world message, let women try)/ I needed her (we are all going to die): it’s complicated”. The religious will say, “just let   GOD   do it”/ we don’t have to do NOTHING!  But reality says, OUR TRUTH IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE;  we are the problem, we are the threat, we created this trouble and BADLY DISRESPECTED GOD  through your universities.  Truth then replies:  “you caused it/ you fix it”. Find RESPECT, or your university gods will exterminate you.  WE ARE, literally in this together as male and female; life or death/ because that, is what you chose!  Believe it or not. WE ARE, literally in this together as male and female; life or death/ because that, is what you chose!

*for clarity;  since no version of fear was initiated, no elemental destruction is formed. Fear is the determining factor of violence, abuse, or destruction. In contrast to that change was initiated, or you can refer to it as adaption (NOT evolution, which is the vomit of a fool) based upon the realities of what is most important to one or the other influences involved. The reality is simple: when two distinct realities of life differ, only one gets to decide; while the other is then required to change. I can be stubborn, but in the end what matters more than me is, everything that can be done for life to survive, must be done. It is not, a hard concept! I did fail, therefore she is in charge; even if, I grow weary of the work.

As for you, the foundation of all this effort is as simple as:  WE CANNOT BE WRONG! Nor, can we allow these others to be WRONG. Because our world of life will end: so says all the evidence assembled by truth! YOU, as humanity at large, believe in your gods at the university, and continually declare “we will wait and see”; with regard to experiments and realities of choice that are clearly: LIFE OR DEATH, with NO SECOND CHANCES for this earth. So then, you are willing to let this earth and all its life die:  because you want to believe in your gods at university; never willing to even question the validity of their work. Their choice to gamble with all life on earth! To your shame. If it were not so, I would remain truly engaged in fighting for life. Even so, the spiritual woman is “better than me”/ or at least, doing the best she can too. The reality being:  “you are what you are”, and if you are willing to be exterminated by fools, because of your idol worship. Then so be it. So says male, while female remains at “we must not stop”. 

YOU look for excuses, or just couldn’t care less;  letting this world die. I have spent my lifetime refusing excuses, so this world can live. Simple as that, “this is the difference”. 

I have made my decision:  “I will support the spiritual woman inside of me”/ a reality regardless of what you think. In what she does, or understands to be important. The male in me is otherwise out, I did enough. Whether you believe I could or could not have entered into the spiritual realm (the essence of law, which creates a boundary to identify, and conceive of life) of existence by thought; has nothing to do with me, “its all you”. Pointless to consider or defend. In the end or summary of that;  is the reality of what women do will be considered. What men have done is simply “run away to hide/ or absolutely won’t care enough to do anything for life: guns WON’T help”; they are abandoned as a group. Let women try. Simple as that: not judgment, just reality; forty plus years is enough! 

Biblically, they have less than 15 months to make a difference for life! “it will take a miracle”. Even so, WE ARE surrounded by miracles of life, everywhere! Hope is possible, if you work. Make your own decisions, because there are NO second chances. If you don’t accept the bible/ then just consider the evidence and understand, “time could end for us all, tomorrow”; because threats are that extreme

I choose, to make a final summary:  you have made me your excuse long enough, “you don’t have to do NOTHING, because I am not good enough, perfect enough, religious enough, too religious, or whatever it is”. Even though I have nothing to do with all that threatens you with extinction. .  (all of it, nothing more than a purpose to judge me/ so you can find an excuse to avoid your own reality)….You ridicule me, for even a tiny mistake without any damage to you; always fighting for your trophies or possessions, and even when old never truly concerned with your eternity; just your death. Even though they are intricately related. Women want to take control by sending men out to make the mistake, so they can claim “I didn’t do it/ HE did”. Even though their words and actions made their men take that chance. Men are afraid of being cast out, because when the group lines up against you: they try to make it impossible for you to survive. So not one stands up for life (we must change), even though a tiny few did try: and then failed to “stand up and be counted”. Not even those who hide, contributed one single penny, to this work. The spiritual woman is of course “the perfect excuse”/ after all who could believe that! Yet the evidence is, that I deliberately changed when she was included in my life; and the work went from “I won’t give them nothing, they are a tragedy, and will make ANYTHING just another catastrophe”. To the understanding, if I don’t teach you/ then I am at fault for not doing all I could have done; regardless of the potential for consequences/ extermination of a living world is more. So, I have taught, with some limiting boundaries;  and you have run away. Because you don’t want to change, and you don’t want to believe your world has changed so significantly; that all life could die. Not even when confronted with people who are literally and deliberately trying to ignite atoms on fire (regardless what they call it: their words are “we will bring the same energy here as is on the sun”). That energy is a nuclear fire! Nor can you stand up against the mutilation of nature itself, a reality that will be HORRIFYING. BOTH ARE, past the point of no return, even this world has no hope [terrorists]. As is “too many humans”/ so our entire world of life died, following cannibalism, apocalyptic war, and absolute chaos;  because everything we need to survive, failed to be enough for us all. The disease caused by all that death. The reality of weapons of mass destruction certain to be used. MEANS, nothing will be left of life on earth. Just these few threats are enough to prove WE HAVE NO CHOICE, but to change this or go extinct. Yet the courts, its policing, and its lawyers pride themselves on “defeating me”. Even though they did not: they defeated the law, which makes them criminal/ they defeated, and thereby betrayed democracy, which makes them traitors. The politicians parade, “we don’t have to do nothing”/ but make the money flow. Having betrayed society, they counterfeit. Worshiping the universities, media propagates “bow down, and do NOT question or think for yourselves”/ you are not worthy of that. Etcetera, and so forth.

The spiritual woman who lives inside of me; a reality of “beyond time”, that you will never understand; is NOT greatly happy with me at this time, for stopping my work. But I will help women if they stand up for life. No more excuses, time has run out: make your decision.

No, not your leader! Because I am not here searching for animals in a herd. To be a human being:  you must make your decision based upon truth. A reality beyond whatever you want/ don’t want/ or the games you insist on playing with life. I can’t buy you, because only your own heart can change you. This is not a game. This is, OUR WORLD DIES, if humanity does not change itself, to respect the boundaries and limits of our existence. Truth alone survives eternity. Truth alone keeps this earth “a living world”. Truth, as in your truth, by all the evidence:  proves we will all soon be extinct. Because you would not change for life! Simple as that. Simple as “the choices you made, each and every one”. For life/ or against it, because we failed nature and planet. Not judgment/ just reality.

Given that, I bid you farewell. Perhaps without me as an excuse, you might find your brain. In respect for the spiritual woman inside who made my life “balanced/ returned to discipline/ and orderly enough to teach”:  I will help women fight for this world, IF THEY STAND UP, to be counted for that purpose. NOT “a puppet on a string, or a mascot or other”. Plain, simple, help YOU (not lead you).

Returned by trial, I will add: for decades, I have been alone for the purposes of fighting for this world; distractions are dangerous. Simply because “one second too late/ or too little” could mean our living world dies. NOT because I am so important/ but because, everyone who fights for life on earth is that important. We are threatened, and close to the end by biblical prediction/ a reality supported clearly by the evidence of what is wrong. Even so, that fight for a world: without substantial help is over. To have an honest friend, is then desirable; because that fight is now yours, it is no longer mine. I simply produce the means, for your decision. I am not a trophy, or a curse; just plain “as written, in the documents I present”; describes me well. These is no other “me”. In contrast to that statement however: is the truth, that knowing me at this time, if indeed the court can keep from corrupting itself even further. The end result of it will become: I am a target now. Which means anyone who gets close, becomes a potential target too. It cannot be truly avoided: if in fact trial goes forward. The law says it will/ but corruption says it won’t: end of our world threats of extinction says it MUST. Time will decide what is true. Some very limited, non-violent degree of caution will be exercised; it’s just reality. Changed because I have done my job, “this trial is essentially extra”; my work is done.

The reality of trial is again: I no longer seek a companion/ as any friendship will just enhance the probability of endangering their lives: due to the fact, people DON’T WANT to face their reality. The disgrace of university is NOT what they want to admit too. Traitorous conduct is NOT what leadership wants to reveal.  Paying your debt, to save your child or planet; “is like demanding to cut off their arms” for most. EVEN THOUGH THIS IS LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY, to save life on earth. Face your truth, or die: simple as that. Foolish is as simple as, “throw away the facts, and live in your fantasies”; it’s the university way. Survival is as simple as: let truth decide the direction, let reality choose the path.

There is an element of mystery; as to the spiritual woman inside/ even if you cannot understand it. The spiritual world is real. While the battle for control is real “male versus female”/ the reality itself is non-violent. The unfortunate part is: when two independent truths don’t agree on the same decision, only one will get its way. If you are afraid of female, then you are afraid. If not, then like me, the reality is simply “male versus female/ not male versus any other cause”. I lose, but it has been for the best, in our fight for this world. That is the truth of it; simple and plain. We have worked together with little disagreement; except “learning female is required”. NOT “perverted”/ that ain’t me.  Having female breasts (tits) is not me either/ but I have them anyway, it is not a choice. They even come with feelings (like a hundred women inside; and they all want me to know or experience what it is women DON’T like about men or how they are treated.), NOT my idea; and I still don’t know what “is going on”. So its plain:  my association with the spiritual woman inside is simple. Like a woman who says “I have waited too damn long, endured too damn much at the hands of men: NOW, I am in charge”. Not for revenge, but clearly in control! In the same basic way men have been in control of women, “your turn now””: and there is literally NOTHING you can do about it.. Don’t know why me, a complete surprise. Not awful, but not free either. Realistically I know, “it has just plain been necessary” to complete this message for you: CHANGE is required. I really never considered change would be required of me too.   However it is more COMPLICATED, how it ends is a mystery: not my choice, other than to agree, “whatever has true value for life”. Just so its simple:  I am not unhappy on a personal level/ not angry anymore, “life or death is up to you/ I did my job” best I could: that is all anyone can do. Thereby NOT my fault, if you fail life and planet.

I will add with regard to complexity: that the elemental constraints governing the laws, of all that participates in time, through life. Is an eloquent and necessary companion to the understanding that exhibits the conception of life eternal. The keys to that world, are locked inside the development and discovery of what life could consist of, without hate or destruction. The critical truth of these things, is held within the knowledge that must be shared between genders. Thereby eternity beckons, when traveling on the road between: if you care. I did spend my life “strictly male, with never a desire to be female”. In contrast to that: mine, is now a crash course, in “the opposite “what does it mean to be female” (NO male allowed, beyond friendship)”?  The critical part is: WHERE, does love begin? The value of existence itself, is built within the hope of what life can become. Therefore the essence of an eternity itself, Is only found within the relationship that is male to female/ female to male: as LOVE exists here. Eternity sustains itself by love. “No love equals no desire to live”. Whosoever attains that love “lives”. Whosoever fails that love, dies. The eloquent destiny “of a home”; is formed by heart; as seen here on earth. Therefrom to examine the disciplines, order, and balance of a relationship governed by gender; begins the development called WHY.

Consistent with the spiritual realm of our existence: is the discovery “this spiritual woman” inside, reflects the elemental truth of what women are feeling inside, in this world today and in the past. When living gets past, her “feelings of betrayal”/ the possibilities of love will be found. The value of this discovery will be unending, for us both.

I will add:  “I promise” NOT to simply walk away again/ life on earth, is far too important, even if participation is low. Walking away is the only method of conception that is, being “male again”: probably not even possible at all; too much has been lost. What is possible includes: IF, we do not participate together/ but are separated. Then so are our souls (joined forever, as life), I do not choose that. It was just a momentary illusion, without merit. Another reality proving beyond question again; I am certainly not perfect either. Nobody is!

Yes, I complain: but I do remember, it is “spiritual female in me”/ that brought back balance in me; and made it possible to finish the desire of my own heart. Which is: this world cannot be lost without a fight. Even if it is now essentially “a female fight”. The reality is simple: after searching for ten years, men have no possibility of saving life on this earth. They will as history proves: turn to war. This is “the best they did do”; which means they cannot do better, for our world of life, or planet. Simple as that; this is the best they did do/ because these are the things they did choose as a Majority group. Which makes women, the only solution.

That reality requires participation as a whole group/ NOT individual leaders, and followers; as do men. The foundation of change is BY LAW, we can rule ourselves. Therefore whosoever makes the law, rules this earth. JUSTICE begets participation that is valued. KEEP IT, in mind.

Remember as well: time has run out, changing this world is now or never/ as did bring about my willingness to walk away. I CANNOT “save this world alone”. I am a messenger, who declares to you: that  GOD  IS watching, and if you will work for life. TIME AND OPPORTUNITIES, for you:  to save this world shall occur. Humanity is the problem/ which means humanity is also the solution. Fight with law for life and world, or you will die of extinction; the evidence proves that will become true. I am here to help. BUT, that does require your participation. Simple and plain.

I am NOT your decision! I am the messenger telling you, the evidence which you can investigate, examine, identify, and discover is real. The question to you is:  are you willing to gamble this whole world, on the fairy tales of the university elite? OR, will you protect your world, defend life, accept the duty to your children and every living thing? Because they are opposites in nearly every detail of existence. All the “little things” are done. Which means now, the universities must play god or accept “they simply CANNOT, play god anymore”! Of the many realities in evidence of that fact, are threats which have NO SECOND CHANCE for life. The decision you make today, is then forever; no going back.  GOD IS GOD and HIS WORK must not be gambled with but RESPECTED FOR ITS VALUE “beyond the comprehension of men and women”.  OR, in contrast to that, is the universities who claim to be god, and guarantee to you “that they will bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ that they will make evolution real/ that poisons everywhere don’t matter/ or resources lost can’t make a difference/ or base food groups destroyed, isn’t extinction/ or the oceans are just fine/ or, global warming doesn’t exist/ or the money they counterfeit solves everything; etcetera, and more. You can’t have them both; it is too late. CHOOSE “ALL THINGS NATURE COMES FIRST”.     OR, choose the universities are god, and there is no going back. Because the threat is so large now, an absolute moratorium on university leads, “anything” must occur. . They will lead you right back to “the university is god”/ just like the majority of men always return to war; either as leader or follower. Go to court, and prove what is true! Do it now, or you lose.

as for me, the spiritual woman inside declared “you will never accept the illusion of being strictly male again”/ and reality has been growing tits ever since. “they are, the strangest things”.

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