The individual decision; a composition of what can I do, as opposed to what I believe will be important to me or someone else (if love exists). There are, three forms of definition by decision:  1. To conceive of a choice built upon the freedom to make a decision.  2. To recognize a reality that will impact life, and become the consequence of my own action or reaction.  3. To play god with life or planet, in an effort to control reality; and thereby prove you don’t have to die too. Which of course NEVER works; but, “liars and liars”.

We begin with the realities of this day, as is “section 2”. The recognition of evidence, created by a landslide of truth, that will all indicate the values, definitions, essence, elements, expressions, and experiences of this earth are being exterminated: by those who are attempting to play god “section 3”; or believe whatever they want, regardless of reality “a proportional segment of “section 1”. Thereby we understand, that the critical termination of truth, for the purpose of a desire that does not exist:  “unless you lie”. Is apparently a common construction of both men and women in this day. As these are individual decisions which multiply as the herd conglomerate; the values of this day are given to be, “who gives a damn about anything/ BUT ME”. Or, more simply, “I WANT, WHAT I WANT/ and I sure as HELL is coming; DON’T want, what I DON’T want. Therefore I refuse to believe the evidence and progress into the demand, “I WILL GET, whatever I want; before time runs out”. All of which seals the fate of life on earth as extinct.

All of which identifies the truth, that extinction is entirely the result of human endeavor, direction, and decision. Alas, “belief is a terrible thing”! Because belief needs no truth to exist; it lives in want.

An individual decision forms, upon the single truth: where knowledge exists, the potential for understanding also exists. Given knowledge, the opportunity to make a decision, rather than simply surrender to the facts, will arise. With understanding that opportunity to make a decision relies upon truth, because truth is an understanding of the facts which will not be ignored/ or which can be found. One or the other.

More simply:  truth makes reality definable/ or, it hides beneath the demand: you cannot have this unless you work for it. The question is why? The answer is, as this time in history presents us with the facts:  that “university intellectuals” have uncovered some hidden truths, the result of which is an endless parade of “university people without a brain”/ making decisions, that exterminate life on earth. Simple as that! While others contribute “whatever they want” to the destruction of time as human existence:  the greatest threat by far, has come from those who claim to have uncovered even a small amount of knowledge. Thereby making decisions that impact the whole/ unleashing arrogance, fraud, and deceit to conceive of betrayal, form terrorism, and create the “intentional grave” out of our entire living planet.

Our existence as life on earth is based upon the elements of life, expressions of controlled energy, experiences worth living for, definitions of love, respect for value, constructive decisions, and honest acceptance of truth to lead the way. Absolutely none of that is found in the university, in any form or substance of size. While a few are fundamentally willing and work for life; the vast majority do not/ and teach the others they can influence to believe “life is just a game/ and what we do, doesn’t matter at all; unless you make money, or create the power called pride.” Since there is no honesty in the university elite, and truth has no business there, unless it is for war. The reality is every form of world destruction, that was not consistent since the beginning of human time; is found in university! Every threat of our own extinction, arises from the arrogance of playing god; by a university elite who believe they are gods. And who have risen by making war on us! Counterfeiting American currency or any other: is a war on us. Trying to release an energy that cannot be controlled is a war on this world, and even makes the solar system a battleground, by igniting this earth into another sun. Mutilating nature IS A WAR ON LIFE, done with genetics, with chemistry, with evolution, with fools, failures, and whores in charge. Destroying every resource is a war on every child; killing the future. Intentional construction of the means to destroy every food and water resource, is a war on humanity. The disaster of propagating lies, treason, and terrorist actions by covering them over, as is hiding the truth in the media, is a coming HELL (all things in chaos). The destruction of religion by any and all means, the elemental truth of a decision to bring death upon this earth. TRUE Religion is: the search for what is disciplined, orderly, valued, true, balanced, loving, respectful, and courageous in men and women and child. IT IS NOT, the blind and constant failure of those who want religion to be “easy and free”. Even so, destroying their contribution, removes the few; to become the very few who pursue life itself.

Your individual decision, in this day is “just like mine”:  with evidence insurmountable, that our world will end, in horrors and catastrophe. “the middle of the road” no longer exists: each one must choose, by their own decision, if they will fight to protect life on earth/ or they will simply pass by, claiming “the truth does not matter/ and I will NOT listen”; as is consistent with life, and living is only about ME. This world cannot change, it has been here forever/ and throughout that time, there have been those who claim “the world is ending”. It never did, so it never will!  But alas, this world can only end once; so you should have been thankful/ but never were.

Nonetheless, the above statement is true:  even you must choose if the evidence of world extinction is true! Nothing else exists in my work than that! more simply: MAKE YOUR DECISION to fight for life on earth, prove the evidence is wrong, or let out entire world of life die. What is your answer? Please feel free to present your proof against:  our “reality is wrong/ or the cost of being wrong is a reality of consequences, too high to survive”! Is that too much to ask, for a world of life?

Alas, the university and its conspirators to destroy the planet earth, by playing god. If pushed into a courtroom whereby they must choose one of those three. The universities will always choose to fight with the evidence. They have NEVER fought for life, planet, or its protection from themselves:  “imagine that”! Just like they have fought against revealing the evidence of every threat they created; with such absurdity of fools, “that weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”. Just like they have continually fought against the evidence of global warming or any other threat; with lies, flattery, temptations, bribes, propaganda, want, hate, and more.  Global warming is not “today I am cold”/ global warming is whether the planet can moderate its heat in summer; as it has done throughout the time humanity has been here; by melting ice on the poles. No ice, and the planet becomes uninhabitable. No ice, and the atmosphere detaches from the surface; and the winds multiply into catastrophe. Etcetera. So there really is no further “middle ground”/ the reality of our situation is immediate; and there can be no further excuses, not for one single life on earth. Because we literally are in this together. The loss of a planet, nature, resources, etcetera; destroys us all.

Our destruction arises from every individual decision that has multiplied into standing on the edge of our own extinction. NOT because we were forced into this, but because with some hidden knowledge uncovered by a little bit. That knowledge was then transformed into the human demand for HELL; “let chaos come, IT WILL be great”. As is the majority movement from each university. Knowledge is not the enemy; the arrogance of demanding to play god by human intent, IS THE ENEMY. You are not gods, unless your claim is to be Satan. That (destroyers of a world of life) you can and have descended too! Along with your cult worshipers who make all this possible.

Our world has changed. Nature is no longer able to overcome what humanity does. That fact is change. Our planet is no longer able to overcome what humanity does. That fact is change. Our resources are finite and cannot be replaced; which ends the future for every child by the evidence of your choice. That fact is change. The energies which control time itself on earth, are being invaded with the clear and certain purpose of releasing energy which we, nor time can control “just like the sun”. That fact is change. The oceans and all its life are being ravaged in countless ways; and will die, because you caused this! That fact is change. The atmosphere is being detached from the planet, because of your own ways; bringing chaos. That fact is change. The ozone is failing/ as is oxygen content of the atmosphere because of your fires. That fact is change. World human population rise is over one billion more mouths to feed per decade now. That fact is change. Nature itself as is the building of bodies called life, IS BEING INTENTIONALLY MUTILATED.  That fact is change. Weapons of mass destruction are ready to be used; because governments through university control, have destroyed the reality of currency; making it counterfeit!  That theft on a global scale is change/ leaving every man, woman, and child “except the university, or their government insurrection” A VICTIM. That fact is change. Disease has been multiplied by university, and the weapons against it will soon be dead. That fact is change. The food and water resources are on the edge of collapse, and war will be “apocalyptic”. That fact is coming. Etcetera, and so on.

These are realities that will NOT simply disappear because you don’t want, what you don’t want! And you know it is true. That fact is change, because our entire world is in jeopardy; and you can no longer simply immigrate or war, to take someone else’s away. Because you did not do, what life commanded humanity must do to survive. That fact is change. Kill a billion people, and that number will simply reappear in less than ten years. THESE TRUTHS ARE NOT GOING AWAY, because you want what you want. They are realities which demand intervention or extinction by choices entirely dependent upon what is true; or we ALL die. Both rich and poor and everything in between. Our world is threatened, because of what humanity by its leadership and its cult worship of want;  did do. Simple as that. No other choices exist: change humanity itself, as a world;  or die!


As the population divides into “love or hate at my door”; because there is no true “middle ground”. The reality becomes: some will think to kill me/ while others will think to “believe in me”. The cost of being wrong is, I cannot help you. The critical truth however is:  I literally have nothing to do with your decision to protect life and world, or its future. YOU WILL DECIDE THAT; because humanity itself (every single one), is either the threat, or the solution. While universities certainly participate, at YOUR acceptance/ and media propagates they “are gods”. The reality of this day is more simple:  EVERYBODY makes their own decision/ and that decision will rule over what comes next. The evidence is sufficient to demand that is so!  Because just one second too late, or too little; and the world dies because you just didn’t care enough; or you were simply too afraid as a herd, to be “human”.

As is true for me, will be true for you:  I could have “bought some attention” in the past/ but that would not have changed your heart. It is your heart that decides, because unless you honestly accept change itself/ that change will not last, and you will return to the edge of extinction or extermination itself. This is not little or simple to do; neither will it be free. The value of life on earth in you, elementally determines your choice. That respect must be earned; and the universities have contaminated all forms of education with their disease. Such as is the religion called evolution (a fools sewer). Nothing is more clear than life was designed, engineered, technically perfected, artistically created, and architecturally assigned by the disciplines, balance, truth, and order of CREATION. Evolution, as is elemental to all university thinking:  offers you instead, “its all an accident over billions of years, erupting without a tool, utility, possibility, or brain;  by just picking whatever we want from the store shelf”. WHEN did anything of value get built, “without a brain” at a minimum. The list of evolutionary delusions is horrendous/ the vile disease of infecting the children with “evolutionary” mischief and deceit a violence to life itself. Therefore if we are going to dispute the evidence between “university and life”: there is time for only one fight. Let that be evolution is a curse that must prove itself, without doubt; or be listed as a curse and a lie! As to the delusion “sure we can bring the same fire here as on the sun/ regardless what you call the energy”;  EVERYBODY KNOWS, THE COST OF BEING WRONG!  IT IS OUR PLANET BECOMES A SUN! How dare you even assume that is a question. IT IS LEGALLY HORRENDOUS.  And exists only because the insurgency to deny life its guaranteed right to survive; has taken control. 

       Make no mistake, as is true of every major religion, “the believers of university knows” want their religion, thus their power and pride left untouched. Their brain, “IF one can be found” will swirl with I don’t want this”; and some will fall into chaos. Because “we got what we want/ leave us alone”; we WON’T surrender NOTHING! A reality of every religious group throughout history. Nonetheless, when  the reality of threat emanates so distinctly from a religious belief such as is “university knows, regardless of the deceit, fraud, or fantasy”; so that it literally becomes a cult. NO, our leaders, our books CANNOT be questioned; “they are god”. The cause of that is quite simply, as in medicine;  “you want to believe, because you don’t want, what you don’t want, to be true”. Therefore the decision is left to someone else, who is then suppose to lie to you, because that is easier than accepting the truth. The truth is: constant failure, intentional fantasies, foolishness with corruption, an insurgency to rule, a disrespect so vile that even nature, planet, life, and solar system are all threatened with extinction!  MEANS THIS MUST CHANGE TOO! Even forever. No more freedom to do anything they want; absolute strict supervision, and only enough potential experimentation of any kind, to insure NO THREAT shall exist to life, child, food, water, planet, nature, etcetera. Arrogance and disrespect are the enemy, not knowledge. However what you do with your knowledge can easily make you an enemy of life and planet; as a consequence to that: the world must watch, and the world itself must rule with an iron fist: OVER “university knows”!  The reality of threat to our entire existence, as a living planet;  proves that is true. 

As for me, I am not against university; I AM AGAINST ARROGANCE, DECEIT, FRAUD, LIAR, THIEF, DISRESPECT, FAILURE, TRAITOR, TERRORIST, AND “the elements which conceive of SATAN (destroyer of a world)” here on earth. Remove them and I am for university. Simple as that.


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