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Time is the expansion of moments, the fundamental relationship of slowing an action or reaction down to the point of recognition. Courage is the acceptance, that we must move in order to experience or express life in freedoms. Cowardice assumes, that by not participating in an action or reaction that the consequences can be avoided. Reality exists, because we are able to understand the basic network of what time does do. The critical element is then, “life exists, because we choose to accept the freedoms that time will grant”; courage is required. Humanity however asserts by those who act (a brave new world); that they can play god with life. Whereas humanity also assumes, by those who react; that they can avoid the consequences of playing god; simply by hiding from the truth; as is cowardice.

The essence of that statement is:  your freedom to play god with time, has led you to consequences beyond which you cannot survive as life on earth. In other words, if you will not summon the courage to stop what you have done/ then life on earth will be exterminated. Because that, is what humanity did choose.

I cannot save you, and will not try. As is true for me, is true for you:  my job was to communicate our need for change as a world with “human choices”. Yours is the same/ my job is over; at a minimum, yours has begun. No, you don’t get a trophy for doing what you should have been doing already. Yes, life is a reward; but not if you were “the murderer”, by your own actions or decisions. CHOOSE BETTER, or die. It’s up to you!


So let’s talk courage, there are “endless actions by men primarily” that are critical betrayals of life itself/ tragedies building into an absolute chaos formed to cause our extinction. As is consistent with the evidence, by its own truth of consequences! People walk away/ people run away and hide:  because they want the bribes, “no you don’t have to pay for the decisions we make”/ nothing will go wrong we can’t fix/ believe in the universities, they can play god/ media will tell us what we need to know/ governments can be trusted to make the right decisions for us all/ the children will never have to pay, our lies will not die in their heart and soul. But alas none of that is true! Lies never build, they only destroy.

So let’s talk cowardice of the herd, as is consistent with the evidence. A herd of humanity has no ears, it is blind to any reality that is not food, water, security, or comfort. Every herd is built upon small groups within that herd “let’s keep the family together”. Every herd wants the sanctity of itself to be first; because more competition is not what any creature desires. To share the wealth is entirely: not what a herd is about, because we must care for ourselves first. Cowardice comes from the truth, if we step beyond the group/ then we do open ourselves up to a predator. Therefore the predator controls the herd. But the leader controls the direction, by decisions made. Every herd requires a leader, because the herd must move as one; or predators get an easy target; and that increases their numbers. The more mobile and aggressive the leader, the tighter the group “no exceptions”; results to produce NO  easy targets;  which becomes, the harder it is for a predator to kill. In the human herd, the desire is the same:  we will NOT step beyond the boundary set, by our leaders/ because that is where the predators form, and we could get killed. Not exactly cowardice as a herd with leaders to control direction and decision. But it is cowardice; when as a human being found in freedom, by the courage it takes to form your own distinct direction and decision for life: makes the individual. To make an individual decision, that is not foolish, blind, or deaf; requires you to work for the knowledge that is consistent with the decision you must make. Within that knowledge, are the ingredients for making a decision, by determining with understanding what the cost and rewards will be, by the direction you have chosen. With so few choosing for themselves, the herd has increased massively; and makes itself content by claiming “the bribe is all they need to be happy”. There are “endless bribes” in America: counterfeiting currency is the biggest and most invasive; but there are toys to collect as trophies; people to disrespect with pride; arrogance to exclaim “I am god”; governments to corrupt and betray; weapons to threaten with fear; religion to curse or betray with lies; media to conceive of fantasies; cheaters, thieves, fools, traitors, terrorists, and all other forms of hate to betray yourselves with. Each decision ignoring the truth, so that a life of lies will not end.  Alas, lies always destroy; as the evidence does prove.

Our moments are dying because the predators control the herd, and the few individuals who are left cannot be heard above the roar of predators who use media to convince the vast majority to fear. No you cannot think for yourselves; no you cannot see what you think you see; no you are not smart enough to offer anything; no you cannot own the law “we changed it for ourselves”/ with lies; no you can’t complain, we won’t hear it; no you cannot warn, we will not believe it; no the organizations of man want only to become rich or powerful, and then need not find truth; no religion is owned by the universities, and they won’t surrender it, because that would release a few individuals who are searching for order, balance, and discipline. The enemy of liars!

Bribes distract the herd/ fear confines the herd/ violence observed, makes the leader important:  ONLY when the herd becomes distraught about its own food or water, or need; does an opportunity for a new direction or decision occur. And that is dependent upon fear or violence; so media keeps you confined, and threat keeps the leaders intact/ while bribes cause the majority who keep themselves well away from any predator says: “I am doing fine”. Who gives a damn about the others, I am safe!

But alas: with an entire world of life in jeopardy of extinction, as is consistent with the evidence, by its own truth. The reality is, this entire herd will die forever; because that is what your leaders chose. Nothing is more obvious than trying to ignite a nuclear fire, with known flames “same as the sun” roughly one million miles long. The fire burns atoms, the cost of being wrong is: EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire! Then we have human population growth at over one billion more people over deaths; per decade. Nature itself being MUTILATED ON PURPOSE, with genetics. Weapons of mass destruction that will be used, because the food and water supplies will end. Resource loss. Planetary destruction. Ocean life caused to be extinct. ETCETERA, and so on.

Or more distinctly:  your world has changed. Your future is dependent upon making choices that fight for all life, and protect our world. Your leadership is the complete opposite of that, formed in the curse of a university education/ they do destroy everything they touch; with very few exceptions. Only what is true survives. Therefore your salvation from terrors coming: is to find what is true, and change yourselves to obey what is “valued and happy” for this world, and all its life. To date, you as a human world have failed life and planet entirely; and it is that simple. Time is contracting into extinction, while you are busy playing either god, the coward, or the fool! To your shame.

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Jim Osterbur

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