The elemental truth, between men and women is:  although we are very similar, we are not the same. While it is consistent with the male assertion: apart from gender, we must be nearly alike. The fact is, that simply is not so!

So, reality teaches what can be taught, to those who are willing to listen. Which brings us to a listing of what can be declared: without, ruining the sacred trust that is “male owns this/ and female owns that”.

THE LIST, of what women need men to know: as best I can.

  1. Nothing is so important as, DON’T enter my space, unless I invite you.
  2. Critical is, DON’T assume I am sexually aroused just because you are.
  3. DON’T make decisions for me, I have my own mind; and do intend to use it for my own life choices.
  4. DO, search within the three elemental designs of human behavior “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me”; as the essence of a child remains a threshold, to participations in freedom.
  5. DO, remember that every relationship survives only through respect for each one.
  6. DO, remember that the ONLY BOND, that brings us together as one: IS TRUST.
  7. UNDERSTAND, the value of my heart, cannot be won: it must be earned.
  8. DISCIPLINE shares the future, by granting whatever truth will allow, in the freedom of what we can be together.
  9. Sex is NOT having you use me for a “rubbing post”/ I AM a human being, AND I DESERVE more than that.
  10. To express sexual relations, that keep me interested: you must pay attention to MY NEEDS; and do what I LIKE TOO. SEX, is Not just for you.
  11. Balance requires, that I make my decisions, and you make your decisions, and WE MAKE OUR DECISIONS by understanding the order, and the reality of what our truth will allow.
  12. Remember this: to let me fail, is fair/ UNLESS, the cost of that failure is too severe; and you know that to be true. The same is also true: regardless of who intends to make the decision that will fail. Truth is the elemental search, for what will and what will not occur after this decision is made. Want is an enemy, only truth brings a future we both desire.
  13. I am NOT your slave/ and you are NOT mine. Which means we share the work, because we care about each other; and know life is not a game.
  14. A child is NOT your right/ nor is it mine. Rather a child, must only occur when we have BOTH prepared, with honesty: “a place in our hearts, a reality within our home, and a decision that recognizes who we are going to be, in this our future shared. As best we can.
  15. Never refuse my freedom, because it is a key to our happiness.
  16. Never disrespect my right to participate as an equal.
  17. Never believe I can’t be, what I choose to be. It is my right to try: if, it is my own work.
  18. My body is my home, what I do with it is a property right, which belongs only to me.
  19. Your need, is a fundamental design as chosen by you; but sharing that desire,  eloquently between us both, lifts the heart to love; because we cared, or at least we tried, for each other.
  20. There is only one life, for each one; and that means, “I must live it, as I choose”.
  21. There is only individual death: and that means, “I cannot share that experience with you, even though I might try”.
  22. The definition of my heart, listens to soul (Creation talks). Therefore do not interfere, or complain, or assume that what you believe is more or less; than what do I.
  23. There is nothing upon this earth, that is not beautiful in its own way; except hate. If I am abused or used or caused to fear/ then it is my duty to myself; to find a different life.
  24. To forgive, “where honest repentance exists”; creates the possibilities of friendship, even a home;  because we all make mistakes.
  25. Love is, the essence of all things that express or experience life, with you has value. A shared respect, a limitless truth where there is no shame; for what is honest and real.
  26. The foundation for what can only be expressed as, I AM ALIVE. Begins in the heart, but lives in the rhythm of a dance between the essence of our lives. The sexual expression of that, is far beyond a simple physical act.
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Jim Osterbur

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