Of the elements which have defeated our world, among the vast majority is this:  “I just want to be happy/ don’t tell me nothing, that won’t make me happy/ I am already struggling to be happy; DON’T make me sad”. When reality is examined to prove why is this so: the evidence returns that fact as, “because there is no balance in your existence”. Balance is the elemental task of becoming stable within the limits and boundaries of your world. World means: where home exists, because it keeps you alive. So, we ask what are the limits people ignore or refuse to obey?

The answer is:  this is a finite world, and humanity must share it with the other life as well, which includes all habitat. Because we are very interconnected as a world of life/ NOT as individuals of life. More simply: this life needs specific things, that are produced by that life, which impact another life; and so on. When critical links are destroyed, the environment and its life fails to survive.

The boundaries of our world include population control, and the human fact: if we fail to keep a realistic population balance/ we all die, because this world is finite. Which means: LACK of human population control is one of the worst offenders on this earth. Environments collapse, life becomes extinct, wars break out to destroy far more than just the men who fight them.

As to happiness beyond these detriments: the wealthy exist to control the rest who would otherwise attack everything at once/ so they could be wealthy (I have excess). The wealthy make it hard for the rest to survive, because they take too much and give too little; but without them, the masses would have nothing left. So they do exist; not as a benefit/ but as a necessity. That can be thwarted by the things I have presented on these websites I provide. But what cannot be undone by any reality of law is your vast numbers of people, whose inherent desire to have more than the rest; so as to prove you are superior to the rest: Remains constant. That must change. To do so true happiness must be found.

So, the question is: what is true happiness?

The answer is accepting:  heart and soul, make you ALIVE.  Alive means, “Like nothing else”. A relationship that rises above “animal etc”/ to become a living human being through the understanding called respect. Respect is a true appreciation for the work and the realities of what gives us our existence here on earth: where EVERYTHING is a true miracle, beyond what any living creature on this planet can or could have done. The university curse, and therefrom disease is to believe that is not so. They want to be god;  as is the constant of men and women who find they cannot be god/ they turn to destruction to prove “we CAN take this away”, thereby like god, only better WITH POWER. So hate rises here to destroy lives.

In contrast to “worm-food”; are those who accept love to encounter heart and soul.

Heart comes from the human statement: this is what keeps us alive, more than all the rest. So the question is: WHAT, or WHO is it within your life and living that makes you happy enough, so that you desire to keep on living? The simple eloquent word to define that is love. Where love exists, the value of being alive is apparent and true. Thereby creating within our soul, a relationship with life we do not wish to lose. Soul exists as our direct relationship with the living essence to be found, within our bodies. More simply “something gives us life”/ beyond a body. That something we refer to as   “GOD”  . Our Creator, AS IS so obviously true; by the extreme intensity of design found throughout, and as this earth. The university curse is an arrogance so extreme; they will do anything to demand “we are your gods”/ turn away from everything but us. The constant of most religion, just packaged a bit different.

Nonetheless to be truly happy, requires the opportunity for love. That love is locked within each participant of life [apart from a tiny few]/ and the problem with finding it is: those who come before us, have damaged “my search for life and love” to the point of, there is no trust anymore.  We then know, that the critical element which determines the very nature of every human society is:  where trust exists, happiness will form. Where happiness exists, love will blossom. Where love is granted the respect of a value earned, we ascend beyond this time called earth: into the grace and beauty of what it truly does mean, “to be ALIVE”.

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Jim Osterbur

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