The curse of a university is simple: UNLESS you destroy what does work/ NO ONE needs you! UNLESS you propagate through media, “how great you are”/ NO ONE believes you should lead. UNLESS you create a fear/ NO ONE will allow you to hold the weapons which threaten us all. UNLESS you create an enemy/ NO ONE will let you play god with life. So they do! The reality is simple: manipulation, control, deceit, lies, stealing, cheating, treason & betrayal, terrorism, failure, fantasy, and fool; ARE the contributions of a university diploma to our lives.

Anyone who believes America is better off today than it was fifty years ago or more: is a recipient of bribes that were only possible by counterfeiting American currency by hidden inflation. The constant among all people is, GIVE ME free money, and I will call you great, “buddy/ pal” etc. The evil of money is: with enough of this, I can rule over life! Because I can buy people to obey me. If I can buy an army/ then I don’t need permission to do anything I want. If I can counterfeit the money/ then I don’t need to do anything, I don’t want to do.

By destroying the currency, you destroy the economic fabric of a society: making it vulnerable to civil war. To avoid that civil war, society then says:  LIE/ STEAL/ CHEAT/ ANYTHING, just don’t let us fall into that abyss of chaos, murder, and violence. So the rulers make rules; because when they stole the fabric of society/ they made enemies. To keep enemies under control, they need rules to reduce freedoms, and thereby make themselves “god (you can’t do anything, I say you can’t)”. Or, I make you fear/ and society then stubbles and falls, into the chasm of fighting with those who confront you. Which is the police. They then fear, and having weapons use them. To protect the police, the courts corrupt themselves; because like a man waving his gun to say “stay away from me”/ so to, the judiciary use a rule to destroy the very fabric of society itself. Which is betrayal. All made possible by the failures of leadership who refused the limits and boundaries of what is, or is not possible for our society: when reality and truth are in charge. The one constant of hate is: I DON’T want no damn limits on me. The one truth of violence is:  there are NO boundaries I will obey. The one possibility of fear is: with enough pain, I WILL make you do whatever I say; with very few exceptions.

Media translates the purposes of hate, by emanating the fantasies of fools [making lies, and liars, the leader of men]. They establish that, by using deceit: to portray as factual/ an illusion or delusion of the men or women, they worship as they’re god. Control over EVERYTHING that the public shall hear or see as evidence of their world, and descriptions of the judgment or decisions they need to make: is mind control. That purpose, is a deliberate intent called treason: to overthrow democracy, by concealing the truth of what really does in fact threaten our lives, our future, our world, or our nation! Terrorism insures the reality of fear/ and fear assures those in charge, that they will not be approached, “because if you make us mad, we will unleash the hounds” so to speak. Media produces and controls whatever you believe; granting only one side of any story, so as to conceive of only one solution:  WORSHIP the university leadership, they are your gods/ who else, can be smart? Yet reality proves, the DUMBEST people ever born/ OR, in contrast the most HATEFUL people ever born:  are those who cause an entire living world to collapse into chaos, or cause their very own destruction; as is the extermination of life and planet. Which is exactly what university leadership is doing/ and exactly what media hides from view. No small feat; as they had to worm their way into the very bowels of government, destroy the foundation of free press, and confuse the fabric of law, by undermining education with gossip and ridicule by using the religion called evolution/ the fear of betrayal that is weapons of mass destruction.

The most venomous reality of human existence, is a religion without value. Evolution is that religion. Built upon endless lies, complete fantasies, utter foolishness without a whisper of truth. The universities invaded and congealed control over education, by pretending they are superior to the rest: so just BELIEVE IN THEM/ but never question their words. To stop people from establishing lies, MEDIA was overrun with “you can’t be here/ UNLESS you have a university diploma which proves you can and will memorize and mimic whatever we tell you to believe.” To congeal that control and authority: constant new words are formed to confuse/ math is deliberately conceived to deny access/ and all forms of government, business, and every form of leadership is invaded by “a university diploma”. Which means: NONE are allowed to make a decision/ UNLESS you bow down, and worship the university doctrine “we are gods/ they are inferior”;  first. Religion without merit, is the extreme disaster of human history: WE CAN BELIEVE ANYTHING WE WANT!

Belief is, “the religious serpent, which beguiles men”. Because belief is a chosen want, not based in fundamental or functional truth. It is an anchor, that winds around the body and encircles the mind: so that you cannot accept anything, but what you believe. Discarding truth, refusing evidence, making a literal discussion impossible: because you believe whatever you wanted to believe, and that belief, became your god. Those who believe CANNOT change their mind. Because if they do allow change/ then their anchor, their expectations which give them peace through whatever they believe; must be changed. The snake, can rarely be removed; because the last little bit which holds onto you/ can only be removed by you. That requires change in you; and people run back to what they believe, literally hiding from all that can be proven otherwise.

FAITH, is not a religion; it is the acceptance of proven evidence by which a reality of truth ascends through the diligent investigation of facts that cannot be denied without lies. Faith assembles the decision: that I will follow the direction only truth can provide, in this, my path through the essence of life, to understand what my own destiny shall be. Do you see the difference?

To believe grants a fool the right, to do anything, or accept anything, that belief will allow. Want is the foundation of every lie; because if you do want something/ or don’t want something: this is, the basis of every reason to lie. Belief grants want to be your god/ which then does make religion without merit, the tragedy of life on earth. Just like the want of university to play god, and those who believe them (the cause of religion): are the essence of todays’ violence, against this living world itself.

FAITH as is consistent in its gathering of the evidence as best we can, in support of what does have value to human existence. Takes the reality of what people have learned throughout time, and places that testimony of what did we learn to contribute to our whole humanity: to your view. It means, “this has been found”/ search beyond this, and contribute to our human existence. FAITH accepts the testimony of the past, because throughout the generations which followed; a value was found. But that in no way means: the religions of merit “have a book called god”. Written in, and by the language of men/ interpreted by men/ largely for the purposes of men: religious merit fails the test of true leadership. But that is consistent with the realities of life, which are: MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS/ because these shall form your own eternity! Freedom requires that it must be so.

Therefrom we examine freedom to find it is: the critical test, which determines who shall live beyond this time called human; and who shall not. LAW establishes order by presenting limits and boundaries, as truth will describe them critical. RULES help the participant conceive of why and why not. OR RULES, take that freedom away, by manipulating the facts in order to break the law and play god. Only those who are willing to obey the requirements of truth, which are the laws we hold as the basis of our own survival: will be allowed beyond time. The constant desire of men and women to play “king or queen”; is a tragedy of your own design. Because life is not about you, life is about life; and your honest participation within that life, is the key to opening a door beyond yourself called love.  Where love exists, the essence of life is you. Where you exist within the boundaries of love, the limits of your own freedoms will expand; because the value of your soul, is true.


The curse of liars, traitors, thieves, terrorists, whores, and fools, IS EVERYWHERE in this America; as reality proves again and again:  selfishness rules here, by the incest of an educational rape. The value of this earth, now exists as a decision NONE desires to make. Which means very simply:  EITHER YOU WILL do what needs to be done to save this earth from extinction/ or you will all be exterminated: because that is what your own evidence does prove.  NOTHING is more simply understood regarding this:  than the universities through governmental control and counterfeiting currency, than the people trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. burns your skin from 91 million miles away, with flames one million miles long, and solar flares up to 12 million miles long. Igniting THAT FIRE, here on earth, is a reality EVERYBODY can understand. The universities are about to succeed/ and there is NO GOING BACK.  Their claim is:  not to worry, there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just evaporate into space. IN CONTRAST IS THE TRUTH, igniting atoms on fire WHICH IS, what happens on the sun:  makes our planet another sun.  Even you know what that would mean to life here. Their claim of knowledge called fusion has already been proven wrong at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco. Their claim of knowledge called gravity on the sun is based upon an imaginary element fifteen times heavier than lead:  “its called pure fantasy”.

NO GOING BACK, fight for your world, or be exterminated by your university gods. One or the other! One second too late, and nothing matters anymore: this world is dead.

I am going to add, the statistics of probability (people lie) suggest:  having met a person who said he lived in Chicago’s infamous Cabrini green project/ that was torn down for high priced residential housing for the wealthy. That all the trouble reported about Cabrini green was either concocted, or expanded (by choices made) to make the public believe through media: “yes the government should tear this project down/ as a menace to society. Thereby allowing take over. A similar situation to what is today making N. Korea an extreme threat; for the purpose of power, to be used by America. Reality states, while it is consistent with a threat that any weapon of mass destruction should exist/ when one nation has thousands of them against another. It is the one who holds thousands that presents the bigger threat. Mass communication means EVEN THOUGH:  that throughout the last one hundred years, it is America, that has been at war more than any other. IT IS media that asserts “oh poor us”.

In more simple terms, the local news is more distinct of the power of media over society. In the past, the local media reported:  “this building has to be torn down” it is in such disrepair it is necessary”. The reporter was basically on her knees pointing to an area of paint peel, that was bad. “On her knees” led me to go look at that building prior to its closing and destruction: throughout only one spot in the building itself was not in nearly immaculate condition. The powerful wanted “a play house”.  Under the stairs landing was a spot clearly left behind on purpose. I asked a maintenance worker who was on the job: WHY? He told me clearly: all were told NOT to touch that area, under threat of being fired. So they didn’t.

At another site, a building was reported “ready to fall down/ so it must be removed”. To establish that the claim was a group of men had entered the building, and climbed to the second floor; and there had to use a horizontal ladder “as if in an ice field”; to get across the floor/ because it had been leaking so bad. I happened to see those middle age or older fat men cross the road with their 8 ft ladder; a day or two preceding this media report; and I guarantee, they did not take any risk whatsoever. I looked into the building and inspected the ceiling from the first floor; which showed no sign of drainage whatsoever: lies! Because the powerful wanted a parking lot, and they functionally stole the building to get it.

YOU BELIEVE; and that is your fault. Because you say, “we cannot do anything about it/ and I want to be happy, not sad”. While that is somewhat true, the more distinct reality is:  BY WRITING OUR OWN LAWS, not hiring someone to vote for us/ but choosing the laws ourselves, and limiting them to what we agree is necessary:  democracy which is the rule of humanity by its own laws, becomes true. NOT an employee ruling over us; but our own decisions ruling over them, by the laws we do create. Enforced by our own decision to evict a judge, if they don’t obey their sworn oath to us.  WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE. The power of our vote is not to vote for someone to vote for me.

THE POWER OF DEMOCRACY, is to vote on the laws that rule over our society, “one person equals one vote”; this is who we are. Period, simple as that!

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