Love, is the passionate embrace of truth. That truth then sets us free to experience “the world beyond ourselves”. I have encountered the world of men; the “elements of women”; to discover these simple things. We all know what loneliness is, even though to widely different degrees. We all know what heart is, or was; because this is the decision to elevate life beyond selfishness, and declare our lives as an equal and valued participant in this time. Unless hate begins to consume you. We all desire passion, because it lifts value to the levels of love. We all embrace, the question of romance, and search for the meaning of life; until you fail. We express the difference between man and woman, with sex/ but that does not relieve loneliness: only love does that. We desire destiny, the decisions which present our future as won, instead of lost. We live to breathe the experience called freedom/ but we die, without the law of life itself. Respect builds a relationship, but only trust can form a bond: to lose either means you lost a friend. Truth survives, and that is “the core of eternity”. Love exists, and that is the core of why we choose to survive. Life is not a game. Knowledge is not the enemy; like money, “what you choose to do with either makes it a friend or enemy”. Where love translates for the soul, there IS:  the essence of being ALIVE! Between man and woman, “there is a door”, that leads to happiness through shared expressions of caring. That passage invites the reality of  GOD ; because together we form the temple upon this earth. The quest for eternity lives or dies in truth, by the ascension of love. Choose love honestly, and understand the distance we must travel in order to achieve that experience, is expressed by our own truth. The value we accept as love within our lives, is the treasury of what you have to offer GOD!

May you find peace through happiness, as shared friendship will create. May you always understand: if you judge/ you also judge yourself. May you learn and accept: pride is an enemy/ want is a liar that intends to do you harm/ power harms the soul/ lust destroys the heart/ selfishness is a prison/ and arrogance is a bridge to hate (discard it from your life).

Let us examine, the relationships between male and female as a value inherited by those who accept the responsibility to care about each other, and share existence with respect for each other. This is the basis of home, and home is the understanding, “I need not fear, or be wary, here”. The unfortunate games people play, the tragedies of pride, the failures of want, the incessant demand of selfishness, wanton lust, power struggles, and a refusal to learn or participate honestly; fight to insure a home cannot be found. So the choice is simple: let us be valuable to each other, as best we can/ OR, let me be the leader, and get whatever I want, regardless of the cost to you.

We can break this down into categories, but it will always return to the singular decisions of an individual: because wherever freedom exists, we choose for ourselves what the future can be; as best we can/ OR, as selfishness will dictate “it’s all about ME”.

THE most CONSTANT partition, of any destruction, attacking all relationships, is governed by two distinct things:  I want, which brings about the lies which allow selfishness to come first. And I DON’T want “this”, which invades the human experience “like a swirling abyss”; trying to suck you into hate. Every lie destroys respect for each and every individual involved. Therefore want, as is the foundation of every lie: constructs “a minefield” for someone, who is then injured; and the person who created the minefield must go into that minefield (becoming trapped as well) to give aid; or surrender their love. Dependent upon the destruction, respect dies instantly or over time. In the catastrophe that is “I DON’T WANT THIS”: comes the reality of distrust, as is, you failed my life; you refused my participation; you took my needs or honest desire, and crushed that purpose with your intentional decision. This is followed by “the swirling winds” of how must I respond, “to an enemy”? Trust fails; homes are destroyed; even lives are lost: because one or the other  refused to consider what is true/ OR, one or the other refused truth altogether, and simply wants to play; wants to hurt; or wants to prove “yes I can” as is: “I alone, am important, or superior” (rarely true, in even the slightest way). Hate begins when the abyss grabs hold, and you cannot (I refuse) escape what sucks you into revenge.

In the elevation of romance, as is the beginning of home; comes the certainty “My life, is better with you”. Therefrom, the existence of time dwindles when I share life with you/ and the reality of time expands, when I am away from you. Proving, that loneliness has been made a choice: if you accept my love. The critical question is:  can I, or will I accept the living I must, {either by my choices/ or your choices/ or our choice as one} to be with you? Love is not, a knotted together binding of ropes to refuse freedom for each other. Love is an essence of the values we share in absolute respect for each other, that become proven over time as in trust. Trust shares the elevation “of being truly alive”; as the miracles we do know we are, are experienced and expressed without restraint, because I have learned to trust you, and you have learned to trust me. That exists only when it is true. Romance is the ascension of steps, from participants in rhythm with each other, to lovers going beyond ourselves, to the essence of life itself as we change the descriptions of our lives from time into eternity. The place destiny shares with us, as love finds a way.

The elemental task of living together, the critical search for each other, and the values attainable when those who are possible to live with me, are less than I desire; are often realities of life. Sometimes confronted with, “I found someone better, FOR ME”.  These things are elements which include survival; a relationship with truth, that does not entertain want easily. Want is the most critical determinant of who can or cannot live together. Therefore at least try, to understand what that want is, before you commit to the fact “I just can’t be lonely anymore”. People who have the same interests, the same disciplines in body, mind, and life are often the most likely to succeed in living arrangements; because you understand their want. People who have not more than one or two different interests or disciplines (such as I save money/ whereas the other spends money) are not likely to have a happy life. Even though, people who are too extreme often need someone opposite to pull them out of what they do/ so as to repair or teach each other a value. If both learn, a solid relationship may form. If one or both fail to learn, their relationship will fail as well. The question is:  WHY, can I not have someone to love me as I desire them too? The correct answer to that is freedom, “to choose”/ is an individual right, not just yours (even if you are correct). The fundamental answer to that is: when the rhythms of life, do not meet in the middle, where we both accept “something more than sex, is honestly here for me”/ then the essence of love has not yet formed. The functional answer is:  each individual has only one life to live in this time on earth; what you choose becomes your destiny. What you accept as the most important truth of your existence, becomes at least in part, a definition of eternity. You own chosen path, is required; and like me, some must simply journey alone. Because if like me, “I cannot let this world die, without a fight”. To confront the most deadly enemies of life: with change, is to endanger someone else by association, it is not a game.

People submit themselves to a wide ranging description of desires; most of which are based upon want, which then forms lies. When the lies are removed, participation in “living with friendship through love” greatly expands. Desire is an essence, based in truth. Want is a method of plotting and planning with lies, to steal.

To search for someone who will be lover and friend is HARD. Because of all the failure university leadership has brought: liars abound/ thieves behind nearly every door/ traitors/ terrorists/ fantasies threatening our extinction/ a world in trouble/ and distractions some of which are “at your fingertips”. Which means nobody trusts nobody for the most part; everyone is suspicious, and with cause. Those facts of life, cannot be changed without turmoil; because they are embedded in the framework of society by the powerful, and the propaganda used to control. The end of life on earth is coming; unless true change comes quickly now. Not because I say so/ but because the evidence proves that is true. Extreme energy experiments trying to ignite atoms on fire (same fire as is on the sun, here on earth); are the clearest example. That means ultimately, like me: romance will just plain have to wait, even all things love, because if we lose this earth, there simply is no home, for time!

The reality of loneliness is HARSH, the consequence varies in many different ways; including obesity, suicide, addiction, perversion, and more. Therefore the search to alleviate it is necessary. The foundation of that very thing is to remove want, and from that moment the world itself is a different place. Instead of the cesspool of what you want, and what you don’t have that you want/ the reality is LIFE, even your life, IS A MIRACLE. In that moment the consequence of being the recipient of “true wealth”, in a world of realities beyond our true description; is “I AM, a very lucky person”; right here & right now. Life, the essence of a freedom to be whatever I choose to be, lifts me, and shares with me the blessing of every moment that is mine to share. Desire then understands, I am “an element of this universe”, and purpose defines: none are greater than me/ nor am I greater than they are; making each one equal. Even if not the same, which is why we are individuals, unique among all the rest. To understand love, “begin with the biblical JESUS”.

The reality of searching for someone to share living with, relies upon three basic ingredients:  1) you should not expect to meet someone whom will commit their lifetime too you, in just a few moments of time (first impressions don’t really matter). 2) even if you meet one hundred people, if you expect to live and be married for fifty years/ then choosing from one hundred people/ and they choosing from the same; is not really very many.  3) the primary element of friendship is an ability to communicate between each other: doesn’t matter how. Thereby the summary of these things is simple:  DON’T be shy, go out and meet as many people safely, as you can; believe it will be Ok, AND accept some limited risk (say yes, more than no). Remember not to be discouraged, YOU ARE, asking for a lifetime, perhaps even a child together: IT IS IMPORTANT.  Educate yourself in topics that allow you to join someone else in their conversation if you can politely. Use kindness as your tool for understanding what you can contribute. Defend your right to be who you are, if necessary/ or just walk away, because they are not worthy of you. Discipline sexual desires, because they interfere with honesty. Passionately embrace the differences between male and female; because we (nearly) all look for “the opposite” sex. REMEMBER THE THREE ELEMENTS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR:  Play with each other for fun if you can. Look at each other for value without judgment/ hear what they say, and talk to them, rather than at them. Look in the mirror first, and remember to be honest, even fair. Listen to each other with respect, because unless reality has proven outside of gossip; everyone deserves respect/ unless hate is involved. Hate is not a characteristic of human behavior/ it is a decision involved with animal behaviors, and those will not provide happiness; even if some believe it will.

Value is a forever thing, it is not transient as are physical elements in time. Rather value exists in the purity of what can be sustained as “without contamination”/ thereby an elemental law of its own. An identity conceived from the essence of where life leads by truth. The distance we stand, from the love within our heart; requires discipline, as this is our desire unleashed. The destiny we seek, as is love lifting from the soul, cherishes the values we share; reveals our purpose, rather than our time. It is an orderly thing. Love balances those who will belong, “because these are the ideals that I chose to hold precious”/ the very treasury, to which I belong. The hope, which transforms me beyond time, as the essence within a life called soul.


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