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I have fought for this world, over forty years; and none have helped me do so. I’m afraid, if you can’t sign your name to the effort; then you didn’t really participate beyond what others would do. The reality of it is simple: “I refused, to let this world die without a fight”. Even though it cost me my own lifetime, in every other way. Alas, with tinnitus (ear trouble)/ life was changed anyway; so I can’t really complain (different body/ different life). But it is somewhat interesting to conceive of what could have been, in a different time of history. Love does not have a choice, all life and planet come first. Not a game, the threats are real; regardless what you believe or don’t. Not a game; tens of thousands spent. Not your savior, just a man who did do the best he could; even if it could have been better. That reality was governed by: “just one second too late”, and our world is burning just like the sun/ or nature is dead, mutilated forever/ or weapons of mass destruction are released/ etcetera and more.

I would not change it: the world of life comes first! But make no mistake, my life has “experienced realities” that extremely few will ever know. Valued love beyond “these moments of time”. Recognized a spiritual world beyond ourselves; and found surprises I never would have anticipated. One such expression is: “I live within the spiritual world of female, as male”. Its complicated! But it was necessary, because the man I was had no answer for how to keep this world alive. I searched a decade, it does not exist: men turn to war! That is simply death to our world. Today, “her answer is, let women try to rule”; and believe it or not, this is in fact the book of Revelation, chapter 12 coming true.

But this is it, if the trial finishes with a jury verdict either way: you have, or had, your chance.

This is my “news contribution” if it should go that way. Because the news story is “not me”; make it so!

Reality requires I should go a bit farther.

In that effort, it has become clear: that women are little different than men in these simple truths. They want everything/ they have immense pride too/ they refuse reality/ and they walk down the same road (we can’t all be wrong together: follow the leader); but alas, they can. Women are very different in other ways.

The reality of what can keep this earth alive is more complex than simply saying “let women try”/ proven true by the list of threats, that men cannot keep this earth alive. But as I am an example of “when joined together, as both male and female working as one entity”; even if it is with “woman in charge”. The reality of both working as one, can accept the disciplines truth commands: each represents a different view of the same truth, and that is necessary. Truth keeps us all alive, it is nothing less than that. therefore finding truth, and accepting the order that is required to balance both male and female in ways that are consistent with respect for both. Respect for this world of life and all it needs too. Respect for  GOD  OUR CREATOR is essential. And a devaluing of university to its reality: “the best we did do”/ along with, just because you want something does not make it true. you CAN’T play god. Simple as that, or all life will die. Take it to heart, and insure NOBODY fails that truth again.

The university curse is: “we know it all/ as is ARROGANCE (nothing matters but ME)”. And they infested this nation, and even the world with that disease; by counterfeiting (hidden inflation) currency to attain control. Humanity flocks to money, as if it were life itself/ worshiping it, and spending their lives to get MORE. Money is a tool, that can be used for war. Limited capitalism, is a society worshiping  peace, security, and the values of life/ rather than money.

As to Revelation 12 from the bible: the interpretation is,  a great and wondrous sign is “we don’t know how this happened”. “A woman which you cannot truly see (spirit), stands on a foreign object (male) in view of this earth (something worth talking about) proving a grip on knowledge that is significant (stars). But she brings with her, “a new life (change)” for this world.

The old way of life hates that, and declares war; because it wants nothing to do, with losing its own power. The dragon is “we can make you fear”. The rest is rather self-explanatory.

What you cannot do, is what you have been doing: because this earth will not survive, nor will its life. That means extinction for all.

I have had to accept true change/ YOU must also accept true change, or your world will end; as proven by all the threats we face as a planet dying “from every side”. Change is not easy! Change may not even be desired truly; but if you don’t, this world will die; and that makes change something that is worth doing. Adapting to that change, a reality that simply cannot be avoided; because life needs you to do this.

Regardless, at the beginning of my journey; “absolutely nothing made a difference to you/ nearly every single one, simply wanted money”. Nothing more, and nothing less, and they enslaved themselves or others to get it: even though it was counterfeit. Life was good/ who gives a damn, about the future? Nobody, but me. Nonetheless, after ten years or so; a complete reassembling of what can or cannot be done for you was required/ as truth, reality, consequences, “NOTHING” would move you to consider the future; only money. “so I erased” the previous work from society; and began again.

That meant learning a great deal, about a wide variety of topics; which could not be learned in any “university” environment/ NOT here!  So the search became spiritual, and the reality of “everything or nothing (true life or death)” was engaged. No simple answers were given: EVERYTHING, was learn by examining reality, and accepting truth.

That, is the summation of my story; and a short description of yours. Simple and plain.

The critical reality of your story is going to be:  for there to be true human change/ YOU CAN’T, just play follow the leader, and let someone else make the decision. A reality everybody does do/ and the same reality everybody says they don’t do. “lying to yourselves”.

Critical true change is “individually, a personal human decision”. That means you must accept the task of learning: why this is important/ how you may understand the disciplines necessary/ in what order will reality allows us to proceed/ by defining, and creating what truth itself will reveal.

The universities do this by: filling in every gap in knowledge with a story/ there are MANY stories, all of them pointing to “we, (the army of our own religion; I believe I can) can play god now”.

Belief is a terrible thing, much of the time: because it entangles you, in ways that do not allow truth to decide. I have convinced many people of very specific realities, which they have accepted for a few minutes. But then fall back to their beliefs; because to abandon belief and accept only truth, is apparently, to increase fears. So they run back, to hide in belief; as that is fundamentally what they want.

Which means want is the great destroyer of truth. Pride is the great destroyer of society, because it divides and separates to compete instead of seek friendship. Power allows selfishness to rule. While lust destroys the humanity of each person, to replace that person with an image of their body. Life is not a body/ a body is time identified. Life is a soul, the reality of energy contained by the freedom to make your own choices. “in its most simple sense”!

The value of your own decision for life is: this becomes your life, and identifies your contribution as time; regardless of “light or darkness”. Your decision, shapes your future and ours! It is not a game, and it cannot be adequately done by follow the leader; because we are all individuals. More simply: this world can no longer survive, if you don’t act and react in ways that produce “LIFE COMES FIRST, for this planet”. Even if no one is watching you!

With regard to change for you, it will not be much different than my own change. Strictly male in charge means war will come (kill a billion people/ that number, could be back in four years) it won’t work. In general strictly female is “anything but war”. Therefore you must accept female into the decisions that will be your future. They decide pregnancy, or not; a reality that will not go away, without extinction.

It is well worth the price, “for a whole world of life”;  as my own work has proven to be true. But it is not without consequences or realities I would never have chosen for myself. As is, my body now grows “tits”/ and I have to pay for every single molecule. They are like flags to me; saying for women “we are here too; and nobody, gets to forget”. There is absolutely nothing, I can do about it. Oh well, a reality that has been “driving me crazy” for over twelve years now. I could NOT be less “gay”, simple as that. But I could not be more overtaken by the chemicals “female (NOTHING male about them)  these tits produce”, particularly when they are growing. I, literally live between “male and female” in the same body; it’s not a nightmare/ but it is not the least bit fun either. Some of both; truly does enlarge “the view”. The end result has been truly beneficial to this work, but it is a disaster to being “strictly male”.

Just for clarity, in my view, heart, mind, etc: there is absolutely nothing “sexually desirable” about the body of any man. A statement that arises ONLY, because my tits just keep growing; NOT a choice. Kindly remember that.


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