leadership 21

leadership 21

Leadership 21

If you believe your leaders will fix anything for you/ then look again at the evidence of threats that are true. The evidence of miracles, not chaos but thought did this. The evidence of Noah’s flood as is proven by the presence of fossil fuels. The evidence of extinction by destruction of the planet. The cost of letting the consequence of these things be completed as wrong. The terror of igniting atoms on fire; which is the only thing a tomak reactor can do. The destruction of nature. The release of biological weapons by universities as is covid. The cost of weapons of mass destruction being threatened. And every form of failure that is humans being animals, rather than friends

Make your decision as if your own life depended upon it/ because it does.

       Evaluating our reality.

       Foremost to the cause and effects of where we stand in terms of life or death for this entire  planet is: the cost and consequences of “a university degree”. Nothing has had a greater impact on our descent from a living planet/ to a dying planet, preparing HELL on earth.

       That does not suggest some minimal benefits haven’t been found/ but the overall truth of a university (yes we can) playing god: is extinction for life. One of the first and easiest methods of analyzing exactly what this means is to look at air travel. Humanity loves it, because the individual can do more, invade more, impact more, and escape the cost of those effects much more easily. But if we research the consequences of this: we do find, that the airplane has been devastating to our planet. Expanding the destruction of war immensely. Consuming resources for frivolous and irrelevant designs: just a toy, outside of a weapon. The cause of massive invasions; ending the building of your own society, to fall upon and change the lives of those who live elsewhere. It creates transportation globally for some things; which causes societies to fail/ because they then do not need to depend upon themselves. A major cause of oxygen depletion/ fuel and pollution production/ global warming: without a true cause. While other say it brings family back together/ it more properly proves: family is torn apart, because of university; and this is not enough to prove love or grace, and the dignity of sharing lives.

       Doesn’t mean it ain’t fun. But it is a death trap for the planet, as are so very many realities of our day. One hundred years ago, there were roughly 2 billion people on earth. Today there are roughly 8 billion. Growing faster with every year (another billion mouths to feed, within 5 years): by the one hundred year average percentage growth for human. Although you won’t hear that on news media/ and the reporting changed dramatically from just over 3% to less than one percent twenty years ago. Humanity did not change/ only hiding the news, we cannot survive this: changed their reporting, so that the elders of this day didn’t have to change their lives. As in “we want  it all/ let the future be DAMNED”: I WANT mine now, let the children be cursed, and crucified with hunger.Because every chain of life, every creature on land and in the sea, every plant, insect, and even more are all being destroyed. Because humanity wants more, and pays the future with nothing. This is the summary event of “university knows”; a life for the few/ an extinction for all the rest.     

   Wanting it all includes: destroying small business, by invading their space with mass media advertising. Destroying small industry with global marketing. Destroying small investors with endless currency inflation (hidden in asset accruing, by fantasy/ as well as debts don’t matter, by pretending through media: the only debt we have is called “federal debt”). It ain’t so. Destroying society itself with a university degree/ by under mining or destroying all forms of reality based education. Destroying peace with injustice through a courtroom that has no basis in fact, discipline, or democracy. Destroying harmony with endless war, and the playground of election,which proves, what we can do to others by lies. Destroying the world itself, by endless delusion, failure, and fantasy; as is no we don’t have to respect anything; not nature, not the children/ not energy/ not food or water or life itself. Cause in the university brain: we the tiny few, who present mass hypnosis to your children ARE: the only gods you get. We are everything, and you are nothing.

       So, the university elite have decided: they don’t want to die too/ and have funded their toys to include:  “how do we get off the planet/ how do we destroy their lives, but keep our own/ how do we continue taking all we want, without giving up anything/ how do we disguise what we are doing, and take control over life: to play god, is to prove we can survive, to ourselves.

       The university graduate then built:  space travel, “let’s be superman”. The university graduate then built: biological weapons, hoping for vaccines to keep themselves alive. The university graduate then built: “let’s bring the same fire here as is on the sun”; we are god’s. The university graduate then built: with media saturation of public opinion and by taking over the education system every election is rigged/ with counterfeiting of money every security is breached, and they must go along or be thrown into a deep economic depression/ with control over the language, by creating endless words, and including “fancy math”; nobody gets to complain because it’s a foreign language to the majority (created by “naming every hair; etc”)/ by taking over the courts with frivolous rules, they have evicted constitutional law, and destroyed democracy itself. Just to name a few.

       So let’s review: the current individuals has benefited/ BUT, the world itself has fallen into catastrophe (every life faces extinction), and the children are soon to be assassinated, even cannibalized; because the future is dead.

       How did it happen: machines are the answer to expanding individual efforts to incorporate massive effects. With machines, the food required became available to humans. Particularly the chain saw, to destroy forests even faster/ the motor to move things even bigger/ the tire, to grant access/ electricity to invade/ medicine to enable/ schooling so we could participate in war; which then became a horrendous fear (presto, the atomic bomb); and as always, a man’s answer is “make them fear us”. So real money was spent, and to hide the truth of “Lets destroy our world”: in America media hid the truth, that going to the moon was just a cover-up, for developing rocket delivery of nuclear weapons. One of the many things Kennedy used to prepare.

       That ended with: now we are so damn far in debt, we can’t get out. But Carter tried; and everybody hated it: because the fools of humanity believed this is a way to GET RICH; let inflation pay you.

       That ended with Reagan who said “we don’t need to pay no damn debts”/ and then gave away the currency supply to the college graduates who immediately gave themselves “a million dollar raise”/ and all their buddies and pals a million dollar bonus, pensions, healthcare, toys, and everything else they could think of/ building an army of insurgents; with bribes. Which became the educational profession as a whole. But Reagan was “lucky”; there was a vault filled with gold/ and because media hid that truth. He emptied the vault, to give himself the money that was then spent: destroying every single penny that had been earned. Which caused the basic economy to then begin collapsing: until with Nixon, it went global (let’s get them all involved in this crime of fraud). And they did accept “with gusto”; saying its better than we had. But of course, every penny was stolen from the future, and so the children become cursed.

       These are just the simple conceptions of course; as individuals require organizations and media; to make their tragedies, a global catastrophe. It requires: “just be happy/ as is media and the constant, don’t look here”. It also requires: “fear them all”/ as is the constant of media, where singular incidents are exploded into world or national events. ( a shooter, or a stranger for instance; going to get us all). BE AFRAID, make them angry, with your fears (what could possibly go wrong)!

       We have religion as well; being afraid, religion could die. The leaders of which who are now all college graduates established:  “the university is god/ but we can’t let the religious know”. So piece it in gradually, and start with evolution; because that destroys it all.

        The herd fights for money, never life unless “it’s ME”! Because the herd always wants more right now. So animals, once they have eclipsed the predator; can never survive without an overriding disease, or some other method of population reduction. Because no matter who you are, or how you live:  this earth provides life through its balancing of ecosystems/ through plants and insects and everything that has now been all but completely destroyed. Which will mean: soon the entire planet will be at war/ because the human animal wants more, and it CANNOT have more “the stores” are nearly empty, and you have been eating the seed for next year; ask any farmer or gardener what that means. Destroying lands/ destroying water supplies/ destroying chains of life/ destroying ocean life/ destroying resources without a cause/ destroying everything that makes survival possible. while building more weapons of mass destruction, and in particular biological mass destruction in a wide variety of ways. Because the fools of university believe “chaos builds life, so all they have to do is destroy what exists, to create themselves as god”. Congratulate them: they have become “Satan”. But alas, eternity will remember them too.

       The review of “university knows religion”/ we are gods. Is then quite simply: yes they are, as destroyers of an entire world by surrounding it with “endless threats”; they did become SATAN. Who could not envy that, among the animals of man.

       Don’t like being called an animal? You worship the ground a few individuals hiding under the disguise of a university knows; when they say it, you say they are gods, because you believe. When I say it back to you, you call me fool, and become angry: now what is the difference, other than truth? Behind closed doors, they call you a dog or less/ because you can’t defeat them with words.

 Whereas I call you an animal, because you have not yet accepted the call to be true “children of GOD: our CREATOR”.

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