leadership 20


Leadership 20

So the question is simple: WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST? A world that survives/ OR, a reality of living as is today, which ends with extinction very soon for this entire, very finite: earth? CHOOSE, because you don’t get a different choice. Either save this planet right now, or it will die; forcing you and all life on earth into extinction; because the consequences of university makes change/ is balance/ discipline/ order/ and respect have been disemboweled from our existence; as they play god with life and earth and energies beyond their imagination.  DO NOT BELIEVE:  PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS NOT extinction.  HOW is that not fair, to anything other than a cult?

The animals, sheep, and wolves/ the failures and fools. Those who can survive into eternity.

If we examine reality, to identify animal: that study will reveal, this is a creature which lives for today, and does not conceive of tomorrow, more than where will the food or water come from. There are other concerns of course, such as living or dying/ attacked or at peace/ sex, or denied. But elementally every animal simply can be said to: live only for today. A beast, which is an animal that believes it is so strong; nothing can tame it/ merely exhibits arrogance.

Sheep are a specific species of animal; as they are without weapons/ all they can do is fight to remain on the inside of the herd. So a predator cannot focus on them/ and someone else must be eaten before they can be forced to the outside: where they will always turn from the predator, fighting to get back to the middle and out of sight. Fear is lessened in that way.  The lack of an identity keeps you safe from the predator “just one of the herd”. Unfortunately, the lack of an identity, keeps you from being eternal life as well: at least by the terms of love. Love lives with values, that are not simply selfish, as duty will prove.

Wolves are a creature specific “to organize chaos/ thereby dividing the herd into a single individual, that will then be chased down, until it surrenders from exhaustion/ or fights to return back to the herd.

Every failure lives for want. Want then governs his or her life; as the most important thing, in their specific world. Therefrom after realizing they cannot get all they want for themselves. They begin to lie, cheat, steal, kill, manipulate, control, abuse, use, and all that is a violence in man or woman. Want is an abyss, because it will never truly be filled: there is, “always something else to want”. Until the day comes, that you face dying. Want is the foundation of all lies/ therefore it does not know truth; you have no respect for foundations and discipline. If you live your life by want (nothing truly matters, but what I want): then the truth which lets you survive, makes you rich/ sustains your life, or even presents eternity; fails, because you chose it not.

Truth makes love possible/ all things desirable happy. Want is the beginning of all things tragic. What you do with either, becomes your chosen identity.

A fool, is always a believer. While some people do believe in the possibilities of what they conceive of as “GOD”. The great majority believe in what they want that god to be. What they expect to be given, if they give their lives/ or they give “one damn dime”; they all expect, what they want. Want is the foundation of lies/ NOT truth; as a consequence “it is shaky ground”. A fool CANNOT question his or her beliefs! Simple as that, because if they do, their whole world falls apart: this is not what I wanted> or for a tiny few, perhaps it is. The reality of this world is: every piece of evidence both nature and planet provide, establish thought as “present here, in this creation of everything”. That fact cannot be denied, as you cannot even touch the very simplest realities of nature with your mind. They are beyond you: because the intensity, knowledge, order, law, understanding, disciplines, etcetera; that are necessary to produce the evidence of thought does not exist in you. Making, among the greatest fools every born: are those who believe in evolution (chaos, did this; without a tool, a brain, order, or anything related to thought). Even the sewer is “biology smarter, than you”; at least it knows chaos does not bring life.

Want is the basis of all depression: I didn’t get what I wanted”. Want is the basic foundation of all insanity: “I DON’T want this”. Want is, the death of your elemental life inside: because it robs you of being “truly alive”/ by placing want before life itself. Not the trash you accumulate as trophies, etcetera/ but life, the gift of knowing “miracles” exist, and that does include you. Truth builds for peace, happiness, harmony, justice, life, hope, love, and eternity. Want cannot wait, or lies in wait as a predator does, plotting and planning for its next victim: whether in little things or big. Which makes want the essence of a serpent: which means to avoid obstacles that are important to life; by twisting and turning and avoiding whatever they may be; hiding the “surprise”.

Want is the truth about what you will or will not believe: because, your decision, how you hear, what you perceive as true, how you view the evidence, what you assume to be gossip or truth, how you measure and judge. In fact it is want that determines your “human humanity”: the essence of a mob/ the reality of ridicule/ the purpose of bigotry/ and the desire for violence and revenge. Want creates “the social norm, and expectation/ while ethics are about controlling the constant chaos of want, these cause”. What the human animal wants, determines everything it will or will not do; as every swindler and fraud knows.

So then we examine the realities of what it does take to survive: as a life beyond time!

The first question becomes: why are we here/ that I may believe in the logic of conceptions beyond this description of life and living which ends in the grave?

Elementally we begin that perception with: what is important enough, that a DIETY would be interested in our lives, beyond this world? Since we are not puppets, but free to express or experience our own lives, thoughts, and freedoms: the answer is not to control, use, or abuse us. Therefrom we begin our own understanding of what is VALUE; and assess the foundations of human life in the assertion, “Let us examine truth”. Truth says: that there are in fact only three distinct elements to the life side of humanity:  “love, hate, or simple survival”. These are the primary foundations of every decision that you make. Want lives at the very doorway into hate; as lies will prove true. Pride divides and separates as hate does do: conceived by winner or loser/ you ain’t as good as me. Power learns to incorporate hate into fear, and therefrom establish: I can make you cry/ or die; as a predator does. These are the primary expressions or experiences of “the animal human”. The living side of our expressions and experience.

Then there is love, a reality that cannot truly be measured: it simply exists as a fountain, that gives life back. Love exhibits all truths from which a value does come. Therefore it is love that establishes what can be important enough, “for a DIETY” to be interested in us, and even promise life eternal.

So the next question is: IF LOVE is all that is important here/ then why is not life simply “all about love”; with no hate at all? The answer:  LOVE that is not fully chosen by the individual, will collapse under pressure/ and become hate. Thereby what starts as love can end as enemy: and the foundation of peace and harmony exists, to insure that all enemies have been removed. So the reality of freedom identifies WHO has the ability or acceptance of love inside; that is necessary to survive beyond time. That functionally places life on this earth, in the category of a mining planet. Like gold “some value simply sits on the surface/ while most requires extreme work to find, lots of refuse cast aside, diligent cleaning, and then protection from the thieves (hate).” Are we not, as a people trying to define ourselves with value; like that “elementally”?

If we search within simple desire:  I want love too! The constant is, “to get what I want”; that I choose to manipulate, control, tempt, flatter, lie, cheat, steal/ then seek revenge, hate, and isolation having failed. Dating is like that, for “many”.

If we search in true desire, the essence of love conceived by value; defined by identity, and established by the value of our heart, in your life. Then nothing but love shines through “to both me, and you”; and we share a destiny created by life. Soul arises here, as the relationship known to be:  GOD GAVE US THESE GIFTS> and we are honestly, grateful. Truth then defines us, because love gives us a home.

This does take courage, as love is not for the faint of heart/ fear will overtake you. The elemental test of courage is simple: must you survive in time/ even though you know, that your body will die? If you, by whatever degree you say yes time, and body are the most important thing (demanding this is my home)/ then you have no real courage. If you understand, that pain will subside, or the body can die. If you accept that death is the entrance to eternity/ then love is your home, and life simply is or isn’t dependent upon that love. As it can or will exist for an eternity. To assemble this element of life: it is absolutely necessary to trust   GOD  as your creator. Thereby the essence of life, the body of life, the spirit of truth, and the creator of love itself. “does not the same”, belong together? That does not make you creator/ and love knows that without fail. Which does make pride your enemy.

Value must exist as love, not possession. That is true in marriage, as well as life.


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