The literal need, to participate with others, in a relationship that seeks to understand. The most important reality of communication you need to understand is a very simple one: you cannot avoid reality by claiming “I didn’t know/ its not my fault/ don’t blame me”; when in fact it is you, that went screaming from reality, just to demand this same excuse. The MOST obvious truth: you’re excuse, “we will wait and see, if this world ignites in a nuclear fire, just like the sun”. YOU’RE intended claim, “it’s not my fault, I am free of blame, and of course you didn’t make me listen; so its all you’re fault”. Even though you know with absolute certainty: a fire that burns your skin in summer from at least 91 million miles away. Is a fire that cannot be controlled. Only an extremely idolatrous cult, can believe it can! Rich or poor, smart or idiot: your fate shall be the same, once ignition occurs. NO going back in time, NO second chances: period!

I am, now educated in the realities of what communication actually means: as my own ability to communicate with my dying mother has been nearly evaporated. A reality that proves the value of communication, is more than it appears. I regard my inability to communicate with this society, or even broader: to be your fault, rather than mine. Whereas the reality of my mom is: the part of her brain that controls speech, and language; is now basically gone. You, have no such excuse.

Even so, we begin the dialogue on what communication truly is. And establish what it is not: as is the primary factor in loneliness.

The distance between us all, is measured in our ability to understand: what someone else needs to relay, as important to themselves/ ourselves/ or our world. That elemental grasp, is the virtual difference between being heard, as someone who exists, to me/ and someone who simply takes up space.

Thereby the question is: WHY, do we not desire friendship with “them all (a herd)”/ or they me (an individual). But also, the essence of the question is: WHAT is my/your, true desire, the purpose of my heart; in trying to convey both LIFE AND LIVING, need respect. Communication relays that message, and adds in the desire for love/ simple survival/ or the chaos of hate.

Loneliness listens to the boundaries and edges of what can be found/ what cannot be found, within the soul you seek to explain. Every heart hears loneliness as the fountain from which my soul communicates with me. The difference between communicating in time, and communicating in soul is: the distance I stand from the source of my own understanding. Consequently loneliness itself must be searched to find soul. Whereas to share, as is to communicate the existence of our time, is the distance we stand from each other. Commonly to claim pride (I win/ you lose). We need only find the means to express ourselves in ways that can be understood: or experience someone else as a friend; to prove communication exists.

The consequences of a herd, are constant in the living of life in time. The herd does not allow for differences to be expressed: they detract from the singular unities of defending ourselves, against all predators. For that cause, in human a wide listing of sustained realities exist: to ridicule/ separate/ tempt/ flatter/ control/ manipulate/ cheat/ steal/ enslave/ imprison/ terrorist and so on. Each version is intended to retain “this species” has control/ and this species must retain its identity without compromise. So prejudice erupts, bigotry fails, invasion occurs, and those in the minority all claim “I am a child of GOD just like you/ so I have inalienable rights to be here, just like you”. Our world/ not just yours. The difference however is: immigration proves, you and yours; failed your environment/ thereby your society; and now you bring those same traits here. Instead of fixing yourselves, building your own life/ you want ours. So the reality is: we want to protect ourselves, from “too many intruders”. Whereas truth identifies the fact: that over-population today is the primary problem. A reality created, and now faced by nearly every society on earth: because you wanted to play god, and pretend “nobody has to die/ there are no consequences for life or realities of university decision.” One of the worst lies ever conceived. Lies that will soon erupt in unimaginable horrors and hell on earth. But the herd says: “these changes PROTECT ME”/ and I want them with my whole heart, even throwing away a lifetime of work, for a single trip to the hospital. BECAUSE I DON’T want to die. Even though it is absolutely certain you will: and whatever eternity shall be for you, begins then and there. So the herd kills a world, because they say: I CAN’T face the grave. A reality with no second chances/ apart from “true, and exceedingly RARE, miracles”.

If you discard the herd, and passionately embrace the identity called “a child of GOD”. Or for the nonreligious “a child of this CREATION”. Only fools and idiots beyond belief; accept an association with or in evolution: they lack a brain, suck like an infant on lies; can’t grow it/ the cult doesn’t allow it. Apparently communication of the disease called a university killed it.

Nonetheless, reality recognizes that wanting something is a trait also delegated to fools, liars, and idiots; because want avoids reality (something life would give to you)/ and declares I can, even when life says no you can’t/ it will turn out badly. A child of CREATION LIVES with truth, no allowance for judgment is given. Only truth decides, as is consistent with the proven realities of justified evidence.

We then come to communication as the means of want (to lie)/ or the means of life, which is to embrace truth as the only option given for survival, or its happiness, as is the essence of “being ALIVE”.

Which brings us back, to the essence of dying, and a body that quits working as designed. We can elevate: “a slow death” with the creation identified by need; to enter within loneliness, and search for soul. Without soul, there is no eternity: consequently although dying slow appears harsh, it is in fact an opportunity to accept order within your heart. The heart lives, within its core truth: to belong either to love/ or hate; and when the possibilities of survival seem entirely gone. Only one direction or the other can be chosen. Want is a form of chaos/ thereby the creation of hate. Whereas truth and love lock together as the evidence of where I choose to live. “this is I”!

The battleground within my mom/ within all who approach dying slow: is to decide fully, between love and hate, by removing one or the other. There are no second chances, that direction is forever. Love requires soul, and soul requires that you respect YOUR GOD fully and without compromise, as is trust. To interfere in that journey, is to deny full participation in the fight for life inside. Thereby I cannot do more, than accept this is necessary, and I must participate only to prove love has not forgotten her. Everything else, is an absolute and true, individual decision.

This communication is to identify: that both to live and to die, are far more complicated than any herd individual can achieve. You must stand outside the pack or herd, to achieve an individual direction: trusting implicitly that life will choose love, as it always does. Only hate chooses death by its own destruction. Conceive of it, or not: the decision is yours. As is the eternity you choose. YOUR LIFE was a true gift, as is your body: without any human intervention to speak of, as sex is merely sex; until you choose real love. YOUR DEATH, is then not subject to what you believe. Rather it is only subject to whatever is true. And we all know:  “you ain’t GOD”.

As for communication itself, the foundations of today are very simple. You are cursed by those who lead; and the one identifying factor among them all is a university diploma. Cursed means: without the option to survive, or return to happiness. Given that fact, and the following realities: cursed is the ocean life (destroyed by men)/ cursed is the fresh water (surrounded by poison)/ cursed are the plants (mutilated by men and women with a degree)/ cursed is the livestock (shoved in close confinement; one disease and they all die)/ cursed is all of biology (mutilating and changing DNA, is changing nature itself; and they ain’t god)/ cursed are all life on earth (as every form of survival and chain to living is destroyed)/ cursed are the children (left with nothing but war)/ cursed are the masses (drowning in counterfeit money)/ cursed is the future because of men playing god/ cursed is the world, by human over population/ cursed is the solar system (another sun soon to be ignited, and then exploded, because of what men and women did do)/ cursed is humanity itself (because you hid from your reality, and to this day, utterly refuse to change). Constantly chanting, “the university is our god/ while media propagates “don’t worry, be happy”: as everything required for survival of everything, comes to its end. While the masses declare: “you can’t blame me, IF I WON’T LEARN OR LISTEN”. A choice. The minority declare “we will wait and see”. A choice. Religion demands, “he ain’t one of us”. A choice And the tiniest few all believe, “only a god can kill a world, as they intend to do”: and gods don’t die. A choice So they can believe in their escape. It will be true, HADES (it means eternal torture,&  filled with terrors, that cannot end) will never let you go. For choosing to destroy a world, and all its life! Whether you run away or not, your decision is to let this earth die, along with its future.

       For the tiny few, who have a soul: your job remains, “COMMUNICATE our need for change/ at a minimum the need to investigate for truth; as best you legally can”. Simple as that. Until the last moment of the last day, after which, it will make absolutely no difference what any human being can or will do. 

My job: was to deliver the message, humanity must change or it will soon be extinct; to those who have a soul. As it takes very few with a soul to continue that message of life or death for our world: the need to investigate and protect life on earth. My job has been accomplished; more than enough have been informed.

       Religion says: “NOT HIM, we don’t like him; he doesn’t do or say anything we want to hear”: we want what we want! Therefore he CAN’T be, someone from GOD. But alas, I am a messenger/ never a savior. Like those who deliver your mail: what difference does it make you brings that mail? All that matters is, the message gets delivered. Is that not so?

       Then there is this: biblical Revelation 12; predicts “a spiritual woman” standing on the moon (something entirely foreign to her, seen but not touched. A physical reality [can be touched] seen since the beginning of human time). She stands on a man: that man is me. NOT because I have desired it to be so; it just is. 

It is a sign: that women shall rule over men, in these last days; because men have failed life on earth. But only if you accept the challenge, and participate correctly by vote, justice, and law.

Even so, what does that have to do with you, or the evidence of extreme threats; which surrounds us all: with our own coming extinction? I am not your savior. I am however a messenger, having delivered that message: my job as a messenger, is done.  Although I am not entirely excused from the work.

The spiritual woman inside of me, does not provide any information about what she expects or intends. What is clear however: is simply, “I absolutely, cannot escape” this change. I am not, “in charge of my future”; that seems critically certain. Don’t know why, or why me! It is a separate issue, that I have been required to report. 

Make no mistake: unless it is for plain and “simple friendship or common work”/ no male is invited here. At the risk of your eternity, stay away, for anything other than friendship or respectful business. That includes the truth: you are not allowed to rescue me from woman. Whatever this turns out to be: it is entirely between “female and me”. Spiritual realities do not grant mercy, only truth: you are warned. As to me, all of it, involving “spiritual woman”; is a complete surprise. I have no plan, no purpose, no expectation, no anything regarding “women, or girls”. I did simply lose the ten year fight, “she now controls 51%, or more”: and I await whatever else it is that will mean. Why you need to be told, is also not my decision. Nonetheless I will live “my life” as best I can. Not with anger or hate; but the certainty, “my life was a gift; and I owe my CREATOR whatever he would allow it to become.” As my gift back! Life is different, love does exist; even if change is hard. 

I remain “plain and simple, even somewhat common” and will live that way: until something truly dramatic and beyond my control takes it away. That is not my decision, and it will not be anything illegal.

 Even dating a woman; after a thirty plus year complete absence; seems possible. Since I have no control, and cannot predict “your final decision, about life or death for this world”. All the physical evidence points to: I need not worry, for endangering a woman/ as you refuse to change. Letting death for all life; step closer everyday! Although now my having “tits showing”, honestly just asks: “who would want too”?  I certainly would not date any “woman” with male parts (don’t come here, at the cost of your eternity): period.

Not quite the same, as men do come with tits, and even some men grow large tits for whatever reason. I never expected it to be me, plain and simple: these tits, are not male [nothing about them is male, I know]. Just how it is, life is different. Goodbye “I think”/ but who knows? I am just doing the best I can.          “must be female, can’t stop talking”. 

The fundamental remains: I AM NOT who or what you get to judge; because I cannot save you from yourselves. I am simply who or what I am, the descriptions are plain enough; even if a bit complex. YOU ARE the threat to life on earth, an entire humanity of existence. YOU are the judge of whether or not you will change to keep this world alive. It is not a game/ and you cannot blame me for whatever choice you make: IT IS YOUR DECISION, not mine. I am the messenger. I am “something to do with female” but that, is not for me to understand; not today at least. It is somewhat “scary” to consider the possibilities. It is an entirely new perspective; which at least a few women have experienced over the years/ when faced with “an endless supply of men”. A reality that probably rarely  turned out well; even if you aren’t “pretty”. Another lesson, another requirement to understand.

 nonetheless unlike the vast majority:  I do intend to face, as best I can whatever realities come. Or don’t come; as that remains in all probability dependent upon if you are willing to change for life on earth to exist. I gave my lifetime to this work; surely that is evidence enough of who I really am. Even if unimportant, it is certain: people turn to ridicule, gossip, and the intent to manipulate a cause. So, I tell you in advance. “I am just plain me”.

CHANGE YOURSELVES, SAVE THIS WORLD. That is my only true purpose, in time. PRAISE GOD, CREATOR OF LIFE; that is my desire. I have no ulterior motives, not for women/ not for men/ not for life or planet. this is simply, our world is threatened with extinction. WAKE UP.

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