leadership 19


Leadership 19

Critical to our search for survival rather than extinction: is the truth of what our real world choices will allow. A foundation example of that is: NO more cremation/ NO more burial of bodies (excluding young children)/ NO more denial of what is in the best interest of all life on earth, subject to planetary demand. OR more simply; not only must the oceans be cleaned up and supported in real world ways that limit over-fishing and pollution/ but also feeds the life within those seas with dead human bodies as is consistent with what ocean life needs for this to be. BECAUSE WITHOUT that ocean life sustaining our ability to feed another billion people/ there is nothing left but war. Because nobody is going to lay down and die; just so you can have more. Pets shall be turned into food/ rather than killed to feed the worms. Every form of reality that is as nature created it to be: SHALL be resurrected in order, disciplines, and balance; that allow our living world, shall survive.

The end of habitat destruction; which includes no more logging. The end of countless miles driven by vehicles and planes. The end of ocean international traffic and exchange/ air conditioning/ lack of insulation and more. The end of many things you believe are your birthright and cannot be denied: but will be denied, because life and world itself, are MORE IMPORTANT than you. Simple as that; the list is long/ and not likely to turn around in your lifetime; if over fifty. Unless you are dead: your debts come due. Don’t like it/ then die.

Let’s talk about life itself.

While the body is composed of a trillion plus cells, all working in near perfect harmony and at peace with each other/ or cancer, all forms of trouble, and death arise. That will soon change as university chaos overcomes the reality of nature itself; through genetic manipulation. “the gods of satan (we CAN destroy this world)” will not be dissuaded/ and must be controlled entirely or removed. While humanity shows no interest in protecting the sacred value of life, at all. the consequence will be our own extermination. No interest in protecting the planet is the earth becomes a sun. no interest in protecting the future is: every child will be annihilated in this lifetime/ and sooner than you can possibly imagine. So, life to a human being today is: I got what I wanted/ or I am going to get what I wanted/ or I am going to steal what I want/ or, I am going to kill them all because I didn’t get what I wanted. End of story, other than those who pay their insurance policy against death at the local religious “store (we sell eternity)”.

Thereby we know, that it is pointless to construct the values of life, to a human animal; because the herd keeps its head down, and will refuse to look up: being scared the predator might be there. Besides, as all animals would say:   if the food is good, and the living is easy; why would I care about anything but the body of me?

LIFE is not a body, it simply inhabits a body; and gives it the freedom required to live. The knowledge base of living as an individual species, is woven into the genetic structure; and will soon be displaced with genetic mutilation; by university decision. Thereby we know that it is also pointless to talk about knowledge; because even the ability to eat or breathe or do absolutely anything to identify ourselves as a human being alive; will soon disappear. Consequently the allowance for igniting this planet by nuclear fire (the atoms are burning); begins to look merciful/ as the ending will at least not be entirely based upon cannibalism and endless, extremely barbaric war.


The answer is of course, to turn to eternal life rather than time. Because that will be what comes next.

The foundation of life is energy. The foundation of living is thought. Do you see the difference? Energy constructs an environment, and a dimension to our existence. Thought conceives of a freedom based in the disciplines, order, balance; and all things with value within which we inhabit our time. They are then different/ but yet the same, because we need them both. And in time, we need mass as well to identify ourselves to each other, and give us space to experiment and express the truth that is our choice.

So the critical question is: describe energy containment, so that it is clear where life itself exists! The critical question is: describe thought, so that the assembly of time and the grace of living may be better understood! So the critical question is: why cannot mass remain “alive and happy”, with never ending joy?

The first two question are not for your understanding as is completely apparent in the descriptions that precede it: you are not worthy. You are already going extinct, and there is no purpose in providing more information so the dead can dig their hole, and chain themselves deeper into the terrors that are coming. Because that is what they chose!

The third question is about the body of life, and why it dies. The answer is very simple, and begins with the understanding of why we are alive as humans, and given the responsibility to identify ourselves, by the truth of what we choose. The answer is: that love is the most precious resource in this whole universe/ there is no other. So life here is a mining process, by which that rare element of life itself: which is the purity to define love by our own existence: is the purpose of why we exist. Everything else that arises is merely the refuse cast aside in the process of “mining for love”.

Given that true purpose we then recognize: that it does not take more than one hundred years to recognize and identify oneself; as either love or hate. To sustain life, there must be death on a finite planet: and that also depicts and determines the lifespan of any creature living here/ NO, you can’t have or take it all; just for you. The children have needs, and it will become their turn; their time to choose/ because you did make your choice.

The body wears out (it is based merely on mass), so that you can adjust to the reality of facing death. People face the loss of abilities; so they can adjust their decision to fight for life/ to beyond this time; as in DON’T look back. Or you will be left behind.

Left behind means: when the energy of life that gives your body its opportunity to move, escapes you in death: it is your duty, and your only option to go with that energy; as it returns from wince it came. Failing that, your identity disappears; because without energy you literally do become nothing. Dissipation however leaves a trail, of evidence. This ghosting effect has no power, apart from the first few seconds; wherein the possibility to invade another does arise. They can refuse, in which case you are lost quickly. But generally, this decision passes by so fast, few try. Once left behind, and without energy to move; the essence of thought liberates one last decision; before it too is gone. Choose “this place/ or no place”; until the dissipation of evidence, which includes the memory of others, is complete.

We then search for the living; and understand the critical test of every living human being alive with love; will be. The acceleration into eternity itself, a reality governed entirely by trust. But between “here and there”, is the elemental grounds of our spiritual world. Spirit means governed by truth, accessible by law. So when you appear in that world, the reality is: you will be confronted by all those who failed to identify themselves with love. It is an army of beggars; as each seeks something that will let them proceed. If they take yours/ or you give them yours: you will exchange places! Do not do so, respect truth; and let it be what truth will be.

Then comes the reality of fire: as in “what are the things which do not belong in this eternity: inside of you”? It is not “fire”/ but the cost of confronting what does not belong in you, and your own decision to remove it as best you can. No small thing.

Then comes trial:  what shall the verdict be? Are you/ or are you not pure enough to continue? Trial for me was: a small courtroom off to the side so to speak, no one was there except for me; and just beyond the courtroom fence where the judge would sit; at the “prosecutors area”. Was a 6 foot tall, huge vulture/ it never moved or spoke; and was standing on a very solid perch one foot off the ground. I went through the gate, stood in front of the empty judges’ bench; and then immediately:  the back wall opened to reveal a mountainous area, in twilight; with a single line of people holding candles. The line was winding around through a mountain chain all standing at the same elevation: for farther than the eye could see. Directly before me was as large number of individual communion cups: two were empty, I drank the third/ and the vision or reality, ended there. Your experience may not be the same. I don’t know why me?

Then comes destiny: choose, from everything life can be! But understand this, each choice comprises itself as a distinct direction; and if you choose poorly, an eternity can be lost. If you choose “ANY DOOR”, and open it; entering therein/ the reality is, if you cannot grasp the knowledge that exists from this elemental truth. Then you are trapped therein until you do; it can be forever.

If you run or hide at any point along this journey, you will imprison yourself in fear: a circling (I don’t want this) insanity will ensue.

If you turn to the direction which will establish hate: you have chosen against GOD, and will be sorry if not destroyed.

Once the spiritual world has developed “the law of you”/ it is then that the destiny called an eternal world begins to appear. You cannot enter that, until you leave this time behind, in permanent death.

Beyond time means, “the spiritual world can be accessed”: by both truth and law. Because these govern our existence in time; therefore they are at the core of our own individual existence in time. To search here, requires a very diligent heart, a purpose in truth, a courage beyond the vast majority, a respect that will not falter, and a decision to literally leave this world behind (as only GOD can, or will allow: by invitation {not your choice}); so that life can peer beyond the other side. It is no game, the consequences are eternal. Whether you return to time or not, will be decided by GOD. If you return as alive or defeated or in fear; is the reality of your choice identified. The one caveat is: that time is about the opportunity to identify yourself/ but it is also the opportunity to change yourself, if you so desire. Repent of your failures, and begin again. Therein mercy is said to be: no truth can be changed/ but mercy can cover that failure up; so that none can see: IF you prove your own change, your own desire for better; is true.

These are elements which you will face. Unlike belief, which says “anything you want will be yours”. Reality identifies truth as a purity that will NOT be “soiled”. Therefore you must change to become “pure enough” to enter within that law of love. If not, there are “many rooms/ which identifies many levels of dimension”. Consequently mercy can allow, your life can exist at a distance that does not corrupt what has true value to GOD. Simple as that.

I, James Frank Osterbur; being of sound mind and body/ do not ask you to believe what has been written here; as belief makes absolutely no difference to the outcome of reality. What is true, will be proven true/ regardless what you believe.

As for me, it has been a colorful life/ not a criminal one. At every turn, the opportunity to encourage you to do better: at more than an individual level has been refused. We are now at the level of tragedy, that only a true miracle from GOD;  will save this earth. Those are exceedingly rare/ but not impossible. This is an entire creation on the brink of extinction: the reality of your prayer, will be heard. But make no mistake, your request does not decide. As a world, “our request”; makes the difference. Human Life must change its decisions, or we all go extinct: simple as that. The evidence is real/ the reality as simple as investigating for the truth. Before the point of no return (when everyone knows by reality, death lurks here)/ has made it impossible, “to save our world”. We are the problem, therefore we are the solution: with  GOD’S HELP! Not a game, life or death for this earth.

Why would I be the “messenger” for this work; is impossible to say. “Just like you”, but still an individual, just like you. I have no other clue; other than you want/ I choose to search for truth and life and GOD.

“The clock is ticking”; no second chances. When it runs out, we are done. Change properly, and honestly; and we will survive. IT IS, “you’re choice”.

I consider this the end of leadership for now. If you can’t respond, and refuse to listen to your own “world truths, by investigating threats to establish your own reality”. Then, I cannot help you.

The fantasies, failures, tragedies, delusions, deceit, disrespect, disgrace, and endless horror of your universities will complete their task: to take it all/ and then destroy you, so you can’t retaliate against them. it is human greed, selfishness, arrogance, and more violence than you, or even they can imagine;  “at the max”. if that is what you want/ then continue as you are.

If not: you’re only choice is change/ identify the threat/ and choose life comes first for this entire planet; period. No more delusions, etcetera. Do not let the fools deceive you; I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here and educated to inform you of threats, and the “life demand” that you must change or go extinct: now, not later. What you do with that decision, is your own choice. Simple as that.

My job was to deliver this message, as best I could; given the fact, I am simply human like you. Your job is to communicate the need we share, as a world: “to not let these threats consume us all”; by proving in a courtroom: [to remove the complaint, this can’t be true] what is legally true/ and what the consequences for being WRONG, truly are. The most immediate threat in energy is  the most immediate threats in biology and this world are in fact too numerous to add. Start with energy, and declare through the court a moratorium on all biological experimentation. Until the public gets to decide what they will risk, as a world! No more genetic mutilation of anything. Simply do the best, you legally can do! Everyone CAN do something. Or you just didn’t care enough; not even for an entire world of life!

The true biblical prediction is, from the countdown of days found in Daniel 12. The great abomination beginning at the first experiment, that could have turned this earth into a sun, by igniting the bond holding an atom together:  as fire (same as the sun/ end of our world). That occurred at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco: on April 1st 2012. The first death (could have been saved by law) is done. The second death (could have been saved by mercy) ends July 9, 2019; by this prophecy of the bible.  Whether you believe it true, or false: is entirely irrelevant. What is true will decide! And that is only one, of a multitude of threats clearly in line, to cause our extinction. You’re only choice is to fight for life/ or prepare your grave; by taking this entire world, and its entire future, and throwing it all; every child, every living thing:  away forever. That is the true cost of having believed: “the university is god”.

For those who will argue: this biblical prophecy is thousands of years old/ IT CAN’T be right! The reality is: “there can be only one true, great abomination”. That is the literal physical threat of igniting the atoms on this planet, just like on the sun. not only will it be the end of life on earth/ it will be the end of earth itself/ and because of the laws of thermodynamics, we know that this earth will explode, and change this solar system. NOTHING devised by men, has ever come close to this degree of horror. It is, the great abomination: thereby we know, from the dust of time, this prophecy rises as of this day: into the realities which countdown the number of days for life and planet. Before extinction, and annihilation begin. The reality of threatening to gamble with all that: the result of universities claiming “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”. So they claim a ten million degree nuclear fire; will just extinguish itself. WRONG is the end of everything called earth. How is that not “the great abomination”? I claim: it is the fire itself, which creates the solar gravity/ and can, and have intellectually proven it true.

If you cannot conclude with your brain, that we must not let our world of life be gambled with/ our nature be mutilated/ or the future continue to be sacrificed to a tiny few:  as did I! Then I cannot help you. If your fear of being ridiculed or disrespected is so terrifying to you/ that an entire world must be sacrificed so you can remain in hiding: then you are “sheep”/ hiding as human; and running away from life itself. No, I ain’t perfect/ but that does not mean the true evidence of threat/ the very extinction of our world; is wrong. I am NOT you’re savior: so who I am is irrelevant. Rather as must you: I am fighting for this world; best I can. Search for your soul!

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