leadership 18


Leadership 18

HOW do we shape our world, so as to continue in peace and safety, thereby insuring happiness and hope? Our physical relationship with life, living, and society MUST be dealt with; as a reality we choose, instead of a reality that forces us to confine our lives into money.

The foundation of that decision: is want cannot rule our lives/ the animal must either be contained, or human will fail to exist as needed to be. Want controls behavior/ just as pride controls the games we play/ just as power conceives of “yes we can/ or no you can’t”. So the question is: can you discard the herd, and become alive inside the world of truth and thought?

To understand that question, we turn to university and the indoctrination of every child/ parent, in this USA. A cult is: no one is allowed to question the leader, you will simply fear what you are told to fear/ believe what you are told to believe/ and obey whatever the demand made upon is; as covid proves is real, beyond doubt or question. A cult is a literal herd of humans, just like any other species of animal; who turns over control to a leader, and then realizes it has no say in the outcome of where we go or why. Religion is the theories and imagination of knowledge; that allow humans to believe what they believe is true; when it is not. The desire to remove all responsibility by claiming I had no choice/ constructs obey; even though you made the choice to live in this way.

So, then to confront the behaviors of want, pride, and power: we must question the leaders in fact, and identify what we can believe for ourselves, and take away the control of obedience to define for ourselves what the future we choose shall become; as best we can. In order to do that, we must have a trial that overcomes the curse of people who hide from the truth.

That requires we assert: IF LOVE/ HATE/ OR SURVIVAL are the only true choices for our existence in time/ then respect for that will allow that our decisions shall in fact follow or search for the direction we chose as life in this society on earth. Where there is love: we will physically learn to share the work/ care about each other as equals/ operate as society by building what we can all use together, for the grace and truth of what our lives can accept as true. Granting to the future a life determined by the realities we know are true, for both life and child.

Where there is hate; the freedom to choose does exist. But the reality of “living with us” does not. Therefore the separation of love from hate is a mandatory example of how do we live from here, as a world searching to survive? Answer is: hate is confined to its own methods of survival/ without weapons beyond a tool, that is fair. The consequence of that is: they will try to escape/ but failing that, they will fall upon each other with violence; and serve as the reason you must do better; or face the same fate as did they.

Survival, is a different medium of life; requiring that I must do what I must do in order to continue as life on earth/ shaping family by those choices as well. The cost of that MUST be mitigated by the sharing of work, and the realities of fair pay for what is done. With an endless supply of humanity; those decisions will not be easy, but are required. The cost is: NO YOU CAN’T have everything you could ever wish for or want/ nor can they. Which brings limited capitalism into focus as our deliberate answer; to shaping the decisions we are willing to live with/ by enforcing we will all live with that conclusion of our reality must not be collectively wrong. WE MUST, redefine our reality of society, world, and life by letting truth decide what the future can and will become.

The values attributable to peace and harmony in society.

The critical question is: WHY, do you desire peace and harmony, when the fact is, that the majority at least in men do not? Women fail too/ but since they don’t lead, it is hard to say exactly what they would have chosen throughout the generations. Men built our world society as it is; because, after the competition to get everything they can ends with environmental and resource defeat/ they then find it easier to “spend a day” and make a weapon, then kill someone else. Than it is to work for years, and build a life, and sustain a living by making choices which are not directly tied to thinking. Thinking is, “to achieve an understanding of life”/ that is not directly tied to selfishness. The majority live or die with want, pride, or power (an action or reaction, whose purpose is self); as they’re only summary decision.

That fact identifies a clear conclusion before any other facet of survival or better can take place. WHAT, to do with the majority who will choose war: comes first?

The answer is: to separate hate from love/ repair the damage of anger, and find that solution/ discard wanton belief, as an element of hate because it does not attach itself to truth/ assemble the proper methods of changing this world, by incorporating “a decision made by everyone”/ and ending corruption of leadership, by resolving to do for ourselves, everything we can.

To separate hate from love: which are the two primary and realistically only real decisions that humans make; other than to survive; which is its own category of realities. Requires us to understand the difference between love and hate. Love builds an environment beyond itself, so that life can enter and participate with equal beginnings, and fair appraisal of just how close you can live to me; in a world that is defined by the intensity of what truly does have value to life and for living, through the purity of heart.

Hate is the destruction of all possibilities which lead beyond self/ so as to enclose life in its own prison of self-absorption. Hate measures all/ thereby casting judgment. Refuses all the right to be equal. Demands fear so as to prove superiority; or uses hiding in lies, temptations, and other; to further their purpose as a predator. And confronts the value of you/ with their own decision to use, abuse, or destroy everything that does have value: to prove they need not obey anyone or anything but themselves.

In other words, clearly opposite; and once past the lies of hate: clearly identifiable. Which means these can be, over time: separated out.

LESS definable is anger: I have a right, to be mad at you. YOU mad a decision, that cost me a part or portion of my life or future or existence: that cannot be repaired/ or cannot be repaired as the same it once was. That means you played god with my life/ and YOU had no right to do that whatsoever. The consequence of that is: what can be resolved, must be realistically resolved. But what cannot be resolved must then also be forgiven; once the amends that are possible/ or at least the reality of repentance (I am sorry, and will try hard NEVER to do this again) has actually occurred. Nothing else can be done for anger: which means the person confronting MUST gain control over themselves, and begin again; no matter how unfair the cost may be. Forgiveness maintains family, and if we are not basically a “social (united) family (responsibilities for your own life exist, but we will help you)”; the nation itself, begins to die.

The reality of belief is: “I want what I want/ even though I can’t prove what I believe; I want it to be true: therefore to me, it is”! That acceptance of an assumption, does not translate into the assertions given by religion: that you must believe “us”. What is true survives, even into eternity: because you cannot change what is true/ it is, “simply true”, and sustained by the law which governs reality itself. What you did or did not do, as is true of you; remains whether you are alive or dead: truth is truth! The reality of religion is: we need to believe what we believe, because death is a fearsome foe, that must be lessened. Simple as that. Therefore what we don’t understand, or don’t like to believe is true: is “shape-shifted” into an image we do want to believe: thereby making death palatable, and less fearsome. Because even more fearsome than a dead body/ is the possibilities of what could reside beyond that dead body, for what is left of, our life inside. Religion is then a man’s way (with only a tiny bit of female added) of accepting the consequence of death is better: when I believe this. Or for those who are not religious, they believe “dust to dust” and avoid the possibilities of what life could truly be. While the hateful are all religious; believing that they will inherit the power to be, their image of gods. Images are what the lies of want create; rather than truth. An image exists by cultivating “a bit of truth (in there somewhere), with weeds; to cover it up”.

Leadership identifies a need to resolve: exactly WHAT CAN BE PROVEN as true; and thereby accept that as best humanity can. Then identify as best humanity can: the various realities of life that we can agree, sustain a value to living. Then construct the greatest degree of possibilities, that let us illuminate what life itself can be described as/ along with the critical essence of death, as would be identified by known elements of truth. If you sustain the truth, rather than the image and its “weeds”. Then the essence as best we can, of both life and death “creep into view”. Some of this has been done for you on these sites I provide.

True democracy is: to remove the herd (we must do this together), “with military precision”. From participation in life/ by constructing the methods which make us all individuals, with a voice of our own. To do that requires: that every individual accepts the singular foundation of their own thoughts matter to this society. To do that, we must vote on the laws themselves/ and NOT, vote for someone to vote for me. When we own our vote, on the reality of law that will then define and control our society: and ourselves. We then do become both a part of government, and a portion of law and punishment as we design. Individuals, not a herd being told by their leaders what they will or will not do. The instant refrain is: WE CAN’T/ there are predators. But reality has proven: more threat exists today from our leaders. Thereby, NOT doing this for ourselves, has led to the potential called extinction/ this is greater, than from the predators which will survive. To control media, and remove their propaganda from manipulating the herd: you must change them too. Clearly establishing an end too:  “they believe they must think, and choose for us”.


World law to control the leaders with our own law; enforcing it with our own we the people policing force; made up from every nation.

Limited capitalism: to control the greed and selfishness of others, by voting upon the maximum and the minimum income each worker is entitled too per year. Identifying what is the maximum amount of property anyone or group shall control. Thereby granting the liberty of participation to ourselves; by creating this constitutional law.

Enforcing the constitutional decree: to obtain this job, as our employee; YOU shall swear under threat of penalty, that you, the employees: shall NOT deter from the direction and deliberate decisions that can be identified in the contract that is our constitutional government.

       Enforcing judicial obedience to the law: by extracting from the courtroom, every identifiable decision that has been made. So that we the people can then in fact “judge the judge”/ discarding all those who do not enforce: justice, fair play, equity, equality, values consistent with our hope for this nation, and our declared purposes as a democracy, we own. “good behavior” determines whether they sit on the bench. The presidential decree is: NO MORE than two terms/ which shall be applied to all sworn, employees!

Military discipline shall be applied to the universities, industry, military, etcetera; and NONE in any portion or part of this society or any other:  shall endanger or cause to be endangered by any theory or reality of decision: any part of life by change (beyond nature), the future by failure (no you can’t play god), or the planet by a lack of care (choose better). These affect the majority, and the minority: thereby establishing the internationally true, legal right of law: to bring that LEGAL authority to WE THE PEOPLE/ OR WE THE WORLD! This decree shall NOT be violated; UNLESS this entire society, or world:  votes individually on that specific, and absolutely visible and transparent reality of experimentation. With full disclosure on what the cost and consequences of being WRONG can be.

The educational sewer that is represented by America today; is a curse, that will be undone. NO, they can’t play god either/ but must respect LIFE, NATURE, PLANET, OCEANS, AND EVERYTHING CREATED. That begins with a clear transparent tearing apart the religion called evolution to destroy its existence from this earth. LIFE IS NO ACCIDENT, as is clearly identified by the word and the reality called a miracle. A reality called evolution, that does not deserve the time, but which has infiltrated with a particularly deadly disease through mass hypnosis;  distributing an arrogance that must end. Once removed: the dumpster of extreme failure (you did not choose life first) that is “university driven”; shall be overturned, so that life itself can begin again. Bringing back both nature and planet as best we can.

Medical extortion as is consistent with everything about medical billing with very few exceptions. Is a criminal conspiracy to destroy the nation itself, by inserting the worms of political and judicial decision: to allow the rape and ravaging of an entire population. The curse is over, and the reality of change begins with NO MORE private enterprise, as any part or any portion or any conglomeration of any size; other than an individual with minimal employees. Granted in this change is: the legal right expanded to include removal of citizenship/ along with all possessions; for those who refuse to participate as is realistically necessary: while we transition.

Each of these are essential for harmony.

A society that works honestly together, is a society that grants itself peace. The word honesty represents a reality shared with truth: that does not permit lies from either party, to interfere with our relationship, desire, or purpose. Therefore the substance of work is: to achieve a relationship (we can be friends, it simply requires sharing and caring). We can desire the same society, when hate is removed. Because a society that benefits you, and benefits me, and benefits life as well as the future to come: has no real enemies other than hate or resource collapse. That gives us a purpose: to be “utterly careful” with life, nature, oceans, planet, self and each other. Which requires that we see the value in each other/ instead of the competition. To do that, decision MUST be made that create a realistic equality among us. Decisions must be made to include each other in the work. Realities must be addressed and established as fact. Which will include: the oceans are in trouble, and we must feed that life or it will go extinct. The only thing available, will be to use dead human bodies for that purpose (ground up and used through feeding stations); to grow food for the next generation, or the days you need that food too. Confronting overpopulation by all its realities; and making an appropriate decision; EVEN if you don’t want to do it. Because every life today, literally means someone else is going to die tomorrow. Because this earth is finite, and every resource will be degraded or lost, before life is done; if we survive this time.

These are decisions for the living/ as the dead or dying (you will not survive eternity); will fail life. As they have been doing.

Life is not a game.

The consequences of university leadership and change are SEVERE. Even if you don’t see this as true; it is an absolute guarantee, you will. The only possibility of survival is understanding what is true/ and making decisions as best we can: to put both, ALL life and planet first. It is that simple, and there are no excuses: one way or the other humanity will go. Trying to find a middle ground, simply extends time for a little bit. The only solution is to put all life first, and protect the planet and its oceans from further destruction.

A wise man or woman searches for the truth; rather than just believe whatever you are told.  ARE YOU WISE/ or fool? Because reality now proves, the end of our world/ the reality of HELL, is near.

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