leadership 17

leadership 17

Leadership 17

The order of life in time, is balanced by the decision: as male and female, we truly do need each other to obtain all that life and living can be.

The tragedy of human existence is: male and female turn this decision into a game, and that game turns into heartbreak by those who attempt to manipulate the outcome; instead of accepting we must all let truth decide for us.

Which literally means: DON’T let life or romance on any level, be a game.

Alas the human body presents hormones, which intensify the claim of sex/ and sex presents chemicals which make it hard to override anything but the desire of intimacy. Unless you are an animal; and that leads only to lust; as is, “you are irrelevant”/ I just want your body.

The cost of intimacy is love, and love makes you vulnerable to heartache if the purpose of your time spent is to achieve “whatever I want, from you”. Want then changes romance and intimacy into the lies which turn life into consequences of what it means when we don’t let truth decide for us.

Young Women trap/ women control and manipulate; tempt and pretend; isolate, use, and abuse. While young men seek a body more than a woman, to play with their penis. Turning life into the hunt for trophies or toys which are the male animal version of female prized. Both seek to control their world, for what they want/ rather than to accept the purity of romance must decide for us, what can be done.

While order corrects some of that as age declares this is more important than we thought. Reality cannot balance, what is now hiding from sight; so as not to be influenced into more heartbreak by you: even if we have never met before. Trust disappears with lies/ and lies create the holes into which we fall and must climb out; by acting with no concept of consequences.

The endless job of humanity survives: is then to modify this behavior throughout the schooling of children; so that reality will serve us both equally, and the decision to use or abuse will be known by truth leads not you.

Friendship between male and female in time, understands this: that there shall be a division established by the truths involved, which make it impossible to complete the journey into soul; without your chosen and true mate. It is however true, that beginning this journey into soul, only requires the hope established in the shared trust between man and woman. In lesser versions of this reality: the essence of how we relate, respect, identify, and conceive of each other is governed by 7 distinct elements in human existence. Beneath this description is mercy, and the elements which are salvaged from those who tried, to live a life “with GOD, by religion”. That too, has an eternity/ but by a different description. The elevation beyond time, is by the dimensional description: “I/we, expanded with honest intent for friendship, beyond the boundaries of self”; as is the indicator of love.

The first part of seven is this:  that we find each other, based upon compatibility and friendship. Humanity itself adds in: there must be a sexual attraction to go beyond friendship. It is, a human condition programmed in, to keep the species alive and sacred; and “as best we can individually be”.

Second part: is access, without access to establish that friendship, the time to encourage I have something to offer you. The opportunity to engage the values of what we each could contribute to the other. As well as other essentials in the search for what love would hope to be eternal “in concept”. Does not occur, unless you get out of your comfort zone; and accept the risks, the realities, and the experience of being accessible.

The third part is: communication, can you make me happy to participate with you? If the answer is yes, we continue on in hope. If the answer is maybe, we continue on in search for a cause to encounter others along the way; or simply as friends which will become no more.

The fourth part is: development and discovery, the games people play with each other/ as well as the places they choose/ and the conversations they use; to decide what is hidden or not yet revealed about you.

Fifth: sharing the expressions of life, the experiences of living confronts us with the decision, “can I live their life/ can they live within mine”? The answer to that determines what will come next.

Sixth: caring relays the essence of heart, that is to be the value which can be found in you/ me/ or us. With caring we become companions, and even potentially lovers. Because an element of trust will arise.

Seventh: respect releases us from our own boundaries, to become isolated in the understanding; I have needed this in my life. I have recognized this, as a participant that grants me more than just living. Or, together we become “a new dimension” both in experience and expressions of value, to us both.

Having completed all seven versions of the puzzle that is human elevation, from animal behaviors: to being alive inside. The reality of ascension begins. These are:

LOVE, exists by expanding life beyond self. In so doing, the reality of boundaries extends to include your life in mine. And my life in yours. NOT as a treasury to be possessed/ but as a life, to be cherished with importance beyond everything else. Love is not simply adjusted to one; but can and does belong to those who balance the dimensions of our lives with care. Children are an example of extended love. While it is always best, that one man and one woman should be enough for a life truly joined. It is possible, to expand that farther, if it is true: loneliness cannot be quenched in any other way. True hope arises here, and lives by erecting the heart.

REALITY explains that decision, by announcing “love is NOT owned”/ but shared. While some will never understand, and others will simply abuse what is being translated here: the foundation of love, reminds you that caring does not have a measurement attached. It is, a reality governed by respect, for life/ self/ and each other! If you cannot maintain respect, then you have no balance and will fail. The heart is: a respect for the risks and the values of love. Thereby it reflects upon the journey, we have begun; as we see ourselves in the essence of what we do, and choose to do, and receive accordingly. Heart lives only in “the individual”: who receives its true source of passion, from love.

DISCIPLINE is a necessity in every life on earth. Whether that is complete discipline as does arise in the word duty/ or the bare minimum disciplines as are found in “sluggish (I only do what I must) behaviors”. The future is determined by whether or not you each can live within the purposes and desires of that other person. If they are very disciplined with money for example/ and you are not; no real balance can exist. If they are very athletic, and you are not: no real balance will exist. If they cannot refuse food to any degree/ and you insist the body must be kept athletic; no real balance will exist: and so on. These are battleground issues, or will remain hidden and fermenting over time. OR, you will each learn to compromise, and remain the individuals that you are/ instead of truly being joined as one. Responsibility and commitment both arise here.

COURAGE, is an elemental trust: that the value of life is worth risking/ when the price presented, is just too high;  to let this fail. Or more simply, LIFE IS greater than body. Therefore the body can be sacrificed under extreme conditions, if the choices are few/ and none conceive of respect. The pain must be met. The consequences must be accepted. The reality of loss, no matter how high that might be; are all elements of what it takes, “to put life first/ instead of self”. Few can attain this truth.

TRUST, the elemental bond between love and life. Trust ascends through desire, into the values of a relationship beyond self that enters into soul. As you ascend heart is replaced with soul/ and soul shares your lives as one single truth. This bond cannot be broken, but it can be surrendered: if one fails to retain true desire for love.

SOUL, climbing the ladder “to GOD”. In this world of miracles, there is nothing so grand as is creation itself. There is nothing so worthy of doing, than to accept the spiritual path that follows creation back to its source. Here eternity arises “from the dust”.

GOD, is the essence of everything alive; and in that essence is a path back to “life’s CREATOR”. The journey encounters thought as the transition between life and time arises to prove the value of your own soul. Destiny shares the elemental truth of life itself.

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